thank u, jeff -- Ariana Grande Parody

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • James Corden has had lots of guests on The Late Late Show, but only one has taught him love, patience and pain: Jeff Goldblum. James shows his appreciation for Jeff with a song and music video in the style of Ariana Grande's hit "thank u, next."
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  • The Late Late Show with James Corden

    thank u, jeff

    TABITHA TIME 8 hours ago +1

    James should do a 7 rings parody

  • Cruz Hernandez
    Cruz Hernandez 10 hours ago

    I’m dead 😂

  • Inka Dragon
    Inka Dragon 10 hours ago

    Jeff is gorgeous. I understand you very well.

  • ixwzc
    ixwzc 3 days ago

    this is beautiful. jeff goldblum is beautiful

  • 1stamendmentt
    1stamendmentt 3 days ago

    Its 3:38am June 22 and I had to watch this lol soooooo funny lol
    Beyond funny!

  • Fia Flora
    Fia Flora 4 days ago +1

    Honestly it’s so nice to see a straight man so comfortable with his sexuality. There are so many guys out there who would never want to act feminine in anyway because they might “come off gay.” So it’s just refreshing to see James Corden not care lol

  • Shaun Wilson
    Shaun Wilson 6 days ago

    1 like = thanks for Jeff

  • Kaitlyn Ngo
    Kaitlyn Ngo 7 days ago +1

    "I'm so thankful for my Jeff." So you, you, left your wife,

  • Megan Delamar
    Megan Delamar 7 days ago +2

    The 4 Goldblums dancing gave me life though. lmao

  • AshesToDust
    AshesToDust 9 days ago

    Jeff is just 👌😎

  • Captain WTF
    Captain WTF 9 days ago

    imagine after this scene 2:25 - 2:33 and then jeff goldblum start singing... Thank youu james Thank jamess

  • k0walsk
    k0walsk 9 days ago

    Love it! Anyone know what that dance move at 1:13 is called?

  • Ariana biggest fan Girl666

    Don’t forget the rest!!!

  • 09:29 Periodt
    09:29 Periodt 11 days ago

    This is so gay 🤣😂😂 I love it

  • Bangel911
    Bangel911 12 days ago +3

    Jeff Goldman is the ultimate daddy! He's so golden, haha

  • Andrea Kristín Stenberg

    I want this on Spotify😂

  • Aruna Irava
    Aruna Irava 14 days ago +1

    At 1:11 he looks so good 😊

  • Bella's Hobbies
    Bella's Hobbies 15 days ago +1

    I can't stop laughing this is the best😂😂😂

  • panda shark
    panda shark 17 days ago +3

    I can't blame you Jeff is one sexy man 💗💕❤💓

  • Lara Mae Guerba
    Lara Mae Guerba 17 days ago

    Me when I'm obsess. 😂😂

  • FireHorse36
    FireHorse36 18 days ago

    So this is a parody of Thank you next of Ariana Grande, that is a parody of mean girls 😊

  • Diores Maze
    Diores Maze 19 days ago

    i think we all look at jeff goldblum the way james corden looks at jeff goldblum

  • Kienan4321
    Kienan4321 20 days ago

    Well Done Smithy! if you know, you know

  • gizem akbaba
    gizem akbaba 22 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel should do this for johnny depp
    -"Thank you Depp" 😂❤

  • Victoria Malavet
    Victoria Malavet 22 days ago

    Why is this so good 😂😍😍

    ALBINO ENRICO JOSIAH 23 days ago

    Is there like a downloadable audio version of this? Super noice

  • Shirel Ortiz
    Shirel Ortiz 23 days ago


  • 류정아
    류정아 24 days ago


  • deewhy
    deewhy 27 days ago +1

    Wish there were outakes of this!

  • Karlee Cornell
    Karlee Cornell 28 days ago


  • Sofia Uzumaki
    Sofia Uzumaki 28 days ago +1

    *please rise for the national anthem*

  • Kaychu Gacha
    Kaychu Gacha 28 days ago

    I need this on my Spotify please-

  • Shin
    Shin 29 days ago

    me ????

  • --
    -- Month ago

    Jeff Goldman is weird. He seems like that boring But awkward uncle that lives abroad. He may be gay or not or autistic or not no one knows what he is which makes it so weird.

  • Destiny T1M
    Destiny T1M Month ago +7

    before show (Jeff) : hmm, this is going to be a great time
    mid show : wth is going on
    after show: put this on Spotify ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Month ago

    All good fun. Loving that he was a good sport.. hehe

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Month ago


  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Month ago

    All Danish X

  • Kairi Cat
    Kairi Cat Month ago

    whos the guy in the grey suit with the sunglasses

  • Ana Pereira
    Ana Pereira Month ago

    1:25 thank u, Jeff

  • Nct the best group of Kpop

    I don’t how to react this !

  • igotabig Hotdog
    igotabig Hotdog Month ago

    Thank u Jeff 😂

  • Amber offical97
    Amber offical97 Month ago +1

    I can't believe late show retweeted me when I asked who he was lol.

    STAR MUSIC Month ago +1

    Remember the meme? My name is Jeff

  • It’s Jeffy
    It’s Jeffy Month ago +1

    thank u, Jeff

    _rey Dahmer_

  • Jeffreyes TV
    Jeffreyes TV Month ago +1

    Your welcome HAHAHAHAHA

  • Aulia Gita
    Aulia Gita Month ago


  • Grace Kalu
    Grace Kalu Month ago

    Thank u, mom #motherday

  • Fiand Dasilva
    Fiand Dasilva Month ago +1

    I think James is such an amazing person 😍

  • klaudia urb
    klaudia urb Month ago

    Your welcome!~Jeff

  • alex ssali
    alex ssali Month ago

    😂😂😂😂okay... James!

  • shampoo D
    shampoo D Month ago

    คนไทย ใครว่านางเหมือนเบน ชลาทิสแบบเราบ้าง 5556😍

  • 6789 12345
    6789 12345 Month ago


  • 6789 12345
    6789 12345 Month ago

    Thank u

  • cristian arcos
    cristian arcos Month ago

    Me encanto 💖💞😍😍😍😍

  • F S G
    F S G Month ago +1


  • Olivia Manning
    Olivia Manning Month ago +1

    To be honest this one is so much better then the original, but i personally don't like Ariana(no hate my opinion)

  • Marco Vangeli
    Marco Vangeli Month ago +1


  • Minty Green
    Minty Green Month ago

    The Grandmaster

  • hannah smith
    hannah smith Month ago +4

    This need to be a single!! Play on the radio!! 😂😍

  • Eric Finley
    Eric Finley Month ago

    That was gay

  • Kate Swan
    Kate Swan Month ago +2

    At least someone admits that Jeff Goldblum is a Handsome F**K

  • SuperAngga Content
    SuperAngga Content Month ago

    My name is Jeff

  • Maya
    Maya Month ago +6

    puase at 0.58
    *'GBE = Gold Blum Energy'*

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Month ago +8

    Jeff Goldblum's kind of become one of those meta-celebrities, like Jon Stewart or Bill Murray. They're just kind of "cast in the roles of themselves." Show up anywhere, and they just bring their own context with them.

  • Allusions XD
    Allusions XD Month ago +3

    I met Jeff Goldblum today 🙂

  • Krysten Saye
    Krysten Saye Month ago +3

    This is art and need to be loved. 😂

  • Keira Flaherty
    Keira Flaherty Month ago +1

    Watched this to see if he mentioned Ragnarok and he did!!

  • 0Flow0
    0Flow0 Month ago

    Beautiful choir boy voice!

  • kj
    kj Month ago

    I wanna read that journal too!!!😅😅😅

  • kj
    kj Month ago +1

    Fangirl-ed hard... well, this vid just speaks for all fans of goldblum out there😊😊😊😊

  • DolceForbes One
    DolceForbes One Month ago

    thank u, Jeff 😁

  • Julia Sayne
    Julia Sayne Month ago +1

    Me: *Searching Daddy Goldblum videos cuz I got the itch to just see him in everything!*
    James: *Has exactly what I need*
    Me: AGH SUPREME DADDY GOLDBLUM!! *Puts song on repeat*

  • directioner roses
    directioner roses Month ago +1

    what if he did this with harry styles. they'd probably kiss again lmao

  • kingmiller1982
    kingmiller1982 Month ago

    omg lol

  • Rita Bloom
    Rita Bloom Month ago +1

    cause he's my favorite guest? wow

  • Квета Родюшкина

    Это слишком шикарно. 🤧🤧🤧

  • XxJuan14xX
    XxJuan14xX Month ago

    I want a pijama like that

  • Ava Deuel
    Ava Deuel Month ago


  • Casey Miller
    Casey Miller Month ago

    One thing I love about Corden's comedy bits is that they're directed at the right things. Like this, the jokes isn't targeted to be "haha it's funny because it's gay," it's "it's funny because oh my god it's jeff goldblum this is hilarious," there's a distinct difference between those two things and they affect the targets, and I'm really glad Corden does this kind of comedy right. It's awesome!

  • Celia Davids123
    Celia Davids123 Month ago +4

    That's Anna Kendrick in the background isn't it. Did anyone else notice.

  • Celia Davids123
    Celia Davids123 Month ago +1

    And for this I say
    Thank u James (Jeff)
    Thank u James (Jeff)
    Thank u James (Jeff)

  • Nikeshi Mayoda
    Nikeshi Mayoda Month ago

    Oh good god what am I just watched? Haha

  • Bianca Herrera
    Bianca Herrera Month ago +1

    Anyone remember this guy as Rachel Berry's dad in Glee?

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith Month ago +1

    best parody of all time LOL!

  • Megan Duncanson
    Megan Duncanson Month ago

    I'm happy we all agree that Jeff is daddy af
    Also that clip of him in independence day, ooft

  • Andrew Alonso
    Andrew Alonso Month ago

    If James is gay then ummmm Jeff must be like umm are u ok

  • ash Lin
    ash Lin Month ago

    James Corden looks like Phil Mitchell off eastenders. Oryt Pwhil. Bob said James is a prick, would have been funny if it wasn’t James corden hun ffs

  • Rosa 1999
    Rosa 1999 2 months ago

    Thank u Jeff

  • sky healing
    sky healing 2 months ago

    Just love u two guys

  • Leeanna Wilson
    Leeanna Wilson 2 months ago

    Thank you , Jeff

  • Campanella !!
    Campanella !! 2 months ago

    I'm proud that I actually heard this version of the song before the original lmao

  • Coffee Lattae with Suga

    jimin must be depressed seeing james adoring jeff :(

  • Surya Silvestre
    Surya Silvestre 2 months ago +3

    I love this video. He really sings very well!

  • Husna Atif
    Husna Atif 2 months ago

    I like this

  • MazerrrMO
    MazerrrMO 2 months ago

    Its really catchy


    😂 Love this so much. I can't stop laughing don't matter how many times I see it!!! Sooo thank you James

    FRODO SWAGGINS 2 months ago

    My name is jeff

  • Esther Calleja
    Esther Calleja 2 months ago +2

    This song is now the only thing that wakes me up in the morning, thankyou Jeff x