What Were the Pentagon Papers? | History

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Explore the circumstances surrounding the leaking of the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Department of Defense study of U.S. political and military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967, to the public.
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Comments • 21

  • @2EEZUS
    @2EEZUS 2 months ago

    The Post in on 2nite. Not sure about two hours.
    So the makers of JFK didn't know we were there 10 years???

  • 360zm
    360zm 5 months ago

    I just like how some guy who doesn't look competent enough to win a 6th grade debate, is trying to inform me of history.

  • bluedance lilly
    bluedance lilly 5 months ago

    If charges against Ellsberg were dropped, then Snowdwn should be exonerated too.

  • Cheick Doucoure
    Cheick Doucoure 5 months ago

    No failed diplomacy

  • SiVlog
    SiVlog 6 months ago +4

    Depending upon people's views, Daniel Elsberg is/was the Edward Snowden of his day. Politicians, whichever country they are from, whichever government they represent, need to be held accountable for when it transpires that what they say differs from their actions, covert or otherwise

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 6 months ago

    Didn't work out so well for Bradley Manning I bet he thought he would get off like Daniel Ellsberg

    • 360zm
      360zm 5 months ago

      In time maybe he will get capped. Cele Castillo (an Iran-Contra whistleblower) was hit with trumped up charges in 2008. That was more than 20 years after he blew the whistle. Gary Webb died 8 years after his story in the San Jose Mercury News, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice (suicided).

    • blastman8888
      blastman8888 6 months ago

      Manning didn't get capped

    • PatrickMCcolley
      PatrickMCcolley 6 months ago

      blastman8888 systems evolve. Today "they ll" cap you. Military Industrial Banking Media complex.

  • DEATH Inc.
    DEATH Inc. 8 months ago +1

    я просто хочу умереть

  • Jadd612
    Jadd612 11 months ago +2

    In other words, fake news began throwing US Military Valor under the bus to attack a popular republican president.

    • PatrickMCcolley
      PatrickMCcolley 6 months ago +1

      Here we go " moron" alert. Says a lot about our system.

    • Maziar Beiramee
      Maziar Beiramee 8 months ago +2

      Fake, who are you, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It is not fake, it is thousands of pages of highly classified information that was published. It came from a Pentagon study. It covered Presidents Truman through Nixon's involvement in Vietnam, and what they were hiding from the public.

    • Jude k
      Jude k 8 months ago +14

      Not really the pentagon confirmed they were real, I don’t see how its fake news. Oh i see how, because it goes against a republican right? Or because those GODANM libtards said something true right?? Ur a real idiot bro

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter Year ago +1

    0:48 ... presenter is an elf! :(

  • Rodolfo Cerrato
    Rodolfo Cerrato Year ago +10

    is that new movie with top hanks based on this?

  • Pa Ta
    Pa Ta Year ago +2

    Give like

    GRANT Year ago +2

    Ураааа я первый