ARE THESE EVEN ART SUPPLIES...? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Bullet Journal Supplies


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  • Elin- Esmee
    Elin- Esmee 18 hours ago

    Can you make a bullet journal video like a plan with mee

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Day ago +1

    My phone is on 1% battery...

  • Alexis Guglielmi
    Alexis Guglielmi 2 days ago

    There stamps
    And the clear thing goes to the stamp

  • Vanessa Gomez
    Vanessa Gomez 4 days ago +1

    But wait dosent the numbers change days soo how is it supost to be a stamp for days?

  • Natalie Persperaitor


  • Lotus Meaden
    Lotus Meaden 8 days ago

    Not to be rude but why do her nails look like a quail's egg ?????

  • Krystal's Couture
    Krystal's Couture 9 days ago +1

    Girrrllllll! Please please PLEASE do a bullet journal setup/flip through 😩💕💕

  • Jasmine Salman
    Jasmine Salman 9 days ago

    I just love how she doesn't do a long and complicated intro and just gets right into the box. You totally deserved 1 million subscribers.

  • Heather Graham
    Heather Graham 10 days ago

    Inst the slime paper to cover the bullet journal provided

  • Desutoroyalove
    Desutoroyalove 10 days ago

    that box is real crappy. anyone who bullet journals in the original basic way doesnt need those things and anyone who does an artsy stylish bullet journal would never use this crap. the design of those stickers looks so cheap. no idea who this is for.

  • Joycelyn Ganiron
    Joycelyn Ganiron 13 days ago

    The glass rectangle is the stamper.

  • Mariana Amorim de Souza

    These boxes are soooooo expensive for me cause I will pay like four times the price AAAAARGH

  • Crystal Case
    Crystal Case 14 days ago

    I actually never use stamp pads I only use my brush tip markers so that I can color each stamp the way I want them just work quickly and then Stamp It Down

  • Tiegs!!!!!
    Tiegs!!!!! 15 days ago

    I would've hated this box! It's an art box not a task keeping box!!!!!!!

  • Mehek Niwas
    Mehek Niwas 16 days ago

    omg i have one the art supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abdullah Al Shafi Chowdhury


  • DolleyRocks
    DolleyRocks 17 days ago

    That 📦 is probably for bullet journaling beginners

  • LP TV
    LP TV 18 days ago

    You can ise the scrawlerbox bullet journal to use the supplies that were in each months box and try thim out so you can remember the suplies and what you created each month with the box

  • Dominique G.
    Dominique G. 18 days ago

    When art boxes send me nothing but pens I immediately unsubscribe to them. Like sketchbox gave me nothing but like 6 or 7 pens, none of which I could even use for drawing because they were all so thin

  • crw. tpwk
    crw. tpwk 19 days ago

    The stamp that you liked still seemed problematic because wouldn’t lining up the day with the days of the week names change every month? I’m confusing myself😂

  • Angelee Rivera
    Angelee Rivera 20 days ago


  • Scott the Paleontologist

    She’s trying so hard not to sound disappointed XD

  • Zoe Harrison
    Zoe Harrison 20 days ago

    I'm really interested in bullet journaling but have no idea how to start! I think fir the new year you should definitely do a tutorial on how to start one and what to put in it! I really hope you do this and it would help me a lot!!! Thanks

  • sophienery sof
    sophienery sof 20 days ago

    Pls do flip through of your bullet journals pls

  • jam night
    jam night 21 day ago

    I like ur nails

  • Splatoon2lover205
    Splatoon2lover205 22 days ago

    Carolina is my name too, and not a lot of people in the USA say it right. I'm so happy u did tho.

  • Madison Nguyen
    Madison Nguyen 22 days ago

    i’m pretty sure it’s an acrylic block for watercolours or inks

    edit: ok nvm u already kniw

  • Lauren DeMarco
    Lauren DeMarco 22 days ago

    do these ship to the us? and can you pay for it in usd

  • Barbara Bittencourt
    Barbara Bittencourt 24 days ago

    the music reminded me of Amanda rachlee... was it intentional?

  • TasDev Parker
    TasDev Parker 24 days ago

    I started bullet journaling this year and just really enjoy it. Sorry the unboxing was disappointing hope the next one is better!

  • NaniSushi Boom
    NaniSushi Boom 26 days ago

    Well draw on someone's Hair then 😂

  • randomness 101
    randomness 101 26 days ago

    Am i the only one who actually really likes this months supplies? I would literally die if i recieved those supplies

  • Paige C.zajkowski
    Paige C.zajkowski 26 days ago

    I forgot to ask you something Where do you get your gelly roll pens or white jell pens

  • Mallory Anderson
    Mallory Anderson 28 days ago

    those r my favorite affordable markers :)

  • Natalie Young
    Natalie Young 28 days ago

    I like writing on somewhat blank paper and somehow they lines are there starting to get curved so I actually think I might start to Bullet journaling .the box was very disappointing

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T 29 days ago

    P.S. anything can be stamper ink...

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T 29 days ago

    Dude! I NEED a clear stamper!

  • TheAngelic Emerald
    TheAngelic Emerald 29 days ago

    usually plan on a regular ol notebook and recently looked into bullet journaling but the thing is I thought I had to do all these fancy bullet journal things when really all I could do is keep it simple, like you did in this video. Because everyone said "just keep it simple at first" but I never actually saw anyone keeping it simple. Then I saw you! And I was like FINALLY SKSK love yaaa

  • KimikoSAMA JD
    KimikoSAMA JD Month ago

    Yeah I was surprised and disappointed by this one too, tried to stay optimistic but I barely have time to draw these days let alone start a bullet journal. The most recent Scrawlrboxes have been cheap crappy stuff that I can get cheaper elsewhere if I actually wanted them too, like pastel Frixion highlighters that are terrible for colouring with? Really? Its like they're trying to get rid of clearance stock or something :( Shame really, it was so promising this time last year

  • cayden_cant_draw
    cayden_cant_draw Month ago

    That moment when you have no art supplies so you have to draw with a pencil sharpener

  • Abigail Holt
    Abigail Holt Month ago

    A cran😂

  • PanicAtDaBombNatalia

    *how much is this monthly subscription*

  • Lilly 7855
    Lilly 7855 Month ago

    Do u thonk tye round thing is a texture thong that u can use with cryons and pencils to create texture or something idk

  • Naydeli Damaso
    Naydeli Damaso Month ago

    July my b day month

  • Carmens Gacha
    Carmens Gacha Month ago

    You pancake! Don't you know you use that to build roblox games with Tracer on tilted towers with Steve?

  • Ghadah Al alashaikh
    Ghadah Al alashaikh Month ago +1

    0:45and 0:58 i have them and they're bomb 💣 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Krista Vaillancourt

    You can color your stamps with any pen brush or marker.

  • Shabnam Choudhury
    Shabnam Choudhury Month ago

    I meant the stuff that isnt personal...

  • Caroline Olivia
    Caroline Olivia Month ago

    My bullet journal is more like a sketch book. I loooove drawing ideas in it. I did my inktober in it this past year. It’s a nice way to give myself a few minutes every morning to relax ☺️💖

  • dat boi
    dat boi Month ago

    I think the glass thing was a paperweight
    Edit: ok nvm

  • Riley Harradine
    Riley Harradine Month ago

    To the 544 people who disliked this video....just GO AWAY...sorry I hate when people hate

  • nathalia saa
    nathalia saa Month ago

    Who else is jealous of other people having 1million likes and ur comment has only 2likes

  • Nicky AniG
    Nicky AniG Month ago


  • Mackbook Diaries comes to life

    I’m born in July and my favourite colour is blue!
    The scrawlrbox had blue in it
    Read more

  • ChibiZeru Wilson
    ChibiZeru Wilson Month ago

    I don't do bullet jurnaling, but I aktualy got a littel inspierd to try it ^_^

  • Cali Fornia
    Cali Fornia Month ago


  • -Alexia Vibes-
    -Alexia Vibes- Month ago

    Tbh I kinda like it! I mean it has pens, sketchbook and a few pens ( I know us artist have at least 3 million pens ) but still I like it

  • yasmeen Ahmed
    yasmeen Ahmed Month ago

    I have watched alot of your videos and till naw I didn't find a video of you using waffels your channel is click bait shame on you

  • Launa ZKitty
    Launa ZKitty Month ago +1

    Whats the background song?

  • TheFunnyBunny _
    TheFunnyBunny _ Month ago

    What is a bullet journal

  • Blackash human
    Blackash human Month ago

    WHATS 6×3????

    IT IS 18

  • Lps tattoo
    Lps tattoo Month ago

    On July the 5 is my birthday

  • Slime Slash
    Slime Slash Month ago

    1:26 lol

  • Ly Liz
    Ly Liz Month ago

    I'm so buissy by college I have that thing that is already done for the whole year cuz I don't even have time to make illustrations and the only way I have to make art is sketching in Plant Kingdom class.

  • Amarilis Cajas
    Amarilis Cajas Month ago

    Yet again waffles added a word to her dictionary " OH MY GASH" Lolimded

  • Arantza Pili
    Arantza Pili Month ago

    I'm from Argentina too qwq

  • Lia the Bookworm
    Lia the Bookworm Month ago

    Hey, I'm kinda confused so can someone help me? Does she voiceover on her videos or does she film and talk at the some time?

  • nightshade draws
    nightshade draws Month ago

    When you said generic a girl looking off to the left I was actually drawing the generic girl looking off to the left Ha

  • Chibi Sempai
    Chibi Sempai Month ago

    i know that rin briefly talked about bullet journalling but ive always wanted to do bullet journalling to help me organize my life more and i just wanted some tips on how to start off :'') (i probably wont start until january as my "new year's resolution" and because i dont want to start at the last of the month lol)

  • fakiirification
    fakiirification Month ago

    bullet journaling is pointless. If someone has time to do all that, they would be more organized if they just wrote a normal to-do list and skipped all the BS. Sorta like how Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit. Cut out unnecessary things and you will be more productive.

  • Samantha Nicholson
    Samantha Nicholson Month ago

    What to you do with all your scrawler box stickers?

    BOIII SQUAD Month ago

    You should get the sketch box!! I get it every month it is great

  • Chloem 776
    Chloem 776 2 months ago +1

    The stamps are the only thing I like really

  • Layla’s Drawings
    Layla’s Drawings 2 months ago


  • Jenn J
    Jenn J 2 months ago

    If this was the first ScrawlrBox I ever received then yeah I'd be super disappointed and would consider cancelling my new prescription. But that's only because I'm not into bullet journaling. I tried, I really did but it's sitting in my art room in a drawer somewhere just collecting dust. I do have a journal, but it's one of those typical journals, with lined paper but is a leather bound hardcover with a clasp that keeps it closed and holds my fine liner so I don't have to go in search of one when I do a journal entry. Hopefully this month's Box is awesome because it'll be my very first one and will determine if I continue or stop.

  • Leila Hurley
    Leila Hurley 2 months ago

    I want to try bullet journaling

  • Leila Hurley
    Leila Hurley 2 months ago

    This is cool, I love the gummie bears!

  • سير ين. الر يدي

    my dad does calligraphy in arabic. it looks SUPER nice! :D

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 months ago

    It’s for stamp

  • Maddy Xoxo
    Maddy Xoxo 2 months ago

    The glass Block is to hold down a stack of paper BTW I just started drawing so I'm not sure if u figure it out yet

    • Maddy Xoxo
      Maddy Xoxo 2 months ago

      Oh nvm I just figure out it a stamp

  • Laurel Cook
    Laurel Cook 2 months ago

    Bullet journaling is a waste of time - be spontaneous, if you waste your life planing, are you really living?

  • Tiana Thongmanivong
    Tiana Thongmanivong 2 months ago

    A youtuber named Jackie (NerdEcrafter) uses Scwarler Box!

  • Sara Kuhl
    Sara Kuhl 2 months ago

    The stamp only works if that months days match.. otherwise your days of the week will be in a weird order. My ocd could NOT handle it.

  • wooaest
    wooaest 2 months ago

    edding is basically the german version of sharpie

  • Arlee Bear
    Arlee Bear 2 months ago

    I don’t blame you... I wouldn’t want to draw on a branded bullet journal..

  • Summer Orozco
    Summer Orozco 2 months ago

    You are literally one of my favorites and you always get me inspired for the day in every video.

  • PumpkinsnBlackcats
    PumpkinsnBlackcats 2 months ago

    Those acrylic blocks are also cool to use with alcohol based markers. You can draw some ink onto it and then pick it up with a lighter colored marker and it will make a gradient when you use it on paper. But yeah I'd be disappointed af with this box. Bullet Journaling isn't really much of a art form. The only stuff that's useful are the pens and the block.

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 2 months ago

    Love your bubbly mood... super cute👍

  • Addison Bessette-Rodriguez

    Will you do a face reveal or have you done one already I’m new to your channel

  • Tori Spera
    Tori Spera 2 months ago

    "So if you're drawing with pencil and you're like 'Dang I really like this, I wish I couldn't erase this ever!' Then this is the pen for you!"
    Lol I laughed more than I should've, you kinda caught me off guard with that one! 😂😂😂👏👏

  • Lady Alfheim
    Lady Alfheim 2 months ago

    14:15 I use those makers!

  • LxdDx B
    LxdDx B 2 months ago

    488 dislikes: can't draw like her

  • The Magnificent Sans
    The Magnificent Sans 3 months ago

    So a bullet journal is just a planner?

  • LemonDoodlez
    LemonDoodlez 3 months ago

    Hi I just ordered an October box (my first one yet) and it was WHITE couloir not like any of yours and It just gave me a pencil two papers and like three coloured pencils and u always get so much stuff!Do I have to order a Premium box and if yes how?!

  • Bob Coffee Filter
    Bob Coffee Filter 3 months ago

    I don’t really like planning out my whole’s kind of boring, I like the unexpected more
    What’s the point of a day if you know exactly what’s going to happen on that day?

  • Najeeb S Ebrahim
    Najeeb S Ebrahim 3 months ago

    Using acrylic blocks u can also dip it in mixed colours of paints a just stamp it ton the paper to geg designs

  • Hi
    Hi 3 months ago

    This scrawled box probably made those pen channels go wild
    But I have one complaint for everyone saying it was bad and not art supplies. Writing is still an art.

  • Daphne Volante
    Daphne Volante 3 months ago

    i have the pentel energel and i love it. Most of my art is digital but it's a great pen for sketching/doodling. nice and smooth, not too blobby.

  • Jaspirita
    Jaspirita 3 months ago

    I would totally base my month colors on the holidays during that month XD Yes, I know, very cliche XD

  • Roxanne Forsdick
    Roxanne Forsdick 3 months ago

    So I discovered you yesterday and have been binging your vids all day whilst I'm at home ill....
    I'm by no means an artist, but I craft a lot. Watching you is inspiring me to pick up my pencils and paints and get back into drawing 😊 I used to spend hours doodling designs and I wasn't bad at it, I just lost interest. So thank you for the inspiration. You are an immense artist no matter how self deprecating you get sometimes 😉😜 it's endearing though, just listening to you whilst you go along your artistry. I'm so enjoying everything you do. There's not one single video I've skipped. Sending love from England xxx