Dreamers - Because Of You - Bronx Doo Wop Rocker

  • Published on Jan 19, 2012
  • Good one from the legendary Cousins Records of Fordham in The Bronx. This was issued on the May label shortly after the Cousins release. Cousins copies are quite rare
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  • Al Grellet
    Al Grellet Month ago

    Think I had this on MAY white label, great, great, great

  • Al Grellet
    Al Grellet 2 months ago


  • Frankie C
    Frankie C 2 months ago

    Bass on this record was former late Philly DJ Don Cannon(Canzano was his real name). He grew up in the Bronx and moved to Philly in 1969 where he was on WIBG several years before WOGL.

  • A Happy Lil' Fella
    A Happy Lil' Fella 2 months ago


  • Patricia Kehaya
    Patricia Kehaya 3 months ago


  • robert wesex
    robert wesex 4 months ago

    It's good see!

  • john brunton
    john brunton 4 months ago

    COOL or what

  • Ralph Troso
    Ralph Troso 5 months ago +1

    Possibly one of the greatest doo wops of all time IMO.

  • William Hepfer
    William Hepfer 8 months ago

    Wonder what Tony Bennett would think of this version.

  • bluenote824 jones
    bluenote824 jones 8 months ago

    Still great

  • freddie fred
    freddie fred 11 months ago +6

    Fine example of intense uptempo doo wop. Anyone who downvotes this side has a hole in their soul

  • countrypaul
    countrypaul Year ago +2

    Lots of earlier middle road songs didn't translate well to doo-wop, but these guys found the groove. There was some serious talent here...

  • David Goldstein
    David Goldstein Year ago +1

    the encounters did an amazing Acapella version!!!

  • MrMusicguyma
    MrMusicguyma Year ago +1

    Twisted my head around to hear this sophistcated song done doo wop. Fun though, good job by the Dreamers.

  • Manny Correira
    Manny Correira Year ago +3

    This song really rocks! Love The Dreamers!

  • David Goldstein
    David Goldstein Year ago +2

    maybe the greatest white up tempo record ever.the encounters did amazing Acapella version of this also.

  • Cookie Ceo
    Cookie Ceo Year ago +3

    Castle Hill Ave The Bronx. Great place to grow up. I am 77 and now live in FL, but the Bronx will always be home to me. Went to Aquinas High school 182 and Belmont. Dion lived across the street. Saw him at the church dances. Great times and wonderful memories.

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet Year ago

    J'a d'or 💜👌

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet Year ago

    J'a d'or 💜👌

  • nicky0016dd
    nicky0016dd Year ago +3

    Excellent uptempo!!

  • jim mig
    jim mig Year ago +8

    falsetto by frank cammarata were just were just awesome on this cut...

  • ab cd
    ab cd 2 years ago +3

    I hung out on Fordham road.the 3 booths to hear the 45s at cousins.what a great time that was.

  • Mike Prisament
    Mike Prisament 2 years ago +6

    I lived by the Veterans Hospital on Kingsbridge Road. Used to make trips to Cousins all the time. Not unusual to walk into the store and see a group singing in the back of the store. It was so freakin cool. Did a lot of shopping on Fordham Road. Even joined the USN from the Recruiting station on Fordham Road. I sang with a group out of the Marble Hill Projects 225th Street and Broadway. Joe Spano was lead vocalist. Until recently he was lead vocalist with The Devotions.

    • Raanan Geberer
      Raanan Geberer 9 months ago

      I lived in the Marble Hill Project, 125 W 228th St.

  • louis verri
    louis verri 2 years ago +1

    Oh the b/side is great too!!!!

  • louis verri
    louis verri 2 years ago +1

    Me too Lou was the owner I have both records

  • john rynbeek
    john rynbeek 2 years ago

    had the original, just got the repro in the mail today!!

  • Bob Resner
    Bob Resner 2 years ago +3

    WOW what a great song.Rock On

  • Robbie Frantz
    Robbie Frantz 2 years ago +2


  • Edward Harder
    Edward Harder 3 years ago +6

    Nice harmony ! There was a time there were groups on every corner . 238 th. and White Plains Rd. is where I sang with a few groups before I became an original member of The Earls . I remember Cousin's and that the Regents recorded there . Later on Tony Grivana ( not sure of spelling ) who play sax on Barbra Ann played with us for awhile . We did a show at City Island Playhouse with Dion and the Belmonts in the early days .

    • ab cd
      ab cd Year ago

      very nice story.I loved those times.

    • soupdee
      soupdee 3 years ago

      +Edward Harder you were an original member of the Earls? whoa wish i could someday meet you i do have one bad memory though about The Earls, when Remember Then came out must have been in september cause i remember getting up for the first day of the school year and hearing on the radio for the first time, then i had to get the school bus . Remember too, years ago i asked Larry about the original members if he knew what they were doing or how they were and told me they went into the mafia , he was joking right?????

  • beefoneeto
    beefoneeto 4 years ago

    The Eternals were doing this for awhile.

  • Nickygino 1964
    Nickygino 1964 4 years ago +10

    As far as Bronx-Do-wopp goes it just dont get any better than this from the Bronx's own "DREAMERS"! What a wonderful sound of days gone by. A CLASSIC " Do-wopp" record. God, I love this song! Kind of sad that times change.I agree with Eddie Black , memories of a Bronx no longer in existence. My family was from the Fordham section of the Bronx and other sections of the Bronx in the 50's & 60's. Mom always said you couldnt beat the shopping on fordham rd. in those days ("Uptown its Alexanders")not to mention all the great "Do-wopp" singing groups & Bobby Darin that all called the Bronx their home. Still make it to Arthur Ave. every now and then (best italian bread & pastries in the U.S.A! ) Great song by " The Dreamers" on the Cousins record label. Thank you for the memories!...............

  • Al Heitzer
    Al Heitzer 4 years ago +4

    I remember this fabulous cut from Murray the K's 'Record of the Week' segment from his WINS-AM radio show. How can you not like the falsetto, etc. who were Frank Cammarata, lead/falsetto voice, Frank Digilio & Bob Malara, tenors, Dario Bianchini, baritone, and Johnny Trancynger, baritone-bass, in 1962. They even made an appearance on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour in May 1960!

    • Howard Schwartz
      Howard Schwartz 10 months ago +1

      Falsetto blows the roof off.
      Harmony was magnificent.
      A perfect example of great, white, uptempo, great harmony of a classic.
      One of my favorite records of all time.

    • soupdee
      soupdee 3 years ago

      +Al Heitzer hey thank you so much for this info on who was whoi in the group was wondering who did that great bass on "Because Of You" and yes i too remember Murray the K's record of the week

  • Eddie Black
    Eddie Black 4 years ago +20

    We hung out at Cousins as did many area groups , Lou the owner had a small studio downstairs where the original Barbra Anne was recorded, he was always trying to get us down there , but we were signed very loosely to an acappella label so we never took him up on it, (what were we freaking crazy)?? lol, ah stupid youth,He was very proud of this song and it played in his store all the time,with photos of record groups all over all the walls!, Great memories of a Bronx no longer in existence.I was reminiscing about it with Carlo of The Belmonts not to long ago, he is down in Florida now and remembers those times wistfully as we all do!

    • Eddie Black
      Eddie Black 3 years ago

      The Five Sharks, people have uploaded a lot of crappy outakes to youtube but if you type in The Five Sharks,Stand By Me, or Flames 66, a song we wrote or People Get Ready that we sang live on WFUV Forham Universality Radio their not half bad

    • soupdee
      soupdee 3 years ago +1

      +Eddie Black wow thanks for sharing love to hear stories about how these groups started or ANY information is good to know, i bought this record when it first came out and still have it and also on my ipod and was just playing there before looking this up. thanks for the memories, what group were you in you said acappells group?

    • Alan Winter
      Alan Winter 4 years ago +1

      Got it. Tks.

    • Eddie Black
      Eddie Black 4 years ago +1

      He never mentioned The current group, just the old days and the old Bronx that is no more

    • Alan Winter
      Alan Winter 4 years ago

      What's Carlo's take on the current Belmont's? (Though I can just imagine) And the next time you speak with him, you can tell him that you occasionally communicate with someone who lived across the street from him On Mapes though. He wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall.

  • Sal Sofia
    Sal Sofia 6 years ago

    Omg PJ I will email you that's the area I grew up near!

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  6 years ago

    I'm down in the Bronx Park area all the time. That's where The Excellents are from. At least one of them lived on Bronx Park East

  • Al Cappella
    Al Cappella 6 years ago

    Funny, PJ I lived on the opposite side of the Zoo, Bronx Park area!

  • angelo suppa
    angelo suppa 6 years ago +3

    This is what the white doowop sound is at it's best! Classic!

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  6 years ago

    That's very interesting. It amazes me how records that didn't sell well in most of the country became regional hits.

  • Jim Southern
    Jim Southern 6 years ago +1

    It made the Top 40 chart on KTEO, San Angelo, TX when it was out because I played it at least twice a shift. This is so classic a doo wop recording, it gives me the chills to hear it.

  • Freddie Barrett
    Freddie Barrett 6 years ago +3

    Holy gracious,what a great doowop song.Blows us away.

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  6 years ago

    Wow! Awesome story. Not sure if I posted "An Angel Up In Heaven" by The Del Vikings yet.. I'll have to check. From our chats in the 90's I remember you like that one a lot

  • Eddie Brian
    Eddie Brian 6 years ago +1

    Great story.....The Dreamers were guests on the Don K. Reed show.I was a collector-programmer that night.The group shows up and tells Don they can't sing because their baritone was out sick.Don looks at me....2 minutes later I was in the hall rehearsing with them......you got it!

  • john rynbeek
    john rynbeek 6 years ago

    one of my favorites--heard it at Arcade record store in 62 thanx, John

  • howard schwartz
    howard schwartz 7 years ago +5

    Amazing cover of a great classic. Great lead with a great falsetto with amazing harmony in the back

  • Teresa Carella
    Teresa Carella 7 years ago +2


  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown 7 years ago

    Wow!!!!!! Fantastic so bloody cool cheers gazza uk

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  7 years ago

    @CrisVangel1958 - If I'm not mistaken this group is from right up the street from you. The members lived between E Fordham and E Tremont right on the other side of the zoo

  • CrisVangel1958
    CrisVangel1958 7 years ago +3

    Bronx groups do it better! lol

  • RaymondTVinyl
    RaymondTVinyl 7 years ago +1

    Very Fun!

  • CB Fall
    CB Fall 7 years ago +2

    Yes!! Totally fantastic song!!!