Native American cave art Discovered In California !! Details Of The Quest # 56 By Quest For Details

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • Me and John Went For A Hike on some random slopes of Mt diablo A Peak That towers above the skyline of The S.F. Bay Area to try and discover some of its many hidden secrets, I never expected to find this, the video is short as the trails we used to get there and such have been edited and I beg anyone who knows of this place to be discreet when leaving comments below. Hope You enjoy, it was a dream come true moment.
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  • John Petersen
    John Petersen 2 months ago +1

    It looks a little suspect my friends. More like lascaux cave paintings in france.?! Considering that all of the other petroglyphs and photographs in this area are not at all simular ! Come on, really ???

    • Quest for Details
      Quest for Details  2 months ago

      can you tell me how to view, the other glyphs, so I can see what you mean, I just stumbled on this and not an expert for sure, just the camera guy ,lol.

  • cynergy
    cynergy 3 months ago +2

    I'm so glad that you didn't disclose the location of that art! Love the enchanted fern cave!

  • Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones 5 months ago +1

    Nate, Great stuff and fun to explore! Here in Miami, water that catches in the limestone and gets deeper over time is called a solution hole.
    This video is the reason I go out west every year. Taking BF to Grand Canyon via Tucson for hiking, rockhounding, exploring this year. Cant wait to see what we find.

  • Lisa Roche
    Lisa Roche 5 months ago +1

    Wow, that's soooooo cool!

  • Jan Johannes Smith
    Jan Johannes Smith 5 months ago +1

    well done excellent video thank you

  • Zack Hansen
    Zack Hansen 5 months ago

    Hey man, do you know of good areas to find Franciscan chert for knapping?

  • Debbi Vaughn
    Debbi Vaughn 5 months ago +1

    Wow! That was beautiful and too awesome! I love graffiti, but I hope the horse/buffalo won't accumulate any more. It deserves preservation. Tfs.

  • lisa owen-nielson
    lisa owen-nielson 5 months ago +3

    Morning, Nate! My late husband was an anthropologist in the East Bay as well as other sites, and I remember him mentioning some mythical cave art that had yet to be confirmed, if not located! DING DING DING!!!

    • Quest for Details
      Quest for Details  5 months ago +3, for sure I'd Love to check it all out and trade stories..soon : )

    • lisa owen-nielson
      lisa owen-nielson 5 months ago +1

      So, how can I go about contacting you once all this precip finally packs it in and you can come check out the shiny things up here? Also, I have oodles of stuff my before mentioned hubster left behind when his ride came for him, he was the top guy for lithic tools back in the 70s. Let me know!

    • Quest for Details
      Quest for Details  5 months ago +3

      I read a quote from a ranger online that said he had heard of them but not seen them himself,..we were not where people would be looking probably, and there are so many bigger grander sites all around it, I think its stayed kinda hidden by being humble and small, made me freak it out that it wasn't protected, but awesome to stumble upon.

  • Nor Cal Sisters
    Nor Cal Sisters 5 months ago +1

    Absolutely amazing find!!!

    • Quest for Details
      Quest for Details  5 months ago +1

      thank you, I Pray it will stay safe. left me in awe and the place was perfect, I would live there happily.

  • Ms. Pacaro
    Ms. Pacaro 5 months ago


  • simhi free
    simhi free 5 months ago +1

    LOVE! Thank you.

  • Laura Hawes
    Laura Hawes 5 months ago +1

    so so awesome!! thanks for taking us with.....cheers

  • SareJen
    SareJen 5 months ago +2

    That is so gut clenching awesome! Who knows what is no longer visible, if there are larger numbers of art hidden away no longer accessible. Made by people many years ago sharing their quests the only way they had by artwork. Thank you for sharing something so special!

  • Loro Vincent
    Loro Vincent 5 months ago +2

    What a great find!! I love finding those kinds of treasures! I wondered if you ever found rock art there. You find a lot of other artifacts... Thank you for sharing and not telling.

  • Lance Fall
    Lance Fall 5 months ago +1

    Nice Beefallo Art, they should try to protect that.