Dad Sets Up Hidden Camera To Find Out Why Dog Stares At Him All Night

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Comments • 80

  • Karen Zilverberg
    Karen Zilverberg 20 hours ago

    The music is too loud and it makes it difficult to hear the words. Please do it over minus the music.

  • Josh Crack
    Josh Crack Day ago

    Long nearly fell asleep wow

  • Jay J
    Jay J Day ago

    like these drs. or who is ever trying to sell something, they talk for an hour, they need to get to the point they tell ther ewhole life story & even there friends ,COME ON GET ON & sell your product.

  • Jay J
    Jay J Day ago

    poor dog, I'm glad the new owners love him & were kind. the story could have been shorter though.

  • Thomas Rojas
    Thomas Rojas 4 days ago +1

    When I was born my father got a dog The same age as me

  • Rajkumar Gupta
    Rajkumar Gupta 5 days ago

    Worst part of this video is story explaination..this man should never upload video in body will see it...

  • Gacha PlaysX3
    Gacha PlaysX3 13 days ago

    6:10 is when they tell u the reason. Your welcome

    WILLO X 16 days ago +1

    This meathead says the same thing over and over!

  • Kirah Pickett
    Kirah Pickett 20 days ago

    It's so annoying how long they make these 3 minute stories

  • Lauren The Weirdo
    Lauren The Weirdo 21 day ago +1

    Reason starts at 6:10

  • sanman1031
    sanman1031 24 days ago

    Poor dog that’s so cruel you can’t just get rid of your dog because of a baby I had so many dogs and 2 daughters there grown now and love dogs we still have dogs

  • TheRight Question
    TheRight Question 28 days ago

    Silly rule. I'm an ethologist and have been training animals for over 50 yrs.
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep in your room. It's normal for packs to sleep within eyesight of each other. Some dogs are too protective so they shouldn't be allowed in your bed or the dog is too timid. A timid dog needs to learn to function alone at times to build confidence.

  • Laury Tarr
    Laury Tarr 29 days ago

    I tuned out after 2 minutes of the repetitive blah, blah, blah. Upon coming back to reality. I guessed what had occurred. Shame on the original owners for putting the pup through such trauma. Yay! for happy endings.

  • Mark Camara
    Mark Camara 29 days ago +1

    Sad bless the new owners .

  • Sharon Stromley
    Sharon Stromley 29 days ago

    Darla, there are a whole lot of people who agree with me ( read comments below) so, you, my dear, are out voted. Good bye.

  • Phionna Cleland
    Phionna Cleland Month ago

    Sorry,but you repeat way to much for me. Nice story tho.

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher Month ago +1

    I'm sure this dude has a PhD in dragology.

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones Month ago

    I think the owner was stupid that poor dog..

  • Katie Holt
    Katie Holt Month ago

    Yeah 5 minutes of rambling doesn’t draw people in. Do some backstory then get to the point before we get bored.

  • Onthatile Mokoena
    Onthatile Mokoena Month ago

    That's so sad

  • Sharon Stromley
    Sharon Stromley Month ago

    Marilyn: Amen, Sister!

  • Barbara Cole
    Barbara Cole Month ago

    The first thing I would've invite the dog to sleep in my bed, we sleep with 3 yorkies every night...wouldnt have it any other way.

  • Jesus H. Christ
    Jesus H. Christ Month ago

    Just get to the fucking point!

  • Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters

    Could you drag this out any longer? Jeeezus!

  • Remabelle Alfaro
    Remabelle Alfaro Month ago

    The narrator doesn't know how to tell a story short.Too bad it became a habit making the story less interesting to watch.

  • Joel Melendez
    Joel Melendez Month ago

    Milking for time like a 6th grader milking for a word count.

  • sweet Butterfly
    sweet Butterfly Month ago

    I adopted a dog that is disabled...i love him no matter WHAT ! I know he loves me too ...hes my child....atleast to me.

  • got no name
    got no name Month ago

    This guy is a true wanker at dragging out a story all yes all his vids are dragged out

  • Rose Jaeger
    Rose Jaeger Month ago


  • B N
    B N Month ago

    I'm glad he's wanted and loved 👍

  • Cherie Landry
    Cherie Landry Month ago

    Oh for heaven's sakes! WTH? Is this a damn mystery? They tried Everything? No..excuse me, but they did not. A new pup wants to sleep With his/her new Family, to be comforted,& feel part of the family.It never occured to this couple to let that sweet puppy Into the bedroom?Our dog was big,but she was A Family Member,& had a nice fluffy bed next to our bed.I wish we all could fit in the bed , but it wasnt large enough.I let our pup snuggle on the bed yes.but she wanted to get down after my husband went into deep sleep+started hogging the whole bed.Our Black Lab/Shepard Had to ck Us all at night,as well as our daughter in the next room.Fiercely Loyal- she & the Cats took turns patroling the house.I couldnt sleep if they werent with me.Free reign of the house-bedrm door Open so they could come+go to water bowls,litter box.I trusted them more than people.🙏Their instincts were Spot On always.I enjoyed them sleeping with me.💖My babies 💙💗💚.They are in Spirit now-I miss each of them dearly.All Rescues,i never regretted adopting rescues for a second.Anyway-Bless those who open their hearts+homes to shelter animals.😺🐾🐈🐕🐇🐀🌈😁👍

  • fuqoff aye?
    fuqoff aye? Month ago

    My dog likes to watch me do it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • fuqoff aye?
    fuqoff aye? Month ago

    The dog couldn't find a doggie hatchet that the previous less than normal intelligence owners had purchased.

  • fuqoff aye?
    fuqoff aye? Month ago

    I knew this would be dumb.

  • April Hook
    April Hook Month ago

    The answer starts at 6:18 you really only need to watch the first min and then skip to 6:18 and you will have the full story

  • Seth Gulley
    Seth Gulley Month ago

    Long story I miss both of my dogs they were my best friends

  • dorothy M.
    dorothy M. Month ago

    Want the answer quickly...skip to 6:10

  • ethicmusicgroup
    ethicmusicgroup Month ago

    This guy repeated the same thing over 3 to 4 times, just in different words.

  • Patricia Rose
    Patricia Rose Month ago

    A sleeping dog put into a car and driven somewhere, unless terribly drugged or otherwise exhausted, will wake up during the ride and be alert. Dog wakes up next day at the pound! What a dumb story! I doubt this is true. Sounds like it was made up by someone with very little knowledge of knowing and owning a dog.

  • Patricia Rose
    Patricia Rose Month ago

    OMG, cut to the chase, will you????????

  • Coni Torres
    Coni Torres Month ago

    Gave up- talk too much blah blah blah

  • pumdon12
    pumdon12 Month ago

    Nope, sorry but no dog is sleeping in my bed.

  • Genesis Fabro
    Genesis Fabro Month ago

    Too much narration 😅

  • Charles Lamar Baldree

    Way too long

  • Estriana Willis
    Estriana Willis Month ago

    You should stop commenting on these stories because you drag them out so-------------long, , which dog it is because there are so many different pictures

  • glen johnson
    glen johnson Month ago

    the only way I could see this happing is if the drugged the dog. I know I have had over 50 dogs over the years and never have I even been able to pic a dog up or move him with out him waking up. unless it was under a couple weeks old.

  • Cameron Videla
    Cameron Videla Month ago

    Never in a video have I had so many conflicting emotions in such a short period of time like happiness from the cute dogs and happy ending sadness for the tragic story and anger for what the previous owners did to the poor dog and for that I say well done well freaking done

  • Sharon Stromley
    Sharon Stromley 2 months ago

    Pat, if you meant to be quixotic, you succeeded. I am fairly intelligent but have n o clue what you mean😕

  • Mylo
    Mylo 2 months ago

    Show the Dog all ready

  • Shirley lopez
    Shirley lopez 2 months ago


  • Julio Caban
    Julio Caban 2 months ago

    Great story ..shame on the previous owners..may you never feel the love of aDog again..IDIOTS !

  • Neil Buendia
    Neil Buendia 2 months ago

    Interesting title to find out this is so boring . Just skip out .

  • Jane
    Jane 2 months ago +3

    Dogs are pack animals, they never should be locked out of the rest of the pack (family) at night.

  • Karen Harris
    Karen Harris 2 months ago

    sleep with the pack they are a pack and dogs want to be a part ,
    dogs sleep togeather. they need to belong.

  • Cass Cumerford
    Cass Cumerford 2 months ago

    go to 6.30 and miss the useless beginning---some script writer made this all up to fill up 10 minutes of tv

  • Anne Crosser
    Anne Crosser 2 months ago

    Do I have attention deficit disorder?

  • Peggy Murphy
    Peggy Murphy 2 months ago

    Why don't you get to the point! Geeze, blah, blah, blah.

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 2 months ago +1

    It was painful to listen to that long l o n g long long thing.

  • Dawn Salois
    Dawn Salois 2 months ago +1

    sounds like a fiction, how would dog sleep thru car trip and deposit at pound, hmm leaving now

  • Alice Soefje
    Alice Soefje 2 months ago

    I have found you can fast forward about 3/4 of the time and not missed much.

  • Eve Chandler
    Eve Chandler 2 months ago

    The music is overpowering... can barely hear the story....!!!!!

  • Ronald Meadows
    Ronald Meadows 2 months ago +1

    A pet is more work than a baby... I was raised with animals.. but didn't have one for a WHILE... then, one day I was told that this dog was about to be put down... why BECAUSE a little girl brought a BEAUTIFUL little puppy that was all fluffy and white.. now get this, he was a Alaskan Malamute, like 50% wolf... in 4 weeks he grew like 8 times his size.. she lived in a small one bedroom apartment... she gave up and gave him to a friend... in one more month he was bigger than most dogs... they couldn't handle him.. my son couldn't take him so he was calling everyone he knew trying to find him a home... my son knew me, and knew that I couldn't say no... so I got the call... this dog would just melt your hart... I have raised dog and other animals for sell.. a MAN'S gotta make a living right...
    But something about this dog, just made me look at him... he is snow white with the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes... and he is just so happy... they asked me if I would save him. ... from minute one, this dog came to me.. and he just knew I would be his MAN... I CAN'T even tell you just how wonderful this dog was.. I did everything I could for him. .. he passed now.. It's been 3 years ago.. to this day, I get up and first thing I think about is him.. I miss you little buddy.. RIP.... I'm so glad that I knew you...
    Damm it come back too me... you left me all alone...
    I have went back and read this like a hundred times.. I miss him that much. . And I don't talk about him much.. his name was, damm it I hate saying ( was)... Charakee... like a Indian warrior. ... he always knew where I was. .. I have a ton of stories about him. .. he was incredibly. . I so miss him. No matter how bad my day was, I always had him. . And he was so glad I was home with him. .... I never loved another like I did him... I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight thinking of him..... my best friend. ..

  • Louise Martin
    Louise Martin 2 months ago

    Gawd shut up and show the video. I hate this narrator so much.

  • Dirty PJ
    Dirty PJ 2 months ago

    Can someone tells me how this ends? I got bored after the first 60 seconds...

  • Celphone Samsung
    Celphone Samsung 2 months ago

    I never mind how long the Narration of this story but it inspires me and i love the background music

  • Sandra Conko
    Sandra Conko 2 months ago

    And on and on and on .boring

  • Chanel Woffard
    Chanel Woffard 2 months ago +11

    Really, a dog is going to sleep thru being picked up, carried to the car, and a drive to the dog pound? What pound is open at night? Waste of my time.

  • marty toledo
    marty toledo 2 months ago

    Man get to the point

  • Jocelynn M Pelaez
    Jocelynn M Pelaez 2 months ago

    Incredibly long. I wanted to hang myself

  • David Pyc
    David Pyc 2 months ago +3

    Now that the dog is happy and relaxed, while he's sleeping quietly drop him off at the pound.

    • David Pyc
      David Pyc 2 months ago

      @Carol Hewson of course I'm kidding

    • Carol Hewson
      Carol Hewson 2 months ago

      Are you kidding? Atrocious comment !!!!!!

  • V. Gorski
    V. Gorski 2 months ago

    What a long drawn out story . 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Zara Dimple
    Zara Dimple 2 months ago

    When are you going to conclude this useless narrative?

  • Peter Black
    Peter Black 2 months ago


  • Paul Drechsler
    Paul Drechsler 2 months ago


  • Cubes Anthony
    Cubes Anthony 2 months ago

    Yea my Doberman use to Do this , as well come close & just look deeply at my Face close up since a pup..
    When i.0pened my Eyes he just warlked away ..
    This Happened , for many many years until ,, i found out that my girlfriend , was Satan & was poisioning, me , Every day , i nearly died if it wasnt for the Dog that Attack Her one day , when i was s0 sick that i was bed ridden ,, for about a week .. she was coming to feed me ,, more poision ,, The dog hated Her & She hated the Dog . The Doberman saved my Life ,, was a nurse i could see exacly what was going on & Discoverd that she was poisioning me she took the food to the lab & Bingo , they found it )
    i Recoverd eventually ..kicked her out , & called the police ,, after some time had passed , she came back just like all Demons Do) to maybe finnish me 0ff .. i wasnt Home ,that day & some how she got into the House , took the massive huge Doberman away .. 0n his back leggs standing up He was taller than me & iam 6feet 5inchs tall , so you can imagine the size of the Dog ,,
    ive no idea How they are her over powered him & He wouldnt ever go to her .. but she got ridd of my Dogg ..
    i never ever found Him & i searched everywere , for years looking , Dog .
    in the End , she poisioned , my Brother & Killed my Mom ..
    RIP mom & David..

    • Sandra Greenidge
      Sandra Greenidge 2 months ago

      And what you did about it she should be brought to justice

  • Skye Hook
    Skye Hook 2 months ago

    I'd enjoy your stuff more if you'd cut to the chase! You make a good short story be long & not worth it. Long winded, & boring.

  • julie m
    julie m 2 months ago


  • Sophia Edwards
    Sophia Edwards 2 months ago

    Soooo sad but cute💔❣💕💘💖💝💟💞💓💗

  • ZhanaZee
    ZhanaZee 2 months ago

    Tooo friggin long and drawn out a hard pass for me

  • Marju Fernandes
    Marju Fernandes 2 months ago +1

    My pet cat and the dog stare at me always.