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Greg Louganis - The World's Greatest Diver Ever!


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  • Ashley Language Today
    Ashley Language Today 5 years ago +32

    I met him at on a beach in Puerto Rico when he was promoting a sun tan oil. I thought I looked good in my speedo and had mine on and then the dude busts out in his orange one, let me tell you, no one looked better in a speedo than this guy.

  • Ashley Language Today
    Ashley Language Today 5 years ago +11

    Met him in 1991. I have never seen anyone look better in a speedo than him

  • The mario gamer
    The mario gamer 5 years ago


  • GuitarPlayerGNR
    GuitarPlayerGNR 5 years ago

    How high is it?

  • Nick Ullrich
    Nick Ullrich 5 years ago +7

    "when the russian executed the dive" (pun intended?)

  • aleksandrpondios
    aleksandrpondios 5 years ago +6

    An athlete with hi's talent would have been dominated even today,very consistent,stable dives ,I watch this years world in Barcelona,many mistakes done by Chinese and by Russian Zakharov,and I do remember Greg's executions- very consistent and good.

  • Walker Ale
    Walker Ale 5 years ago +1

    Great perfomance (your Samoan cousin)

  • Donnie Mrkacek
    Donnie Mrkacek 5 years ago +2

    I'll always remember.

  • strawhats28
    strawhats28 5 years ago +16

    Fuck this video... Neymar is the best diver

  • JeffersonDinedAlone
    JeffersonDinedAlone 5 years ago +1

    Apparently not; Louganis won Gold, they didn't.

  • Markus McManus
    Markus McManus 5 years ago +5

    I love how he keeps his knees together on those 3.5 somersaults from the platform!

  • Markus McManus
    Markus McManus 5 years ago

    Remember if he was in his prime today he would be doing way harder dives than he did then too. Gymnasts who are in their 20s come back supposably past their physical prime and do way harder skills than they did in their physical prime as teenagers. It is the way sport is.

  • Markus McManus
    Markus McManus 5 years ago +1

    Louganis is the greatest ever since he was dominant and great on both platform and springboard. The ony other one I can think of who was would be Xiong Ni, but less dominant and successful on both, even had he beaten Greg for the 88 platform gold as I think he should have. I agree He Chong would beat Greg on springboard on a good day with both in their primes, but Greg's unique artistry and style which the powerhouse Chong does not have should still be appreciated.

  • mrstacker99
    mrstacker99 5 years ago

    I thought he was gonna hit his head and just get hurt not die..,

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan 5 years ago +1

    What about Rodney Dangerfield

  • EGarrett01
    EGarrett01 5 years ago +2

    Damn, when you're the best, THIS is the narrator who you want to tell everyone about it.

  • Marko Eckstein
    Marko Eckstein 5 years ago +6

    wow what a beautiful example for human power! he failed so many times as a kid and look what he became. this message is so crystal clear. set on at what you can do and never stop holding on to the maximum open minded, thanks for this video

  • sharon jones
    sharon jones 5 years ago +5

    the only reason i use to watch diving was because of greg louganis. i loved watching him dive it was just beauiful to watch. i wish i was able to see him do it in person it was just amazing to watch him; ever sense he's retired i haven't been watching diving it's just not interesting with out him.

  • Julie Sandbo
    Julie Sandbo 5 years ago +1

    Absolutely STUNNING. I miss seeing the Olympics like this!!!!!

  • Tlyna1952
    Tlyna1952 5 years ago

    In your dreams.

  • exiledrabbit
    exiledrabbit 5 years ago

    by doing a more difficult list for 10's

  • crysjumar1
    crysjumar1 5 years ago +2

    i wanna see the triple lindy

  • Dustin Dunbar
    Dustin Dunbar 5 years ago +1

    3:58 and 6:43 was perfect absolutely perfect.

  • Dustin Dunbar
    Dustin Dunbar 5 years ago

    3:58 was perfect absolutely perfect.

  • Samuel Booth
    Samuel Booth 5 years ago

    Fassbender brought me here.

  • Bahama Bob
    Bahama Bob 5 years ago +1

    do the triple lindy

  • Hashpotato
    Hashpotato 6 years ago +4

    'chinese divers clearly better' lol how do you beat perfection?

  • exiledrabbit
    exiledrabbit 6 years ago

    So what makes you such an expert on artistry in diving? If He Chong dove back in Louganis's day he would have destroyed him, Greg probably wouldn't have even finaled in the olympics this year. Obviously he is a legend, who pushed the sport to new levels, but don't act like he could do the same thing today.

  • J Silver
    J Silver 6 years ago +1

    In 1976 Greg was in High School...pretty good for HS!

  • michael caballero
    michael caballero 6 years ago +1

    like a boss

  • cbonklisse
    cbonklisse 6 years ago +1

    Get over yourself! In 1964 Dibiasi won a silver on the platform at 16, like Louganis did in 1976 at 16. I guess Bob Webster of the U.S. schooled Dibiasi at his first Olympics? Dibiasi was only great on the platform, but Louganis won twice the gold on the platform and the 3M springboard. Also, the U.S. government by boycotting the 1980 Olympic took his chance to have 3 consecutive gold in both the platform and 3M springboard. Those are facts.

  • cbonklisse
    cbonklisse 6 years ago +1

    A lot of people are forgetting that Louganis would have more olympic medals if the U.S. government did not boycott the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. I just wish governments would leave the athletes alone and stick their noses where it belongs, which is out of sports. Athletes should never be taken as hostage. The Summer olympics of 1980 and 1984 suffred because of them. Damn politicians!

  • michael caballero
    michael caballero 6 years ago


  • edgarae1
    edgarae1 6 years ago

    Side-eyeing the anti-chinese comments...

  • wtfisditvoorbullshit
    wtfisditvoorbullshit 6 years ago +1

    Never heard of this guy before. I came here because Michael Fassbender mentioned him in the making-of Prometheus. He says that he used Louganis's walk (on the platform) for his character David.

  • Bragance urgence animaux de Chine

    Grace, Beauty, Courage and Kindness...

  • sluggo1776
    sluggo1776 6 years ago +2

    David Boudia is a mere 22 years old, Louganis is 52! Louganis by the way was one of the members of the 2012 Olympic team (coach).

  • sluggo1776
    sluggo1776 6 years ago

    Dibiasi was a beautiful diver and while you may say he "totally" school Louganis Dibiasi was about 28 years old and his body was more mature than the 16 year old Louganis. Both had beauty and grace while diving but to say Louganis only won because Dibiasi retired is but speculation.

  • elanoreth
    elanoreth 6 years ago +2

    You are to pitied if that's all you remember him by. I never even watched diving either b4 or after this guy coz no1 can ever come close to his poetry in motion.

  • Marilyn Foley
    Marilyn Foley 6 years ago +4

    I saw Louganis for the first time when I was just a kid. I was channel surfing and stopped to watch diving because all elite-level diving is beautiful. I watched one diver after another-and then Louganis came on. What the hell was THAT! I asked myself. Louganis did the same thing everyone else did. He just did it so much better it gave me chills. I couldn't find fault with anyone else's dive. They'd all seemed perfect to me. But then Louganis came on. He was better than perfect. He was sublime.

  • swamigal
    swamigal 6 years ago

    lol nope, not even close

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose 6 years ago +5

    perfect 10 9 times.just amazingly unbeliebable

  • Go Jo
    Go Jo 6 years ago +3

    he was a homosexual hiv suffering diver who's scores allowed homosexuals and hiv people to have a face in world history olympics. no he wasn't just a diver, he was a miracle man

  • phuturephunk
    phuturephunk 6 years ago

    The man barely ever left a splash, its just amazing to watch. I remember seeing this as a kid on TV

  • Jason Sutton
    Jason Sutton 6 years ago

    the wolds greatest diver wouldnt hit his head on the springboard.
    that's all i remember him for and that's all everyone remembers him for.

  • Cristian Tomas
    Cristian Tomas 6 years ago

    Montreal '76: Dibasi won the gold medal, Louganis was 2nd.

  • 3YECANDY08
    3YECANDY08 6 years ago

    I love Greg, what an amazing diver he was. Much luv

  • courtney hawkins
    courtney hawkins 6 years ago

    Amazing, once in a million years do these guy's come around! I just watched the diving (London Olympics) you can't even compare.

  • cards1985
    cards1985 6 years ago

    I remember watching Greg in the 80's, he was amazing!

  • pookoos
    pookoos 6 years ago

    He's a legend for sure.

  • briley fraase
    briley fraase 6 years ago


  • NYCConsigliere
    NYCConsigliere 6 years ago +2

    Louganis was insane to watch. What an unbelievable talent.

  • Cinchyable
    Cinchyable 6 years ago

    Yes, the waves (no pun intended) of Chinese divers have been clearly better than Louganis going back a ways. They might not be as handsome, but they are - fairly obviously - better.

  • doreme2100
    doreme2100 6 years ago +4

    You did your country proud. I wasn't even born during this time.

  • WhoresOfTijuana
    WhoresOfTijuana 6 years ago

    Well we wish all those divers the best of luck. But no only was Greg Louganis in those Olympics the best diver, he was one of the best performance in the Olympics of any athlete, ever. Divers may be doing harder dives to push the envelope, because they gave up trying to perfect the dives that Greg already did.

  • Trewithen Dairy
    Trewithen Dairy 6 years ago

    Amazing!! Check out Professor Splash (from America's Got Talent) high diving into 12 inches of milk! Watch here:¬¬¬y and here:

  • Roadside Resident
    Roadside Resident 6 years ago

    TVclip search:
    Greg Louganis Advice For Small Town LGBTs

  • blognewb
    blognewb 6 years ago

    How is it graded?

  • Merrida100
    Merrida100 6 years ago +2

    Poetry in motion. Pure beauty and elegance. Unmatched to this day. As a PT and former diver, I have such appreciation and gratitude for Louganis.

  • TJY1995
    TJY1995 6 years ago +1

    omg.. the way he twists is incredible

  • Bobby Layden
    Bobby Layden 6 years ago

    isn't he gay

  • carlo a.
    carlo a. 6 years ago


  • aquarianbabe
    aquarianbabe 6 years ago +3

    He made it look effortless.

  • David Lemire
    David Lemire 6 years ago +1

    He is the greatest diver ever. I knew him back I'm high school.

  • GingerAncon
    GingerAncon 6 years ago

    He was the purest diver ever. It's like living art.

  • spader101
    spader101 6 years ago +2

    that wasn't flying, it was falling with style!

  • rawfoodhd
    rawfoodhd 6 years ago

    michael fassbender brought me here

  • labaronessadicarini1
    labaronessadicarini1 6 years ago

    I think that if it had happened, they wouldn't have become legends.

  • firewings1561
    firewings1561 6 years ago

    Greg Louganis is my idol

  • metsdudenj
    metsdudenj 6 years ago

    You did in 1976

  • Waxer3929
    Waxer3929 6 years ago

    Greg Louganis, Michael Phelps, and the 2004 Athens Rowing 8 were by far some of my most favorite experiences in watching the olympics.
    Each and every one of them set the bar extraordinarily high.
    Simply amazing!

  • UsoCalmDown
    UsoCalmDown 6 years ago +1


  • itsSenget
    itsSenget 6 years ago

    Ashley's idol. Enough said.

  • BestCanKeanRob2
    BestCanKeanRob2 6 years ago

    Chelseas Drogbar should be envious of him.

  • Robert Foutch
    Robert Foutch 6 years ago


  • Carolyn Maco
    Carolyn Maco 6 years ago

    I dont like that this video talks abt the soviet diver because that is what scared me abt reverses

  • Divinglovers Brown
    Divinglovers Brown 6 years ago

    you're amzing greg

  • stevensays1
    stevensays1 7 years ago

    It needs to be at least 20% cooler.

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart 7 years ago

    @danpitts15 none of those divers would compare themselves to Greg Louganis, simply because he not only dominated in 3m spring AND 10m platform, but also because he perfected his consistency and technique in both events. Greg Louganis is still the greatest diver of both his time and our time. But who knows what the future holds, the divers you listed may grow to dominate in both events and maintain consistency and very soon may exceed the current diving king.

  • Dan Pitts
    Dan Pitts 7 years ago

    @dieseldog00 Greatest diver of HIS time, not all time. The rising talents are already in talks of being the best of all time. He Chong, Qui Bo, Kristian Ipsen(18). He Chong is already scoring higher and throwing harder dives. No doubt though, Greg Louganis was absolutely amazing!

  • Jr.Logan Evangelista.
    Jr.Logan Evangelista. 7 years ago


  • Michelle Raiford
    Michelle Raiford 7 years ago

    There are no words!

  • Sarah Ricks
    Sarah Ricks 7 years ago

    @paopaomedfat wow.

  • James Carvin
    James Carvin 7 years ago +4

    Greg had a finesse I haven't seen in any other diver since. Divers are learning to rip better and improve on his strength but there haven't been any to match his style.

  • Tolkienista
    Tolkienista 7 years ago

    Poetry in motion ...........

  • omid f
    omid f 7 years ago +1

    smaller the splash, better the dive
    should be obvious

  • Caden Nguyen
    Caden Nguyen 7 years ago

    lol, mangasm @5:00

  • Lolo P
    Lolo P 7 years ago

    he aint good

  • cowdiver
    cowdiver 7 years ago

    qui bo scored 609 off 6 dives and greg louganis scored 710 off 10 dives

  • Wigan Gaz
    Wigan Gaz 7 years ago

    amazing lines in his positions

  • Ricardo Antonio Hinostroza Moreno

    He was a great diver!!!

  • Everett Cox
    Everett Cox 7 years ago

    I followed his career from the beginning to the end. Greatest diver of all time. No one will ever catch him.

  • cassiesmum
    cassiesmum 7 years ago

    Absolute perfection!

  • WanderleiSilva29
    WanderleiSilva29 7 years ago

    @95Sifa no he wasnt..... i am. im the best the world has ever scene..... i can fart when i dive too.

  • Brian Tran
    Brian Tran 7 years ago

    @95Sifa he is*

  • DaBaDuBa88
    DaBaDuBa88 7 years ago

    @arcadian33333 he was adopted by greek americans.his descent is swedish/samoan

  • BlinkFreak18232
    BlinkFreak18232 7 years ago

    My dad got to dive against him in high school! No offense to my dad but he obviously failed miserably!:p

  • zeldafreak701
    zeldafreak701 7 years ago

    Now that I've seen this and Mary Lou Retton's gymnastics, I get the Family Guy joke when Peter was about to dive from the tree. "I'm going to start with a Greg Louganis triple salto and move on to a Mary Lou Retton-" branch breaks.
    He was just so fantastic.

  • Charlie TheDiver
    Charlie TheDiver 7 years ago

    @95Sifa he IS the best diver in history! sooo cool!

  • Charlie TheDiver
    Charlie TheDiver 7 years ago

    wow, just amazing! This guy is my new hero!:)