Great Stuff vs Vacuum Chamber

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    In this video we're testing out several of your comment requests- freeze drying slime, boiling slime, putting spray paint in liquid nitrogen, putting expanding foam in a vacuum, and casting gallium in ice cream.
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Comments • 3 572

  • saucyy god
    saucyy god Day ago

    Can you straighten out crumbled up aluminum foil (sheets)

  • Marvin Umbigp
    Marvin Umbigp Day ago

    Fix things with noodles

  • Jaycee Hall
    Jaycee Hall Day ago

    Put a water balloon in liquid nitrogen with water inside

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Day ago

    “No Patrick the lid” “the lid the lid the lid the lid”

  • Luis P.
    Luis P. 2 days ago

    Just love how it's randomly just ice in the design of a German flag.

  • Kendrick Brenton
    Kendrick Brenton 2 days ago +1

    Different meat in vacume chamber and cook it whole video for ya

  • giraffe912
    giraffe912 2 days ago

    Pokémon looks a bit like muk haha

  • jinks la kill
    jinks la kill 2 days ago

    Put dryice in the vac chamber

  • Gordon Masterson
    Gordon Masterson 2 days ago

    Just peel off the spray foam when it's dry

  • kennebelltestcar GT500

    What about spray paint on dry ice what happens then

  • Candy Suits
    Candy Suits 3 days ago

    What would happen if you put gallium and liquid nitrogen/oxygen in a toaster or boiling

  • Xxmhmdh05 crusher
    Xxmhmdh05 crusher 3 days ago

    Can you put a lighter in vacuum chamber

  • Logan Billiot
    Logan Billiot 3 days ago

    Did anyone else but me think of Patrick trying to open a lid and SpongeBob saying no the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid

  • Royal Jason8
    Royal Jason8 3 days ago

    Put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber.

  • Austin Brooks
    Austin Brooks 3 days ago

    And or freeze dry it

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 3 days ago

    What would happen if you steam slime or obleck?

  • Austin Brooks
    Austin Brooks 3 days ago

    Leather vs liquid nitrogen

  • Eva Qin
    Eva Qin 4 days ago

    Rip glass container

  • Ramiro Velasquez
    Ramiro Velasquez 4 days ago

    We killed it? It's trying? It looks unhappy?

  • Corrosion _
    Corrosion _ 4 days ago

    Buttholes glow

  • Kayla Madison
    Kayla Madison 5 days ago

    What would happen if you try to boil hair dye would it still dye someone’s hair 😝😝😝

  • Christina DeVries
    Christina DeVries 6 days ago

    Try boiling expanding foam and see what happens.

  • Steve
    Steve 6 days ago

    "we just bend the hoes over a lot"

  • KingPhilip fun
    KingPhilip fun 6 days ago

    Make a duck tape hammock

  • Bridget Bradley
    Bridget Bradley 8 days ago

    Fres drid , panbuter, fome ,jlowe, pokoren and

  • Richard Song
    Richard Song 9 days ago

    Can you make something that floats in the vacuum chamber

  • Talia Dublin
    Talia Dublin 9 days ago

    I love how Cali just wants to eat everything

  • Jonathan Gentry
    Jonathan Gentry 12 days ago

    Put the juice in a giant homemade gummy

  • Beverly Woods
    Beverly Woods 12 days ago


  • simone baxter
    simone baxter 12 days ago

    Anyone else waiting for them to show what happened to the bucket of spray paint

  • kingpatch95
    kingpatch95 13 days ago

    You- who’s that Pokémon? Me- dancing alien

  • ThE bEsT ChEeSe BuRgEr

    how about you put a balloon in the vacuum chamber

  • Happy Boy
    Happy Boy 14 days ago

    Try over boiling butter

  • Martin aus
    Martin aus 14 days ago

    Try to dissolve an ice hockey puck

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 14 days ago

    You should try putting insulation in vacuum. Chamber

  • steadyaero
    steadyaero 14 days ago

    The boiled slime looks like nickelodeon slime

  • TURBO 360
    TURBO 360 15 days ago +1

    what happens to paint in a freeze dryer ?

  • Darkimunus TruthHolder

    Tell him Calli! Nobody calls Squirtle a "turtle-Charmander" and stays alive after!

  • Nate Enos
    Nate Enos 16 days ago

    Show me what happens when you mix bleach and urine 😭😂

  • BotX Renegade
    BotX Renegade 16 days ago

    15:12 it's not slime, it's blocc

  • Micheal Fugett
    Micheal Fugett 16 days ago

    expanding foam in a freeze dryer

  • gamerz1live aaron christian hutton

    Blend deisel then straight fuel followed by 2 stroke fuel and others and see what happens

  • minor bread
    minor bread 17 days ago

    Just why 😂 15:24

  • fish kid
    fish kid 17 days ago

    Galium in liquid nitrogen

  • Matt B
    Matt B 18 days ago

    Liquid oxygen in a vacuum chamber

  • John Vandall
    John Vandall 18 days ago

    make a hole bath tub of slime and jump in.

  • Nasreen Jahan
    Nasreen Jahan 18 days ago

    Plz put slime in vacum chamber!!

  • Jundas
    Jundas 18 days ago +3

    Does mercury's reaction to aluminum change if it has already absorbed some gold?

  • Haley Newhook
    Haley Newhook 18 days ago +1

    Can you put gallium in slime then freeze it then vacuum chamber it? That would probably look cool!!

  • Sudipta Kumar Das
    Sudipta Kumar Das 19 days ago

    What happens when u pressurized liquid nitrogen

  • Cheez whiz Ross
    Cheez whiz Ross 19 days ago

    This dude, this...dude

    Uses the opposite

    End of the spoon to stir


  • Caitlyn Presley
    Caitlyn Presley 20 days ago +1

    What happens if you put liquid nitrogen on slime

    Like so they see please

  • Dillon Floyd
    Dillon Floyd 20 days ago

    One Question who's washing the dishes tonight?

  • Leighton TD
    Leighton TD 21 day ago

    Can you try to make a diy MRE

  • Iris Liang
    Iris Liang 22 days ago +1

    I’m eating a chocolate that someone gave me when I held a party

  • Dave VD V
    Dave VD V 23 days ago

    What happens to slime in termite

  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee 23 days ago

    Looks like a rice cake, probably tastes the same as well.

  • D G
    D G 23 days ago

    What happens if you put your hand in liquid nitrogen for an hour

  • Julius Mccollum
    Julius Mccollum 23 days ago

    Put slime in the microwave

  • Julius Mccollum
    Julius Mccollum 23 days ago

    See what happens if you put dryice or a soda can in a vacuum chamber

  • Kelvorax
    Kelvorax 23 days ago

    Shouldn’t the symbol for liquid nitrogen be N2(L), not LN2?

  • Daniel Ashby
    Daniel Ashby 24 days ago

    have they discovered glow paper?

  • Crazy Boy 2
    Crazy Boy 2 24 days ago +1

    Keep mobile in microwave

  • William Letts
    William Letts 25 days ago

    Firecrackers in a vacuum chamber

  • Madison Heck
    Madison Heck 26 days ago

    can you do stuff with expanding installation

  • BenCoc ClanMartin
    BenCoc ClanMartin 26 days ago

    You could try hydro dipping dried ice

  • Everything But Reversed

    Flubber! Is that you?!?

  • The homeschooling Channel

    What happens if you air vacuum jelly

  •  28 days ago +2

    This was in my” Cooking Topic
    Recommend videos for you”
    🤣😂🤣😂definitely cooking....yup

    • chance shadow
      chance shadow 26 days ago +2

      Well, there was ice cream at one point.

    RYAN MATHEW Month ago

    What happens when you Freeze Dry Gallium?

  • JoJo Fluff
    JoJo Fluff Month ago

    Have you guys done Freeze dried ice cream yet?

  • ostrich nation
    ostrich nation Month ago

    Can u lick mercury?

  • Hot fish in a hot tub

    Can you denigrate slime

  • Vexx Hearts
    Vexx Hearts Month ago +5

    I was gonna say it looked like flubber but I guess no one remembers him anymore 😔

  • Die Pixel Die
    Die Pixel Die Month ago

    I think they used freeze dried slime to make the eggs in Alien lol

  • Isaac Dahlvang
    Isaac Dahlvang Month ago

    Wow that material you made at the end there is actually very interesting!

  • antonis antonis
    antonis antonis Month ago


  • Leafyr Oakfyst
    Leafyr Oakfyst Month ago

    Very fun! Ty!

  • KevKev10TheCrafter
    KevKev10TheCrafter Month ago

    Put silly putty in liquid nitrogen

  • kulkarni1978
    kulkarni1978 Month ago

    can you put liquid nitrogen in a soap bubble ?

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad Month ago +5

    Make rope from strings of silicon i have said many time plzzzzzz😦😦😦

  • Leo Whittaker
    Leo Whittaker Month ago

    What happens when you blend dry expanding foam

  • Moxie322
    Moxie322 Month ago

    Yo guys, you can remove expanding foam with acetone

  • Diana Kantor
    Diana Kantor Month ago

    Nate how dare you call bulbasuar turtle chamander dishonor on you and your cow 🐉😠

    Jk I am fine but DISHONOR ON YOUR COW

  • Beebo's World
    Beebo's World Month ago

    Ew i bothers me everytime that they overactivate the slime

  • Michael Kluge
    Michael Kluge Month ago

    What would happen if you have break clean which is a cleaning chemical used by mechanics that is super sensitive to heat if you put it on super hot surfaces or boiling water and dump it into break cleaner or vice versus

  • Angela Lomax
    Angela Lomax Month ago

    What happens if you dehydrated slim ? Love you guys

  • fortnite how 2
    fortnite how 2 Month ago

    Hey king of random can you try and get a pool to freeze using dry rice

  • Becca Farmer
    Becca Farmer Month ago

    It's dry freezing not freeze dry and naan bread don't you mean popadoms

  • Loler1799
    Loler1799 Month ago

    The more i see her the more i start disliking her :/

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis Month ago

    Gasoline dissolves foam btw

  • Jay Marshman
    Jay Marshman Month ago

    I love how angry Cali got over Squirtle being called the wrong thing

  • FlamingObsidian
    FlamingObsidian Month ago +1

    the expanding foam looks like you are using a sci fi expand ray

  • Arjun m Kandhan
    Arjun m Kandhan Month ago +8

    What happens when a plant is vacuumed? Does it still grow try it out
    Like if u want it!!!

    • Vexx Hearts
      Vexx Hearts Month ago +1

      Arjun m Kandhan plants need carbon dioxide to grow so it probably wouldn’t grow but mushrooms probably will I’d like to see them try

  • nightmarefoxygh
    nightmarefoxygh Month ago

    Nate please Powderise slime (if possible) and put it in a cotton candy machine (non-toxic slime)

  • NJ Fox
    NJ Fox Month ago

    You should true putting orbeez in things that aren't water like soda or liquid nitrogen or galium or try to make edible orbeez

  • Caleb Clifton
    Caleb Clifton Month ago

    Would a bottle of compressed air get cold under a vacuum?

  • Hope Sunshine
    Hope Sunshine Month ago

    you broke the foam lmao

  • Sarakaity
    Sarakaity Month ago +1

    This would be amazingly hard(not hard if y’all do it)but can you try to use a car with blue tak as the tires???(judge me ok??!!)(blu tack)

  • Mazzy Cassidy
    Mazzy Cassidy Month ago

    Just wondering if you have put ice cream in the vacuum and/or freeze dryer? Same with Jelly