Future - St. Lucia

  • SAVE ME available at smarturl.it/SAVEME.Future
    Director: Henri Alexander Levy
    Executive Producer: Todd H. Blumberg
    Producer: Daniel Cummings
    Production Co: ERD Productions
    Future online:
    (C) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.

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  • RazzMaTazz
    RazzMaTazz 2 days ago

    worst visual out of all of them for this album

  • Thea Charles
    Thea Charles 5 days ago

    hailey and her friend

  • Lolatti TFM
    Lolatti TFM 5 days ago

    “I Got A Mediterraneaaannn I Cant Save Her”
    *I got A Mediterranean*

  • Bikel Tyron
    Bikel Tyron 10 days ago

    "Found out I cheated on her she still feeding me grapes" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • sy.
    sy. 13 days ago

    Im from st Lucia Caribbean


    does this song make you happy every day
    This performance is fabulous
    1:07 💓💓

  • Craig Craine
    Craig Craine Month ago

    I make my Hong Kong Girl wear snake skin.........

  • romayne grace
    romayne grace Month ago

    I'm a big dog.

  • Sou Mais Pes
    Sou Mais Pes Month ago

    Esse som é muito foda !

  • Allen Mealey
    Allen Mealey Month ago

    This Car (The 1970 Olds Cutlass 442) Is for sale here on Craigslist IE In So Cal for $12,900 - All Matching Numbers Hurst Edition

  • James
    James Month ago

    I'm a long time future fan but this future not my kinda music, I don't care much for fuck women spend this did that smoked popped that. Iike hearing dead broke taliban gang straight out the bando bmf like big meech crew future. Thats why this album slept on as yall put it.

  • Marcus Grizzley
    Marcus Grizzley Month ago +1

    St Me !

  • PlayoffNeco
    PlayoffNeco Month ago

    You ain’t no different from me, young nigga tryna maintain 🗣

  • StrictlyDope _
    StrictlyDope _ 2 months ago


  • Chimi Malipilo
    Chimi Malipilo 2 months ago


  • bizzy bates
    bizzy bates 2 months ago

    this song makes me wanna..................listen to the slowed down version with a girl who likes slowed down music..............St. Lucia slowed by future.........ENVY_THE _BENEFITZ

  • Joel 47
    Joel 47 2 months ago

    yall got to listen to the lyrics . dont want to compromise anything but just listen

  • Cody Vandervoort
    Cody Vandervoort 2 months ago


  • Tiago Cardoso
    Tiago Cardoso 2 months ago

    incroyable projet

  • Danny Weaver jr
    Danny Weaver jr 2 months ago

    sweat iland joint.

  • ruben g
    ruben g 2 months ago

    slept on album

  • ruben g
    ruben g 2 months ago

    GTA 6 soundtrack

  • alinamateescu39 Mateescu


  • IG Playglenthomas BEATS

    How did Future get those "Chipmunk" sounding vocals? Im asking advice from any engineers or artists please

  • IG Playglenthomas BEATS

    This song is awkwardly amazing

  • 314Smiley
    314Smiley 3 months ago

    Im frm St.Louis mo

  • ilunats tr
    ilunats tr 3 months ago +2

    This and goverment official too hard

  • Lucia Bittnér
    Lucia Bittnér 3 months ago

    Clicked just cause my name is Lucia :DDDD

  • Oel Scott
    Oel Scott 3 months ago +3

    Warning "Dope leads to Death"

  • Alednam Uonopk
    Alednam Uonopk 3 months ago


    MEECH JAY 3 months ago


  • Luke Christensen
    Luke Christensen 3 months ago +1

    Futures best year musically and probably his most slept on. They’ll know one day the magnitude of the two projects he dropped this year

  • masterclub3dnru
    masterclub3dnru 3 months ago +1


  • Cartier Qahlil
    Cartier Qahlil 4 months ago

    Nipsey made rain outside wit sa umbrella in his hand

  • ruben g
    ruben g 4 months ago +1

    Can we appreciate this fucking amazing video and the amazing shots??

  • Jae Mubu
    Jae Mubu 4 months ago

    Freeband vibes

  • Jae Mubu
    Jae Mubu 4 months ago

    Future I love you , I promise you the truth

  • Lil Miss on a mission
    Lil Miss on a mission 4 months ago +3

    I saw St Lucia 🇱🇨 and now I'm lost 🤣

  • roaches23
    roaches23 4 months ago +11

    When he said "I got one Chineeeeeeeseee" I felt that

    • Lyndon
      Lyndon 3 months ago +1


  • LaRon 7God
    LaRon 7God 4 months ago

    Robin brother die just cause I did 60 day 30 in Boston. 30 in DC already. Illuminati

  • LaRon 7God
    LaRon 7God 4 months ago

    Nah you been ain't been working Ms. Lucas. I make a 6'8 of myself as you. Nah I'm putting him under the floor boards

  • LaRon 7God
    LaRon 7God 4 months ago

    Hell yeah been cut his nose off. Everyone I they dirt well grave

  • Dj Kid Walter
    Dj Kid Walter 4 months ago


  • Young Rockstar
    Young Rockstar 4 months ago

    My nigga future gotta change up his style because bitch ass niggas keep biting on him

  • Tyler Patel
    Tyler Patel 4 months ago

    Enfants riche deprime

    KIVAN SUPERRSTER 4 months ago


  • Gennard Francis
    Gennard Francis 4 months ago

    this aint got shit to do with my island wtf

    S. GATSBY 4 months ago

    His Best Album

  • Sanja L Savic
    Sanja L Savic 4 months ago


  • RoRoRasa
    RoRoRasa 4 months ago +1

    Of all ppl to make a song about St.Lucia... Jesus. Oh well at least it’s putting ppl on to us 🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  • Bec_ 2
    Bec_ 2 4 months ago


  • Dk Paid
    Dk Paid 5 months ago

    Best to ever do it

  • Milly Wells
    Milly Wells 5 months ago +8

    He said a lot in this album gotta see the picture
    The wizard 🧙‍♂️
    Yall wouldn’t understand. 💊

  • Antron Baker
    Antron Baker 5 months ago

    Man high calibuh

  • KENTii
    KENTii 5 months ago


  • Confidentialité essor
    Confidentialité essor 5 months ago


  • Den Harry
    Den Harry 5 months ago +1


  • Dinocornio
    Dinocornio 5 months ago


  • Lee Deff’
    Lee Deff’ 5 months ago

    Hey i just dropped my 8 Track EP ‘F1rst Take’ 💿 🔥
    Check it out , Lemme know what you think ‼️

  • Ultimate Blends
    Ultimate Blends 5 months ago

    Love your A$$😘

  • Danielle Davidson
    Danielle Davidson 5 months ago


  • SuperMassiveMax
    SuperMassiveMax 5 months ago +2

    0:48 I got one that's _Chineeeeese_ she a 10!

  • Bombamonii
    Bombamonii 5 months ago


  • Ula Nelson
    Ula Nelson 5 months ago

    Half St.Lucian 🇱🇨🤟🏽

  • Joe Mozar
    Joe Mozar 5 months ago

    this beat so harddddd dawgggg,

  • MissThang
    MissThang 5 months ago

    EEEeeewwwww, you hear these lame lyrics? What a dusty bum character.

    CALEB CHETTY 5 months ago

    best future song .

  • 2 Official FON
    2 Official FON 5 months ago

    Future’s music means a lottttt to me. This whole song goes crazy.

  • can can
    can can 5 months ago


  • Came
    Came 5 months ago +2

    I mean we all know Future is a red pilled man.

  • Hump Knighton
    Hump Knighton 5 months ago

    Future freebandz

  • S Eastland
    S Eastland 6 months ago

    And y e could figure out es papi Mami.... And e papi feels and amors es Mami y es por que es e papi no necessitas la Fame pero solo porque es papi no necessitas es e papi papi hables e stupido... Quarries mi que solo bunao

  • beautifull queen
    beautifull queen 6 months ago

    Sim on

  • 2-SW33T VEVO
    2-SW33T VEVO 6 months ago +1

    Who like hot trash? Oh that's why your here!

  • usernolongervisible
    usernolongervisible 6 months ago

    how is one supposed to feel or react to this? what is the vibe/mood? honest question because this is my first time giving future's music a real honest open minded listen.

    • HUNCHO
      HUNCHO 5 months ago

      usernolongervisible listen to codeine crazy it’s better

  • zachary tuccillo
    zachary tuccillo 6 months ago +2

    My favorite fuckin song of 2019, can’t get sick of it if I tried

  • Adam Conway
    Adam Conway 6 months ago

    A unforgiven n.... I lean wit what about a hook dare i spark. Just flipped a lambo dare eyes park cool mil allysisa milano der eyes park yommaguchi flip out da bando dare ice park scarface guns like rambo dare i spark

  • nobody here
    nobody here 6 months ago

    You got ur montanian @akafreebandz

  • Danil11 Footb
    Danil11 Footb 6 months ago +1

    Уже не годно!

  • GiGimar 593
    GiGimar 593 6 months ago

    Saludos desde ecuador