New Action Movies 2019 Drug Cartel Hollywood Movie in English

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019

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    Don't waste your time with this piece of s*** of movie.

  • Michelle Weaver
    Michelle Weaver 3 days ago

    Riddled with liberal propaganda. Hollywood used to be so cool, now they just suck.

  • Mike Martinez
    Mike Martinez 3 days ago

    F in meth is no joke .

  • Ricardo Fonseca
    Ricardo Fonseca 4 days ago

    Pelicula mas mierda perdi mi tiempo para ver este final Cerote

  • Joshua Trinidad
    Joshua Trinidad 6 days ago


  • Daniel Wu
    Daniel Wu 7 days ago

    Interesting movie worth the time


    This movie was horrible

  • The 4th Way
    The 4th Way 7 days ago +1

    Good job. The many sides of being a Mexican American on the border patrol .

  • Tribble Booth
    Tribble Booth 8 days ago

    A great movie, didn't expect the ending.

  • Ricardo Williams
    Ricardo Williams 10 days ago

    This movie is whack fuck that

  • Sufri Amirol Sofi
    Sufri Amirol Sofi 10 days ago

    What title this movie?

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    TopMovie TV 11 days ago +1

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  • Tgaiaanak Mehsbaajpaoak

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  • Rick Rick
    Rick Rick 11 days ago

    Partner couldn't hear gun battle

  • The useless Account
    The useless Account 12 days ago +1

    STUPID !!!

  • QueenAyacodobae
    QueenAyacodobae 12 days ago

    Really sick of racist anything!

  • Paul Hoffmann
    Paul Hoffmann 13 days ago

    This was perhaps the best I've seen of the border area. The ending was superb.

  • eSL Budoy
    eSL Budoy 13 days ago


  • Renee Harris
    Renee Harris 14 days ago

    That was messed up how he told the men he had work for them just to turn them in.

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 15 days ago +2

    Oops... when he points his weapon at the leader reminded me of an old saying don't switch horses in the middle of the Stream

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 15 days ago

    The very last scenes

  • Clarisse Tamayo
    Clarisse Tamayo 15 days ago

    12 rounds

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas 16 days ago


  • Singing Evangelist
    Singing Evangelist 16 days ago +3

    I thought it was a well made drama that leaves you hanging. Thanks it entertained me.

  • blackstarboy04
    blackstarboy04 17 days ago

    Stop watxhing when the officer turned in the three dudes begging for a work, what a prick

  • john peter
    john peter 17 days ago

    AN all time stupid ending. Who writes this shit......

  • Allison Clarke
    Allison Clarke 18 days ago

    why do I get the feeling this is art imitating Life! hummmmm. as my good friend Sherry say " u you hungry" she should know..... copy that too

  • Adeam suliman
    Adeam suliman 20 days ago +1

    Very good movie

  • Deochan Dookie
    Deochan Dookie 20 days ago

    Shit movie

  • Vipers Venom
    Vipers Venom 22 days ago

    Not the movie you have in the thumbnail. Lying shit bag! If you like a decent B movie your in the right place.

  • michael merrigan
    michael merrigan Month ago +2

    A good movie

  • Martin Anderson
    Martin Anderson Month ago

    Good movie.

  • Martin Anderson
    Martin Anderson Month ago +1

    Similar music to Bosch.

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum Month ago

    We need a 30 foot wall and highly trained army to protect the southern border..this is war. Hollywood could care less.Stupid dialogue...most Border Patrol are Mexicans! Duh...

    TANVEER KHAN Month ago +2

    Nice movies for ur chanell

    VEGAS PERU Month ago +2

    TY! Different! Well worth watching. Better than most crap on youtube or TV.

  • TheCryptKeeper
    TheCryptKeeper Month ago +1


  • Rich Hooker
    Rich Hooker Month ago +2

    What an ending. Too bad. Wondering.. was that diamond in the end in the trailer? The same guy that made the two guys take their sneakers off by the pool? Couldnt tell if he had the diamond tooth. Whats the name of this movie?

  • Eldon Perry
    Eldon Perry Month ago +2

    What stupid person he is he wasted himself and the his partner too for a low life lawless pricks but chef was a great commander god bless his kind of chiefs amen

    • Naik van der Wielen
      Naik van der Wielen 20 days ago +1

      @Vipers Venom only as in the beginning but i feel the same.

    • Vipers Venom
      Vipers Venom 22 days ago

      I never saw a Chef in this "movie"....

  • Julius koech
    Julius koech Month ago

    How is it

    IL GATTO NERO Month ago +6

    Worst movie ever

    • marthale7
      marthale7 20 days ago

      It looks like a hatchet job on those that enforce the border.