R. Kelly's lawyer speaks out as collaborators pull support for the singer

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Kelly is facing backlash after a recent Lifetime docuseries chronicled allegations of abuse against the singer -- and stars like Lady Gaga are now expressing regret about working with him.

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  • SHEILA Miller
    SHEILA Miller 19 hours ago

    Those money sucking chicks are great actors that got paid to lie in the doc and 20 million dummies believe that bullshit.

  • Kyah Houstone
    Kyah Houstone 2 days ago


  • Romey Trillfigure
    Romey Trillfigure 3 days ago

    These people need to leave R. Kelly alone he hasn’t done anything wrong and nothing illegal can be proven y’all fin to take him to court and he is going to win again and all these jobless couch potato whores gone get rich off us and famous off exposure from sucking a rich nigga dick WOW not on my watch

  • geraldine bounds
    geraldine bounds 3 days ago

    Gaga you meant to put every inch of your ASS on him.. Slut

  • D*R*E*B*I*N 893 D*R*E*B*I*N 893

    So did kelly make gaga put the disko stick up his ass

  • faber tales
    faber tales 5 days ago

    Lady gaga can gaga on cocka

  • Rocking Robin
    Rocking Robin 5 days ago

    God did this one. R.Kelly, yielding to Satan, encouraged these women to defile the temples (bodies) of God. And eating his feces, the worst. That sounds to fit Satan very well something he would do to mock God.

  • okasumthin
    okasumthin 5 days ago +1

    Kim Foxx how much did they pay/put in your envelope 🤔

  • Joel Marte
    Joel Marte 5 days ago

    He married alyiah when she was 15 wtf!!!look for that

  • clifton moore
    clifton moore 7 days ago

    By Law, it dosen't matter what all these women are saying, we know women will say that for $$$$, By Law it has to be proving beyond a reasonable doubt. I've been following these case since the beginning, & I've heard a lot of allegations from different women, but I haven't seen ni proof as of yet. They need to leave they brother alone, because he's a womanizer dosen't mean he's a criminal.

  • MarieGoneDoMe40
    MarieGoneDoMe40 7 days ago

    Angry???? Ga Ga come on...you knew what was up

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo 10 days ago

    Where all the pictures of abuse how in the hell did he have all these women. Where the police report. You have to have verification. I don't believe none of it. Gold digger user ,he the victim they cost so much money to support all these whores. None were virgins. He should just kick them all out be like Tom Jones just screw them in the back and forget about them tramps whores users.

  • candace noble
    candace noble 11 days ago

    I hate this guy your client is disgusting and he wasn't there how the hell does he know what happened. I feel for all those women and lady gaga

  • Nangu Kamerika
    Nangu Kamerika 11 days ago

    Please guys some of these artist are trying to sell, they have spotted an opportunity and this is it... know the business model SWOT they using this for people with no business background to make more money...... most of these guys are actresses.... cut the crap....

  • Faith Oziel
    Faith Oziel 11 days ago +1

    R Kelly need to go to prison like now it's been happening for too long # r.kellyneedstobestop

  • David Sumrall
    David Sumrall 12 days ago +1

    We🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪for you RKelly💿💿💿💿💿💿💿we love you much in Hattiesburg ms.Mississippi!!!!!💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿we Happy people because we love you're good music and good C.D.Happy people praying for you RKelly💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Almi
    Almi 13 days ago +1

    Shot up confused b.... Lady who ????

  • JT Boss
    JT Boss 14 days ago +1

    R kelly is not the only scum bag in Hollywood they are all sick

  • Mthunzi Shongwe
    Mthunzi Shongwe 14 days ago


  • Hshdj Sghshd
    Hshdj Sghshd 14 days ago +1

    Andrea is a devil,why she's still carrying his last name.

  • Hshdj Sghshd
    Hshdj Sghshd 14 days ago

    U people just want to spoil R.Kelly carrier,but GOD is there.lady Gaga just shut of ur damn mouth so so lies

  • Lawyer Henderson tv
    Lawyer Henderson tv 16 days ago +1

    this is crap!

  • Cassandra Ramsey
    Cassandra Ramsey 16 days ago

    Lady gaga you wasnt shit at first. Now you want to pull your record that you did with R Kelly. Girl that is probably the best song you made.

  • Tony BANDS
    Tony BANDS 17 days ago +1

    Oh yeah lets not forget KEVIN SPACEY said if he goes down for molestation so will the ones at the top, so leave all the RICH WHITE PEDOS ALONE GAYLE AND THE MEDIA, AND WHO THE HELL IS LADY GAGA AKA SHE-DEVIL TO SAY I CONDEM R KELLY. THATS WHY BLACKMEN CANT TRUST WHITE GIRLS EVER....

  • 4 ever
    4 ever 17 days ago


  • Ellis Spates
    Ellis Spates 17 days ago


  • Fineeko Da Assailant
    Fineeko Da Assailant 19 days ago

    Lady Gaga has some real issues..

  • Wayne Deniro
    Wayne Deniro 19 days ago

    If R Kelly was white he wouldn’t be going through this

  • soul sista#2
    soul sista#2 21 day ago

    Lady Gaga is a pice of shit

  • HilariouShaun313 Gifted

    Fake ass lady Gaga just took up for Rkelly and a year later she's a victim... Come on... Hes a pedophile but dam somebody's lying.. she worship Satan look it up you was just dancing freaky with him

  • Steve Webb
    Steve Webb 25 days ago

    They wonted to fuck him for$$$$$$ and his NAME SOME LIES ON HIM

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 27 days ago

    WOW... almost all the top comments are people SUPPORTING this paedophile? what the fuck? i understand liking someone's music but to that extent? holy shit. i had no idea he was so popular. sad times.

    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones 27 days ago

      Then again people still love michael jackson lmao, hardly suprising i suppose.

  • lorenzo lohman
    lorenzo lohman 27 days ago

    What happened to the movie producer that was being pursued by those actresses whose name was Harvey something?

  • Debora Swinimer
    Debora Swinimer 28 days ago

    all his friends and employees if they know should be charged too if guilty

  • sigalit menashe
    sigalit menashe 29 days ago

    R Kelly is referred to as " Grammy Winning" like he is someone so special
    who cares he is Predator! and scum.

  • KingParisBuckingham
    KingParisBuckingham 29 days ago

    why the remale prosecutor looks like she had sex slaves in chains whipping em?

  • M4 ASH M45H
    M4 ASH M45H Month ago

    I believe I can fly...this song was a hit and it was pretty romantic song.

  • tele tladi
    tele tladi Month ago

    John legend your music needs r Kelly you will never go platinum brother

  • tele tladi
    tele tladi Month ago

    R Kelly is a force of nature we can't live without him the documentary surviving r Kelly is a propaganda machinary to destroy one of the biggest icon of our lifetime

  • Andrew Thomas 2
    Andrew Thomas 2 Month ago

    I bet at some point he blows up bigger than before.....after the sextape I dunno how he's still alive.....

  • Yvonne Mcgee
    Yvonne Mcgee Month ago

    Gaga she look like a man u ask to work with him by man

  • Bratty Girls
    Bratty Girls Month ago

    Have he washed away the strong dick oder or been treated for the STD?

  • Lynette Harvey
    Lynette Harvey Month ago +2

    Bullshit lies about r kelly all this shit is not true

  • Beautifulbajan86
    Beautifulbajan86 Month ago

    Why are fat white women who don’t even listen to him trying to mute him ? Lol the irony disgusting devil peopleb

  • glinda gregory
    glinda gregory Month ago +1

    You can singing Happy People one month....I'm confused where are the bruises the police reports?

  • glinda gregory
    glinda gregory Month ago +1


  • zenma forever
    zenma forever Month ago

    i believe michael jackson is innocent but r kelly...i have my doubts.

  • Joey Black
    Joey Black Month ago

    Consensual by intimidation 😕😕😕

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams Month ago

    These idiots are disgusting. All of them. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?? Where is proof? Im not saying this guy treats women well. but that isnt against the law. And that skank Lady gaga fucked and sucked her way into fame and now she wants to act all moral? Not to mention pretending shes lesbian to gain more fans.

  • Shellie LaLaniee
    Shellie LaLaniee Month ago

    "Dream Team lawyer" He knows Robert Kelly is guilty but he's going to defend him to the dying end or until he runs out of money.... The funniest thing about it all...... Is he's WHITE.....Lol

    ZARAH G Month ago +2

    all these bitches are lying follow Candice Day time tea , Tim Savage was exposed that he is lying and even himself said that , he was after R kelly's money and fame for his girls none of them were under age . i dont want to even talk about R Kelly's ex wife

    RALPH TYRRELL Month ago +1

    you fools ain't getting it the only reason he's not fighting the chargers is because in today's world it is much more profitable to have bad news then no news!!! P.S. wake up use ya brains not ya P@#$ys!!!!;-);-)

  • Zayvion Hilliard
    Zayvion Hilliard Month ago +1

    These stories are not really that heroine

  • Slugga Sativa
    Slugga Sativa Month ago

    man fuck dude nasty ass put your hands on my teenage daughter imma blow yah fuckin head off

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Give back ALL THE money YOU fake people ,YOU ARE ALL JUST LIKE Judas, betraying someone who helped YOU WITH YOU your career maybe YOU should feel so guilty for doing this THAT YOU hang
    YOUR self LIKE Judas did for betraying Christ Jesus

  • Gladys McMuffin
    Gladys McMuffin Month ago

    What blows my mind is, all of a sudden other artists are appalled by these allegations. Where the fuck were they when he did that little girl on the video?? Why did they keep collaborating with him on songs? He didn't stop fucking kids!! I hope he dies a slowww painful death!! Lady Gaga is a dumbass!

  • Almamo Manjang
    Almamo Manjang Month ago +1

    She is dam lying fuck gagger

  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson 2 months ago +1

    Andrea Kelly is fos

  • Pamela Ndukumia
    Pamela Ndukumia 2 months ago +1

    They regret the music the made with him, but for sure not the money they made together.

  • media executive tower
    media executive tower 2 months ago

    They knew but the money is more important lol now these entertainers wanna pullout , fuk em

  • Pete Lugosiano
    Pete Lugosiano 2 months ago

    I don't believe there's anything wrong with this as long as it's consensual no one should be forced to do anything if they want to make a big deal about this why don't the young girls get in trouble for trying to be with an older man all these underage girls taking pictures on the internet doing porn trying to hook up with older men why don't they get in trouble

  • Sharon Hammond
    Sharon Hammond 2 months ago

    What we all need to be doing is gettn ready to March up to dat white 🏠 and ask mufkn trump are u fuckn retarded messing wit ppls 💰 and shit frfr his time been up bout to be sm Rodney King shit goin down wit tha deal I'm legally crazy an train to go whatsup ☕js😷!!!

  • hit man
    hit man 2 months ago

    Forget this white devil shut down.

  • Antony Apudo
    Antony Apudo 2 months ago

    ABC I watched this video to see Robert Kelly not Lady Gaga.

    DJ DA VINCI 2 months ago

    According to a survey conducted by feminist associations, 102% of men are rapists and 180% of women have already been raped!

  • Teetee
    Teetee 2 months ago

    A mordern day lynchin people please wake up why nie... is da million dollar question... wht is da media distractin us from... is der a very new case or is dis all 20 years.. what about Charlie Sheen and the whole lot of dem... we da only race dat will der down our own.... why stop listening to his music nie... we listen all des years so nie we cant make our own mind up to wht music we listen to.... we Dnt knw wht a lot of people doin behind close doors.. how bout band music all together dang... a mountain out a moe hill

  • kay sav
    kay sav 2 months ago

    Honesty, Ur assuming that u can read her mind. That she thinks like u. Everybody has his/her own life journey. It’s not easy, but her choice is her choice and she shouldn’t be criticized for it. IMHO

  • Killasim1
    Killasim1 2 months ago

    FoH!!!! Y'all lying.

  • ThaSikeChick
    ThaSikeChick 2 months ago

    Ppl will still support him even if he said it out his own mouth. Which he has. Y'all are basically those people who hide his secret.

  • Carl McPherson
    Carl McPherson 2 months ago

    R. Kelly will never see any jail time. I believe he’s guilty, but too much time has passed. This won’t even be a story by March

  • Ryan Ruiz
    Ryan Ruiz 2 months ago +1

    One thing I've noticed about these witch hunts going on to make black males the face of anything sex related is that the white woman has been key to try to take him down. Not saying that Kelly is innocent in all of this, but it's amazing how all the fake outrage collectivizes on a successful black man, but when half of the catholic clergy is proven to have a child pedophile ring, you can hardly find a news story behind it. There was a white woman that came out of the woodwork that accused Cosby of misdeeds decades ago(hope he wins his appeal from that crooked court case) , that bhad baby girl was communicating with 6ix9ine before he got locked up, and I also heard her on radio speaking against Kelly. And now lady gaga. This shouldn't be a surprise. Black successful men need to keep their hands clean trying to make it to the top, or just know that white women are by default on team white supremacy. Not that the black woman or any other woman can't be used by team white supremacy either.

  • Mike Woods
    Mike Woods 2 months ago

    Start with the white boys, put them in jail then go back to R kelley

  • page Turner
    page Turner 2 months ago

    Gaga lost her Credibility with working with Kelly.

  • Keily Smith
    Keily Smith 2 months ago

    Pure 14K Platinum and Untouchable.

  • Crissy CeCe
    Crissy CeCe 2 months ago +1

    So what's the difference between are Kelly and Hugh Hefner?

  • vladimir trump
    vladimir trump 2 months ago +1

    Gaga filthy whore

  • Urban Empire Inc.
    Urban Empire Inc. 2 months ago

    R. Kelly it's time to make your sacrifice... Until then, all these allegations will continue.

  • Urban Empire Inc.
    Urban Empire Inc. 2 months ago

    R. Kelly's ex wife needs to shut the fuck up, she had 3 kids with him and all this while she didn't know he was dangerous?? Some women are just useless. How could you have 3 kids with a sex offender and then later turn around and say you feared for your life? What sense does that make?

  • Maurice Fuqua
    Maurice Fuqua 2 months ago

    No R Kelly not the video camera 😱😱

  • Darren Lyons
    Darren Lyons 2 months ago

    How many young girls need to come forward for you t be convinced? As a father and a grandfather, he needs to be under the jail.

  • travelingjohn69
    travelingjohn69 2 months ago +1

    How the fuck do you survive sexual assualt. Does anyone know what survive means? People make up shit.....how do you survive when no one is trying to kill you?

  • Ricardo Lopez Ramirez
    Ricardo Lopez Ramirez 2 months ago

    They need to release DWUW with Christina

  • Ricardo Lopez Ramirez
    Ricardo Lopez Ramirez 2 months ago

    It's NOT DO WHAT U WANT WITH MY BODY it's Do What U Want

  • Jon Honesty
    Jon Honesty 2 months ago +1


  • 91 BOI
    91 BOI 2 months ago +1

    He piss off someone in the industry they trying to put him down hard.

  • Johnny Flash
    Johnny Flash 2 months ago +1

    Ohhh back then she defended him but now it's trendy to curse R.Kelly so she's doing it. Lmfaoooo what a joke.

  • Polo Smith
    Polo Smith 2 months ago

    I think that they should lock up all the parents they should lock up all the woman’s R. Kelly date because they also slept with the age girls now they want to play victim I don’t believe none of them woman’s I don’t believe the parents they have more to do with this then what they say let’s start with that and after we get all these people out the way let’s go after R. Kelly let’s do this fair this shit is a damn shame in America should be ashamed of themselves black people should be ashamed of themselves for let in white people try to take down a black man black people Will become slaves again yeah keep up this corn in and let them white people do whatever the fuck they want to your people you’re gonna have a chain wrapped around your fucking neck your riches will not help you because they will take that as well dumb motherfuckers

  • E Money
    E Money 2 months ago +1

    When they have some proof, like some pictures or something of that nature, i'm not believing anything outside of Aliyah and that sex tape

  • yo momma told me to say it

    All of this is behind his masters and published music.....i believe i can fly...music....they gonna force R.kelly to sell his masters to keep bills paid

  • shqipe L
    shqipe L 2 months ago

    R Kelly peed on a girl face in The 2000s

  • David Debarros
    David Debarros 2 months ago +2

    R Kelly will always be the king of RnB

  • yourmom6
    yourmom6 2 months ago

    I believe some of these women are telling the truth and some are just suspect like the woman who said RKelly is fun, but Rob is the devil and His Ex wife. She has a video where shes driving and bumping to “her baby daddy” as she referred to him and said no one can talk about him, just her because he is her family. She didn’t seem like that on the docu series?

  • GangeHrolfr
    GangeHrolfr 2 months ago

    Take notes ppl! Listen to the man who actually studied law, not the comment section. No evidence, no indictment, no verdict.

  • Online fastLife
    Online fastLife 2 months ago +1

    We've seen this lynching before. (Bill Cosby)

  • ZEALION Tha Issue
    ZEALION Tha Issue 2 months ago +3

    Whatever R.Kelly ex wife was on a Reality show defending R.Kelly! GaGa got clout then rejected R.Kelly with no evidence against this man. Hypocrisy at it's best. Sony dropped him over rumors.

  • Balín El MAXIMO
    Balín El MAXIMO 2 months ago +1

    Come on gaga jump on r kelly and starting grinding on him, she says she was young n broke, know shes rich and famous and trying to stay relevant.

  • Cassandra Amore
    Cassandra Amore 2 months ago

    This is bullshit because them making announcement why isn't he arrested I feel that r Kelly us been public bullied and shamed on social if your going to target abuser why isn't Kevin spacey, or Harvey Weinstein gaga is worship devil why make a track like that with r Kelly knowing she sexual abused.

  • Nasir Watts
    Nasir Watts 2 months ago +1

    Consensual by intimation means it wasn't consensual, right? Lol

  • Mike J
    Mike J 2 months ago +2

    before I condemn r kelly, #FIRST THEM