DUNKIN' DONUTS !!! | 6 FLAVORS | Chanou's Munchies

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • In this video I try out six different Dunkin Donuts flavors, I have to say I am not super impressed :(
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Comments • 236

  • llamacorn idk
    llamacorn idk Month ago

    a donut doesn't have to be special for you to want it

  • Lydia Bona
    Lydia Bona Month ago

    It will be deliciuos

  • Arie'onsty Ray
    Arie'onsty Ray Month ago +1

    Own one of ur videos u said u not mc Donald's person but own most of ur mukbangs is mc Donald's so I'm like confused

  • Chloe Moore
    Chloe Moore Month ago

    Let Them Eat Dounuts

  • CJ so cool 2
    CJ so cool 2 2 months ago

    dunkkin donuts is good so you need get out of here

  • Isla Campbell
    Isla Campbell 4 months ago

    I'm still trying to figure out if she has a accent cuz either she has one or she is trying to have one

  • juliet 1000
    juliet 1000 4 months ago +1

    YUM I WOULD EAT THOOSE DONUTS FOR BREAKFAST:)) but alot of candy and donuts and chocolate will make sooooooooo crazy

  • Julie
    Julie 5 months ago

    imean what do you expect from a caramel donut

  • Spaanico vos
    Spaanico vos 6 months ago

    stroop waffel lekker nl plizz maak een vid in nl

  • Samuel
    Samuel 6 months ago

    I’d eat your donut

  • Liv
    Liv 7 months ago +5

    2:28 - 2:36 “that is really good...do I like this donut? no.” LMAOOOO

  • girl_97
    girl_97 7 months ago

    Your complaining so much damn girl !

  • llamacorn idk
    llamacorn idk 8 months ago

    Also I don't think a donut has to be special in order for you to want it again. It's like saying oh there's nothing special about a glazed donut so why should I get it again.

  • llamacorn idk
    llamacorn idk 8 months ago

    She is just complaining about really good donuts. This is gonna be really rough but I'm glad I'm not subscribed to her and I bet it she got a donut from the trash and ate it she would think it's better. Also I hate picky eaters.

  • UltimateFireCracker
    UltimateFireCracker 8 months ago

    The filling in dunkins is too much for me

  • Manga Peleti-Tavete
    Manga Peleti-Tavete 9 months ago +4

    This girl needs to be thankful for the food she has there other kids starving out ther

  • Manga Peleti-Tavete
    Manga Peleti-Tavete 9 months ago +13

    This is not a video of you eating dunkin donuts its a videos of you complaning about dunkin donuts

  • juel price
    juel price 10 months ago

    I love you have a girlfriend

  • Jackie
    Jackie 11 months ago

    Your so picky and that is a waste

  • llamacorn idk
    llamacorn idk Year ago

    she's so very much picky, I hate the fact shes picky on donuts?

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  • Loli sami
    Loli sami Year ago

    Stop complaining

  • Shikhar Bal
    Shikhar Bal Year ago


  • Curbside PerfectBites

    That oreo cookie donut looks delish!! I do the majority of my filming in the car.

  • Mika Mitena
    Mika Mitena Year ago

    That Strawberry coolatta is not supposed to look like that??!?

  • Yasmine Kiss, Bergen

    Omg why do you get so much hate ( ik ben zelf nederlands) but i really get mad of people saying “such a waste” while trisha paytas is eating a whole meal for 5 people and no one is saying something about that, she probably gave the other donuts to her familie or friends but let this girl be and enjoying her food xx i love you keep going

  • Yasmine Kiss, Bergen

    2:46 the only one i tried and my fave

  • Ackayla Forbes
    Ackayla Forbes Year ago

    Less talking and more eating you chat too much

  • Miranda Glover
    Miranda Glover Year ago

    She said she wasn’t a fan but she kept eating it

  • Luana Soares
    Luana Soares Year ago

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Angelina Kronk
    Angelina Kronk Year ago

    U look like tana mongue

  • Definition.CW.
    Definition.CW. Year ago

    You are just complaining but what if I complain about you? your nose is big asl and them eyebrows ✋🏽👎🏽 Donut has feelings too.

  • Francesca Coppola
    Francesca Coppola Year ago +1

    Guys stop hating she is not buying them just to use her money she is just trying them and try to make good videos!

  • Rachel love
    Rachel love Year ago

    this girl sounds like she's such a picky eater

  • Pilo P
    Pilo P Year ago

    You are so fine, i love your vids and personality, but i hate mukbangs. So fucking nasty. Somehow im still watching because of you lol

  • Salil Sawarim
    Salil Sawarim Year ago

    can u suck tennis ball through garden hose?

  • Daniel Hoenig
    Daniel Hoenig Year ago

    They aren’t even close to he same I work at a dunkin Dounts in the United States and our donuts don’t taste artificiality flavored and that coolata is very very watered down it wasn’t made fresh or was left out in the sun

  • Rio Special
    Rio Special Year ago

    Why you eat in a car?

  • The Bomb Bombeto
    The Bomb Bombeto Year ago

    Watery cause it was probably sitting there for an hour

  • Loli sami
    Loli sami Year ago

    I hate the way u eat

  • varvara G.
    varvara G. Year ago

    Did she like anything?

  • Geri
    Geri Year ago

    noo don't throw them away give them to me xD

  • ead Josh
    ead Josh Year ago

    Nasty doughnuts,nasty drinks.....throw that shit in the trash

  • Maya Barbarush
    Maya Barbarush Year ago


  • Chrystel Manilag
    Chrystel Manilag Year ago


  • Noav K
    Noav K Year ago

    Omg are you dutch 😍! Me 2

  • Emily C
    Emily C Year ago

    You keep saying the foods are artificially flavored but it’s donuts of course it is. Nothing nothing healthy about them.

  • Sara M
    Sara M Year ago

    She’s annoying

  • AmAr JaWaan
    AmAr JaWaan Year ago

    I know how to eat donuts and how they taste stupid girl...

  • Loving Mara
    Loving Mara Year ago

    It’s not the same because we don’t have not one of them donuts besides the glaze in South Carolina and our strawberry coollata is really red not light pink our cotton candy coollata is pink

  • Iarz Lizer
    Iarz Lizer Year ago

    why you fast foward everytime you're chewing? not trying to be mean.. but we're here to watch you eat and not talk. So this videobecame pointless. I suggest you stop editing your mukbang videos.. 👌

  • Lisa Rye
    Lisa Rye Year ago +3

    Stop tolking and eat 😔😔😔😔😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 Year ago

    It’s funny when iDubbz made fun of this stupid food reviews

  • Amanda Dann
    Amanda Dann Year ago

    I wish we had those in America.. all we have are the basic donuts nothing fun like that except on like holidays or something, stop complaining 😂

  • Maryury Jaramillo

    You are Gourgeous😱😱

  • autumnskylarsings

    I thought you were Tana Mongeau at first

    V3NOM GAMEZ Year ago

    She is so cute ❤️😀

  • Deanna G
    Deanna G Year ago

    Yea, im not a fan of dunkin donuts, I like when they come out with brownie batter donuts.

  • Emma
    Emma Year ago

    you are so incredibly busy! do it quietly, you talk too fast

  • Mickey
    Mickey Year ago +12

    My professor who created Dunkin Donuts Logo told me about how she ended up choosing colors of logo.
    she said that she was in panic because deadline was reaching but she was still struggling about choosing
    colors. One day, she saw her daughter killing time with her toys in living room and yelled at her " what color do you
    like the most ? give me just two " and her daughter replied " Orange and Pink !! "