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  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • Emirates has introduced an innovative new function on its app to allow customers to create bespoke playlists ahead of their flight and sync it to their seats once on board. Customers can plan their trip more effectively, and maximise their onboard experience by using the Emirates app to browse the expansive entertainment catalogue at any time.
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  • Eshal Khan
    Eshal Khan 8 months ago

    I already did, and my flight with Emirates is today from another country to another and then we are going to fly to a different country . We have need traveling on Emirates for six years.

  • Wut
    Wut 8 months ago

    And i dont even travel

  • Criticz
    Criticz 9 months ago

    You are the best

  • Gay Bitch
    Gay Bitch 10 months ago

    Do you need to make a ice playlist before boarding a flight? Or can i make one on the plane? Does it mather? Can i see more things if i make playlist before?

    LUXI YT 10 months ago

    WOW! Nice thing!

  • yerbabuenabcnkie9 *
    yerbabuenabcnkie9 * 10 months ago

    Hola líneas aéreas de los Emiratos, tengo una idea que os saldría más que barata i que os pondría más si cabe como números 1 en la aviación comercial mundial como la mejor compañía del mundo para volar, si quereis contactar conmigo dejó email.

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    Plan your trip with us on Emirates to Dubai. It will be really exciting

    HUNTER彡GAMING 10 months ago


  • Luccas sagaz
    Luccas sagaz 10 months ago

    Flamemgo 🔴⚫🇧🇷

  • sreeji sreenivasan
    sreeji sreenivasan 10 months ago


  • ASHB Youtube
    ASHB Youtube 10 months ago

    Wow nice emirates

    • ASHB Youtube
      ASHB Youtube 10 months ago

      Later if i ride your plane i will ride the boeing 777 and a380 to los angeles the b777 from jakarta to dubai and the a380 from dubai to los angeles okay?

  • Ngọc Bích
    Ngọc Bích 10 months ago

    Fly Emirates Start Alliance Member 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰

  • Samuel Mashil
    Samuel Mashil 10 months ago


  • Nuha Tj
    Nuha Tj 10 months ago +1

    GENIUS!!! Whoever thought this through deserves special appreciation!

  • T H A N O S
    T H A N O S 10 months ago


  • Jaseela Shareef
    Jaseela Shareef 10 months ago +2

    Wow!very nice.super.I LOVE EMIRATES...😘❤️

  • •vPilotDan •
    •vPilotDan • 10 months ago +2


  • gpierre90
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  • Shahriar Ahmed Shaju
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  • Saeed Almansoori
    Saeed Almansoori 10 months ago +2

    Very impressive and well done. Wishing Emirates airlines the best and to be the best.

  • Steve Holsten
    Steve Holsten 10 months ago

    Logs & it's too late

  • Saheer Thanikat
    Saheer Thanikat 10 months ago +3

    My favourite airline and Iam frequent emirates flyer

  • Zdziebson
    Zdziebson 10 months ago +1


  • Carlos Beniamin
    Carlos Beniamin 10 months ago +4

    I love Emirates it’s my favourite plane good job to you guys

    • Liam Macpherson
      Liam Macpherson 10 months ago +2

      Actually Emirates Doent have one plane they have like 200aircraft

  • UwU_ Rehaan
    UwU_ Rehaan 10 months ago +1


  • Mahhika Nasta
    Mahhika Nasta 10 months ago +1