Avengers: Infinity War reviewed by Mark Kermode

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Mark Kermode reviews Avengers: Infinity War. The Avengers and all of their allies must band together to stop Thanos from destroying the universe.
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  • Steven Ashton Baker
    Steven Ashton Baker 2 days ago

    Although it's a great Marvel movie, I got tired of people slamming into walls at 100mph and being completely fine, like they were toys. The physics in these movies never seems to look right.

  • Bijinius Cross
    Bijinius Cross 4 days ago

    This film was amazing and partly because of thanos he was an amazing villain
    I also have no idea what punctuation or sentence structure is

  • j black
    j black 6 days ago

    Thor Ragnorok and Black Panther were better films than this.

  • Elliot B
    Elliot B 11 days ago

    Watch this video straight after his review of Justice League. So many contrasts.
    As a DC fan I will openly say JL was dire and IW was amazing.

  • Satbir Kenth
    Satbir Kenth 28 days ago

    Good review.
    It was a good movie whether your a fan of the source characters or not.

  • Alextromagnetic
    Alextromagnetic Month ago

    For a movie so massive it achieves so little

  • poop
    poop Month ago

    I do like the fact he brought up how blade runner 2049 wasnt too long for him. It does bring to light how certain films can resonate with one person and yet be a completely boring drawn out movie to another. At the end of the day opinions are like arseholes. Everyone's got one.

  • josef rootgum
    josef rootgum Month ago

    in short, the movie is not for you. which is 100% understandable. i know hardcore harry potter fans love deathly hollows but it's just an ok film for me. not because it's bad but because it is not made for me. by the way, i think infinity war and blade runner 2049 are both masterpieces in their own right.

  • G Robertson
    G Robertson Month ago

    Far too long, far too boring and frankly utterly pointless

  • Joe Pari
    Joe Pari Month ago

    After there was the time stone thing I kind of lost interest because you know pretty much where it's going to go and it lost any sense of tension. Was clock watching once that was introduced.

  • BoB n fishy
    BoB n fishy 2 months ago

    that's fair.

  • Andrew Ward
    Andrew Ward 2 months ago

    Totally agree. I know and have enjoyed all the marvel movies. Loved avengers assemble etc. Yet this one kinda lost it due to the vastness of its scope. Let’s face it. Cap had no shield and was too dark. Iron man became a red green lantern. Spider man the same. They had a pretty weak villain considering and let’s face it Thor pooped in a fake eyeball with no real effort lol. Think I will go back and watch from Reeves superman and Keaton’s batman until the recent Ragnorok and leave infinity behind

  • Viva LaMinion
    Viva LaMinion 2 months ago

    Oh, I understand what happened. Mark's a sociopath. Makes sense now.

  • David Young
    David Young 3 months ago

    Sadly Mr Kermode produces another dreary review of what is sure to be one of the most watched movies this year. Because mark isn't emotionally involved in the stories arc, he has problems with it. He points to 5 nonsensical issues with the film. While acknowledging that those emotionally involved in the series of movies that have led up to this point, will enjoy infinity war. He does nothing in his review to suggest to the neutral, go see it for the spectacle is it. In saying that, this a guy who raved about a grim black and white film set in northern England. You can always be rest assured most of Kermodes positive reviews will be for movies with a foreign title and language.

  • Yatsura2
    Yatsura2 3 months ago

    tl;dr _"Fans will love this, everyone else will get bored"_
    There, no 13 minutes needed...

  • Dave
    Dave 3 months ago

    Shockingly average film from a non fan acting and plot very cliche, reminded me of dragon ball z and every other disaster film ever

  • Claude S. Whitacre
    Claude S. Whitacre 3 months ago +1

    Thanos was portrayed as a complex figure with noble drives and real pathos. Phenomenal villain.

  • Leo T
    Leo T 5 months ago +1

    I have lost interest in super hero movies for a few years but Thor Ragnarok and this movie made me a fan again. Love most things about this movie and can't wait to see the second part next year.

  • Tim Wyckoff
    Tim Wyckoff 5 months ago

    Kermode mailed this one.

  • Timothy Wilkes
    Timothy Wilkes 5 months ago

    Didn't they almost stop Thanos before starlord threw a masive hissy fit.

  • Number 57
    Number 57 5 months ago

    I am with the Doctor on this. Infinity War felt much longer than Blade Runner 2049 did.

  • harrythebarry
    harrythebarry 5 months ago

    overrated garbage

  • apeltala
    apeltala 6 months ago

    Hahahaha what is up with the subtitles for this video? "La Jetee" becomes "Logitech" and "Thanos" becomes "Phallus!" TVclip seems a little "hard of hearing..."

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 6 months ago

    Simon Mayo looks perpetually bored at these sessions with Mark Kermode. Why can't Mark realise? Mayo looks like he literally couldn't give a toss.

  • Jo Martin-Kelly
    Jo Martin-Kelly 6 months ago

    I'm bothered by the fact that sometimes Kermode forgets to say nice things about a film. Yes, there are problems, but talk about the merits, just for a bit. Case in point: Dredd.

  • Gus Keller
    Gus Keller 6 months ago +1

    I like Infinity War for its grandeur but do recognize its flaws (many that may come naturally with a project like this). Good but sometimes too much, this one is fun watch. This review covers it well:

  • Daves Comics
    Daves Comics 6 months ago

    The time travel film that Kermode is talking about is La Jetée
    (the French inspiration for '12 Monkeys') NOT 'legit'. Nor is it Logitech! What voice recognition programme are the BBC using for subtitling ?

  • David Śteel
    David Śteel 6 months ago

    Hmmm. Mark has watched and reviewed so many of the Marvel films, why is he so resistant? Is he actively trying to not enjoy the films?

    • J.F.L. Bousquet
      J.F.L. Bousquet 4 months ago

      Because Marvel films are only enjoyable if you are a massive nerd and a Marvel fanboy. From a cinematographic point of view Marvel films are quite average. Fun (sometimes), good-looking, watchable movies, but nothing else.

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma 6 months ago +1

    I love the movie but interesting to hear the other side.

  • welshmikeable
    welshmikeable 6 months ago

    Why would you watch "Infinity War" when not invested in the MCU?

    • J.F.L. Bousquet
      J.F.L. Bousquet 4 months ago

      Because it's his BLOODY JOB to watch movies and make reviews, maybe?

  • Richard Block
    Richard Block 6 months ago

    Plays toward the fans? After 10 years of success? Of course it did.

  • Tracy Wingrove
    Tracy Wingrove 6 months ago

    This review is about as long as the movie!

  • Sleexb
    Sleexb 6 months ago

    wait, what's the problematic politics of blade runner 2049?

  • Manny S
    Manny S 6 months ago

    This movie was basically a climax in of itself than a movie that should be viewed in isolation.

  • flaggerify
    flaggerify 6 months ago +1

    Stop being so apologetic Mark.

  • tony cossey
    tony cossey 6 months ago

    Bladerunner 2049 = Perfect Sequel (for me a cinema visit), Infinity wars will be a wait for BluRay/Streaming-Service experience, simply due to my personal preferences for films, thats why i love the way mark re enforces these personal preferences facts in his reviews

  • A Langenberg
    A Langenberg 7 months ago

    very diplomatic review.

  • martin southard
    martin southard 7 months ago

    This film is better the I thought it would be,marvel are making great films.

  • MagusMirificus
    MagusMirificus 7 months ago

    Takes a great critic to say "This movie didn't work for me, but that's clearly not it's fault; it did exactly what it set out to do, and what it was trying to do just wasn't aimed at me." Bravo, Mark.

  • Gavin Groves
    Gavin Groves 7 months ago

    Good job Mark, that was a well thought out, objective review. Sometimes good media does not resonate with us because we are not the target audience, but there is no shame in complementing said media for its merit. I actually got off the Marvel train a long time ago, for the exact reason why i do not read the ongoing comics, and what you described, the lack of real, tangible stakes. However, that is due to my own lack of investment as well, I almost laughed when Simon asked 'is that your fault?' Yes. It is your fault, in my opinion. It's my fault as well.
    I feel the same about Star Wars these days, they are well-made movies, but not for me, not MADE for me and I have managed little enjoyment out of them. Bladerunner 2049 is a movie that is made for me.
    Peace out and thanks as always.

  • steve b
    steve b 7 months ago

    Mark really has to struggle against the flaws of such fancy avenger culture. He is such brilliant, and tries to be nice because he has millions of listeners to deal with, sponsers to deal with, kids who knows nothing about films but fantasy to deal with.

  • Toby B
    Toby B 7 months ago

    So basically Mark, if you’re a fan you’ll probably love it... sounds ideal then... if you’re not a fan why would would you go see it and jump in the deep end so late through the series?... you probably wouldn’t. Kind of an obvious, redundant review like a lot of your reviews

  • Kenny Ramsey
    Kenny Ramsey 7 months ago

    Even as a big fan of the franchise I agree with Mark here apart from the running time. Didn't feel long really to me.

  • vivthefree
    vivthefree 7 months ago

    Great review. Mark is a very fair man. :)

  • Jose Angel Hernandez
    Jose Angel Hernandez 7 months ago

    It was executed very well, I grew up with the comic books so I have that nostalgia bias, but if some people didn't like that fine too, I can see how it will never win over some people.

  • Ghostdialoog
    Ghostdialoog 7 months ago

    Kermode is right in this one. BUT Marvel made a movie work that was NOT suppose to work. What a hit.

  • Captain Rhodes
    Captain Rhodes 7 months ago

    please God can they please stop making these spandex movies. I remember when we used to get films like die hard, the matrix, heat, terminator. all the money is being put into this stuff now and its getting boring

    • Captain Rhodes
      Captain Rhodes 7 months ago

      yes but nearly all rubbish. nobody takes a chance on anything new anymore. when terminator and die hard first came out they were great. so was alien. these days its all about franchise product and these superhero films are the ultimate manifestation of that. they are the reason we never get anyone putting cash into a new big budget idea anymore. people want to be spoon fed these tired old stories over and over. its all just CGI cobblers.

    • President Kudsi
      President Kudsi 7 months ago

      Captain Rhodes there have been dozens of Die Hard and Terminator sequels

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 7 months ago

    I utterly loved the film but this is a very fair review

  • Armando Castillo
    Armando Castillo 7 months ago

    Blade runner 2049 is a masterpiece

  • Baldelli Online
    Baldelli Online 7 months ago

    Everyone I know who is a huge fan seems to love the film, that’s fine, my wife loves Hollyoaks - so I understand how these things happen. I’m with Mark - I was unimpressed. Iv watched most of the Marvel films but have become less invested as they have developed a fairly predictable formula. For me there were too many characters to fuss with and it degenerated in to noise. I liked Thanos and I enjoyed his quiet moments of introspection, they gave me break from all the chaotic efforts to slow him down. I think this might be the last one I watch, mind you with that in mind the ending was the perfect wrap up of the franchise for me.

  • Wes Hightower
    Wes Hightower 7 months ago

    This is Kermode at his best, free from all the politically-driven dribble.

  • DaveKarl
    DaveKarl 7 months ago

    Mark Kermode's 'reviews' .... are so meandering and ambiguous and caveat-ridden....he really end's up saying nothing at all.

  • Jason Voller
    Jason Voller 7 months ago

    The film is about Thanos, not about Avengers, it is them reacting to him. Then it was not live aid, it was about Thanos Journey to power, what his rise to power meant, and what it took to get there. The film becomes more enjoyable when u realise that's the narrative of the film;which i instantly noticed by the blatant signposts. From the attack on the asgard space ship, the sacrifice of his only love, to him watching the sun go down.

  • Brewing Minds
    Brewing Minds 7 months ago

    Hi Mark, Can you review my short movie tvclip.biz/video/SAS8jIW44JQ/video.html

  • pgI0897
    pgI0897 7 months ago

    It was a let down after Black Panther. Pretty forgettable for a Marvel movie imo.

  • Dave Brohman
    Dave Brohman 7 months ago

    I admire how brilliantly the film is structured. With so many characters it could be a total mess so as a unifying factor the film is structured with Thanos as the protagonist.

  • soundslave
    soundslave 7 months ago

    For such a long film, it didn't feel boring in the same way Civil War and Guardians 2 were

  • Obscene Vegetable Matter

    I'm a big MCU fan and i agree completely about the consequences in Infinity War.

  • Riddell Thomas
    Riddell Thomas 7 months ago

    Go and see it again

  • Riddell Thomas
    Riddell Thomas 7 months ago

    I disagree with 4 of those points Mr Kermode

  • SynthZ
    SynthZ 7 months ago

    The superhero genre will always be very subjective, its mainly targeted to the fans, I didn't saw any flaw in the movie, I waited 20 years for this movie to be made and it was perfection, in fact, I kinda wanted another hour of movie to watch, I'd love it to be a 3h movie just like the lords of the rings. Yet, I fully understand why critics feel this way, I mean, we're talking about superheroes fighting each other.

  • Mariam Ramírez Lugo
    Mariam Ramírez Lugo 7 months ago

    Ruffalo's performance put me off, it was a little bit Strange lol wasn't really his usual self

  • Saoirse del Tufo
    Saoirse del Tufo 7 months ago

    I grew up with the MCU yet I seemed to view it like Mark - there were too many problems I couldn't look past

  • alliasneo
    alliasneo 7 months ago

    Interesting what he said about the tone and that jumping from the dark to the light was a little jarring. I’ve always felt this with the marvel films and it takes me out of what is going on, this film was no different to all the others. Perfect example of this would be with Guardians of the Galaxy when he starts dancing at the beginning but then I’m supposed to be emotionally invested when he has a gun on him about to be killed, it doesn’t work for me.

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI 7 months ago

    Live Aid analogy is the most genius thing! Haha so true 🙏👍

  • Asteroid Arts
    Asteroid Arts 7 months ago

    “I’ll do YOU one better! WHY is Gamora?!”

  • Cathy Danielson
    Cathy Danielson 7 months ago

    I disagree in that I don't think emotional engagement with this film depended on being a superfan. I've liked pretty much all of the Marvel movies, but I am not a fangirl. The engagement depended much more on being on board with the truly disturbing central elements of the story. The core of this story is betrayal and abuse within families, the agonizing pain of emotional ties, the betrayal we visit on other people in the name of love for only one person. This is a narrative about an abusive father who tortures one daughter and murders another, an unreliable brother who seems to have died for the cause but is clearly coming back and may very well turn on everyone when he does, Starlord's memories of his monstrous father, the many, many times when everyone could have been saved if a character had been willing to give up on saving just one person instead, and so on and on. This is decidedly NOT one of those Disney movies that glorifies the nuclear family. No, this film takes the ideas of family love, of romantic love, of friendship, and yanks them inside out. This theme is shocking and revolutionary. I never, ever, ever would have believed that Disney would use it. But they did, and that's what made this film so disturbingly great. It certainly helped to be familiar with the characters, because that made it easier to identify with what they went through. But familiarity with the franchise was not the dark heart of this movie-- and not what makes it great screenwriting and great cinema.

  • AndrewRG
    AndrewRG 7 months ago +3

    If you're not a Marvel fan it's basically a big funny film full of melodrama (bordering on soap opera) and bland CGI. If you're a fan then I imagine it will take your breath away.

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 7 months ago

    Blade runner 2049 was amazing one of the best sci fi ever and recreated the original perfectly. It was a very edgy dark thriller. Anyone who said blade runner was boring well they don't appreciate Oscar nominated and Oscar winning brilliance.

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 7 months ago

    Mcu movies are overrated, and not a dc fan at all by the way!!. If you're a teenager and fan of the comics you will love the movies but mature adults who are not fans of the comic will see the movies as ok. I really liked winter soldier which had a more mature theme and espionage feel and guardians of the galaxy even though its goofy was really fun to watch as was thor ragnarok, because of the funny lines that were not childish so adults can relate to as well.

    • Stephen Taylor
      Stephen Taylor 7 months ago +1

      The original Iron Man and Winter Solider are the two bet MCU films.

  • Сергей Мешков

    Actually Queen's Live Aid performance is among the best live performances ever, it is even iconic dare i say.

  • TraceurCMann
    TraceurCMann 7 months ago

    This is a very fair review. I grew up reading comics and watching these movies and to me, understanding the background and the context in which this was set, I felt like I got a LOT out of it. At least way more than a casual or average movie-goer. I'd say if you're not that invested in the universe or have only seen 1 or 2 marvel movies then you will have no idea what is happening and who people are and why marvel fans are invested in these characters. It's truly a movie for the fans.

  • Lupe Walker
    Lupe Walker 7 months ago

    I think it is overrated, even as a fan of comic books and the subgenre in film.
    It's not a very intelligent film, actually it's quite big and dumb. It has fantastic action and big explosions. But it's a very paper thin film.
    It is poorly constructed and edited.

  • bat1959
    bat1959 7 months ago +1

    Just watched it for the second time. It didn't feel to long to me the first time so I kept an eye on the clock on second viewing and without the credits its about 2 hours and 16 minutes long.

  • JayT
    JayT 7 months ago

    Watched it with my 10 year old son, we both loved it. For a two and half hour film it kept us entertained all the way through. Im new to most of the characters and it still had me hooked.
    This review is too deep for me, it is just full on fun adventure .
    (But that would be a rubbish review.)

  • Wali1977
    Wali1977 7 months ago

    Nuanced reviews are great, but a leading film critic doesn't have to be so defensive when rightfully criticising a deeply flawed movie. Mark's 5 criticisms are spot on - no need to be borderline apologetic just in case a fanboy can't handle hearing what is quite obvious to a less biased viewer.

  • Mohammed Sader
    Mohammed Sader 7 months ago

    This guy takes so damn long to get to a point smh

  • Spencer4686
    Spencer4686 7 months ago

    massive marvel fan, so its great to hear a view point from a neutral stand point. Have to say i totally agree with you about the consequences of actions within this movie and it will be very intresting to see how they relate to that in the 2nd part.
    Speaking of which I am very much looking forward to that review, specially as you have voiced your fustrations before about consequences of actions etc like within your Golden Circle and the Justice Leauge review. (trying to be spoiler free here as well)
    Thank you Sir keep up the great work!

  • Huck's Gaming channel
    Huck's Gaming channel 7 months ago

    Going to go see this on Saturday. Can't wait

  • Macra Bill
    Macra Bill 7 months ago

    Isn't it less to do with being a fan of a films but more being a long time Marvel fan in general. This is the first time that many of these characters that people grew up with reading the comics have been on screen that is going to cause quite an emotional response from some people.

  • Stephen300o
    Stephen300o 7 months ago

    This is an overly long review in need of improved editing, or any editing. I am unconvinced that Simon wants to be there at all.

  • TriksterHD
    TriksterHD 7 months ago

    I didn't think the humor got in the way too much in this film like it has with others, it was quite well balanced (as all things should be). I thought Thor Ragnorok over did it. It was an incredibly funny film, but in a film where Thor loses his dad, some of his oldest best friends (the worriors three), his hammer, most of his people and eventually the whole of Asgard, it needed to have it's serious moments too.

  • TheDonBarracuda
    TheDonBarracuda 7 months ago

    Someone called in today about Spiderman being called an insect, I noticed that too however on my second viewing I noticed that Spiderman does try to correct Thanos but is punched in the face before finishing.

    IMOLDGREGG252 7 months ago

    Despite not being a fan of the superhero genre he is extremely fair in his reviews. I remember his Black Panther review was very complementary.

  • edstercw
    edstercw 7 months ago

    I loved 12 Monkeys... but maybe favs of La Jetée think I'm just a tourist! I still intend to give the Netflix series a chance though.

  • Ente de ficción
    Ente de ficción 7 months ago

    You have been paid well.

  • Mal van London
    Mal van London 7 months ago

    That range of tone-shifting was even more pronounced in The Last Jedi - a film which I seem to recall Mark said he liked. With Infinity War, did I see a different film to Mark? The consequences in Infinity War could not have been higher! And, for me at least, the running time flew by!

    • TriksterHD
      TriksterHD 7 months ago

      Yeah it didn't feel like 2 1/2 hours. I could have easily sat through some more.

  • The One Bearded Man
    The One Bearded Man 7 months ago

    Ultimately it is only half a story and I feel like it'll only be as good as the conclusion. At the moment I don't feel that I know what the consequences truly are and I'm not sure how to get emotionally invested in that. But he's right that you either are or aren't on the MCU bandwagon by now and I am so I still enjoyed it.

  • Electronic Progression
    Electronic Progression 7 months ago

    I only liked the old spider-man cartoons..make more of those.

  • Akber203
    Akber203 7 months ago +2

    I can see where Mark is coming from. But that is just how it is. Superhero movies and sci-fi films dominate the box office and this is why producers won't stop making them.
    Infinity War is a war movie. As a marvel fan, I knew Thanos would assemble the gauntlet and wipe half the life in the universe. If you think otherwise you're lying to yourself. Remember that this film was Part 1 and 2.
    I also know that everyone that died do comeback in the next film. Infinity War was an emotional rollercoaster but next year these same man are gonna come back to life. Whether you think that is good or bad is just personally opinion. In the case of film making its not great cause what was the point if they are just gonna come back to life.
    And here comes the idea of consequences which Mark was alluding to. What is the point of Infinity War if they come back to life next year?

    • Akber203
      Akber203 7 months ago

      TriksterHD In an interview Zoe Saldana confirmed that there was a shot where they were all there together. So I'm not sure.
      Personally, everyone that died before the finger snap should stay dead. The Soul Stone requires a soul to use it and this shouldnt be reversed. Gamora should stay dead imo. When people come back to life it undermines the story.

    • TriksterHD
      TriksterHD 7 months ago

      It goes without saying that chances are all those people who got dusted will return. The question is who will die trying to reverse what Thanos did? Chances are either Cap or Ironman (if not both) will die as I don't think they are interested in doing any more films. There is a question mark over Gamora as although she didn't get dusted, her death did involve the Soul Stone, so she could get brought back with the rest.

  • Software Is Better Than Magic

    For people who didn't enjoy the previous movies, and so didn't enjoy this one, fair enough. If you're coming in as an outsider, you're going to see something completely different. For myself, As only a casual fan of the previous films, this is a 10/10 movie. Well done to everyone involved.

  • Alexander Bruce
    Alexander Bruce 7 months ago

    This is a great review. He manages to go over all of the concerns I had from the perspective of non-Marvel fans and he did it without spoiling a thing.

  • Rowan Crump
    Rowan Crump 7 months ago

    If when Mark reviews the next part, he mentions the whole 'Kingsman' thing about 'resurrection and the stakes not being high', I will punch my fist through my computer screen.

  • NothingIsForgotten
    NothingIsForgotten 7 months ago

    So basically he's afraid to say he didn't like it.
    As a guy who thinks Blade Runner 20149 was best movie of 2017 i thought IW was too short, but I know there's next movie coming out. Though I agree some comedic moments didn't work with sudden dramatic moments.

  • will M
    will M 7 months ago

    What sort of world are we living in when people are 'Whooping and Cheering' at a bleeding film? Give me strength.

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 7 months ago

    I give the film a B+. There were problems with the script that weakened the punch of the film. So no, didn't leave this film feeling anything like I did when I saw The Fellowship of the Ring. Blade Runner 2049 was one of the best films I've ever seen. So M Kermode, I agree with your assessment of I.W. 100%

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 7 months ago

    Well this is interesting coming from Kermode i felt the movie showed the consequence of big things at stake i thought it expressed that very well. Im a big Starwars fan, i love comic books/superheroes but Starwars has always been my main thing. That said i have absolutely loved the way Marvel have carefully crafted nd built up their MCU. I really enjoyed IW i thought it was great and was really satisfied with it. Everything was spot on for me, i felt the humor was well balanced, the CGI of Thanos was outstanding, and Thanos himself had real presence and felt like a very real character, i loved the movie overall.
    Infinity War for me is a very important movie because as a Starwars fan i was hugely disappointed with the execution of TLJ, and i feel IW was what TLJ should have been more like, IW subdued the audience expectation in a "satisfying" way i felt personally.

  • codemonkeybrains
    codemonkeybrains 7 months ago

    .I'll make it easy for you: Infinity War is AWESOME and Blade Runner sucks. There.

  • Spike EP
    Spike EP 7 months ago

    The Emotional Numbness, The Disconnect and creepy shade of Nihilism is intentional - it's in fact the central theme of the film (or rather, *this central chapter* to this epic saga.
    And the emotional disconnect *is* intentional, because put the ending of Thor Ragnarok (which ends roughly a quarter of an hour or so apparently prior to the beginning of this one ) consecutively in sequence, right in front to Act I Scene I of this film and the *only* reaction to it you can have is the one you are *meant* to have -
    *Well, how in the hell did this happen..?!*
    A question which quite rightly, ought never to be answered, and of course, isn't.
    But the psychic and mental shock to the system of that transition sets the tone for everything that follows:
    *"Somehow, everything about this whole situation has suddenly decided just to go completely to Sh*t...."*
    Easter Eggs and Tidbits you may have missed if you took a quick toilet break in between chapters or quickly nipped into the kitchen just to put The kettle on :
    *Hamlet* : "Rosencrantz & Gildenstern are Dead"
    *Infinity War* : "The *Gods* are Dead - as in, like *ALL* of them.....

    • Spike EP
      Spike EP 7 months ago

      It was instantly obvious and clear to me that this is a film *about DEPRESSION.*
      *ALL* of the Characters appearing in it as featured protagonists are depressed when this film begins - *INCLUDING THE VILLAIN*.
      Thor is the only one who openly gives in to expressing his depression (which is the best scene in the entire film, located right it's the emotional and chronological centre) when Rocket realises that the fate of the universe rests on getting him to open up to him and talk to him, even though offering berevement councilling to a grieving God is the absolute last thing in the world he either wants to, or is equipped to or qualified to handle, except that aside from him and the tree, there is *literally* no-one else able to support him, or offer The God the help he needs in order to be able to do all the things he is still have to going to do, and be able to do perfectly, with total commitment and 1010% effort.
      All for this guy who can't even be bothered to get his species right.
      And so he simply just takes a deep breath, futzes around for a second or two with some random control panel and tells himself "Well.... I guess it's time to be The Captain..."

      Even though they might not yet realise it, all their inner chess-pieces are aligned around their own personal emotional crisis and poised for imminent collapse, and having the very core of their being and sense of True Self undermined and fundamentally tested and challenged - I've actually gone back over these in my head to the point where I can actually specify the source for the loss of self-confidence for every single major character in it
      But just to mention the three most obvious and non-spoilery example, stated in terms of Cause/Effect :
      Hulk is *NOT* The Strongest There is / "*NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!*
      Steve is not allowed to be Captain America any longer, and is *NOT* doing at all well as a consequence/What is to become of The Patriot who's Nation commits Treason against *HIM...?*

      Tony has just realised that he might actually father a son one day soon, after all / And so caught up in the sheer "Oh, F**k." shock of realising this, he completely fails to notice that *he already HAS one*, and who who is just in awe and completely and totally devoted to him.

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