Chatting About Life, Racism, New Teeth, Kids, and Makeup! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Oct 30, 2017
  • I've partnered with Too Faced and their Better Than Sex Mascara for this tutorial :)
    Hi babes! Today I'm trying out some new and old makeup favorites, chatting about life, kids, and whatever is on my mind :) Enjoy! xo

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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  • IronAngel505
    IronAngel505 18 hours ago

    +Jackie Aina You do know people talk shit just to talk shit? -_- They are called "Trolls" and are drowning for attention. So thirsty.

  • J L
    J L 9 days ago

    people wouldnt be people if they didnt mind yo business. ugh, keep doing you boo! I love your channel!

  • Megan6772
    Megan6772 Month ago

    Naivete coming: how & why did putting on make~up come to be called “beat”? 😂 thanks in advance ~

  • D. meeks
    D. meeks Month ago

    Just came across your video and I appreciate you. You are correct to say that White ppl are not questioned about how much their content caters to other White ppl and exclude (even if not intentional) other groups of ppl. The same was said for Wakanda's mostly Black cast, but no one ever questions the mostly White cast we are all bombarded with daily in movies. Unfortunately, we are not expected to move away from the norms of society; we are mainly to shut up and color. Your videos help me immensely; so please continue doing what you do.

  • Nita The Diva
    Nita The Diva 2 months ago

    Holidays = 🤑🤑🤑cha Ching girl

  • Marie B
    Marie B 3 months ago

    I can tell you why because they are finally understanding what it feels like to be “left out”. They don’t like it, but the thing is that people of color have been left out or are still being left out. People who hate just don’t realize how much people of color are left out to fairer complexion. Don’t worry about the hate, and never feel the need to defend yourself because there is nothing to defend. You do you Jackie you are amazing!

  • Ngozi Campbell
    Ngozi Campbell 4 months ago

    I dont get to view a lot but you are always charged up!!Go get em girl

  • liselle sloan
    liselle sloan 4 months ago

    Actually, Jackie, they do slam white women, such as the creator of It Cosmetics, for not having enough dark shades. I really don't think that's fair, as a lot of very pale women have a hard time fading foundation shades, and she was clearly trying to cater to that niche market, which is totally understandable. She is just specializing in the kind of makeup she knows best; just as you are, which doesn't mean either one of you is non-inclusive whatsoever. I personally think there are just a lot of haters and trolls on YT who are going to trying to criticize you no matter what, as they have to put you down to build themselves up, alas. Not that there aren't actual racists out there, too, but I feel there are many more garden-variety trolls, lol.

  • jadaisha smith
    jadaisha smith 4 months ago +1


  • Latoya Edwards
    Latoya Edwards 4 months ago

    You are 100 percent correct, I have been mixing foundation since I started wearing makeup; always having to be buy two. You are representing a skin tone that is always overlooked....they have 99 and still mad at the baffles me.

  • bts and gunsnroses
    bts and gunsnroses 4 months ago


  • cdegangedc
    cdegangedc 4 months ago +1

    I’m surprised anyone comes after you for focusing on what works for you. I watch all of your videos and am obviously very pale. You’re always helpful and always entertaining. Keep doing what you do, lady!!

  • Maddy Pardue
    Maddy Pardue 4 months ago +1

    It's currently 4 am and I'm getting ready for work with Jackie-O ❤

  • Max Ammo
    Max Ammo 4 months ago

    Drinking game, every time Jackie says peach/peachy.

  • Nia Hudgins
    Nia Hudgins 4 months ago +1

    i call my grandma roro

  • Nia Hudgins
    Nia Hudgins 4 months ago +1

    dinner at 10?

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    You need to do a out and about day -- please

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    unbelievable that peps be asking you about having children -- i have two a daughter shes 29 and son 24 -- stick with your career girl - your already going places

  • Ana Cifuentes
    Ana Cifuentes 5 months ago +1

    Excuse me Ma’am 🙋🏻‍♀️your natural lashes are out of control!! I love them!!!!😍

  • Ana Cifuentes
    Ana Cifuentes 5 months ago +2

    I can’t even put into words how I feel about your channel. I absolutely love all your content. You are hilarious, I love your personality and what you stand for. Thank you for not being afraid to be you. Thank you for being real. You are my new favorite. By the way me and my 10 year old love your intro song “Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie” so I am obsessed. ❤️❤️❤️sending you love from Miami.

  • J
    J 5 months ago +1

    I love how you always just go with the flow while doing your makeup. You create looks as you go and they always turn out so amazing. You are so creative and beautiful.

  • gscar17
    gscar17 5 months ago +1

    I'm a white girl and I LOVE how pro-black you are. You're such an inspiration to so many girls of darker complexion, and you're an inspiration to me as a makeup artist to get just as good as working with dark skin as I am with light skin! Thank you for everything you put out into the world❤️ I learn so much from your videos and get to constantly practice all of your tips on my friends! 👉🏼pro-black does't mean anti- everything else👈🏼

  • None Ofyourbusiness
    None Ofyourbusiness 5 months ago

    I already liked you. But respect is something I think people should earn. And you were on a roll with earning it already with me, but this video SEALED THE DEAL FOR ME GURL!!! I like and respect what you're doing and your unapologetic representation of melanated people! Kudos and big ups to you!! 😏

  • keya panchal
    keya panchal 5 months ago +1

    yess i love these chat vids !

  • Madeleine Templet
    Madeleine Templet 6 months ago

    This is an old video and you’ll probably never see this comment but I’m probably the whitest person I know complexion wise and I’m still one of your biggest fans. I never found that you were anti anything. I’m a fan of yours because I can tell you’re a good person and I watch you because I love your personality and I genuinely laugh and vibe with you plus you’re so talented. Love you!

  • Candace Golden
    Candace Golden 6 months ago

    I love and am so prod that you represent the brown skin girls! You are truly making things happen for us everywhere!

  • Nikki Daniels
    Nikki Daniels 6 months ago

    Jackie I love you for being so honest! keep up the good work.

  • msnobehavior69
    msnobehavior69 6 months ago

    Hey Jackie what did you spray on your brush when you were applying your eyeshadows?

  • Rutendo Chizunza
    Rutendo Chizunza 7 months ago

    About babies, thank you for that! It's so triggering

  • S P
    S P 7 months ago

    LOL I am white as friggin snow lol and I LOVE your channel....gah....dammit you are awesome lol

  • Shania Vassell
    Shania Vassell 7 months ago

    Have the same one!!

  • Brittany Daniels
    Brittany Daniels 8 months ago

    OMG... I legit just subscribed to you maybe an hour ago... AND thank you so much for just being you, ur make up is amazing but you’re just the shit to me!!!

  • Pam G
    Pam G 8 months ago

    Amen Jackie!!! You make some excellent points. I am a light skinned black woman & I love you & the content on your channel. I really appreciate your honesty & candor not just w/make-up but also w/other issued pertaining to women. Keep it up!!

  • crazyincolorado
    crazyincolorado 8 months ago

    Certain people don’t understand that you can have two thoughts at once. Haters are gonna hate. Love your videos!

  • BlackGirlGuidance
    BlackGirlGuidance 8 months ago

    Your preview captions on the new layout say "check it check it check it". Not Jackie Jackie Jackie 😭

  • ddbob 1
    ddbob 1 8 months ago

    You wanted braces too?! I always wated braces as a kid, but the dumb dentits wouldnt let me lol

  • Ashley Faye
    Ashley Faye 8 months ago

    Jackiejackiejackiejackie! You are my absolute favorite influencer on TVclip, and I'm AH-BVIOUSLY as light as they get. I'm just so into your entire vibe and your personality that I take away so much more from your videos than foundation shade. I got you up on my TV every day because you are so entertaining and funny and POSITIVE. I adore the strong women who are not afraid to speak their minds, regardless of the color of their skin...and you happen to be my numba one! Keep serving us the REALNESS, and I will never get tired of watching you do you!

  • Vernice Didier
    Vernice Didier 8 months ago

    jackie girllll !!!!! I'm sitting here talking back to u aka the laptop screen lol having my 5 year old asking "mummy u going crazy" who u talking too?

  • Tessa Torrez
    Tessa Torrez 8 months ago

    I’m pretty disappointed in myself for just now making my way to your channel but I am HOOKED. subscribed ✔️❤️

  • Velerea Mcgraw
    Velerea Mcgraw 8 months ago

    Absolutely love you and your honesty keep inspiring all women of color, you don't hear non people of color questioning why they don't have a certain product it's because they have all the products.

  • jeniffer nunez
    jeniffer nunez 8 months ago

    I'm a light skin Mexican with color eyes and I know me and you don't come close to looking like each other but, I have recently discover your channel & 🙋🏼 I'm here for it!!! I really like it and enjoy it. I like how you say it how it is and keep it funny but don't go too far with it. I hope you understand & thank you for your service!!

  • Susan Obi
    Susan Obi 9 months ago +2

    Jackie, I can imagine how you feel about the having kids question. I have 3 kids and family and friends keep asking me when am I going to have more kids😩. I work full time and none of these people asking these questions help with childcare! One relative had the audacity to say that if I want to hold my husband down, I need to have many children!!!!! The mentality of some people 😏😟😱

  • Layla MacIntyre
    Layla MacIntyre 9 months ago

    This look is sooo cute

  • Lyndsie Holmes
    Lyndsie Holmes 9 months ago

    You are such an inspiration, Jackie. Keep up the good work, Queen!

  • Kiara ferguson
    Kiara ferguson 9 months ago

    AUNTIE JACKIE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAMERA AND EQUIPMENT YOU USE! your video quality is always so bomb

  • chillinebony
    chillinebony 9 months ago

    So empowering, I'm happy I found your channel

  • Ashley Lackey
    Ashley Lackey 9 months ago

    Jackie, I just recently came across you and I’m enjoying watching each video. I love how real you are. I’m a white woman and love your authenticity and you have given me a new perspective on the beauty industry. I love that you open eyes to how flawed the beauty industry is. Love everything about you!

  • ILikeCuteCats AndICannotLie

    Is it just me, or does Jackie kind of look like Liza Koshy (at least her eyes when she's not wearing makeup)? No shade! 💜 Personally, I think that would be such an awesome collab. 😊

  • boriqua510
    boriqua510 9 months ago

    I've been binging on all Jackie and Jackie and Dennis all morning. Nothin like being lazy in bed and chillen with auntie Jackie😂

  • Auryanna Carrasca
    Auryanna Carrasca 9 months ago


  • CassidyPageMusic
    CassidyPageMusic 9 months ago

    I just now discovered you and I absolutely love you and your channel! I recently bought Too Faced - Born This Way (Golden Beige) and it is LITERALLY the only foundation that has matched my skin! I have been trying to find the perfect one for years and that foundation is the only that covers and matches! To know someone like you is out there working to make a line better, is extremely appreciated. Keep doing ya thing girl!

  • Shellie Matter
    Shellie Matter 9 months ago

    Im am white, and I don't feel like you're all about anything. I love watching your channel and I never feel excluded from your content. I even watch your natural hair care videos, and ENJOY them!! I love your fashion hauls, and your fashion Nova videos are CRAZY helpful to me, because as an Italian women I have a curvy shape. I will continue to watch your channel and screw anyone who can't see you for what you really are!!!

  • Michelle Salinas
    Michelle Salinas 9 months ago

    “My family is...dysfunctional.” same😂😂

  • Agnes Zajac
    Agnes Zajac 9 months ago

    You are my favorite beauty guru Jackie! You are different from others by how it feels like you are showing your real personality and that you just let it all out. And your not afraid to talk about issues that people like to push under the rug, and it actually educates me. Love ya

  • thedodimonster
    thedodimonster 10 months ago

    I’ve found you very recently and have been watching your videos OBSESSIVELY! While our skin tones are not the same, it’s amazing to watch a blogger who is a person of color and is talking about the shades out there for brown folks. Also your personality is so fun and real, smart and funny. Appreciate you being out here telling it like it is and living your life. It inspires me. So thank you ❤️

  • Gabrielle Alley
    Gabrielle Alley 10 months ago

    Love what you stand for 💗

  • Kirstie Green
    Kirstie Green 10 months ago

    WOW 😮. Your makeup is fantastic!!! I’ve watched your videos over the years and this video by far as your face looking flawless! Love it!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • hippopajamas
    hippopajamas 10 months ago

    "I'm glowing because I'm a child of God okay??"

  • Rachel sara Lewis
    Rachel sara Lewis 10 months ago

    We have children and I am constantly asked when the next child is? I have loads thanks

  • Tabbithe Urvina
    Tabbithe Urvina 10 months ago

    you’ve taught me such a better way of doing my eyeshadow i love it 😍 it’s so much easier. after watching so many of your videos i have found my my eyeshadow type has stepped up xoxo

  • Tabbithe Urvina
    Tabbithe Urvina 10 months ago

    i seriously have been binge watching your videos ever since i subscribed! you are such an amazing, honest, loving and down to earth. i love how energizing you are! you’re seriously beautiful!

  • EmxAtem
    EmxAtem 10 months ago

    It's crazy that people believe you only care about black people...I think you are incredibly inclusive and just want to help others that don't have as many options because they are not included in the mainstream market. I watch your videos EVERY DAY and have never felt that you "only care about black people."

  • Logan Mil
    Logan Mil 10 months ago

    Girl you aren’t anti anything you’re EVERYTHING! Ive got about 0% melanin and im obsessed with your channel. I love your message and your humor and your talent. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and thank you for speaking up for the minorities!! The world needs more people like you, especially in the beauty community

  • Jasmine Valiente
    Jasmine Valiente 10 months ago

    Personally I am light-skinned so I try to stay out of these type of conversations especially lately because I myself has been confronted with I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm not even dark so why would I care but in truth I do care and I truly don't understand how other people either don't care or supposedly don't think that there is a disadvantage towards darker people and literally every aspect of life including Beauty. I'm at a point that when white or light skin black Latina Asian whatever people try to either deny that colorism or racism is an issue or try to flip the script and act like black or dark-skinned people are the racist ones for speaking out against Injustice that they're just having some type of superiority complex they're so used to everything being about them that the second it isn't it's like oh my God but what about me.

  • Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED

    girl just be happy and dont worry about ppl say im proud

  • Aghavni Minasyan
    Aghavni Minasyan 10 months ago

    Good for you. Why are people so afraid of others having opinions and priorities? I grew up in a country where there were no black people, and honestly, I am happy for all the education, and also, you have to be blind to not see that there is dent in every field.

  • Mitchell Sóbczak
    Mitchell Sóbczak 10 months ago

    I love you so much Jackie 💛 I'll always be here for you

  • Mandy Grove
    Mandy Grove 10 months ago

    I'm glowing because I'm a child of God!! Yes girl!!

  • MHD
    MHD 10 months ago

    This is actually one of my favorite videos from Jackie

  • tia carr
    tia carr 10 months ago

    Can One unsubscribe and subscribe again??? Asking for a friend 👀

  • Daisy Casique
    Daisy Casique 10 months ago

    like she said “latina” im living!! work for proper termonology!!

  • Daisy Casique
    Daisy Casique 10 months ago

    YASS QWEEN YASS im mexicana n i feel her so much!! work sis.

  • Genesis McGee
    Genesis McGee 10 months ago

    Society wants people of color to tolerate everyone else. But no one wants to tolerate people of color.

  • Stephanie Massey
    Stephanie Massey 10 months ago


  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 10 months ago

    I am so so so sorry your stores dont habe drug stores' have all the Milani.

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson 10 months ago

    Everytime you say, "It's really pretty." All I hear is Mean Girls when she's like, " you think you're really pretty."

  • Polly D
    Polly D 10 months ago

    People on the internet don’t understand that liking one thing doesn’t mean you dislike something else

  • Polly D
    Polly D 10 months ago

    I already try to keep updated on this but which makeup brands are the worst in terms of shade range for darker skin? And which are the best? I don’t have loads of money but I try and do what I can in terms of supporting the right brands 💖

  • Haydee Mullins
    Haydee Mullins 10 months ago +1

    I have extremely fair skin and I thoroughly enjoy all of your videos!!! Just because your using colors that don't match me, doesn't mean I can't learn from you. I actually really really appreciate how real you are about products you review compared to most Beauty gurus. I've never thought you specifically only think darker skin tones struggle more than others.

  • Laura Fleming
    Laura Fleming 10 months ago +1

    I just discovered you, Jackie - WHAT HAVE I EVEN BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE??? You are so hilarious and I love your honesty. I’m so happy you are standing up for the ladies who deserve to have more make up that fits for them, more models that look like them ,and more brands paying attention to their needs!! Also, that Milani blush is stunnnnnningggggg on you xoxo

  • Sharlieey
    Sharlieey 10 months ago

    I know that I'm hella late, but when you were speaking about self worth and accomplishments, I had to comment. This is something I so relate to. It's so easy to feel like I should be measured by what I have done. This creates so much pressure to produce and perform. I am so happy that you are working on a project that not only means so so much to you, but means so much to people everywhere.

  • lauren britton
    lauren britton 10 months ago

    I totally agree on the baby question thing! But on the other hand of the spectrum is how hurtful it is when someone tells you not to have kids now! I had someone do that today! I’m 23 and it is no one else’s damn business but mine and my partners if we do or don’t have kids now or later. Sorry lol I know I’m a little salty about that.

  • Vivian Sessoms
    Vivian Sessoms 10 months ago


  • Victoria Lin
    Victoria Lin 10 months ago

    Honestly though, Better Than Sex is the best mascara I’ve ever used.

  • Noemi Lopez
    Noemi Lopez 10 months ago

    "Im Glowing, cause Im a child of God" hahahahaha PREACH JACKIE!!!!!!!!

  • Marcela Linares
    Marcela Linares 10 months ago


  • Monica Frutos
    Monica Frutos 10 months ago

    Thank you for speaking up about the pressure of being 30 with no kids yet. I hate that question too! Like we as woman are meant to do more in this life than to just procreate. Lol I love your sense of humor and energy. Subscribing to your channel was a good idea!

  • Aisha
    Aisha 10 months ago


  • Dana Harris
    Dana Harris 10 months ago


  • Gaby
    Gaby 10 months ago

    Is Jackie still in the army?

  • rubie rabbit
    rubie rabbit 10 months ago

    Thank you for using your platform to talk about Black and POC folks💖 keep doing you girl you're slaying 😍 thank you for existing!!💜💜💜

  • Sandra Andrews
    Sandra Andrews 11 months ago

    Nevermind what those haters say, U GO GUUURRRLLLL!! 😀😀😀 From Sandra in New York 🗽

  • Dhay Barr
    Dhay Barr 11 months ago

    Congratulations babe!!!! Beyond happy for you,your a beautiful person & glad your making such a difference out here

  • Grace Holgerson
    Grace Holgerson 11 months ago

    You’re amazing regardless, I’m white and I still learn things from your videos. I just like watching your videos and listening to how knowledgeable and personable you are, all the while you’re helping an huge group of people. Sorry I’m commenting late I’ve just been watching old videos lately😂

  • Deaion Banks
    Deaion Banks 11 months ago

    😳Omg...I have a tooth like that too 😂😑🙄 I hate it in do time she gonna get right have a few more steps before I get to her

  • Kamia Gardner
    Kamia Gardner 11 months ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie... gives me life every time. 😩

  • Candace Coulson
    Candace Coulson 11 months ago

    I seriously do not understand why Everyone isn't subscribed to you. You're very fun.

  • C no evil.
    C no evil. 11 months ago

    Your facial structure looks like Whitney Houston.

  • BeautyBree Wrote
    BeautyBree Wrote 11 months ago

    I wonder if Suzanne from Trader Joe's is watching this 🤣

  • gokarengo
    gokarengo 11 months ago

    Your own eyelashes are like mine. Pretty!!