Think You're Good at Dumb Skill Games? | Let's Play IRL #7

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Vat19 plays a game of I Got This! and we see who makes the best guesses and completes the most challenges.
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    If you've got a competitive streak, a weird talent for mastering silly and useless skills, or just like fun, you and your fam are sure to enjoy I Got This. The game's name describes the mentality you need to assume to conquer each of the nine rounds and win the game.
    Roll the dice to determine the category, pick up a card, and work through one of the 100 challenges using the included accessories. Rank your confidence and bet on how well you’ll do walking with ping pong balls between your knees, rolling a button, guessing the distance between two points, or tossing a ring on a knickknack in your living room.
    No matter how good you are at these silly tasks, we’re confident you’ll have a good time.
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    Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.
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Comments • 1 094

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +390

    What game do you want to see us play IRL?

  • Twirl Kailey
    Twirl Kailey 7 hours ago

    How did jon win??

  • AJ Olesen
    AJ Olesen Day ago +1

    wait a minute, if you don't lose points, why not just do 9 for all of them?

  • Young Don The Sauce God

    Do u have a version in centimeters

  • Delilah Scott
    Delilah Scott 3 days ago +1

    Everybody else when I break my left arm: Oh at least is wasn’t your good hand Delilah!
    Everybody else: OMG HOW DO YOU WRITE LKE THAT

  • smarty pants
    smarty pants 4 days ago

    I heard that too

  • W.Bulldogs AUS Greece

    Kara really annoys me I don’t like her

  • Doing Something Different

    7:44 at 19 or VAT19 yeah boiiiii

  • Charlie Deegan
    Charlie Deegan 11 days ago

    You forgot round eight

  • Jordan Hing
    Jordan Hing 14 days ago +1

    i love vat19!!!!!!

  • Unicorn lovers for ever and ever

    My mom and aunt work for Brady Peterson and he made this game which probably makes hi really happy that you guys are playing this. FYI can you also play otrio

  • Jake  Giessner
    Jake Giessner 15 days ago

    Dude looks like B.J. Blazkowitz

    • L1amh3
      L1amh3 11 days ago

      Jake Giessner I was just thinking that

  • Weirdness_YT
    Weirdness_YT 16 days ago +1

    Awesome vid!!!!!

  • Marisa Minerd
    Marisa Minerd 17 days ago

    I just realized the game master in every episode wears the same outfit 😂that nice shirt and jacket

  • Pink fluffy312
    Pink fluffy312 17 days ago +1

    Yummmm I want in and out yummmm 😋 😋

  • harrison eubanks
    harrison eubanks 19 days ago

    Why would you not just do 9 every turn there has to be a rule right?

  • Jeff Reignier Arcega


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  • Random W1th zBAzz
    Random W1th zBAzz 21 day ago

    8:50,8:51 wtf was that

  • omega o big o chungus
    omega o big o chungus 22 days ago

    Jon created cause his numbers bounced up twice one time he was supposed to have 18 and it went to 19 and next he didn't earn any points one round and he went to 22

  • Legow Madarparker
    Legow Madarparker 22 days ago +1

    10:28 - 10:38 I laugh so bad

  • Max Pattison
    Max Pattison 23 days ago +1


  • ASM Randomness
    ASM Randomness 23 days ago

    I’m a lefty toooooo

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith 24 days ago +1

    Why wouldn’t they wager 9 every time if even if they get it wrong, they don’t get any points deducted

    • Rachael Hoving
      Rachael Hoving 23 days ago

      You can only wager a number (1-9) once, so they wouldn't be able to.

  • Isabella Nut
    Isabella Nut 25 days ago

    Adam looks like the reverend from unbreakable kimmy Schmitt

  • Elizabeth Shortsleeve
    Elizabeth Shortsleeve 27 days ago +1

    How were you not able to to do the ring challenge it’s easy

    THEWOLFE LORD 27 days ago

    DO A lets play irl with fans

  • Space Boy
    Space Boy 29 days ago


  • Naveeed Gamer7
    Naveeed Gamer7 29 days ago

    When the ring gose on the hand you you pinky finger and you thumb to Catch it easy

    UNICORN CAKE Month ago

    Adam is left handed! me too

    UNICORN CAKE Month ago

    I'll win at for people who aren't that good at games game

  • CandyUnicorn :P
    CandyUnicorn :P Month ago

    I kind of want to try that koolaid powder...

  • 1000 subscribers without a single video challenge

    Wait, at 6:18 Jon has 18 points but at 6:34 he has 19????

    Edit oh yeah and at 9:14 he has 22?

    • C Tom
      C Tom Month ago

      Teo Grunhut maybe skipped few rounds and Jon somehow got point in skipped round. Did you ever notice 18 to 19 and Jon never did one? He also never wagered 3

    • 1000 subscribers without a single video challenge
      1000 subscribers without a single video challenge Month ago

      +C Tom but did you watch it he doesn't get more points

    • C Tom
      C Tom Month ago

      Because your skipping times foward so it makes sense

  • KawaiiUniCat Life
    KawaiiUniCat Life Month ago

    5:14 they do like a ripple thing

  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez Month ago

    I used to eat the whole thing in days

  • Asking Fire
    Asking Fire Month ago

    Why did jons points jump up

  • gaybee
    gaybee Month ago

    my brother and i would actually take spoonfuls of the lemonade koolaid powder and eat it as a snack
    eventually my mom stopped buying it :c

  • giraffe912
    giraffe912 Month ago

    Anyone else thinks the presenter looks like captain america?

  • Brian Bravo
    Brian Bravo Month ago

    You know the Cool Aid powder is bad when your mouth starts watering as soon as they put it in their mouths 😂 💀

    JAELYN BEAVOR Month ago +1

    John and Joey look like Scott Lang from ant man and ant man and the wasp

  • Ethan It!
    Ethan It! Month ago +2

    Anyone else notice how Jon’s score increases in between rounds at about 6:10 - 6:40 ?

  • Wajeeha Y
    Wajeeha Y 2 months ago

    6:00 just offended 12 percent of the human population

  • BloodCat Studios
    BloodCat Studios 2 months ago

    my tactic for the "knee to bottom of floor" is to measure my arm against my lower leg which is lower arm sized and divide the wingspan answer by 4

  • Emmazilla 17
    Emmazilla 17 2 months ago

    Is Adam left handed??

  • Ally Isaac
    Ally Isaac 2 months ago

    Kara and I are both lefties lol

  • HI
    HI 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who saw that jon was wearing a fitbit charge 3

  • Hannah Seabaugh
    Hannah Seabaugh 2 months ago

    How did John go from 19 to 22 when he did not get the points

  • Alightminer8 OFFICIAL Team PewDiePie

    There’s a frick up in the round numbers!
    It goes 1 2 3 4 6 7 9!
    5:04 6:22 8:00 9:18
    Just to let everyone know, each of the rounds last almost one minute.

  • Pierce1331
    Pierce1331 3 months ago

    The only reason John got the ping pong one is because he breathed out and it pushed the ping pong

  • Ellas_gaming
    Ellas_gaming 3 months ago

    I hate how John said “well I’m a normal person and I’m actually right handed” I really got offended and I am left handed and I felt left out

  • Elliemays life
    Elliemays life 3 months ago +49

    1 like equals a 2 because I want a part two

    OMG OMG 3 months ago

    On 9:08 Jon had nineteen points AND on 9:14 he had 22😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    SOFIA RIVERA 3 months ago

    And Kara wins again!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄👧🏼👧🏼👧🏼

  • Sean M
    Sean M 3 months ago

    Kara is 🔥

  • ColdFusion
    ColdFusion 3 months ago

    V19 are the biggest sell out

  • Ari Frerer Productio aka Wasabi Ari Productions

    It’s not my birthday 🎂
    My dog isn’t dead 🐶
    Can I get a like for simply not lying

  • Seferderd
    Seferderd 3 months ago

    I love pure lemon kool aid powder

  • Chance Rath
    Chance Rath 3 months ago

    How did Jon suddenly go from 19 to 22 points on the end of the eighth challenge 9:08 ?

  • Pedro Henrique Gouveia Nishida

    She’s name is kara? Like on undertale

  • alex huskey
    alex huskey 3 months ago

    If I lost I would enjoy having to eat all that and more

  • Mike Sales
    Mike Sales 3 months ago

    I'm puckering just looking at this.

  • Craziness Crater
    Craziness Crater 3 months ago

    I love you guys

  • Chenlan Guo
    Chenlan Guo 3 months ago

    Jon got 3 points no reason 9:10

    • Tracie Cooper
      Tracie Cooper 3 months ago

      I think he got 3 points for the unseen Round Eight.

  • Jaida Soliman
    Jaida Soliman 3 months ago

    Joey and Kara are t best intro

  • MBE 010
    MBE 010 3 months ago

    5:49 edit mistake

  • Leonard Saikali élève

    You need to do this stuff like a lot

  • Connor Woodbury
    Connor Woodbury 4 months ago

    adam is by FAR the best

  • Annika Peachy pie
    Annika Peachy pie 4 months ago

    I hate non dominate hand questions coz I’m ambidextrous

  • Narf Fuentes
    Narf Fuentes 4 months ago

    I’m so confused why is this a video

  • lisa roy
    lisa roy 4 months ago

    Adam is handsome, I'm single=lets make a baby..oh wait, no babies, let's go on a date

  • Bendycupheadsonic Lilwhipz 4025

    they rigged it 9:03 to 9:13 Jon had 19 turned into a 22 even tho he lost that round so...#### you Jon, you piece of ### ### ###### #### ####

    JAYTHEKING SAVAGE 4 months ago

    Why did Jon skip from 19 to 22

  • TD Playz
    TD Playz 4 months ago

    It bothers me that I’m 12 years old and I’m just 3 inches shorter than Kara

  • Me, myself and I like to be alone.

    I keep getting contact lens ads but I don't need contacts! anyone else or am I alone?

  • gummy games
    gummy games 4 months ago

    watch this go down
    he jump
    ball goes down
    it litteraly went down XD

  • Big Fluffy Sofa
    Big Fluffy Sofa 4 months ago

    I want to eat the koolaid powder and the lemon juice

  • Hungry Hungry Catapiller
    Hungry Hungry Catapiller 4 months ago +4

    How did Jon go from 19 points at 9:09 to 22 points at 9:13 when no points are awarded to anyone in that 4 second gap?

    • Tracie Cooper
      Tracie Cooper 3 months ago +1

      He must've bet 3 in Round 8. They didn't show Round 8 on screen.

  • Maryssa Matichko
    Maryssa Matichko 4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that every time they do a game challenge they wear the monopoly game shirt

  • Mercy C
    Mercy C 4 months ago

    Did anybody else saw jons score go up by 3 points he had 19 points and then he had 22 points i dont understand this maybe they just messed up on editing i dont know or they just wanted jon to win ???🤔🤔

  • єllιє ʝєllу
    єllιє ʝєllу 4 months ago

    Kara did hers so small though on the ring one

  • Glitchsans 2798
    Glitchsans 2798 4 months ago


  • Sarah Simmons
    Sarah Simmons 4 months ago

    I think John likes sour 🍋

    WINTERWONDERS 3 4 months ago

    Adam I’m left handed too. Ignore Jon:)

  • K-lo Giang
    K-lo Giang 4 months ago

    I loved this

  • Brianna Bloom
    Brianna Bloom 4 months ago

    does anyone else think that she looks like Betty from riverdale a little????🐍💘

  • Alyssa Holmes
    Alyssa Holmes 4 months ago

    Never hated jon this much

  • Avengethecheesee /James Kiley

    How did Jon go from 18 to 19 from the end of round 5 to the start of round 6? Wow

  • BumblebeeMaster30000
    BumblebeeMaster30000 4 months ago

    0:26 PUN CITY

  • TronM
    TronM 4 months ago

    Round four to round six
    Round seven to round nine

    • Tracie Cooper
      Tracie Cooper 3 months ago

      Maybe Round Five and Round Eight got cut because the creators wanted to make the video shorter.

  • ihavearrived
    ihavearrived 5 months ago

    *Gasp* ADAM

  • Gabe Swope
    Gabe Swope 5 months ago

    I am left handed

  • brandin zambrano
    brandin zambrano 5 months ago

    havent been to this channel in a long time. wtf happened ????

  • Ryhana Diaz!
    Ryhana Diaz! 5 months ago

    8:50 what the heck was that face😬😬

  • rex 13
    rex 13 5 months ago

    21 black jack

  • Yvette Macias-Ramirez
    Yvette Macias-Ramirez 5 months ago

    Adam is a cheater.

  • Amber Boothe
    Amber Boothe 5 months ago

    I'm on my mom's phone watching your videos right now the thing with me is if I was in those videos follows me is I have dyslexia and well it makes both my hands the dominant hand see you later Vat19

  • blank black
    blank black 5 months ago

    Jon looks ugly tbh

  • Danielle C
    Danielle C 5 months ago

    DOG cufey

  • aneatomosquito
    aneatomosquito 5 months ago

    Did I just watch a ad,in a ad?

    TBM PRODUCTIONS C1 5 months ago


  • angel Z
    angel Z 5 months ago

    Thats a big zero!!!!!!!! D rose