How to Draw EXTREME EXPRESSIONS - Amplify your Emotions!


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  • Joceline Brown
    Joceline Brown 15 hours ago

    im going to binge all your vids.

  • Damian Diaz
    Damian Diaz 5 days ago


  • {BLUR}
    {BLUR} 9 days ago +1

    yes a lot...please stop- 3:02

  • {BLUR}
    {BLUR} 9 days ago +1

    CALM DOWN! 0:37

  • Finn Snijders
    Finn Snijders 10 days ago

    omg lol

  • Naohao Tingala
    Naohao Tingala 13 days ago

    I've seen some of your old vids! I'm also australian.

  • Goldlink567
    Goldlink567 19 days ago

    Wait, we were supposed to do that subconscious? I just did that on purpose, you guys did that without thinking? Hmm, your weird.

  • Substadoot
    Substadoot 26 days ago

    You can see a bit of jazzas face in every one of these drawings

  • kiraga kiragara
    kiraga kiragara Month ago

    (Response to intro) *YES*

  • Jackson Cope
    Jackson Cope Month ago

    Do you use mechanical pencil to draw?If, what brand

  • Julia Hassan
    Julia Hassan Month ago

    0:14 I, too, draw with the marker cap on

    😂😂 but seriously I relate so much if im drawing someone who is mad and someone approaches me I snap at them like I’m mad. Not proud of it but hey 😅

  • Orange Splat
    Orange Splat Month ago

    I do the making the expression while drawing expressions

  • Maren-Emilie Berntsen

    0:15 lmfao, the cap isn't even off

  • Maren-Emilie Berntsen

    0:06 always

  • Alexander Entwisle
    Alexander Entwisle Month ago

    Hahaha omg I was working whilst watching this, then just burst out laughing when Jazza Licked the camera. Yeah that totally made me uncomfortable haha

  • Makau k
    Makau k Month ago

    He lowkey reminds me of james cordan

  • パイロシニカル

    I just look sad all the time

  • Doodle Pad
    Doodle Pad Month ago

    0:06 evry single time

  • Tonya Daniel
    Tonya Daniel Month ago

    Dead 0:37

  • C. Sheehan
    C. Sheehan 2 months ago

    Oh my god, Jazza.

  • D Midnight
    D Midnight 2 months ago

    Yes all the time. My teacher would just stare at me all the time like why are you so mad. Now you're happy? And sad?

  • Mika McMillan
    Mika McMillan 2 months ago

    Jazza, I'm going to be honest. You need to go to a doctor.

  • Lara Petry
    Lara Petry 2 months ago

    Wow... Somehow I'm better at art now... Even though all my expression studies have a little psycho in them... How do I get the "I'm gonna eat your face expression out of 'em? 😂

  • Jess Mitchell
    Jess Mitchell 2 months ago


  • Sprinkles257
    Sprinkles257 2 months ago

    I love your art style!

  • Bling-Bling11 Superstar

    Me: Oh no, I'm quite weird myself😉

  • madian saleem
    madian saleem 3 months ago

    "does this make you uncomfortable?"
    Me: *pauses* let me try to draw that

  • Reagan Noelle
    Reagan Noelle 3 months ago

    16:07 That's why I'm here

  • Reagan Noelle
    Reagan Noelle 3 months ago

    3:02 he needs to do this more often tbh

  • BreezeGaming_ HD
    BreezeGaming_ HD 3 months ago

    you are AWESOME

  • Karenx joy
    Karenx joy 3 months ago

    Lol I thought I was the only one who changed their face with the drawing

  • J Brown 'JRizzleBrown'
    J Brown 'JRizzleBrown' 3 months ago

    Thanks again Jazza.

  • ALRB❤
    ALRB❤ 3 months ago

    5:00 Human Squidward. 😂

  • University of Gerg
    University of Gerg 3 months ago

    is your book worthit

  • IAteAllYo Pancakes
    IAteAllYo Pancakes 3 months ago

    That... intro... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SF3 GamR
    SF3 GamR 4 months ago

    What the heck?

    OLBICHL 4 months ago

    0:18 that awkward moment when you realize that this is your resting face

  • Kawaii potato trash
    Kawaii potato trash 4 months ago

    The lick made me lol

  • Nanna Tronier
    Nanna Tronier 4 months ago

    Q: What pen did you use for outlining on the first drawing, with the two faces?

  • llBlank Pagell
    llBlank Pagell 4 months ago

    We had to draw a really extreme facial expretion in class and everyone was having a lot of trouble making an expretion. I did angry. Added red eyes boom deadly.

  • Maewill Padua
    Maewill Padua 4 months ago

    I usually draw in an order, but I never realised it was the order in number 9...

  • L y n n
    L y n n 4 months ago

    The intro is me all the time

  • KitCat_HD
    KitCat_HD 4 months ago

    every time I draw may face hurts after that 😂

  • Pedj channel
    Pedj channel 4 months ago

    I don't have eyebrows to use as reference!!!!!!! Even my face doesn't want to pose for me... :(

  • sum bi
    sum bi 4 months ago

    Jazza- Does this make you uncomfortable?
    Me- * starts giggling *
    Steve- Don't you dare cackle...
    Me- * voice slowly becomes deeper * I'm sorry, a girl has to do what a girl has to do and in this case, a girl has to cackle in a deep-ass voice.

  • UsoppFanGirl
    UsoppFanGirl 5 months ago

    People already think I'm weird, but when I'm drawing and make a stupid face subconsciously, they tend to think I'm even weirder

  • Hey Its Jasmine
    Hey Its Jasmine 5 months ago

    Your third emoji is the one you are going to draw (unless its not a face)

  • Splatler Boi
    Splatler Boi 5 months ago

    i do the expression face thing where you copy the expression... its weird i always catch my elf right before people look at me

  • Toasty Takoo
    Toasty Takoo 5 months ago

    I relate to the start... I do it at school 😐😭

  • Leila E
    Leila E 5 months ago

    Im black and i reference my face so much that all of my characters of every ethnicity have round black people noses...uhh I need to fix this

  • Jason Coles
    Jason Coles 5 months ago

    I do that in the beginning but I only use my eyebrows so people always ask why I'm scowling

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 5 months ago

    i'd do the face thing when I'm writing stories AND drawing

  • Katya Tikh
    Katya Tikh 5 months ago

    You're the best:) Thank you;)

  • -Crossed Word-
    -Crossed Word- 6 months ago +1

    He attacc he deflecc but most importantly....
    He uncomfortable -lol bet you can't do this-

  • Kiraki1120
    Kiraki1120 6 months ago

    Thanks you, it helped me a lot in drawings!

  • Evangeline Dovahkiin
    Evangeline Dovahkiin 6 months ago +1

    Just get all of the pictures of Jazza to roast him from this video

  • Aurora
    Aurora 6 months ago

    : I is good enough

  • 7Cheezits
    7Cheezits 6 months ago +1

    I have like 10 normal expressions. Random faces, uncountable

  • Joe W
    Joe W 7 months ago

    I watched this an was so mesmerised that I forgot to actually draw...

  • dark wraith jinx
    dark wraith jinx 7 months ago

    Obnoxious, but consistent... love ya work man, thank you

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop 7 months ago

    My mum walked in just as he said "Does this make you uncomfortable?"
    Yes, Yes it did.

  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe 7 months ago

    Your birthday is coming up - it's the same day as Hitlers! :O April 20th!

  • Miss Jordyn
    Miss Jordyn 7 months ago +1

    0:37 - 0:40

  • Melissa Fleetwood
    Melissa Fleetwood 7 months ago

    "Most artists are introverts unless their obnoxious, like me"
    I legit thought he was going to say "obnoxious, but constant" which explains me in a nutshell XD

  • Parth Shekhawat
    Parth Shekhawat 7 months ago


  • Taylor Street
    Taylor Street 7 months ago

    I make faces when I drawing emotions too

  • Palm Leaf
    Palm Leaf 7 months ago

    What pencil/paper/marker do you use
    Add links

  • CGA
    CGA 8 months ago

    Great vid Jazza thx for the tutorial :]

  • dirty47
    dirty47 8 months ago

    Incredibly helpful video, sir. You are appreciated.

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor 8 months ago


  • Highly functioning member of society

    I don't think I wanna

  • Tigertail
    Tigertail 8 months ago

    Me in school: *doodling*
    Teacher: *looks in my general direction*
    Me: "Hi there, teach!"
    Teacher: "Pay attention." *goes back to teaching*
    Annoying kid beside me: *whispering* "Wow! You're so good at drawing. I wish I could draw like that!"
    Me: *is drawing James's (TheOdd1sOut) character which is a marshmallow* "Thanks?"

  • Spicy Calcium Boi
    Spicy Calcium Boi 8 months ago

    me every day

  • Violet Silver
    Violet Silver 8 months ago

    that intro and when you got close to the camera made me laugh so hard... you're as crazy as I am Jazza!

  • MysticScribbs
    MysticScribbs 8 months ago

    7:23 lowkey terrifying

  • Aimee Walker
    Aimee Walker 8 months ago

    "i am not a master" *can draw and paint and colour literally anything. Digital, Traditional, with condiments* everything

  • CryptoDaughter
    CryptoDaughter 8 months ago

    today we are going to talk about *HOW TO EXPRESS YOURSELF!*

    im scared

  • Audrey Bug
    Audrey Bug 8 months ago +2

    Who else is sad bc they can’t even afford one brush pen

  • future animator
    future animator 8 months ago

    All yaw need to know is that all things in this world are in shapes. Some are I'm multiple shapes. Its not actually that hard. Anyone can draw. U just need to believe, a great mind and creativity

  • DancingCheese
    DancingCheese 8 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Jazza had fun editing that outro animation.

  • Jameriquae Ackerson
    Jameriquae Ackerson 8 months ago

    The beginning is sooo relatable

  • Flamingninja756
    Flamingninja756 9 months ago

    0:42 Mark Hamil Joker?

  • ReptilesAreBetterThanPeople

    Dude you have absolutely no idea how much I can relate to the intro...

  • the red Diamond
    the red Diamond 9 months ago

    Whay you dont make a super sayan transformation plisss

  • Unicorn Zoe Dolan
    Unicorn Zoe Dolan 9 months ago

    I not sure if I’m an introvert I won’t hang with someone unless you’re my friend or if I haven’t met them yet

  • Unicorn Zoe Dolan
    Unicorn Zoe Dolan 9 months ago

    Yeah I do that

  • Isabel Jones
    Isabel Jones 9 months ago

    I've gotten asked a couple times if I was okay because of the expressions I was making. The only other thing is that when I'm doing said expression i get more hunched over and close to my sketchbook. Looking like fricken Gollum with the precious over here.

  • Bellafunny bunny
    Bellafunny bunny 9 months ago

    *me trying to draw santa with a sack over his shoulder*

  • A Work of Art
    A Work of Art 9 months ago


  • Epic Thresher
    Epic Thresher 9 months ago

    end was kinda weird... But...... im kinda weird so..

  • Mourya Mallisetty
    Mourya Mallisetty 9 months ago

    I wanna get the bundle but shipping is a problem Australia to Africa

  • TheEnderExplosion!
    TheEnderExplosion! 9 months ago

    I’m unconsciously making faces even by watching this

  • TheEnderExplosion!
    TheEnderExplosion! 9 months ago

    Me:-drawing a creepy drawing-
    Sibling: “Why are you making that face”
    Me: -goes back to natural face-
    10 minuets later...
    Me: “my face is tired”

  • Breezy_JE Anime
    Breezy_JE Anime 10 months ago

    the first song was from harry potter

  • Nugget
    Nugget 10 months ago +1

    Jazza, I am currently really struggling with one aspect of drawing humans..... the hands. So can you PRETTY PLEASE (with sprinkles and whipped cream on top) do a video like this but on drawing hands!!! 😊🙌🖌✏️

  • Mikey Drake
    Mikey Drake 10 months ago

    Jazza, Question: do you draw with ur arm or just ur wrist for straight lines?

  • ZayKawaii Animations
    ZayKawaii Animations 10 months ago

    Me: Watches 25 seconds...
    Me:Eyes widen...
    By the way once I was drawing someone while subconsiously doing the expresion they had and my friend came over, took one glance at my face, and raised their eyebrows at me like if I had no head, before laughing extremely loudly while walking away. *LOLZ*

  • Roosjuuh XXX
    Roosjuuh XXX 10 months ago +1

    And I can't even draw a normal circle....

  • goku super saiyan
    goku super saiyan 10 months ago

    I also do faces when i draw

  • Rose Villa
    Rose Villa 10 months ago

    You remind me way too much of my cousin CJ it’s scary