Chase with stolen UPS truck ends with shootout in South Florida, multiple fatalities

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • A UPS driver was kidnapped by at least two robbery suspects who led police on a two-county chase that ended in gunfire and multiple fatalities Thursday at a busy Florida intersection during rush hour, police said.
    Police in Miramar, about 20 miles north of where the incident started, said there were "multiple fatalities." They later confirmed on Twitter that no law enforcement officers were killed. It was unclear whether the UPS driver was hurt.
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    VIRAL ESCAPE 24 days ago

    Premature ending

  • Cristian Ramos
    Cristian Ramos 24 days ago

    What happened? He stole the truck?

  • Aerostar93
    Aerostar93 25 days ago videO of Richard shot

  • Buddha Webb
    Buddha Webb 25 days ago +1

    Two criminals out of the gene pool

  • QBN_Mami6903
    QBN_Mami6903 28 days ago

    9:28 why didn't the black SUV just ram the truck and flip it over?

  • Mochap 70
    Mochap 70 28 days ago

    This was such a Sad Sad outcome. After looking at this again and again, early on it appears there were points during this chase; where they could have tried to shoot out the tires. There wasn't hardly any traffic around in the beginning of the chase. I just wish they would have tried early on to subdue these THUGS because it looks like they could have averted being tied up in the traffic where it ended. They had chances early on....JS 😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏
    I just pray for the 2 INNOCENT victims.
    May God Rest their Souls💙💜💚😳💗💗💖💖

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago

    Cops are thirsty to bust they guns

  • cdimmm
    cdimmm Month ago +2

    "high speed chase"? my ebike goes faster than these azzclown actors!

  • Pablitoes ツ
    Pablitoes ツ Month ago +1

    To all of the retarded people saying that they were using peoples cars as cover....

    Yall retarded, if the police takes some victim out of their car and try to get them to cover, they will be exposed to gunfire, its better to be inside your car because you are going to have a higher chance of survival than leaving ur car and be exposed to gunfire from police and suspect...

    thank you for your time!

  • nextari
    nextari Month ago

    In other news, their fire department has now converted all trucks to pump gasoline instead of water. The police chief was quoted as saying "As long as it's going to burn down, the best thing they can do is make it happen faster and make the flames as big as possible." Several neighboring homes were destroyed in the test run, but they are still working on fine tuning the system they said.

  • Suh Duh
    Suh Duh Month ago +1

    Typical robbers. Steal the biggest, slowest truck as a getaway vehicle 🤦‍♂️

  • alberto lara
    alberto lara Month ago

    ........that b-ping sound iz mindcontrol...brain washing

  • label1877
    label1877 Month ago

    Making good people helpless does not make bad people harmless.

  • GeekinTexas
    GeekinTexas Month ago

    Clearly (or not so clearly), this was the video shot from the Telemundo 51 helicopter, in which you simply removed the Spanish from the manually-focused video, and then ended it before the end.

  • kaivon83
    kaivon83 Month ago

    His real dumb ass in a truck . I sorry ass nigga

  • Hector Carrillo
    Hector Carrillo Month ago +1

    The chase went on for far too long that alone is incompetence every second the chase is on is potential for bystanders to get hurt plus why didn't they shoot a tire out or something

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko Month ago

    I bet you if it was one of their wives or kids in that truck they wouldn't have used it as a shield. Or if the ups driver was their son they probably wouldn't have shot. Feel terrible for that UPS driver especially imagine the terror if I knew I was going to die like that u wouldn't have been able to hold me in that truck I would have been getting shot a couple times but I would have been leaving that truck you wouldn't have been able to hold me there

  • Kaeble
    Kaeble Month ago

    So....this is a video of what to not do

  • MOMS
    MOMS Month ago

    Total BS, they should have let the Robbers go and
    it probably would have saved two innocent lives.
    They could have tracked the truck by Helicopter only
    and caught the guys later. Totally irresponsible imo.

    • Jason Times
      Jason Times Month ago

      They was not gonna let those black men live, so the UPS had to die also.

  • None Yun
    None Yun Month ago

    Where is the footage of this thing stopping and how it unfolded? This is just follow the leader

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device Month ago

    Hope everybody gets their X-MAS presents..

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device Month ago

    Here comes the men in brown!

  • The Drone Guy
    The Drone Guy Month ago

    The video ended right before the shooting.

  • hoorayfortyler
    hoorayfortyler Month ago

    Does anyone have a video/update on what’s going on with the cops responsible for the innocent deaths? Nothing at all?

  • Catherine Trammel
    Catherine Trammel Month ago

    What was this recorded with, a broken Speak N Spell by Texas Instruments?

  • Nick Hlawka
    Nick Hlawka Month ago

    I feel really bad for the father. He lost a son , a good man. The hostility he feels towards police is actually normal. He is going through the 2nd stage of grief right now. The ANGER stage. That is when you lash out at any random person because of the loss of a loved one. When you go to school to become an EMT, Paramedic , Firefighter, Police Officer, or any first responder including hospital worker you are taught that survivors of victims may misdirect their anger towards the ones who tried to help. They blame you for the death. They feel you did not do enough to save them or did things wrong.
    I don’t blame the police. I blame the two dirtbags who caused all of this. The police officers did what could. The two dirtbags did not give them any safe options. The dirtbags put innocent lives in danger and the police are expected come up with a scenario and fix everything. They are expected to be God or Superhuman and pull off a miracle. Real life doesnt happen that way. These two dirtbags started their day knowing that their actions are likely to get people killed and they didn’t care. No one could stop that. The police tried to minimize the amount of deaths and they probably did. They stayed on top of these guys. Imagine what might have happened if the police weren’t on top of them when the UPS truck got pinned in traffic. The could have jumped out, ran to a different car and carjacked other people and maybe killed them. That didn’t happen but this still ended very ugly with innocent people dead. I don’t blame the police. I blame the two criminals. They stopped in traffic, they were shooting , and they caused the police officers to react in a very short time without the ability to organize a plan. That’s how real life happens. Some people say cops hid behind innocent citizens cars. I challenge those people to count the seconds they were behind cars before exposing themselves to danger. People will criticize the police but that is unfair without giving enough time to analyze the video of what happened. Many of those critics are either cop haters, internet influencers or just people who don’t know what they are talking about. Sure things could have ended up with a different outcome. Why didn’t these two pieces of crap just pull over on the side of the road, give themselves up and avoid the deaths they knew were likely to happen? Because they didn’t care who got killed. This was suicide by cop and they took other innocent lives with them. The police did not want anyone to get killed. The two pieces of crap didn’t care who got killed.

    AQUAVIDZ Month ago


  • Square Brick Studio

    Florida Man Steals UPS Truck.

  • Leonard Cassiberry
    Leonard Cassiberry Month ago

    They didn't care about those people lifes, they just wanted them black guys Dead, that's the kind of racist world we live in.

  • Alal Esc
    Alal Esc Month ago

    Savages in the US, killing innocent people!!

  • Norma Cortes
    Norma Cortes Month ago

    Looks like the UPS man was at the door of the truck I could be wrong if so maybe could have attempted to jump off the truck at some point. Just a thought.

  • TBI Firefighter
    TBI Firefighter Month ago

    Sadly a case of Chase Rage. Shame on you Florida Cops! They didn't teach you about Cross Fire at the Academy or were you all at the Donut Shop that day?

  • Gabe Cruz
    Gabe Cruz Month ago

    RIP to my UPS Brother!

  • Ronald Becton
    Ronald Becton Month ago

    This shit is fucked up in so many ways 😥 them assholes got the driver caught up in some bullshit!Like loosing his life ....for nothing...and the innocent by stander as well Rip

  • IRmods Services
    IRmods Services Month ago

    Where is the rest of the video?????? What is the point of coving something if you are not going to follow through with the coverage not to mention that the camera tech did a shitty job on this.

  • Vladimir Ortega
    Vladimir Ortega Month ago

    The police on GTA are much more effective

  • Mannie Illescas
    Mannie Illescas Month ago

    It Florida people everyone crazy over there ✌️😂

  • Mr matt
    Mr matt Month ago +1

    Since when is jewelry worth two Innocent lives pigs?

  • Rashun Rhoden
    Rashun Rhoden Month ago

    I ain't gone lie the UPS driver was better off stay with the robbers shit he probably still be alive right now them niggas wouldn't have killed him

  • Wraahs
    Wraahs Month ago +2

    its disgusting how UPS sided with the police, not even naming their employee or paying the costs for his funeral.

  • Brandon Gonzalez
    Brandon Gonzalez Month ago

    Why didnt he jump out?

  • gringo
    gringo Month ago

    Police have the worse training, the worse thinking process, and just ultimately worthless pussies that kill citizens

  • Stjames9
    Stjames9 Month ago

    this is why my packages are always late. #packagelivesmatter

  • Joe Drnec
    Joe Drnec Month ago

    It was entirely the responsibility of the police that 4 are dead. They should have backed off and followed with helicopters until the suspects exited the vehicle, then scooped them up with ground units. They only drive crazy because the cops are chasing them. Its the cops endangering lives, and killing people in this situation.

  • vikings844
    vikings844 Month ago +1

    How about taking cover behind there own cars for one. How about performing a pit maneuver on the truck when it was on the freeway with no traffic around! What the fuck is with the bullet holes in the side of the back of the truck? What the hell were they shooting at there? Blindly blasting into the truck and not taking aim on an actual perp is carelessness in its worst form!

  • Salamander
    Salamander Month ago

    At this point All Cops realy Are Bastards

    BLACK JACK Month ago

    Tax PAYERS will fit the bill

  • Max Kurz
    Max Kurz Month ago

    Police using civilian cars for cover, really? No jewelry is worth more than that poor UPS kid. Horrible job not professional at all...

  • Hat Box Ghost
    Hat Box Ghost Month ago

    Well, kids now you know don’t call the police... So sad

  • Hat Box Ghost
    Hat Box Ghost Month ago

    I wish the news would put a little pressure on the police, this is fucking heartbreaking.

  • XxdarkgamerxX
    XxdarkgamerxX Month ago

    The cops should of let the helicopter chase them but no

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed Month ago +1

    And what do you know the two hijackers were recently released from prison for violent crimes

    • Jerome Brown
      Jerome Brown 22 days ago

      He is an asshole

    • Jason Times
      Jason Times Month ago

      What the hell that has to do with those cops murdered 4 people.

  • 44wetwater 44wetwater

    To bad the innocent victims families can't sue these chicken shit cowards personally. .......just a absolute disgrace !. Hiding behind innocent civilians for cover.

  • TheBouncingPillow
    TheBouncingPillow Month ago +1

    Police in USA sucks, shooting everybody and dont even know how to deal with a hostage situation. And everybody talking About a lawsuit like the police officer that shot, shouldn't go to jail😂

  • Anonymous Name
    Anonymous Name Month ago +1

    The fault cant be on police here entirely. But when under fire you have no choice but to shoot back. Had the officers run away they would have lost the truck and the hostage and all that. They'd have gotten away. Sure everyone lives but the cops had no choice when directly under fire and with civilians under fire. theres closer footage of an officer getting people out of their cars and out of the line of fire. And it all stems from the suspect kidnapping someone after robbing a jewelry store and stealing a federal vehicle (mail truck is federal technically)

  • Anna Anna Momanna, Bobanna

    I hope the family sues and wins millions. This was poorly handled by the cops.

  • Rhonda Weber
    Rhonda Weber Month ago +2

    Yes, the UPS driver was murdered by the cops.

  • Dynasty 22
    Dynasty 22 Month ago

    *Video doesn't show shootout*

  • Tom Manley
    Tom Manley Month ago

    Law enforcers hiding behind unarmed citizens.....that's a new low.
    Cowards with a gun.

  • protechonix lll
    protechonix lll Month ago +2

    RIP to the UPS driver and the 70 yr old man caught in the cross fire.