😈 CORRUPTING Children's COLORING BOOKS - and Coloring Them In!!

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
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Comments • 11 889

  • The Angry Yumm
    The Angry Yumm 6 hours ago

    The mustache on the train. I had to stop there. This will haunt my dreams.

  • _*_ BenZX _*_
    _*_ BenZX _*_ 8 hours ago +1

    Jazza: Coloring-in Book's
    *Yeet boi has joined the chat*
    *Tracer has joined the chat*
    *Uganda knuckles has joined the chat*
    *Da Lottery has joined the chat*
    *Hamiltrash has joined the chat*
    *Hit or miss has joined the chat*

  • C S
    C S 10 hours ago


  • 「 Alex plays 」《 Wolfie 》

    How kids arenot terrified from Thomas?s

  • Its_your_boy_ gaz
    Its_your_boy_ gaz 18 hours ago

    4.4 million!!!

    EVIL_ DRUMMER 18 hours ago

    Damn how somebody so high skilled with the pen is so silly at making "jokes"??


  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali 18 hours ago +1

    Is Paul the train kinda lookin like Hitler 🤔

  • Alex Shi
    Alex Shi 20 hours ago

    7:55 is Paul Hitler in disguise?

  • Tazmyra Guthrie
    Tazmyra Guthrie 22 hours ago

    congrats if u have more kids

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato 22 hours ago +1

    This fellows name is
    5 decades later...


  • Zombiedino
    Zombiedino Day ago

    Not a single comment about the nazi joke at 5:53

  • DJ Lt designer
    DJ Lt designer Day ago

    Me personally let's just say the Thomas picture I would make the dude wear a coat and then yeah pretty much an open coat facing the train twisted

  • Terrence Amerna
    Terrence Amerna Day ago


  • Inactive Sub
    Inactive Sub Day ago

    click bait lol

  • Peyton Martin
    Peyton Martin Day ago +3

    well ummm this is a little weird. Captain America was in love with Peggy......

  • Nuklier XPlosion

    I thought the first one would actually have the babies as actual demons haunting them

  • Liam Hartley Playz
    Liam Hartley Playz Day ago +1

    Is it just me or does the train look like hitler

  • rinn _
    rinn _ Day ago

    For the Thomas the train one I think the train is going to eat that guy🤣

  • Blueberry Ice
    Blueberry Ice Day ago

    7:55 kinda reminds me of the *”hacking mask”........*

  • Insert Cringey Name

    Captain Peggy. And Steve's love interest was called Peggy. Coincidence? I think not.

    Just saying, this is a joke. I know Jazza said Captain Peggy because of the peg arm.

  • Tryhard JR
    Tryhard JR Day ago

    I need moreee

  • The Gacha Hamiltrash

    7:20 Paul voice though!!!!! I love it.

  • Cooper Tackley
    Cooper Tackley 2 days ago

    That man said David instead of jolly rodger😂

  • Jill Culver
    Jill Culver 2 days ago

    Well if your a good artist draw something 💥! Drawing :)

  • Caroline Fry
    Caroline Fry 2 days ago

    He should do a video like this again

  • Gamergirl Green
    Gamergirl Green 2 days ago

    Me: Did he just call Christoph Hanz?!

  • Mad Luna
    Mad Luna 2 days ago

    Cap x agent Carter = Captain Peggy

  • Emily Chase
    Emily Chase 2 days ago +1

    Dude, I think you have a little too much freedom. Lol

  • 「 tea leaf 」
    「 tea leaf 」 2 days ago

    His First picture, the Frozen one, he looked like Gordon Ramsey.

  • Lydia Silverwood
    Lydia Silverwood 2 days ago

    Paul you donkey oh sorry when ott

  • Karen Brown
    Karen Brown 2 days ago

    I am a kid

  • ShadowPlayz 49
    ShadowPlayz 49 3 days ago

    Frank the Tank

  • Harry Rumble
    Harry Rumble 3 days ago

    Paul looks like hitler

  • Maddy J
    Maddy J 3 days ago

    This was not really corrupted. This was just strange.

  • Syd TheWolfQuestFan
    Syd TheWolfQuestFan 3 days ago

    I spell coloring "colouring" because I'm Canadian but I love the thumbnail lol, is it Elsa with her middle finger up? Lmao

  • Chrysolite Vagai
    Chrysolite Vagai 3 days ago

    Kid channels when there older

  • Kyra Rijsdijk
    Kyra Rijsdijk 3 days ago

    "hErE iS mE t-ShIrT"

  • Gamerdog 44515
    Gamerdog 44515 3 days ago

    Everywere else-colorining

  • Kit da cat
    Kit da cat 3 days ago

    We're gonna make him Captin Am-- *AND PEGGY!*

  • Leanne Birchenough
    Leanne Birchenough 4 days ago

    Rather get a cup of coffee then a stupid coloring book. Sorry.

  • Niko Omilano
    Niko Omilano 4 days ago

    Great thumbnail ...

  • Promo Solutions
    Promo Solutions 4 days ago

    Part 2 please 🐷

  • Shannan Alexander
    Shannan Alexander 4 days ago


  • DatDragon Boi
    DatDragon Boi 4 days ago

    pls do more of this

  • robofox 97
    robofox 97 4 days ago

    captain disabled

  • Mariah Quinn
    Mariah Quinn 4 days ago

    My mums cousins name is Paul but he died

  • D Moyers
    D Moyers 4 days ago

    for the Thomas the train you should have done graffiti

  • Jakub Rekowski
    Jakub Rekowski 4 days ago

    8:00 I recognise that face

  • Elísa Sigurðardóttir


  • AvoTato 169
    AvoTato 169 5 days ago

    im glad im not the only none who is grossed out by stickers

  • Pigeons
    Pigeons 5 days ago

    captin peggy carter

  • Xnibixx gamzX
    Xnibixx gamzX 5 days ago

    There’s me there’s me there’s me t’shirt

  • Ash of Astora
    Ash of Astora 5 days ago

    Rather than just coloring-in IN the coloring-in book.....

  • Penelope
    Penelope 5 days ago

    I cannot express how much I HATE Paul

  • Kaitlyn Peed
    Kaitlyn Peed 6 days ago

    Aww Captain Americas lady's name is Peggy. What a great video!

  • waqeem khan
    waqeem khan 6 days ago +5

    no joke jazza that train you drew looked like if adolf hitler had a crossover in thomas

  • abdulsalam deiri
    abdulsalam deiri 6 days ago

    U just took away my child hood

  • Jonathan Sliver Studios

    I like how you called captain America’s redesign captain Peggy because Peggy Carter was who he dated

  • Pema Yankey
    Pema Yankey 6 days ago +1

    Beware any 6 year old children........
    Jazza is not always family friendly..………

  • Ollie Da Skeleton
    Ollie Da Skeleton 7 days ago +1

    The Thomas one looks like a pedi file trying to get it on with the person he’s getting killed by

  • Semper Girl
    Semper Girl 7 days ago

    I have been photo copying my colouring ins since I was 5 (my nan would photo copy them until I was 9) I’m now 13

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 7 days ago

    Instead of Captain Peggy, it should be Captain Stubby🤣

  • NaeNae Go Cool
    NaeNae Go Cool 7 days ago +1

    The Tomas one😭😭😭😭😭

  • MrOverNub
    MrOverNub 7 days ago +1

    *Jazza is officially a Virgin*

  • EeveeThãtPokèmoñ
    EeveeThãtPokèmoñ 7 days ago

    You’re Characters is ugly

  • J lemeery
    J lemeery 8 days ago

    My brother and watches un child support bills most likely to get demonized videos. he watches jazza. I watch you... SIMILARITiES (we also both play mc (Minecraft

  • J lemeery
    J lemeery 8 days ago

    When you click this as an 8 year old almost nine only 7 days awAy : my life is a mess, the heck why am I watching this .

    you 8 years later : Ahaha! Love it. Totally didn't question why I watched it as an 8 year old

  • Etsu - Kookie
    Etsu - Kookie 8 days ago +2

    "Captain Peggy"

    Me: *Busts down door*

    (Hamilton reference T^T don't hurt meh)

  • Galaxy gamer
    Galaxy gamer 8 days ago

    I can erase colouring books!

  • scully DAWG
    scully DAWG 8 days ago

    10:34 sounds like DDE intro😂

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil 8 days ago

    Yeah nah this and you are critically fucked

  • Rainbow Dimaculangan


  • Aya's Avakin
    Aya's Avakin 9 days ago

    You're so creative!!! 💓✌


    The man should be peeing and doing graffiti on the Tomas train

  • Navillate Gacha
    Navillate Gacha 9 days ago

    And Peggy

  • The Jones'
    The Jones' 9 days ago

    We cant even see the art after you make it

  • Mamie Rodgers
    Mamie Rodgers 9 days ago +1

    Can u color more people of color please

  • Family Miller
    Family Miller 10 days ago

    American Person: Elsa and Anna
    Jazza: Elsa and Anner

  • Ema Robinson
    Ema Robinson 10 days ago

    When jazza said we can do something wuth thiz i got really dirty minded

  • Christy Paxson
    Christy Paxson 10 days ago

    Angelica, Eliza, and Captain Peggy

  • Lacker Of Frames
    Lacker Of Frames 10 days ago

    I Mean Come On. The 2nd One. Just Evil.

  • lazinea 1
    lazinea 1 10 days ago

    If yo dont have a homeboy you got to be your own boy
    By Albert

  • Sunshine0144 0
    Sunshine0144 0 10 days ago

    I have a sticker phobia too!!!

  • Spiros Simatis
    Spiros Simatis 10 days ago

    You should have made the balloon man pennywise

  • XxCelestexXWolf Cruz,Cristal y Coral!

    the thomas one was kinda inappropriat cause it says dinner time infront of a childhood traing and it was funny

  • exegamer7706 -RB
    exegamer7706 -RB 11 days ago

    I do the spongebob laugh baaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • KingChub69
    KingChub69 11 days ago

    5:53 HITLER

  • teetice
    teetice 11 days ago

    Why is everyone obsessed when he said Captain Peggy

  • I Am A Cookie
    I Am A Cookie 11 days ago

    I once quit art for 3 years because I was coloring in a t rex and my brother jumped me and made me make a line go right out of the page, I don't regret it at all because it's funny to say

    No the t rex is not finished

  • Nrdin Afife
    Nrdin Afife 11 days ago

    Jazza: I can make Hans into myself
    Me: it's kristoff🙍

  • Robot_Rowan
    Robot_Rowan 11 days ago

    Captain America rreeee

  • HedgehogFreak
    HedgehogFreak 12 days ago

    I'm dying XDDDDDDD Jazza, the jolly Rodger is the flag, not the hat 😂
    Also this is reminding me of that one time that Cap stole Crissbones' costume to infiltrate the super secret villain club XD

  • It’s me Amelie
    It’s me Amelie 12 days ago +1

    Witch marvel fans were happy by “captain Peggy”

  • Dani Nichole
    Dani Nichole 13 days ago


  • Peggy Gordon
    Peggy Gordon 13 days ago

    My names peggy

  • maged play games the best games

    My Cilid hood is Good now

  • EZ Clapz
    EZ Clapz 13 days ago

    Joshing thats how you know he’s like fifty

  • corrina mclaughlon
    corrina mclaughlon 13 days ago

    No I can not do that this is family friendly
    Well ..............
    Who cares ☠️💀

  • Honey Mist
    Honey Mist 14 days ago

    When all of the colouring in books are spelled "colour" but the title of the video is spelled "color".

  • MattTheGameGuy
    MattTheGameGuy 14 days ago

    captain America's was a missoppertunity to name him Peggy Carter