8,000,000 Subscribers - HOW DID IT HAPPEN?

  • Published on Apr 24, 2016
  • 8 Million Subscribers - Take a look at my "SECRET" analytics! :)
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  • DirtCube
    DirtCube 5 months ago


  • Wolf boy plays
    Wolf boy plays Year ago

    Now u have 11 mil

  • tlamb
    tlamb Year ago

    abit Chubby back then

  • Tunkusir
    Tunkusir Year ago +1

    Who's watching after 10 mill sub

  • Chronic shah !
    Chronic shah ! Year ago

    You hit 9 million know how happy are you

  • Helghastimo Kingo

    1 yr later its still 8mill lmao

    • Ayesha
      Ayesha Year ago

      Helghastimo Kingo ahah I came to this video to see how long ago he hit 8 mill 😂😂

    MYSTIC9 2 years ago

    U are awesome and I can't believe it!

  • Moses Tube gaming
    Moses Tube gaming 2 years ago

    know give him 900000 subscribe lollolollollo subscribe ok gnys and subscribe to MosesTube gaming

  • Chris Rangel
    Chris Rangel 2 years ago


  • Lamborghini Lover
    Lamborghini Lover 2 years ago

    Keep up the good work Ali and by the way your doing great carry on being who you are

  • Tyler Poole
    Tyler Poole 2 years ago

    Idubbbz has 2 mil subs and averages 1.5 million views on every single one of his videos. You average 800 thousand. So why do you have 8 millions subs? You bought them.

    • Lamborghini Lover
      Lamborghini Lover 2 years ago

      Tyler Poole he doesn't if you think that then you're not a real Ali - A fan because he is honest and doesn't buy them so go buzz off to the youtuber you are a real fan of!

  • Hartej SEthi
    Hartej SEthi 2 years ago

    Nice work

  • Billy
    Billy 2 years ago

    a billion subs get the platinum play button

  • K.J.K
    K.J.K 2 years ago +1

    i like your vedeos please sunscribe my channel please😊

    • K.J.K
      K.J.K 2 years ago +1

      please subscribe😊

    • K.J.K
      K.J.K 2 years ago +1

      please subscribe😊

  • Alieff Irfan
    Alieff Irfan 2 years ago

    Friends do subs me . i'll definitely sub you back , let me know by like and commenting "done"

  • Hussama Majeed
    Hussama Majeed 2 years ago

    I live 50 birmigahm. Street come rob me

  • Hussama Majeed
    Hussama Majeed 2 years ago


  • Wayne Tomlinson
    Wayne Tomlinson 2 years ago

    8,000,000 Subscribers - HOW DID IT HAPPEN?
    we both know how that happened.
    Your Network company +++ StyleHaul +++ use sites like kingdom likes to help get you the subscribers you need 8M but look how many views you get nowhere as close as 8M,
    plus most of the 8M are now none active accounts. TVclip need to remove unused account. then we will see a big drop from 8M down to around 2M

  • Howl
    Howl 2 years ago

    Lol Damn you beyonce ali says

  • Theswagster215
    Theswagster215 2 years ago

    more zombies

  • The Gaming Lion
    The Gaming Lion 2 years ago

    8 million subs but only 600k have watched this hmmmmmm suspicious ali

  • Ian
    Ian 2 years ago

    even a retarded is more intelligent than you

  • Blue Panda
    Blue Panda 2 years ago


  • Blue Panda
    Blue Panda 2 years ago

    I'd so cute

  • Blue Panda
    Blue Panda 2 years ago

    love your video evee

  • BrixerVision
    BrixerVision 2 years ago


  • Anifyz
    Anifyz 2 years ago

    Ali is growing pretty slow now

  • GetEmSiLLy
    GetEmSiLLy 2 years ago

    ! Hey Ali ... I am a huge fan I've been watching your videos since I can remember ... you're actually the reason why I'm starting my own channel ... you gave me the inspiration you've been doing for almost 8 years plus ... that takes dedication & consistency hopefully we'll play one day I'm pretty sure I can take you on ... ! SiLLy-Da_KinG is the gamertag PS4

  • Josh TechGamer
    Josh TechGamer 2 years ago

    hey never know i been it on a year i have all most 600 just have to keep uploading but my channel is booming good great job thumb up you be at 10 mill i did game play and reactions unbxoing

  • Mr. Bleach
    Mr. Bleach 2 years ago

    That would be a good idea if there was a dark matter plaque for 100 million subscribers but who would u think to get that plaque first

  • Mr. Bleach
    Mr. Bleach 2 years ago

    Hey Ali can use plz go back and play bo2 on Xbox 360 and ps3

  • Moises
    Moises 2 years ago +1

    Been subscribed since 200,000 subscribers

  • SabER RebAS
    SabER RebAS 2 years ago

    Zombies please more zombies

  • MiningTeo
    MiningTeo 2 years ago

    stop saying boys and yo your white and austarlian with a stupid accent

  • MiningTeo
    MiningTeo 2 years ago

    this channel is dead how did it make it to make it to 8mil it should be 8

  • MySilentWraith MySilentWraith

    Nope fuck no unsub unsub UNSUB!!!!!

  • John Kloster
    John Kloster 2 years ago


  • iamrage man
    iamrage man 2 years ago


  • paramraj singh
    paramraj singh 2 years ago

    @OmgItsAliA How much do you earn per month at each milestone ?

  • pereGILES1
    pereGILES1 2 years ago

    Background music?

  • Potato Unicorn - Drawings


  • Jammy James Gaming
    Jammy James Gaming 2 years ago

    Ali thanks for the advice:D

  • Arya 4ever107
    Arya 4ever107 2 years ago

    What do you prefer ? Ghost or Black Ops 2

  • Nintendozilla98
    Nintendozilla98 2 years ago

    I have been watching Ali-A since 2011 back when he was uploading news updates on MW3. Good times.

  • Will Kinder
    Will Kinder 2 years ago

    10 million hair reveal!?!?!?

  • Sam Sandberg
    Sam Sandberg 2 years ago


  • mcgee
    mcgee 2 years ago

    Been here since mw3

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres 2 years ago

    bunch of overhyped thunbnails.

  • *Dangaming10*
    *Dangaming10* 2 years ago

    Ha! i got more subs than you

  • zach berg
    zach berg 2 years ago

    8,104,653 good job.

  • L Ey
    L Ey 2 years ago

    u wont ever hit ten mill subs, your only going to lose subs in the long run. COD is dieing, the generation is moving on. Adapt or go with it

  • AceEditz
    AceEditz 2 years ago


  • Jayquan Phifer
    Jayquan Phifer 3 years ago

    Your sub count will start to drop like the Fine Bros if you don't do a Battlefield 1 trailer reaction.

  • Joakim Gregoire
    Joakim Gregoire 3 years ago

    i think i found yout channel in 2k12 about the release of Bo2. And i have to say. I'm not suprised at all, that you've optained this miliestone. Those years have been sick! You are a true legend, and a rolemodel for thausands!
    Love to you ma man.

  • Dman
    Dman 3 years ago

    How did it happened? Lots of clickbait and 5 year olds.

  • RaZe Clan
    RaZe Clan 3 years ago

    do a pepper challenge

  • Jay Laker
    Jay Laker 3 years ago +1

    For 8 million subs you should play zombies

  • iiGotNext
    iiGotNext 3 years ago


  • Henry Zehngraff
    Henry Zehngraff 3 years ago


    RYAN KROLIKOWSKI 3 years ago

    Sub to Ccasinelli Gaming

  • Tazzah
    Tazzah 3 years ago

    People still watch this guy? He's been making shit content since the end of mw3. So happy I unsubscribed years ago

  • Jeannette Borrero
    Jeannette Borrero 3 years ago


  • Clumms
    Clumms 3 years ago


  • Miss. Piglet
    Miss. Piglet 3 years ago

    Can someone sub to me

  • Miss. Piglet
    Miss. Piglet 3 years ago +1

    Ali a is so freaking cool

  • Archie SardineTV
    Archie SardineTV 3 years ago

    I know how it happened, you used clickbait in EVERY single one of your video thumbnails to try and get people to watch your video that has no relation what-so-ever to the actual video. I'm not trying to be one of those keyboard warrior hating people, but lets be fair, when you go on to this channels video list, every single video has a really cancerous clickbait title like 'USE THIS GUN' or 'HOW DID THAT HAPPEN' and also has one of the most cringey, fake ass thumbnails that have a bunch of bullshit that doesn't even make sense or relate to the actual video, but it sure as hell attract those rabid, cringey little 8 year old fanboys of yours to watch the video. I'm not saying all of your fans are like that, i'm sure they're not, but the point is, dude, you're really gonna resort to fake clickbait to get more veiws, i find it pretty pathetic to be honest. thanks for listening (if you did).

  • Shadow Monster
    Shadow Monster 3 years ago

    So awesome video bro this inspired me allot

  • AyeItsBrooke
    AyeItsBrooke 3 years ago

    Oh nvm I went to MoreAliA and found it LOL I feel stupid now xD

  • AyeItsBrooke
    AyeItsBrooke 3 years ago

    I know I'm late, and I used to watch you a lot. But why don't you play minecraft anymore? I used to love watching you play. But now when u flick through your videos, all I see is Call of Duty :(

  • Jonathan Lambert
    Jonathan Lambert 3 years ago

    Congrats dude

  • Gary Hart
    Gary Hart 3 years ago

    Yaaaa 80000000 m sub man nice plays ps girl not boy

  • AntDanCast
    AntDanCast 3 years ago

    a bottle of lube, your right hand, and whole lot of clickbait

  • Ebro_2005
    Ebro_2005 3 years ago


  • Jay Evans
    Jay Evans 3 years ago

    Yo, Thanks Ali for being soooo supportive about others TVclip channels! I just wish i could have more subs.... :( i`m Only at 51 and would love to do a video with you then post on my channel.. IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE my friend. P.S I don`t know what i would record with? But I still LOVE YOU!!!!

  • J and J gaming
    J and J gaming 3 years ago

    pls do more zombies

  • Stinger_06 _
    Stinger_06 _ 3 years ago

    Ali I was the last one to subscribe for u to hit 8,000,000

  • Cross
    Cross 3 years ago

    more zombies pls, and keep up the good work ali

  • Parker Dellis
    Parker Dellis 3 years ago

    Play more zombies

  • Carson
    Carson 3 years ago

    How did you get here? AD REVENUE that's how! (Everyone installs Adblock as we speak) lol Jk Congrats Ali!!

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G 3 years ago

    I have a youtube chanel

  • Killer Zero
    Killer Zero 3 years ago

    I'm a subscriber who has followed you ever since 1 million subscribers. CONGRATS on getting 8 million subscribers

  • Finley jg
    Finley jg 3 years ago

    Diamond plaque...

    Only available in supply drops

  • Josh Zero
    Josh Zero 3 years ago


  • Kenzie Dawson
    Kenzie Dawson 3 years ago

    GG ALI I've been subbed back in MW3 survival before your facecam. Cheers mate

  • Pierino
    Pierino 3 years ago +1

    Been watching since 200k subs, only just subscribed x'D

  • Macaulay
    Macaulay 3 years ago

    I've been with you since 12,000 subscribers!


    How do u get sponsered by youtube

  • God of Destruction
    God of Destruction 3 years ago

    and congrats Ali-A

  • God of Destruction
    God of Destruction 3 years ago

    if anyone needs an awesome intro comment it on my video

  • ThaSwiftGamer
    ThaSwiftGamer 3 years ago

    pleaze more zombie

  • Connor
    Connor 3 years ago

    Play more zombies!!!!!!!!

    FEAR KFC 3 years ago +1

    8,038,984 +1= I subbed....

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming 3 years ago

    Pewdiepie would get tha

  • Mohammed Janjooa
    Mohammed Janjooa 3 years ago


  • That guy thats a guy
    That guy thats a guy 3 years ago

    Man leafy made a 2 mill vid 6 days ago and is real close to 2.5mill
    Ali made a 8 mill vid 5 days ago and has gained 37k people

  • Beastly Gaming
    Beastly Gaming 3 years ago

    Please come and visit my channel, spread my name around, PLS LIKE and SUBSCRIBE (spoiler alert) I'm a zombies youtuber!

  • Brayden Law
    Brayden Law 3 years ago

    MORE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!

  • Cal Boom
    Cal Boom 3 years ago

    get him to 10mil subz i want him to get that diamond

  • Marlin YT
    Marlin YT 3 years ago +1

    8,000,000 subs +1 that one is me XD

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell 3 years ago +1

    Yo he made good job on getting 8,000,000 subs and well done