Psychotic cat

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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  • Ketil
    Ketil 18 days ago

    Ваш котик сломался

  • Gabriele Porru
    Gabriele Porru Month ago

    He's chirping at birds, he's not psychotic, that's a normal thing for a cat

  • Lil Miss Insanity
    Lil Miss Insanity 10 months ago

    Think you need to change the batteries on the thing

  • TheComputerGeek010101001


  • Emily Pvaglue
    Emily Pvaglue Year ago


  • Shaun Rodgers
    Shaun Rodgers Year ago

    Those eyes are pretty tho tbh

  • Alan Souza
    Alan Souza Year ago

    when your cat finds your hemp

  • Tanya Sapien
    Tanya Sapien Year ago +2

    I think your cat's batteries are dying.

  • SunnyZ
    SunnyZ Year ago

    Cats are learning Morse Code!

  • Gwen is Literally an Enchilada

    My cat chirps at birds.

  • 2Lysergic4Insurgent7

    trying to reestablish connection to the mothership

  • ProjectSmith
    ProjectSmith Year ago


  • Maine Cyclist
    Maine Cyclist Year ago +7

    To all the people on here answering seriously, and getting upset, I don't think the poster was actually meaning that the cat was psychotic.
    Jesus, lighten up and have a damned laugh.

  • SpaceClown404
    SpaceClown404 Year ago

    That's not them being psychotic you asshat that's called chirping every cat does it

  • TheRowa86
    TheRowa86 Year ago +1

    That cat is not psychotic, he's just kinda stressed out.

  • Michael Rees
    Michael Rees Year ago

    Cat: reenacts movie window speeches
    People: lol what a weird cat
    Cat: dies from death overdose

  • Christopher Garrett

    i hope you kept your warranty card

  • Cold Void
    Cold Void Year ago

    Nothing "psychotic" about that.

  • Henri Väkeväinen

    "I want that!" she says

  • artineogda
    artineogda Year ago

    He saw bird. Some cats doing that when see birds.

  • ActionLink
    ActionLink Year ago

    Well. It's definitely a cat.

  • planesrift
    planesrift Year ago +2

    morse code guys

  • David Andersson
    David Andersson Year ago +24

    Have you tried rebooting it?

  • akshay de
    akshay de Year ago

    its called chirping

  • Jason Sprong
    Jason Sprong Year ago

    bird watching sounds

  • Darth Taco Slayer

    thats not crazy... thats how my cat talks to birds

  • Sheri Lowe
    Sheri Lowe Year ago

    Yes they do this if they see birds they cannot get to.

  • Em Veraldi
    Em Veraldi Year ago

    He's just seeing birds :D

  • ron laisle
    ron laisle Year ago +3

    Just open the window. The problem will solve itself.

  • Colin Burton
    Colin Burton Year ago

    watch the street for the running man

  • una vela
    una vela Year ago

    this poor cat has rabies. give it medicine you monster

  • Stephen Palmer
    Stephen Palmer Year ago

    Nice video editing skills.

  • Matthew Harden
    Matthew Harden Year ago

    This is tripping my cat out so hard looking for the hunt.

  • Katie Terrel
    Katie Terrel Year ago

    My cat woke up when this video started and she's still looking behind the couch for the cat she can hear but apparently can't see on the screen.

  • Can You Fuking Not

    hi bruh where is you, where is your country location please please

  • Austin M
    Austin M Year ago

    my cat used to do this all the time when we kept her inside and she would see birds through the window, just like this. its normal

  • Osterling
    Osterling Year ago

    It could be out of pain, since they can't talk. I had a cat that went nuts, going up and down, screaming. We, much later found out he had a tooth infection.

  • The Other Emily
    The Other Emily Year ago

    Somebody got into the pot brownies

  • Mackenzie Williams

    He's talking to the birds, our cat does the same thing

  • yukineswan
    yukineswan Year ago +2

    Sir, I think your car has a starter problem.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +6

    Well time to put it down.

  • Zach Sanford
    Zach Sanford Year ago

    I don't think the app is running correctly, you had better force quit and try again.

  • Stackondat
    Stackondat Year ago +6

    this is super common. both my cats do it. it has to do with them seeing something (often a bird) that'd they see as something to hunt, and their jaws vibrate back and forth to warm up their clenching muscle. it's instinctual and evolutionary

  • Christopher J. Wood

    I'm here from Reddit

  • Blue Beta
    Blue Beta Year ago

    haha my cat does this, but yours makes way better noises.

  • Kelthx
    Kelthx Year ago

    cat.exe has stopped working.

  • steeve cordier
    steeve cordier Year ago

    hight frustation

  • 3lysium1
    3lysium1 Year ago

    Probably more demented from being stuck in a top floor flat than psychotic.

  • Nico The Rabbit
    Nico The Rabbit Year ago +4

    What's the difference between a cat and a comma?
    One has its claws at the end of its paws, and one is a pause at the end of a clause.

  • Gaius Julius Caesar
    Gaius Julius Caesar Year ago +14

    spotted the new cat owner

  • Vicky Swalley
    Vicky Swalley Year ago +5

    Poor baby kitty. Get out the laser cat toy and play with him!

    • Kira
      Kira Year ago

      ? he is chattering, one of the most normal things for cats. thats how they hunt birds

  • Jacob Gottschalk
    Jacob Gottschalk Year ago +53

    Cats do this out of frustration. They know they can't get the prey they are tracking....

    • Greywind
      Greywind Year ago

      U N A C C E P T A B L E ! ! ! !

    • ShallowShi
      ShallowShi Year ago

      chey - koen The vocal one of my 2 hunters does the same thing. She also does it when birds are nesting in the window above the front door.

    • chey - koen
      chey - koen Year ago

      Jacob Gottschalk my cat does this every time she sees a fly...
      U N T O U C H A B L E

    • Brad White
      Brad White Year ago +1

      Jacob Gottschalk There was a Netflix show on cats where they claim that the cause of chattering was unknown. However, I think you are correct.

  • n n
    n n Year ago +60

    It's sending signals to its home planet to prepare for attack

  • InvisibleMag
    InvisibleMag Year ago +24

    Theres a glitch in the matrix

  • Manik
    Manik Year ago +22

    Reddit anyone?

  • Donnie Henderson
    Donnie Henderson Year ago +71

    It's called chattering. All cats do it.

    • TheCupiedoll
      TheCupiedoll Year ago

      It sees a bird. My cats do it when they see lizzards or birds outside.

    • Sick OfYouAll
      Sick OfYouAll Year ago +1

      +TheNaZeus No, I have cats that go outside and they chatter, too. Mostly when they see birds.

    • TheNaZeus
      TheNaZeus Year ago

      Only indoor cats do it.


      *Some cats do it. - FTFY

    • Throwaway
      Throwaway Year ago

      Thank god - I was wondering if this cat owner is keeping the cat in bad condition or something.

  • PreciousRetard
    PreciousRetard Year ago +12

    My cat does the same thing when birds are flying around

    • Tay the andro-emo
      Tay the andro-emo Year ago

      PreciousRetard That's called chirping they do that because they can't reach the prey they have their eyes on

  • Colin Douglas
    Colin Douglas Year ago +2

    Looks so much like my cat

    • Colin Douglas
      Colin Douglas Year ago

      Blurp Slurp nah. Some have big blocky heads but these are hella cute 1s

    • Robust Shikaka
      Robust Shikaka Year ago

      +Blurp Slurp hey that's fucking racist.

    • Blurp Slurp
      Blurp Slurp Year ago

      All Siamese look the same

    • Draganoid
      Draganoid  Year ago

      Maybe it is your cat? 0-0