Kevin Durant CLAPS BACK On IG! Unhappy With Steve Kerr For Not Making Him Centerpiece Of Warriors

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • My guy KD is back at it again, on the social media attack against a troll that wasn’t even a troll? We may have also got the REAL reason why KD won’t be suiting up with the Warriors again next season and it might have to do with coach Steve Kerr.
    #kevindurant #stevekerr #warriors
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  • The Fumble
    The Fumble  Month ago +70

    He’s the one that started it all! Lavar Ball has become one of the biggest names in the NBA off the court and is the brains behind the entire Big Baller Brand that is poised to take over the game! We charted his rise to stardom:

    • Mayer Hoffman
      Mayer Hoffman Month ago +1

      Yo CK big fan of ur channel

    • john sheppard
      john sheppard Month ago

      Isaiah Williams
      Sorry man, the fumble made me do it, LMAO.

    • cash mere
      cash mere Month ago

      Are you on crack. The ball brand is now defunct. And lavar is not that much of a brainyack

    • Isaiah Williams
      Isaiah Williams Month ago +1

      WE GET IT!

    • john sheppard
      john sheppard Month ago +1

      If he’s so great why did LONZO cover his Tattoo with dice? Oh, that’s right LaVars best friend and part owner of the brand stole a few million. Why didnt DiAngelo play with UCLA this year, I mean LaVar is supposed to be so tight with the team, oh that’s right DiAngelo got suspended indefinitely for stealing in China while UCLA was there to play. And where is Mello going to college this year? Oh, I forgot, three Basketball coaches at his High School quit because they couldn’t stand LaVar. LaVar responded if they just did what he told them to do they would win. I guess the last coach wasn’t hearing it either because LaVar took him out to home school him. So is he going to apply to UCLA with his GED?
      But don’t worry I’m sure kids are lining up to buy those $400 shoes. Lol, good luck selling the ones you still have. I think LONZO Bank closed Lavar and BBB’s accounts for good!

  • kwajuk wakuwaku
    kwajuk wakuwaku 16 days ago

    i guess GSW really don't need KD to get the ring.. Good luck dubs

  • FreedomForce100
    FreedomForce100 25 days ago

    Tired of KD's oversized glass ego. What a pathetic guy. Shut up! You left OKC and that was your legacy that you left. PERIOD.
    Golden State is Curry's team. KD is nobody's team. Steve Kerr is the best coach in NBA and we all can see a happier GS team WITHOUT KD. Legacy is built on commitment : this is why Lebron James will never be as great as MJ who STAYED a Bull for is career. Kobe stayed a Laker and is to me next to Jordan, Russell, Abdoul Jabar, Magic etc...

  • MrBrachiatingApe
    MrBrachiatingApe 26 days ago

    Depends what KD wants--also, the thing about him not being the centerpiece? BS. He's the guy who takes the last shot; he's the guy who has been allowed by Kerr (and Steph is cool with it, too!) to play point-forward and initiate the offense; he's been allowed to focus on defense one year and passing the next. He'll get a bigger contract with the Dubs than anywhere else (by a LOT since there's no squabbling now about who'd get the supermax, him or Klay...) and he can potentially do historically unprecedented things. Things that have never happened in the modern era; things that would in time push his legacy above LeBron just like Russell (RINGS!) is considered better than Wilt (CRAZY INDIVIDUAL STATS; NOT SO MANY RINGS.)
    But if he just wants to be the guy....ok. Go for it. And lose.

  • alexander beryl
    alexander beryl 28 days ago

    The Warriors will ALWAYS be Steph’s team. He can’t be that dumb to think it’s his. Ask any true Warriors fan 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • 박준수
    박준수 28 days ago

    The Warriors' system does not need a centerpiece. They play as a group, trusting and depending on each other. If KD doesn't understand that, he's free to leave.

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi 28 days ago

    I don’t want to sound dumb, but without KD in the first round against clippers. They should’ve lost. Stephen curry was performing at the top of his game.
    Edit: I meant he was not performing at his top of his game

  • Alex Slote
    Alex Slote 28 days ago

    Reality fumblers

  • tellthetruthg
    tellthetruthg 29 days ago

    KD loves rings . It’s why he plays all those games. Ring drought for him if he leaves . I can’t believe KD cares about being the center piece or most loved. Thats not Basketball

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 29 days ago

    Mf they were 73-9 without him

  • Eric L Naylor
    Eric L Naylor 29 days ago

    KD is a snake and never should have been on the Warriors team. Get lost KD

  • Venessa Abrams
    Venessa Abrams 29 days ago

    KD, go to be a team that wants you. You don't have to put up with this bullsh_t. Go to a team that has reasonable talent and elevate them with your awesomeness! Then, your talent will shine so bright. Leave GS now!

  • Doris Mccrary
    Doris Mccrary 29 days ago

    Y'all gotta understand that the warriors are a young team they like to run kd wants to hold the ball just like James harden you can't win like that yes he's a good player tho now it's time for him to move on

  • MrDrchapman
    MrDrchapman 29 days ago

    KD is a good player but he will never get the respect because he join the warrior to get the ring warrior doesn't need him they won the championships without him and they will win another one without him KD remind me of an employee will work with some one who hard so he doesn't have to work as hard this is the reason why he join the warrior to get the ring lost all my respect for him as a player now he is crying because his feelings his hurt they are winning without him...ha ha ha

  • natti orpaz
    natti orpaz 29 days ago

    Kd out. Steph, klay, green - keep in, and let's see if they got it next season without kd

  • Eddie Roberts
    Eddie Roberts Month ago

    If he leaves what he has, to go and TRY to get what he already has, he's a DAMN FOOL!!!!!! #DUBNATION

  • Audrey R. Davis
    Audrey R. Davis Month ago

    Appreciate the love, now go to a team where he is
    "The Guy" ....ijs

  • ChiRaq
    ChiRaq Month ago +1

    I honestly don’t know how this lame keep a girl...too damn sensitive and mommas boy

  • Briskful Punishment

    KD won't go to the Knicks, the man wants rings not to carry a dead organization that won't add any talent to help him, they'll ride him until he burns out just like they did to mello.

  • Fredrick Price
    Fredrick Price Month ago

    KD and KL will be on championship level...

  • blacknyit
    blacknyit Month ago

    The problem, IMHO, was that when the warriors recruited KD they felt it would be cool if he were on their team. The stars were aligned perfectly by him becoming a free agent 2016. ON the TEAM, part of the team, best player ON the team BUT not the man on the team. KD misunderstood the warriors intentions. Oh wellll!!! But he'll find out how difficult NBA life searching for a Championship can be if he leaves the warriors! Ask Kyrie.

  • JAY_ NBA
    JAY_ NBA Month ago

    Knicks is ass idk why y’all delusional ass fans think they’re gonna get better. It won’t happen

  • Steven Washington
    Steven Washington Month ago

    KD comes from the mean streets of PG County Maryland man. He doesn't give a damn about all this nonsense coming from a bunch of loud mouth media whack jobs who do nothing but talk bullsh*t all day.

  • shawn benton
    shawn benton Month ago

    KD wasn't a Luxury...GS couldn't be LeBron that's why they needed KD. Everyone talking about how great GS is without the playoff team in the west that KD goes to and their not the favorite. I like to see KD go back to Oklahoma KD, Russ and vs Steph, Draymon and Clay. Just a thought.

  • Beverly Palomino
    Beverly Palomino Month ago +1

    He should go to New York PERIOD

  • fabian florton
    fabian florton Month ago

    Fake news. KD is the centerpiece when he is on the court.

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago

    KD nipples are sensitive again!! 😂

  • Francis griffin
    Francis griffin Month ago

    Who cares. Kd lost all respect when he left Brodie, while they were up 3-1 in the series. Smh.

  • Cheryl Coleman
    Cheryl Coleman Month ago

    KD is so touchy these day. Will he ever be totally happy on any team? Don't know but I think he has a good chance of a Championship with Doc and the Clippers!! I really don't care anymore. He's attacking fans on SM. That's sad

  • Jack Alvin Yorong
    Jack Alvin Yorong Month ago +1

    When splash bros is off..KD all alone carrying the team

  • Astien Perez
    Astien Perez Month ago +1

    Warriors won championship without him already, they have the same team when they did it lol

  • kenny ross
    kenny ross Month ago

    KD going to Toronto to join Kawhi soon

    B.A. PENDAGRASS Month ago

    Let K.D. do what he do...he wanna leave let em leave...HE CANT TAKE OVER SOMIN THATS ALREADY SPOKE FOR....STEPH GOT THTA!!...JES KEEPIN IT A "G" and uma GRIZZ FAN..#901 #WholeLotOfGrizz-ish

  • Forn Johnson
    Forn Johnson Month ago

    K d stay in bay golden state wants you an u are the man everyone want you to an go to a team an struggle even with the Lakers get all the rings you can look at Bill Russel bro don't fall for they will pay you

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Month ago +1

    KD must be really sensitive

  • Ethan Callahan
    Ethan Callahan Month ago

    Bruh the man has 25 followers and kd is wasting his time responding to his comments 😑😑

  • Kumquat Perk
    Kumquat Perk Month ago

    Trade KD for AD.

  • Chamba Nairobi
    Chamba Nairobi Month ago

    Look at all the Kevin Durant haters with their panties stuck on a nasty piece of dry isht.... on the brain.

  • Frank Saldano
    Frank Saldano Month ago

    Whatever people say about KD is bs because he made the Warriors reached far

  • Rafael Realistictalk

    You Fumbled again cuh!!¡

  • Rafael Realistictalk

    I ain't liking sht cause your commentary is sht and please don't evah mention the Knicks again, take that word out of your mouth. Stop helping the Trolls and General Hospitalized comments with your little Cigar lighting lighter.. I'm not going to subscribe to Sht and not like sht you put out!!!!, Still a damn rookie,,, pin that sht homie

  • Scott David
    Scott David Month ago

    Just another spoiled brat sports superstar! They make hundreds of millions of dollars PLAYING SPORTS, but they are never happy with their situation! In all serious, who gives a damn where KD goes?! He may be one of the best players on the planet, but when it comes to being a man, he blows!!!

  • Outlaw Tv
    Outlaw Tv Month ago

    warriors are better without KD ! Period!!!!!

  • malcolm daniels
    malcolm daniels Month ago

    He should just go back to OKC and stop being a choking Artis

  • Alex Philemon
    Alex Philemon Month ago

    Get 5 rings first

  • Greg Buck
    Greg Buck Month ago

    He going to Cleveland

  • Glenn Carlson
    Glenn Carlson Month ago


  • Sherman Person
    Sherman Person Month ago

    The comments are sick of it myself...

  • Kc Hruaia
    Kc Hruaia Month ago

    Haha making stories again..try not to ruin someone..ur just anotha baa2 black shit,have u some respect

  • Reggie Harris
    Reggie Harris Month ago +2

    Kevin Durant needs to go to the Houston Rockets and join the Texas timetable

  • r p
    r p Month ago +1

    Newsflash! KD got the TEAM past the Clippers and most of the way through Houston. Curry was playing like trash. KD was setting the records and pulling them through. Everyone with sense knew Portland wasn't going to be a problem WITH KD. Use your brains, people! It's about matchups....and beating Portland (who didn't play defense) wasn't the hurdle that got them to the finals.

  • r p
    r p Month ago

    Gossip columnists.... that's all y'all are.

  • Peaches The Dog
    Peaches The Dog Month ago

    KD should come back to okc!!!

  • Gail Aldea
    Gail Aldea Month ago

    Intrigues now building up till end of finals to destroy warriors morale and unity, a team every nba fan, media ( other than gsw fanbase) love to hate.

  • Brandon Montgomery
    Brandon Montgomery Month ago

    I don't get why he went there in the first place😂😂😂

  • eric williams
    eric williams Month ago


  • BenjibSwervo o
    BenjibSwervo o Month ago

    You sound stupid bro The Warriors play better without kd without kd the ball js moved More with our kd you don’t know what you talking bout

  • yardgo
    yardgo Month ago

    KD is an idiot for signing with them

  • Moosk Here
    Moosk Here Month ago


  • Ruelz A
    Ruelz A Month ago +2

    KD's got that jealous feeling of when your EX is doing just fine without you haha

  • GIS Ayi
    GIS Ayi Month ago +1

    That's already a CHAMP team before he got in. I think he forgot that he's just a joiner :D :D :D

  • bernzy Garcia
    bernzy Garcia Month ago

    Kd will not be in knicks... but for sure he will be out of the warriors.

  • C. A. Poole
    C. A. Poole Month ago

    KD has proven that he is a spoiled brat who has no idea that there is no "I" in 'team'! So sad: best team he will EVER be on, and he lets stupid, pettiness destroy his legacy!!!

  • Nick Matthews
    Nick Matthews Month ago +5

    KD a luxury now I've heard everything... the man's a BEAST!

  • Ted Cesar Sancon
    Ted Cesar Sancon Month ago

    Imagine by John Lennon response to your film.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird Month ago +1

    Dam...kd has let all this sports media get to his head.

  • little man1981 rich man

    He is so mad because they play better and keep winning with out him
    Cavs never be in the final with out LeBron no doubt

    • Susan Wallace
      Susan Wallace Month ago

      Kd knows wat golden State is all about trust me in LeBron's case he was the main shooter / scorer...golden State have an army too many weapons...

  • little man1981 rich man

    They were champion before him
    Now they can win a champion with out him
    Curry will be final mvp
    even if kd come back curry will be first option not second option
    he can't be mad fo that

  • TrippEKlipz
    TrippEKlipz Month ago +1

    If KD stays and they keep the same roster.. The only thing that will stop My Warriors would be injuries and thats it.

  • Craka Jack
    Craka Jack Month ago

    KD trying to be a Lebron bouncing from team to team hate to say it if he can’t find someone like steph or someone that’s a face of a team he never going win another championship.... look Lebron won with D Wade went back to cavs won with kyrie, Kyrie left cavs hot sweep he jump to the lakers no face on the team never even made it to the playoffs

  • Lucy Pollard
    Lucy Pollard Month ago

    He didn't even have a ring until his time with the warriors ...he has a problem that people are saying they don't need him and I am didn't make them..they beat you when you were with wanted to be with a winning team,..the warriors will win the championship game again this year...theyg were winning before they acquired you and Steph is the center would bed Dramont...and then Clay and you it's not just it takes a team effort and bits great that they don't need you ...when you are trying to leave anyway..storyline came to the warriors got 2 Championship rings because of team effort ..the warriors are not OKC one person cant win a game it's team effort....I know you felt as if you were the only play on OKC s team...well the Warriors are actually a team and if you don't think you can fit in leave...and betcha be trying to get back with that franchise..And Steph will still be the frtontf man...Live Steph and all the reammates...great bunch of guys ...maybe if you tried you could fit in well..instead of getting in where you think you fit in..

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly Month ago

    WHO CARES???😈

  • Big Play A
    Big Play A Month ago

    Kd said divisive wow I’m impressed

  • landshark616
    landshark616 Month ago

    The Knicks are so bad even if kd comes to the Knicks it will be a disaster ..

  • Chief
    Chief Month ago +5

    Damn we winning to many championships i gotta bounce, i would rather scratch and claw for a playoff spot just to get knocked out in the first round. Seems legit

  • SkinToneSkinnyBone
    SkinToneSkinnyBone Month ago +1

    1000th comment

  • larry askew
    larry askew Month ago

    Lol bro KD never should have gone there

  • Ibnziyad Tariq
    Ibnziyad Tariq Month ago

    hhh he isnt going to new york calm down

  • Mark Anthony Vital
    Mark Anthony Vital Month ago

    KD is left to GSW

  • Bernie Earthstein
    Bernie Earthstein Month ago +1

    I'm a Dubs fan since 1967. If KD wants to try something else he should. He has earned the right
    to do that. I love KD on the Warriors. Hope he stays. But the young man has developed into a head case.

  • Imari Sirleaf
    Imari Sirleaf Month ago

    If you know doesnt matter where KD goes.. he wont be the leader of that team.. because the leader of a team is mostly tha point guard.. just like in football tha leader of the team is the quarterback.. he'll be the best player.. but not tha leader

    CYNTIA UWASE Month ago

    I would say God did that when worrios won without kd so they still need him

  • Jarmain Charleston
    Jarmain Charleston Month ago

    What do we think I think you report what's been reported sounds like you read chris Broussard notes

  • Rokit Ricky
    Rokit Ricky Month ago

    false news

  • Kyle Ornelas
    Kyle Ornelas Month ago

    It makes sense for his legacy but he won't be winning any more rings untill the warriors disband, he might want to stay for the rest of the ride but at same time fans are gonna stop watching if they continue to dominate like they are.

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  • delroy GotNick
    delroy GotNick Month ago

    If kd comes to NY Knicks I won't have to explain why their my favorite team

  • Richard Amerson
    Richard Amerson Month ago

    Kd will be a laker next season with kawai and leBron.... hope the warriors enjoy the last dance

  • Redeemed F1RE
    Redeemed F1RE Month ago

    If KD leaves the warriors he may be a fan favorite on another team that doesn't already favor their current stars. He has gotten his championships so he might as well go for being a fan favorite. Who cares about more than 2 championships anyway🤷‍♂️.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Month ago

    Stfu already dum video !!!! , and you sound like a troll 💯 , KD well never sign with the Knicks

  • Clint
    Clint Month ago

    Don't forget... KD NEVER won a ring until he started playing with Steph.
    KD: if you can't beat them... join them!!

  • Cassandra Tates
    Cassandra Tates Month ago

    KD. Stop looking and or commenting on other people's opinions. You know who you are and your worth. Stay true to who you are . None of these comments or the people making them has ever put up one point in the NBA. I don't allow myself to have even a Facebook page because it's easy to want to snap back. You're not defending yourself against anybody that matters. You don't know them and they don't know you. Good job to your mother. This is my last post because people can get ignorant just because of an opinion. Everybody has a right to their own, so therefore, don't allow it to change who you are or your worth. Peace in and out. God Bless. Wherever you are you'll be great.

  • lightlover33
    lightlover33 Month ago

    The fox guarding the henhouse.

  • soley846
    soley846 Month ago +1

    KD should go to NY & b that “Center Piece” Just Sayin!!!.. 😉

  • Blessedboichris
    Blessedboichris Month ago

    He just wanted a ring

  • AllIn1Ent Rise
    AllIn1Ent Rise Month ago

    Listen agree or disagree the warriors took K.D from the other side so they wouldn't have to face off against him. I mean look at the facts they can't stop him playing against him right or wrong?
    When k.d was with thunder they had a 3-0 lead till Westbrook f it all up. I doubt they wanted that to happen again. The two best players in the world is just getting used and f over right now, LeBron james and K.D

  • Biboy Guevarra
    Biboy Guevarra Month ago +4

    What seems to be the problem ?! Warriors is already a team before he got there !! Kd is lucky he robbed the mvp award last year !! Steph deserve it more !!

  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky Month ago +2

    The warriors were winning before kd came n to me they are actually playing better without him in the playoffs. I highly doubt kd wants to leave the warriors n I hope he doesnt but the truth is if he does leave the warriors will fine without him n plus they can sign someone like Kawhi or Anthony Davis in 2020. People want kd to leave so bad that they make shit up. In my eyes steph is the best in the league n kd is tied for 2nd with giannis.

  • Solo Davinci
    Solo Davinci Month ago

    CURRY teammmmm

  • Ermac Harden
    Ermac Harden Month ago

    Kd should go to LA with LeBron. Become Golden State rival to prove to himself Draymond and critics he is the best player in the nba. Simple