Casey Neistat Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Complex
    Complex  10 months ago +188

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  • blpwl
    blpwl 2 hours ago

    caveman buys sneakers

  • dshew d
    dshew d Day ago

    Casey belongs behind a camera or nowhere near one to be certain. Hes Caca

  • Sadin Drapic
    Sadin Drapic Day ago

    He legit gave more money on 3 pairs of shoes, than i will give for my 1st car o.o

  • Issachar Israel
    Issachar Israel 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ is King. Casey your cool bro.

  • Ricky Santiago
    Ricky Santiago 6 days ago

    GUYS GO ON STOCKX U can get a pair of nike air mags for as low as 300 HOLY SHIT

  • Galowmere
    Galowmere 7 days ago


  • Robles Collects
    Robles Collects 9 days ago

    What a waste of an episode on this douche

  • YoTube Dank
    YoTube Dank 14 days ago


  • Random Kid
    Random Kid 15 days ago

    Can we have pewdiepie

  • Kids Flip
    Kids Flip 15 days ago

    Stadium goods prices is like
    Yeezy aahhh 220 $
    Nmd Cheap but lets put it on like 550 $

  • Hayden 2018
    Hayden 2018 16 days ago

    pewdiepie next? Or even elon

  • divjot singh
    divjot singh 19 days ago

    Shitty Dude dint even take a look at Jays

  • Joshe
    Joshe 20 days ago

    The cave man is out of his cave!

  • Default skin
    Default skin 20 days ago

    *_Footage of first cave man discovering shoes_*

  • Jonathan Jaksjø
    Jonathan Jaksjø 21 day ago

    What the!! The Adidas yeezy powerphase for 325$?I bought them for 100$, brand new!

  • NTHN
    NTHN 21 day ago

    Casey Neistat haircut is never and will never be ok.

  • kancerogeno pečenje
    kancerogeno pečenje 22 days ago

    I hate him so much

  • Omar Palacio
    Omar Palacio 23 days ago

    Smells like broke ass bitch ass nigga that are jealous

  • Smashgaming99
    Smashgaming99 23 days ago

    Casey looks like the backpack kid

  • ツIcon
    ツIcon 24 days ago

    Why does he look like a potato chip

  • Itz Cereal
    Itz Cereal 24 days ago +1

    Finnally found a person who has a sneaker taste like me :)
    Would’ve definitely copped all the shoes he got

  • Uriel Sarmiento
    Uriel Sarmiento 24 days ago

    Honestly I think that the 700s are my favorite sneaker of the yeezy line

  • YvngChosen
    YvngChosen 25 days ago

    Its Joe interviewing Casey or is Casey interviewing Joe?

  • Burton Styles
    Burton Styles 29 days ago +2

    Casey: I have 10 perfectly functional fingers to tie my shoes
    *shoes aren’t even tied up*

  • Ozan Dinler
    Ozan Dinler 29 days ago

    Lamborghini giving you my hat

  • Zacarinho
    Zacarinho Month ago

    Wow never knew backpack kids dad was such a sneekerhead

  • Astérims
    Astérims Month ago

    funny that you can tell he is one ass faced mf even if he has glasses on

  • Blue hildebran
    Blue hildebran Month ago

    3:28 roast?

  • Benjamin Lim
    Benjamin Lim Month ago

    Do they actually buy it or does Complex pay for it and just get them to put on a show at the last bit?

  • hiems
    hiems Month ago

    Damn he got the Amex Centurion i think?!

  • youthdom
    youthdom Month ago

    Normally the guests pull up in like a black mercedes van with a car in front and back with bulletproof everything on them. Here Casey just rolls up on a fucking longboard, like whats good.

  • Edge
    Edge Month ago

    casey schmuck nose cancer victim jaw goes down

  • Ricardo Dank.
    Ricardo Dank. Month ago +3

    The behind the front desk is beautiful.

  • alex lee
    alex lee Month ago

    at 1:34 was is that on his screen

    p.s i dont rlly watch him so idk if its one of his vids lol

  • raymando mcwillie
    raymando mcwillie Month ago

  • raymando mcwillie
    raymando mcwillie Month ago

  • raymando mcwillie
    raymando mcwillie Month ago

  • carrot
    carrot Month ago

    waverunners are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ĆwieQ Official
    ĆwieQ Official Month ago

    it's uncommon to talk to someone with sunglasses..

  • Imman Ahmad
    Imman Ahmad Month ago

    Do Montana of 300

  • Mannsy83
    Mannsy83 Month ago

    Sean Penns retarded brother

  • ThatOnE___ THiCcbOi

    I really like the video but there is one thing this video needs


  • Deyan Dimitrov
    Deyan Dimitrov Month ago

    Eminem buys 5 pairs of shoes:620$
    Casey buys 3 pairs:2700$


  • Kyle Van Slyke
    Kyle Van Slyke Month ago

    They say Casey was a big Boosted boarder but then they use a Casey riding a knock off boosted for b-roll

  • Usmaan Saifuddin
    Usmaan Saifuddin Month ago +1

    no wonder he wears sunglasses

  • Bob 1
    Bob 1 Month ago

    Nike SB weren't out in the 80's/early 90's were they?

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker Month ago

    What a nice guy

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    Nike made them for the Michael J Fox foundation. While a 9 year in Bangladesh took 16 hours to make that shoe

  • MMT Edits
    MMT Edits Month ago

    The prices at stadium goods are such fcking scams hahah

  • GravityGunTV
    GravityGunTV Month ago

    Homo-erectus Casey Neistat discovers the invention of shoes.

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith Month ago

    Dude looks like birdman from rick and morty

    VZY FLAME Month ago

    Why tf is Casey neistat as famous as he is??

  • ᄀᄀᄀ
    ᄀᄀᄀ Month ago

    Black Amex card.... It's Casey alright

  • the bluejay
    the bluejay Month ago

    No Kanye’s shoes were inspired by rosches it’s so obvious

  • xxSniperBear654
    xxSniperBear654 Month ago

    I thought it was only famous people

  • Federico Zorrilla
    Federico Zorrilla Month ago

    hey yo casey, *you got somethin there*

  • Judah Sopher
    Judah Sopher Month ago


  • alvin
    alvin Month ago

    Is it just me or have I NEVER seen Casey Neistat drive a car?

    MULAN SKEET Month ago


  • Mayra Herrera Chairez

    He kinda lookes like tha backpackkid

  • Adam One
    Adam One Month ago

    I kept looking at his nose

  • Saeed Duh
    Saeed Duh Month ago

    Yeezy 500s are waaaaaay worse than the wave runners

  • Atled
    Atled Month ago

    Make tfue one

  • Andrea Pierini
    Andrea Pierini Month ago +2

    black american express rip

  • WasFür1Scheiss
    WasFür1Scheiss 2 months ago

    Wtf the wave runners are hot af

  • losing dog
    losing dog 2 months ago

    he was robbed on those presto's

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    Next: Sneaker shopping with MKBHD

  • Sector
    Sector 2 months ago

    No one asked for this

  • Biller Beemstar
    Biller Beemstar 2 months ago

    Of course he reps his wife’s fucking overpriced clothing

  • Jedidr
    Jedidr 2 months ago

    Ok lets be honest who kinda hates Casey’s look but likes his channel?

  • Mike Faurskov
    Mike Faurskov 2 months ago

    Yeah long live the consumerism! Stupid people.

    ERFAN 2 months ago +16

    Casey looks like a older version of back pack kid

    • ERFAN
      ERFAN 6 days ago

      Itachi Uchiha bro. I didn’t know

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha 7 days ago +1

      Wow dude so original... Its not like that became top comment 4 months ago with 1k likes...

  • brumpo dungus
    brumpo dungus 2 months ago +1

    Ooga booga caveman

  • Quadeca is a good rapper
    Quadeca is a good rapper 2 months ago +1


  • Jams
    Jams 2 months ago


  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 2 months ago

    funny, cuz i thought the same about waverunners and now i own a pair

  • Luke Sellars
    Luke Sellars 2 months ago

    Now this is epic

    TWICEISNICE1 2 months ago

    Just paid over 2000 for 90 dollars if that, worth of shoes.

  • Nate Rau
    Nate Rau 2 months ago


  • Cars an Cameras
    Cars an Cameras 2 months ago

    Can't stand this dude...he look like a mfr Elf Dude needs a spot on next Hobbit movie. Said he was gonna be the reason Hillary Clinton won. Yeah bruh nice job! People probably voted for trump cuz of your 🤡 ass

  • Turecki Wąsacz
    Turecki Wąsacz 2 months ago

    clean ur face casey, u dirty of sauce

  • God
    God 2 months ago

    The way this guy looks dresses and acts is literally the epitome of a techno hipster douchebag and I hate every part of it.

  • shuarma0
    shuarma0 2 months ago

    -hesitates spending 2700 on sneakers
    -pulls out amex black card

  • Dean Coleman
    Dean Coleman 2 months ago

    Yeezy might be the most comftable but they dont last long. Jump man all the way and AF-1

  • laz ruiz
    laz ruiz 2 months ago


  • Irje Jcm
    Irje Jcm 2 months ago

    11and 1/2 that almost the square of my size !

  • Jash Joshi
    Jash Joshi 2 months ago

    I want PEWDIEPIE show!!

  • P Ben
    P Ben 2 months ago

    Casey has innovated the combover

  • Damon Andes
    Damon Andes 2 months ago

    Is it just me or is Casey Neistat just the backpack kid in 30 years. lol

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago

    Why and how..?

  • Alex Walters
    Alex Walters 2 months ago

    Anyone know the song at the end ??

  • Defaultskinqt
    Defaultskinqt 2 months ago

    *The mythical shoe*

  • Quackensplosion
    Quackensplosion 2 months ago

    imagine valuing this mans opinions on fashion....

  • suck a lemon
    suck a lemon 2 months ago

    If it is at that price where do I get them?

  • suck a lemon
    suck a lemon 2 months ago

    Since when has the yeezys black red boost 350 v2 been $220

  • Buff Tom
    Buff Tom 2 months ago

    after watching three videos like this i am now a sneaker head

  • Gavin Buckley
    Gavin Buckley 2 months ago +1

    Y no bag?😂

  • Jordan 26
    Jordan 26 2 months ago

    He’s 37 and acts like he’s 17