• Published on Mar 29, 2018
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    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
    Console Wars by Blake J. Harris
    Magic 2.0 (series) by Scott Meyer
    Lightbringer (series) by Brent Weeks
    The Stormlight Archives (series) by Brandon Sanderson
    Mistborn (series), also by Brandon Sanderson
    The Name of the Wind -The KingKiller Chronicles (series) Patrick Rothfuss
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  • Helix
    Helix 8 hours ago

    Jazza: do you have a pasta roller?
    Mrs Jazza: yes, why?
    Jazza: it’s for a polymer clay video, apparently it does something to it when you put it through.
    Mrs Jazza: no thanks
    Jazza: takes it anyway.

  • Zurab Inasaridze
    Zurab Inasaridze 21 hour ago +1

    *watches Jazza's videos*
    Me: I wonder, does Jazza go up to his wife like a little kid and shows his work like a toddler shows a parent their art?

  • Ann Breyfogle
    Ann Breyfogle Day ago

    good old reliable tinfoil

  • nik Mujanović
    nik Mujanović 4 days ago

    i dont think it's legal fot you to be so good

  • Jamjuggleberries
    Jamjuggleberries 4 days ago

    Bruh i cant even draw a cube and u can create life with some squishy block things D:

  • Proper ACK ACK
    Proper ACK ACK 4 days ago

    2:56 he is not an adult

  • Gryffindor Fire
    Gryffindor Fire 4 days ago

    This is an 18 minute video and we have time for this.

  • Gryffindor Fire
    Gryffindor Fire 4 days ago

    Jazza is a Draco dragon

  • Gryffindor Fire
    Gryffindor Fire 4 days ago

    HOLO SEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gryffindor Fire
    Gryffindor Fire 4 days ago

    This boy is having way too much fun.

  • Tiffany Orton
    Tiffany Orton 5 days ago

    Your SECOND sculpture?!?

  • Atom Productions
    Atom Productions 5 days ago

    The 70s where a weird time

  • Colleen w
    Colleen w 7 days ago

    I glad you didn't know what you were doing because you have no pre concepts of what you were doing or not to do . You maybe would not tried to attempt something hard. Well done.... never worry about what you should do and can't, because if follow some one else it could take you years to master their way. I have learning how to quilt so I had the basic so I could it my way, with any fabric scraps from making my kids clothes to denim and satin, so be brave and learn and away you go

  • sean aldrich
    sean aldrich 7 days ago

    that came out great but I feel like a few pre bakes would've made your life a lot easier

  • Vivek Yadlapalli
    Vivek Yadlapalli 14 days ago

    Lol I didn’t notice until the end that the dragon was standing on a mountain of coins 🤣,was it?

  • Vivek Yadlapalli
    Vivek Yadlapalli 14 days ago

    I know a book for u:ThE dIaRy Of A wImPy KiD.Edit:no offenceEdit2:u should actually read it it’s good

  • NB/BC youth praise band

    Who keeps giving jazza sharp things

  • Sajitha Munagala
    Sajitha Munagala 14 days ago

    Does better than nerdecrafter.

  • sarah hooks
    sarah hooks 15 days ago +1

    "it is a little bloody slicer! hwa hwa hwa!" Slices off his nose "Ah, bloody f***ing h**l!"

  • Andrew Doddington
    Andrew Doddington 16 days ago

    I think you forgot about the pupils

  • David Dahl
    David Dahl 16 days ago

    Sculpt with cheese

  • Helena Stoschek
    Helena Stoschek 16 days ago

    16:26 well that escalated quickly😂😂

  • Xbear
    Xbear 16 days ago

    He is a whole man child

  • Sandra Maria
    Sandra Maria 18 days ago


  • Elodie Fleurence
    Elodie Fleurence 19 days ago


  • zdragonz10
    zdragonz10 19 days ago

    Try Morgan Rice books. There really good

  • Aiden Alvarez
    Aiden Alvarez 19 days ago

    Bro you are fr amazing dude you make me laugh every time I watch you
    Please don’t ever retire bro your amazing dude I love you

  • purrfectkitty 77
    purrfectkitty 77 19 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how Jazza litterally SLAYS all of these challenges like this is real talent peeps

  • Kathleen de Kock
    Kathleen de Kock 22 days ago

    he is an adult right?

  • Kathleen de Kock
    Kathleen de Kock 22 days ago

    one of us one of us

  • Kaede Sakura
    Kaede Sakura 22 days ago

    Now I wish this was a cake.. can you bake that again... like edible?

  • Claires Corner
    Claires Corner 22 days ago +1

    I have a weird type of styrophobia (the fear or styrofoam). No I’m not afraid of styrofoam. THE SOUND of styrofoam gives me chills and make me want to vomit. The sound the styrofoam made in his hands gave me chills😖 screw styrofoam.

    • Eliza Ann Fowles
      Eliza Ann Fowles 20 days ago

      Claires Corner, Your not alone in fearing that horrible sound.

  • Assassin Gaming
    Assassin Gaming 22 days ago

    That’s just Smaug from the hobbit. But it’s still cool no it’s awesome

  • Ty Wheezy
    Ty Wheezy 25 days ago

    So awesome

  • Grace Flanagan
    Grace Flanagan 26 days ago

    You should try doing a doll face up

    Just a suggestion

  • slasher gamingph01
    slasher gamingph01 27 days ago

    What app is to redraw my kids art jazza

  • Arshaq Habib
    Arshaq Habib 27 days ago

    Plot twist- it was play dough

  • Ella Burns
    Ella Burns 27 days ago +1

    How do u open packages so fast!!?!?!?😂😂😂

  • Kennen C.
    Kennen C. 27 days ago

    That’s Smaug I know it

  • Luke Ehmig
    Luke Ehmig 27 days ago

    you have 43 seconds on your audio book you didn`t finish it

  • willow assho
    willow assho 28 days ago

    *whispers* one of us one of us *raises voice* one of us one of us *screems* ONE OF US ONE OF US

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson 29 days ago +1


  • AR05
    AR05 29 days ago +3

    me when on the toilet hehe hoho 3:00

  • Pearl
    Pearl Month ago +2

    This should be called Jazza being a kid for 18 minutes straight.

  • sweet cat
    sweet cat Month ago +1


  • Sophie Vlogzz
    Sophie Vlogzz Month ago +1

    Sometimes i feel like Jazza's "Im an Adult" shirt itsnt exactly correct.

  • Falilou Gueye
    Falilou Gueye Month ago +1

    one of us on of us

  • jade hayes
    jade hayes Month ago +2

    jazza: Talks about sponsor
    Me: *skips*
    Jazza at the end: talks about sponsor
    Me: *clicks on another youtuber*

  • jade hayes
    jade hayes Month ago +1

    15:40 Nobody thinks that.

  • jade hayes
    jade hayes Month ago +1

    Auhuhohohoho! Like a glove!

  • jade hayes
    jade hayes Month ago +1

    Most of the video is blocked by his hot-dog fingers

  • jade hayes
    jade hayes Month ago +1

    I don’t trust Jazza with anything anymore.

  • Emma Coyle
    Emma Coyle Month ago

    Nerdecrafter made the opposite type of dragon as you have u seen it yet

  • Ants in my eyes Johnson!

    Lmao my names Josiah so when it came up ‘Josiah you have 1 credit’ kinda got real confused for a second on how I got 2 audible be4 remembering I was watching a vid. Needa get more sleep 😬

  • Young Soldier
    Young Soldier Month ago

    Jazza: I'm gonna make a dragon
    Grian: hold my sword

  • Carrie Schadler
    Carrie Schadler Month ago +1

    Where are it’s pupils it’s a blind dragon

  • Matt Gaming
    Matt Gaming Month ago

    The dragon is blind.

  • Parriss Foster
    Parriss Foster Month ago

    Jazza: That's JA double Zed A
    Me: What's a Zed?

  • kermpok
    kermpok Month ago

    Wait, your name is Josiah???
    Wait, I thought you were jazza.

  • Lyndsay Bernice Asa

    Where is the black in the eye?