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  • Mike and Rich Evans sit down to talk about a new Star War. It's The Mandalorian aka The Boba Fett show!

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  • affalaffaa
    affalaffaa 16 hours ago

    Simple but good story telling, good writers and a creator keeping it on track. A great recipe. Blockbusters only lose their way chasing bigger and better everything. Only ever going to end up as a clusterfuck that way. The Mandalorian was great, can't wait for the next season.

  • Smug Canadian
    Smug Canadian Day ago

    ahsoka tano will be the one to tell them what baby yoda is in season 2 since she's the only one who's there who knew him.

    • Smug Canadian
      Smug Canadian Day ago

      also I have a feeling with the baby yoda character he doesn't have a species hes just a force being who reincarnates after death and comes back as male/female all over again like a Phoenix and the empire wanted him to find the key to his ability to reincarnate for Palpatine, maybe its a kind of good way to come back to life different from the sith way that Palpatines master knew.

  • pwnzer33
    pwnzer33 Day ago

    still so much unfair criticism for rogue one.

  • Shanks D. Chocobo

    I though it was pretty good... I have spoken.

  • Matt L
    Matt L Day ago

    I don’t know who else from RLM likes the Eastwood Spagetti Westerns... but I would love Rich and Jay (or anyone else) to do a Re:View on the Dollars Trilogy

  • •Φ•
    •Φ• 2 days ago

    Why do these Producers HATE Star Wars so much?

  • Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

    Mike: "At first you don't think you can get into this because it's a little slow."
    Me: "Yeah... I thought the same thing about Rich as well, but he grows on you."

  • Jeremiah Felder
    Jeremiah Felder 2 days ago +1

    They want to harvest is his medicalorians.

  • Jeremiah Felder
    Jeremiah Felder 2 days ago +1

    Solo was about a fuel run. But what it was really about was to give Creedence or ;Credit Two the fact that fuel was the main concern in Star Wars the last Jedi. Older fans would say about the last Jedi they’ve never worried about fuel before. So they made solo the next movie set in the past between episodes three and four. “look this movie is about fuel and here it’s from the past” it’s a retcon to make fuel a legitimate concern in the last Jedi.

  • Mr. click Bait
    Mr. click Bait 2 days ago +2

    For the carbon freezing part you guys have to remember that the mandalorian takes place a few years after the “The Return of the Jedi” so carbon freezing technology might have improved by the time of the mandalorian.

  • Stu Goetting
    Stu Goetting 3 days ago +1

    too funny

  • Neal X Gaming
    Neal X Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Little known fact but Lucas explicitly sought to cast Toshiro Mifune as Obi-Wan Kenobi but Mifune turned the role down.

  • Lovefist
    Lovefist 3 days ago +1

    Shove Baby Yoda up my ass

    • NeuronalAxon
      NeuronalAxon 2 days ago +1

      Check out Bad Dragon's range of fine products. 👍

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison 3 days ago +2

    Baby yoda was 50 in the mandalorian, so he was born like 20-30 years before the clonewars.

  • Dash277
    Dash277 4 days ago +1

    I liked the Carbonite. This is after Empire, word would have spread among bounty hunters that it worked. Much more efficient than handcuffs.

  • terry bogard
    terry bogard 4 days ago +2

    Mandalorian is the best tribute of the clasic manga "Lone wolf and club"

  • Ivore Surkuri
    Ivore Surkuri 4 days ago +1

    I wish the Mandalorian was just a story about a bounty hunter.

  • Tom Macari
    Tom Macari 5 days ago +1

    Well the cantina bartender, Ted Burnett, died in 2001 at 75 years old

  • Hal Emmerich
    Hal Emmerich 5 days ago +1

    boba and jango were mandalorians until the eu was wiped

  • ErwalDeeas
    ErwalDeeas 6 days ago +1

    I was getting worried that you wouldn’t mention Filoni but then you did. BAM! Thank you.

  • VirtuaSavage
    VirtuaSavage 7 days ago +1

    Just binge watched it finally without knowing any spoilers. Best Star Wars thing I've seen in a long time. It's surprising how good something is when it''s made with vision and knowing what it wants to be.

  • Gaius Caligula
    Gaius Caligula 7 days ago +1

    10:00 It's based off a Greek Corinthian helmet from Antiquity not some crumb-bum hockey team you hack. Hoplites are not knights.

  • lochmoigh1
    lochmoigh1 7 days ago +1

    a Richard Gere situation, wow.

  • Punch bott44
    Punch bott44 8 days ago +2

    The reason why IG-11 would be used is because its specifically a assassin battledroid that are known(semi-common?) bounty hunters

  • Christopher Peninger
    Christopher Peninger 8 days ago +2

    Rogue one was a War Movie like the Dirty Dozen. You don't give them character arcs. You kill them. The Vader scene?

  • Danko Grgić
    Danko Grgić 8 days ago +1

    I don't get the Richard Gere joke. Could anyone enlighten me?

    • NeuronalAxon
      NeuronalAxon 2 days ago

      For the (hopefully) apocryphal story that he turned up at an ER with a gerbil up his ass.

  • Skullshards
    Skullshards 9 days ago +1

    37:30 They're gonna bring him back and Mando is gonna beat his fuckin' ass like he's nothin'!!!!

  • M Martin
    M Martin 9 days ago +1

    Mando was not enamored of the baby because they're both orphans, nor because baby Yoda is cute. He was told to bring the target back alive, and if the target died, he'd be paid significantly less than the full container of Beskar.

  • Riley Watkins
    Riley Watkins 9 days ago +2

    “We’re going the wrong way” - The Mandolorian, 2019

  • The Zigzagman
    The Zigzagman 10 days ago +2

    Mandalorians are a race and a group of warriors that outsiders can join.
    It gets kind of confusing because they call fucking everything that. They're Mandalorians from the planet Mandalore in the Mandalorian system. Their ruler is called the Mand'alor after the historical figure Mand'alor the great. They speak Mando'a and write in Mandalorian.

  • Shannon Mitchell
    Shannon Mitchell 10 days ago

    these guys are some nit picking bastards. they are upset about a grate? and rogue one was awesome!

  • C H
    C H 10 days ago

    Mike is my favorite, he always has the funniest endings on re:View.

  • SMATF5
    SMATF5 10 days ago +3

    One of my least favorite things about Star Wars is how every character has to be blood related to each other; every new character that's introduced has to be Luke Skywalker's 2nd cousin's niece - who cares? European royal families have less incest than the Star Wars universe.
    So the fact that The Mandalorian doesn't follow that same hackneyed template is refreshing.

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden 10 days ago +2

    Fantasy, not science-fiction. Why do people still not get that? Star Wars was never sci-fi. It was always fantasy. Less like Star Trek and more like 'The Lord of the Rings'.
    22:59 I made exactly the same connection with that scene! XD
    27:49 Zabrak. Remember, there was a Zabrak on the Jedi Council.

  • Dave Rossow
    Dave Rossow 10 days ago

    Great re:View as always. Great Channel. Long time listener, first time caller. About the carbon freezing; maybe beCAUSE of the impromptu freezing in Empire, bounty hunters said to themselves "Oh shit, that's actually a good idea! I could haul like...8 people at a time!?"

  • Jason Fong
    Jason Fong 11 days ago

    When should we be expecting a Plinkett review for The Rise of Skywalker???

  • Cliff Campbell
    Cliff Campbell 11 days ago +1

    God damn, this is a disjointed mess of a show. Sure would be great if you two fuck-nuts could string together a couple of relevant thoughts.

  • Epsilon Karamazov
    Epsilon Karamazov 11 days ago +1

    21:30 "Oh, my god, they killed him! It was great"
    Rich Evans's bloodlust cannot be sated!

  • RedwoodTheElf
    RedwoodTheElf 11 days ago +1

    Actually, Carbon Freezing is a thing. The reason there was a question of survival in Empire was, as Vader said, that the facility was "Crude"
    You guys need to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. There is a lot of stuff in there you should know if you're going to comment on things like this.
    The Jedi weren't necessarily celibate, they just didn't believe in "getting attached"

  • goodbryan
    goodbryan 12 days ago

    Could you guys as cinefiles please watch the movie 'Once were warriors' so you can fiannly remember the name Temuera Morrison. Instead of saying 'that guy who played Jango Fett'.

  • Shawn Zamir FFXV
    Shawn Zamir FFXV 12 days ago

    The fact that they know the names of so many worthless Starwars characters is cringey as fuck.

  • lance lindqvist
    lance lindqvist 12 days ago

    Very cool

  • daSweep
    daSweep 12 days ago

    I don't agree about the carbon freezing. Boba Fett was one of the most notorius and infamous bounty hunters in the galaxy. After he got Han Solo and he was put on the wall of Jabba the Hut I'm sure a LOT of other bounty hunters heard about the advantages of carbon freezing and probably implemented it in their own work. Inventing a new freezing thing would just add more unnecessary stuff. The carbon freezing works in-universe and I buy it.

  • JamesMichaelDoyle
    JamesMichaelDoyle 13 days ago

    I loved the show, and this review was great to watch, I missed a lot of things that you guys caught because I enjoyed the original movies, but was never fanatical about them.
    I loved who they cast for the shock trooper partner. now only is she gorgeous, but shes a real fighter. it helped a lot, her fight and action scenes in general didn't feel clunky.

  • Wzrd
    Wzrd 13 days ago

    But Deathwatch removed their helmets.

  • Jak Torlin
    Jak Torlin 13 days ago

    What if they cloned baby yoda and then baby yoda and evil baby yoda have to fight with lazer swords?

  • Trik Stari
    Trik Stari 14 days ago

    Star Wars is only boring if you haven't played KOTOR 2.

    If you have, then what Disney has done is an absolute travesty.

  • Xeroh1
    Xeroh1 14 days ago +1

    A series called "The Rise of the First Order" sounds like a cool show idea.

  • reese packer
    reese packer 15 days ago

    Would love to see you guys do re visit video on the BSG reboot series ...personally LOVE that show..actually more the second the second time around when i watched all four seasons together....a much better experience (imo) then it was a weekly show

  • Darth Stigater
    Darth Stigater 15 days ago

    In Star Wars The Old Republic video game they have Zabraks, Darth Maul's race. They look like the guy in Mandalorian naturally, but if they turn to the dark side they tattoo their faces.

  • trautsj
    trautsj 15 days ago

    It's super hard for me to take a review seriously when someone says "Solo was well done."

  • Magenta 29
    Magenta 29 15 days ago +1

    “Two elderly men who hate Star Wars.” Oh, how I love these two.

  • SmedZeppelin
    SmedZeppelin 16 days ago

    not being funny but i want gina carano to choke me out tbh

  • isaned
    isaned 16 days ago +3

    I'm so glad the Mandalorian doesn't take his helmet off every 5 seconds. That infuriates me about Marvel movies is that they have these bad ass helmets that they should be wearing to PROTECT THEIR HEADS, and they always take them off/retract them every 2 seconds to talk. I like thos a hell of a lot better where the Mandalorian wears it all the time except to eat or sleep.

    • SoraMotto
      SoraMotto 8 days ago

      Well, at the end of the day, they're actors. Actors get hired on their onscreen performance but also how they look. Can they emote etc. Taking on a role where your face isn't visible gets you none of that. I mean people might look it up and find out who that actor is but more often than not, people don't know. I mean, I didn't know until I had to look it up that I've seen this guy on Game of Thrones.

  • corey
    corey 17 days ago

    Please go away

  • aarondesch
    aarondesch 17 days ago

    I think that in the over five years between The Mandalorian and when Han was frozen in carbonite by one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy other bounty hunters would have heard about it and tried it and made improvements to the processes to improve survivability and as a result it probably has become a popular method of prisoner transport.

  • Dave54600
    Dave54600 18 days ago +1

    What you didn't see in ROTJ was that getting choked out by Leia was consensual on Jabba's part. He's alive and well.

  • Brendan Burch
    Brendan Burch 18 days ago

    10:35 it’s called a “Barbute,” you hacks!
    Jk 😘

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 19 days ago +1

    yoda and yaddle the female in episode 1 had a child ,,, baby yoda. i named it yittle also jedi were allowed to mate and or marry if the species was rare anof... another thing is thats not Darth mauls species in the episode it was a Iridonian ... a sub species ..

  • Phil Lewis
    Phil Lewis 19 days ago

    Maybe the success of the Mandalorian will inspire someone to dust off the Firefly universe and give us another series.

  • Joshua Maltby
    Joshua Maltby 19 days ago

    This episode is hilarious. You guys are some of my favorite people on the earth. You’re all so creative and have amazing comedic timing and personalities.

  • Joshua Maltby
    Joshua Maltby 19 days ago

    9:42 uhhh ok that’s gross...🤣

  • Joshua Maltby
    Joshua Maltby 19 days ago

    Stop shitting on jj abrams name mike! He’s very talented! Love you guys!

  • Sam Elowitch
    Sam Elowitch 20 days ago

    Will we ever get a Mr. Plinkett review of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker?

  • Isaiah Amos
    Isaiah Amos 20 days ago

    The JJ Abrams Star Wars is your fucking fault you suggested that he work on the Star Wars franchise therefore you guys will have to look behind your back for the rest your life

  • Isaiah Amos
    Isaiah Amos 20 days ago


  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 21 day ago

    I thought the mandalorian helmets were based on greek/spartan style helmets but without the horse hair pomf on the top?

  • Isaac Plascencia
    Isaac Plascencia 21 day ago

    41:58 the way Rich says Yoda makes him sound like Rian Johnson

  • Admin of the Gematrix Database

    It's so weird that as dorky as these guys are they don't even know the names of Star Wars races. Who doesn't know Devaronians and Zabraks? I guess they just watch movies and don't game.

  • Silk Thai
    Silk Thai 22 days ago

    the mandalorian is crap except for the settings and the cgi.

    • Silk Thai
      Silk Thai 14 days ago

      @Taylor Johansen
      1.) No character development
      2.) No plot development or stupid plot (e.g.: episode 5)
      3.) Bad dialogues (e.g.: episode 5)
      4.) Filler-Episodes as bad as Shows from the 80ies (e.g.: episode 4)
      5.) Uncreative / boring fights (e.g.: episode 1)
      6.) Clumsy attempts at humor
      The episodes I give as example are not necessarily the worst and also not the only possible examples but they came to mind right away. Thank you for asking kindly!

    • Taylor Johansen
      Taylor Johansen 18 days ago +2

      What makes you say that? Out of curiosity

  • AddeDaMan
    AddeDaMan 22 days ago

    Where’s Jay?

  • Kevin Geaslin
    Kevin Geaslin 23 days ago

    Corey Feldman lol

  • John Benjamin Tatum
    John Benjamin Tatum 23 days ago

    This is Carbonite at least 20 years later. Things may have changed. Plus some bounties are "Dead or Alive".

  • Ted Kelly
    Ted Kelly 23 days ago

    Baby Yoda was Palpatine all along.

  • Shawn Boudreau
    Shawn Boudreau 24 days ago +1

    I'm surprised Rich thought the prison break episode was "Fantastic", it was the weakest of the series and the characters were just awful.

  • Jedi Mandalore
    Jedi Mandalore 24 days ago

    Surprised they didn’t talk about the Darksaber

  • Alaina Rockwall
    Alaina Rockwall 24 days ago

    JJ Abrams should not be allowed near any movie ever again, probably never should have been to begin with.

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley 24 days ago

    Better than Star Trek Picard.

  • Tristan Holley
    Tristan Holley 24 days ago

    I HATE the kiwi redubs of the original trilogy. To quote Epic Rap Battles of History (Deadpool vs Boba Fett) Deadpool: "You let a kiwi hold your gun and he fucked up your canon."