Great Stuff vs Vacuum Chamber

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    In this video we're testing out several of your comment requests- freeze drying slime, boiling slime, putting spray paint in liquid nitrogen, putting expanding foam in a vacuum, and casting gallium in ice cream.
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Comments • 3 707

  • Daniel Hanna
    Daniel Hanna Day ago

    Guys, Gallium in a liquid at room temperature. It should not be hot at all

  • d P
    d P Day ago

    Don't forget you might want freeze oobleck

  • Dgame
    Dgame Day ago

    you should try freeze drying ice cream

  • The Hatfields
    The Hatfields Day ago

    Freeze dry the comments

  • TheMangledTriangle
    TheMangledTriangle 2 days ago

    You should have sprayed the expanding foam in the liquid nitrogen to see if it prevented it from expanding

  • Noneya Frigginbezwax

    1) That girl has got to go...her smile is gorgeous and very distracting. 2) The expanding foam, that's exactly what I thought would happen - nailed that one...although I admit I had no clue what would happen with the slime on a hot plate. 3) what was that chuckle for when he mentioned 'wet leather'?

  • cutie 123
    cutie 123 3 days ago

    Can you experiment with glue and freeze dry

  • joshua irwin
    joshua irwin 4 days ago

    I would think you would risk over pressurizing the can by reducing the amount of pressure around it

  • Emojis Rule
    Emojis Rule 5 days ago

    Can you try putting a phone covered in slime in a fridge

  • Mitzi Stodghill
    Mitzi Stodghill 6 days ago


  • EC Gorbs
    EC Gorbs 7 days ago +1

    What happens when you put a Vacuum chamber in a vacuum chamber???😂

  • Mal Lilly 2004
    Mal Lilly 2004 8 days ago

    What happens when you put gallium in liquid nitrogen

  • Gluzze Dragon
    Gluzze Dragon 8 days ago

    Obleck in vacume chamber

  • april thompson
    april thompson 11 days ago

    Wet or frozen sponges in vacuum chamber?

  • Jason Leadfoot
    Jason Leadfoot 13 days ago

    At 15:28 it sounds like she says look at the inside of my butthole. Lol

  • Init Yeh
    Init Yeh 13 days ago

    You could say trying to cast pokemon is. It very affective

  • Stephanie Edwards
    Stephanie Edwards 14 days ago +1

    What happens if you put paint in a vacuum chamber

  • Terry Wertz
    Terry Wertz 15 days ago

    Weld plastic

  • BTS_ Rip
    BTS_ Rip 18 days ago

    You guys should make a marsh mellow giant gun. Please do

  • Michelle Batson
    Michelle Batson 19 days ago

    Make your own pepper spray. Or make a hot sauce icecream to go with the mustard icecream

  • Henry Hall
    Henry Hall 21 day ago

    What if you put bubble wrap in a chamber

  • Cole Hoffman
    Cole Hoffman 23 days ago +1

    Can you try and put some gallium in a vacuum chamber and see what happens?

  • Daniel Steiner
    Daniel Steiner 24 days ago +1

    Can you do a video of paint/spray paint doing other stuff with it such as the vacuum chamber and the freeze dryer or maybe a microwave or something

  • nickname _101
    nickname _101 24 days ago

    The melted slime is nickelodeon slime

  • Vivi Devoe
    Vivi Devoe 24 days ago +1

    Try to put slime in a vacuum chamber

  • Nono Nation
    Nono Nation 24 days ago +1

    You should see what happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a dryer and run it.

  • GameMixup
    GameMixup 25 days ago +2

    Don't you see how Cali looks at Nate she has a crush!!!!!

  • Bred
    Bred 25 days ago

    6:20 they made some dabs 😂😂

  • Malcolm & Sophia Bell
    Malcolm & Sophia Bell 26 days ago

    what happens when you put whipped topping in a vacuum chamber?????????????????????????

  • tabb K
    tabb K 26 days ago


  • Matthew playz
    Matthew playz 27 days ago

    Can you fill a Wubble Bubble with liquid nitrogen. Or make a bubble with liquid nitrogen. If so please do

  • Hisador Abramovitz
    Hisador Abramovitz 27 days ago

    I’m wanting to see what would happen if you take a bunch of pop it’s from the 4th of July dip them in liquid nitrogen. and then. Put it in a vaccine chamber

  • TheSwimLife2004
    TheSwimLife2004 27 days ago

    What happens of you freeze dry ice cubes?

  • Mega Maniac
    Mega Maniac 27 days ago

    Are they brother and sister

  • Slime master 08
    Slime master 08 28 days ago

    Try using Emergency fire susspresion foam in vacuum chamber

  • Leedle Reedy
    Leedle Reedy 29 days ago

    Can you put talks in liquid nitrogen

  • Xxjordan gachaxX
    Xxjordan gachaxX Month ago +1

    Can you boil liquids nitrogen

    • Brad Evans
      Brad Evans Month ago

      Xxjordan gachaxX I think thats impossible, as it goes from liquid to gas really quick as it warms ups so it probably won’t get to a boiling stage

  • Sean Simmons
    Sean Simmons Month ago

    Light dryer lint in the vacuum chamber while it's on fire

  • ultra tomato
    ultra tomato Month ago

    Cali loves sqiurtl she has 1 billion iQ

  • Craisins aren’t Raisins

    You should mess with lava lamps like put each of the “liquids” in heat,cold and vacuum chamber and whatever other weird thins you can think of ;)
    Edit: uwu thank you

  • Meia van der wal
    Meia van der wal Month ago

    You Should put slime in a Vacuum chamber

  • Chunkyninja 69
    Chunkyninja 69 Month ago


  • Lawrence P
    Lawrence P Month ago

    If you melt gummies its alot like the glue that was boiled

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan Month ago

    How can callie just chew on icecream

  • l
    l Month ago

    Canned air in vacuum chamber

  • Kartik Bhandari
    Kartik Bhandari Month ago

    How does a battery react in vaccum chamber

  • Kartik Bhandari
    Kartik Bhandari Month ago

    What happens to hot chocolate in vaccum chamber

  • CreepatopiaPlayz
    CreepatopiaPlayz Month ago

    Just make sure squirtle doesnt drown

  • h20islife MARDUK
    h20islife MARDUK Month ago

    Experiment with Hg and Al😀

  • Aidan Lovick
    Aidan Lovick Month ago +1

    “What the heck in the world” Cali 2k19

  • ItzTermx
    ItzTermx Month ago +1

    15:24 look at his inside of your what?

    • Joonas
      Joonas Month ago

      Dont mind if i do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Pnw Ghost
    Pnw Ghost Month ago

    I'm interested on how much the strength will change if sprayed inside a pressure chamber at varying pressures (10-60psi in 10psi increments) compares to sprayed at atmospheric pressures.

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller Month ago

    We can't get borax in the UK 😢

    BRYAN HOLLEY Month ago +1

    You should try to melt a
    Rubric cube


    Sponge bob the lid the lid the lid

  • อัษฏ์โชติ พูนธีรพัฒน์

    what if cola and vacume cleaner when we vacumed the cola we put mentos in the cola will it explode???????

  • ZEES
    ZEES Month ago

    Boil freeze dried slime

  • Seth Hart
    Seth Hart Month ago

    It looks like grimer xD

  • Auto-Louis678 stw
    Auto-Louis678 stw Month ago

    Put an air idol can in the vaccume chamber and then try i lighter

  • s a u u c e d • s u u b l i m i n a l s

    Please recreate some of Grant’s favourite experiments and/or do a “Grant’s best experiments/moments” compilation💗