The Logistics of the International Space Station

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
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  • Ian N. Mejia
    Ian N. Mejia Hour ago

    Billion is different from thousand millions. Just a quick correction. Still is quite an expensive thing.

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson Day ago

    Fken waste of money

  • SecondComingTwice

    Any idea as to why NASA fakes so many videos from the ISS?
    The harnesses, the CGI levitating items, and the ridiculous hair, especially on the female "astronauts" ?
    Or why the video-editors are so hilariously, ridiculously bad at their job?

    I'm waiting...

  • orange70383
    orange70383 2 days ago

    I don't believe a word of it.

  • BB B
    BB B 2 days ago

    how do they jerk off in space? im sure they watch porn since they have internet..but how do they jerk off?

  • BB B
    BB B 2 days ago

    Why dont they have a greenhouse room there so they can grow thier own food..maybe a mini ranch too raise animals for meat.

  • BB B
    BB B 2 days ago

    ISS is only like twice the size of a 747 plane? WTF..thought it was wayyyyyy bigger. So building those mother ships for fleets in Sci Fi movies will never happen for another 1000 years.

    EPIC STACK 3 days ago

    it would be hard to be a vegan in space

  • DDougz
    DDougz 3 days ago

    Wendover: Space planes

  • Ween_Boy
    Ween_Boy 3 days ago +1

    Wtf is the machine at 9:52?

  • Omar Aziz
    Omar Aziz 3 days ago +2

    Apple costs almost $1000
    Steve Jobs: ;)

  • Blackfish
    Blackfish 4 days ago

    Given how expensive food is to get up there, do these space programs prioritize astronauts with more petite builds, maybe even people with dwarfism, that would have lower caloric intakes? Seems like a logical next step, as I'm assuming their duties don't actually require a lot of brute strength.

  • Zman44444
    Zman44444 4 days ago

    I wonder if the astronauts feel rather connected to the world, with having so much interaction with family, getting pop culture movies and streaming.
    Yeah, still a very science minded, intensive job, but I feel like a soldier in Afghanistan would feel less connected to home and the outside world...

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe 5 days ago

    It's incredible to me to think how there was no concept of international cooperation for space endeavors when Gene Roddenberry wrote *Star Trek* .. yet, here we are.

  • 1147cc
    1147cc 5 days ago

    How much did it cost to build the Great Pyramid?

  • The Tech Support Gamer

    I remember a school I went too where an astronaut called from space, they showed a video every year and it was kinda cool

  • Man of Culture
    Man of Culture 7 days ago

    ISS Internet is faster than mine :/

  • MiniDonut
    MiniDonut 7 days ago

    how do astronauts shit? Since there isn't gravity, will the poop float back up and hit the butt? Or do they shit in a can and seal it right after?

  • TheCarPassionChannel

    "ISS crashes back to Earth when astronaut attempts to eat Nature's Valley granola bar and crumbs jam all of the electronics"

  • Fernando Barajas
    Fernando Barajas 10 days ago

    What happens when someone farts in the ISS??

  • B J
    B J 10 days ago

    great video!

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 12 days ago

    If only nasa had the budgeted the us military gets, heck a quarter of the cash would be great for the I.S.S

  • Mauro B
    Mauro B 13 days ago +1

    How do flattards explain al this è?

  • Phillip Unbekannt
    Phillip Unbekannt 14 days ago

    do astronauts wank up there ?

  • ShotsFired andMissed
    ShotsFired andMissed 14 days ago +1

    an apple for 10,000 dollars, fck my life!

  • GoneBamboo
    GoneBamboo 15 days ago

    Yeap, "movies" one of the most important aspects of living in space. Keep watch'n your movies all you young astronauts

  • GoneBamboo
    GoneBamboo 15 days ago

    @ 2:02 Newton's Law of momentum seems to be suspended. When the woman moves her head back to eat a cracker, the ends of her hair move with her head.

    • GoneBamboo
      GoneBamboo 15 days ago

      Perfect sense to have long hair letting loose all over the place onboard just to prove to us, "a woman's in space"

  • Alan Day
    Alan Day 15 days ago

    Imagine what could be done with the material from the wasted non-reusable capsules?

  • Hetzerogeneous
    Hetzerogeneous 16 days ago

    An Apple that cost $10,000!??
    My Apple Iphone suddenly feels so cheap....

  • Charlie Parlie
    Charlie Parlie 16 days ago

    But why ISS...😁 ??

  • Ghazie Arsalan
    Ghazie Arsalan 16 days ago

    what happen if u nut in space

  • EZ Breazy
    EZ Breazy 17 days ago


  • EZ Breazy
    EZ Breazy 17 days ago


    • EZ Breazy
      EZ Breazy 7 days ago

      @Project Scorpio
      Mod English..
      go back to your vid games and whacking off to porn.

    • Project Scorpio
      Project Scorpio 7 days ago

      What English is that?

  • EZ Breazy
    EZ Breazy 17 days ago


  • EZ Breazy
    EZ Breazy 17 days ago


  • Redrally
    Redrally 18 days ago

    You didn't mention the other (most important) reason astronauts really need to eat properly: if they under-eat, the bodymass becomes top-heavy. So they have a calorie-rich diet with regular exercise to maintain body mass.

  • Young Nigga
    Young Nigga 18 days ago

    I know they watched Interstellar a bunch of times.

  • Geej1138
    Geej1138 19 days ago

    Good grief. $10,000 for an apple?

  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan 19 days ago

    How much the food cost? When it just a repackaged convenient store items. (The food, not including the transportation ans others cost)

  • Kenhung1405PC
    Kenhung1405PC 19 days ago

    I think is not a good ideia watch “Gravity” in ISS haha

  • ducks are cool
    ducks are cool 19 days ago

    Plus the gas for the space station to move

    • ducks are cool
      ducks are cool 7 days ago

      Project Scorpio it do to stop it from going into a. Decaying orbit they was a document on it like a 2 month back

    • Project Scorpio
      Project Scorpio 7 days ago +1

      Iss does not use fuel it uses Earth's gravity to go around the Earth also known as orbit

    • Artemii Krykun
      Artemii Krykun 19 days ago +1

      You’re joking please say you’re joking

  • icedog731
    icedog731 21 day ago

    They have fucking 300 mega bites in space but I can’t get a solid 25 bites...lollll

  • Bellwether Sandy
    Bellwether Sandy 23 days ago

    Metric please!!!!

  • SubstanceD91
    SubstanceD91 23 days ago

    A single apple to the ISS or 10 Apple monitor stands to the my house? Tough call...

  • jersey boiii Channel
    jersey boiii Channel 23 days ago

    I'm sorry I feel the space station is a waste of money we have more problems here on Earth we can fix with that money

  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown 23 days ago

    Posted this one to my FB page, my brother worked at the SSPF (Space Station Processing Facility) , a Boeing operation, this is where final assembly before launch was done, I saw Node 1 during a special tour when it was in the high bay prior to launch prep. My brother worked upstairs in logistics where they schedule when stuff enters, a bag of bolts doesn't enter until scheduled to. Also saw shuttle Discovery, she was in a hanger, wheels off, engines out and being processed for a future mission then, huge machine, the belly hatches for fuel were open, you could fit a bowling ball in em, 1000s of gals per sec of fuel go thru those during launch.

    FOXY TV 24 days ago

    just give them the green stuff. they will mellow out.

  • James Feww
    James Feww 24 days ago

    I wonder why the don't use the CSG launch site in French Guiana. I feel like that would be the most optimal site for launches.

  • Jason Irwin
    Jason Irwin 25 days ago +1

    NASA food is made in Texas with supermarket ingredients. Those Astronauts are eating H.E.B food. That's why H.E.B is better than Walmart.

  • Where the bass at?
    Where the bass at? 25 days ago

    “Hold on my tortilla is floating away”

  • Lance Bermudez
    Lance Bermudez 27 days ago

    Did you really call the Soyuz crude? 10:50

  • CanIGet1000SubsWithNoVideos

    Funny think about it, while working in a store you could be pricing NASA for the food they will send to the ISS

  • There's No God
    There's No God Month ago

    And Flat Earth Yanks don't believe any of this...

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago +1

    Amazon still does 1 day prime deliveries though

  • M Isa
    M Isa Month ago

    They should send a vlogger to the ISS.
    Well, he/she still should be an astronaut that do other things because otherwise it would be a waste of money, but he/she could have a less busy schedule to vlog what's happening in the ISS and just how living in the iss feels like...

  • Geekenox
    Geekenox Month ago

    I want to know the logistics of the ISS internet connection!

    LXIX ΞΘ Month ago

    Wait, Only One Seed Has 0.7 grams
    why don't they just send seeds instead of fully grown apples?

  • Rodolpho's Tech channel

    Just shows how behind we are on space tech. Decades behind compared to those sci-fi movies we watch. Hopefully in 20-30 years space tech will be more viable and efficient. We can't even grow food in space yet. We can't even have artificial gravity or build larger living spaces to those stations. It's like our space tech still in the steam age... We haven't gone to petrol or electric. We can't even visit regularly our closest moon and don't even have a base this pace we won't even finish exploring our solar system before the end of the 21 century

  • GoldDropper
    GoldDropper Month ago +5

    Who supply the vodka in the station?

    • Alex R.
      Alex R. 19 days ago

      thats not even a fun-question. There is a RUssian part, u fo sure know where the vodka is at xD

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald Month ago

    No fridge? Seriously . . . . . . there is no fridge on the ISS? I find that surprising and hard to believe: genuinely surprising to learn that but does that mean they have to drink the milk from the cows on board and just throw . . . . . . . . . .THE COWS ARENT REAL ??? . . . . . . .

  • Charlie Angkor
    Charlie Angkor Month ago

    tomatoes dont come from Lockheed Martin just an ordinary grocery store ?

  • Mercury
    Mercury Month ago

    So the United States and Russia do share a border

  • B5429671 XJ
    B5429671 XJ Month ago

    What about clothes?

  • Filip TM
    Filip TM Month ago

    4:11 a launch on falcon 9 costs $4000.

  • Paulo Jose Castro
    Paulo Jose Castro Month ago

    elon made logistics so much cheaper

  • Ahmed ManiyarUni
    Ahmed ManiyarUni Month ago

    I'm going to order UberEats when I'm in the ISS

  • Von Kreuger
    Von Kreuger Month ago

    I'm surprised there's not a single *ThE eARth is FLAt* on the top comments that is actually impressive *I am proud of this community*

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian Month ago

    Ha ha jokes on y'all I share a birthday with Neil Armstrong by 100 years

  • LOMan
    LOMan Month ago

    there are refrigerators on ISS.

  • AuraDigital
    AuraDigital Month ago +2

    Serious question here: how do astronauts take care of their sexual needs? I know for a fact you can't have sex in space, and I also doubt that personal pleasure is allowed because I could see problems occuring. Maybe they have instruments made for those purposes?
    If they have no way of taking care of those needs, "No Nut November" was probably just another November to these people.

    • AuraDigital
      AuraDigital Month ago

      @a d I'm talking rules and regulations. Haveing sex in space poses a significant safety hazard in many ways as well as major issues in professionalism. I do imagine that physical functions being an issue on its own, however.

    • a d
      a d Month ago

      AuraDigital what do you mean by “you can’t”? Are you talking about rules or about physical functions?

  • David McAlpine Cunningham

    How strange. I thought the ISS had been a big disappointment from a science point of view, with very few research outputs that couldn’t have been done on Earth.

    • Fire Powered RadioActive Elevator
      Fire Powered RadioActive Elevator Month ago

      That's what alot of people which are against "extreme science" (space, quantum, relativity related subjects) research say. However they just read a message on a forum made by someone which no idea and take that of granted, which is pretty sad knowing that even reading those forums is made possible by these research fields.

  • Ray Shi
    Ray Shi Month ago

    Imagine being on the ISS and just seeing a full scale nuclear war on earth

  • Rory Snow
    Rory Snow Month ago

    ISS Astronauts are the luckiest people ever

  • AnarchoMcTasteeFreeze

    8:51 John Locke opens The Hatch

  • Gavin Becker
    Gavin Becker Month ago

    working at northrop grumman and seeing this is super cool

  • Premier
    Premier Month ago

    ISS Life sounds fun

  • roddy2body
    roddy2body Month ago

    I'm a flat earther👍🏻 I just found out tonight that it will be visible form Scotland over next couple days for 6 minutes each time it passes. I'll be lookin up & thinkin of the film gravity when George Clooney floats away intae space.

  • john1999
    john1999 Month ago

    I am a big fan of space, being an Aerospace Engineer.

    The space station is a complete waste of money, and new methods they have developed could have been done with a much simpler solution.
    This money should have been spent on Moon and/or Mars stations, not wasted.
    It took 50 years from the fist plane flight until we gone to the Moon, 50 years later and this is all we have! it is shameful.

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump 2 months ago

    This is actually pretty funny tbh a $10,000 apple

  • Michał Jastrzębski
    Michał Jastrzębski 2 months ago

    if the ISS is so high up, should DOWNloading movies be named UPloading movies, and UPloading data - DOWNloading data? :)

  • Terry McMahon
    Terry McMahon 2 months ago

    *Upload new movies

  • Blake Woo
    Blake Woo 2 months ago

    what if you are allergist to something

  • TekkmanCZ
    TekkmanCZ 2 months ago

    just order from amazon smh

  • Moritz B.
    Moritz B. 2 months ago

    Is nasa dumb smh, just get amazon prime. Ez free shipping

  • FiFaCZeq
    FiFaCZeq 2 months ago

    Yeah ~1000000th wiever

  • jayteegamble
    jayteegamble 2 months ago

    Humanity's greatest boondoggle.

  • Spencer DeMera
    Spencer DeMera 2 months ago +1

    Ive always wanted to be an Astronaut and am still on track to do so but just like imagine getting there and facetiming your family like WHAT

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia 2 months ago

    Lol they ask the astronauts what snacks they want to bring...
    Astronaut 1 👩‍🚀: “Ummm, can I just get like 5 less ice creams, 6 less chocolates and don’t pack any of the cookies.”
    NASA 🌙: “ok, so you don’t really want any snacks? You have like 13 pounds of your weight allowance left, do you want more ready-made meals or something?”
    Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : “um, well, actually...can you just pack my PS4 for me instead?”
    *in space**
    Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : *playing PS4*
    Astronaut 2👨‍🚀 : “Yo, I’ll trade you my ice cream to play a few rounds of Nazi Zombies🧟‍♂️”
    Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : “better clear it with Houston...” lol

  • Daniel Detweiler
    Daniel Detweiler 2 months ago

    so basically we gotta figure out a cheaper way of getting items to space... use a _big_ gun :P

  • Dany Fairuzy
    Dany Fairuzy 2 months ago

    10:03 Are they watching GRAVITY? Pretty extreme if you ask me.

  • Sven
    Sven 2 months ago

    space flight is not worth it

  • Alex Hendo
    Alex Hendo 2 months ago +86

    “Only get 300mbps download speed”
    Mate in Australia we get 12mbps on a good day

    • Sean McDonald
      Sean McDonald Month ago

      Im with Optus. . . . . . .i celebrate being able to watch an entire youtube video without it pixelating, buffering or just freezing. Optus, we do one thing badly, consistently.

    • DoYouEvenScienceM8
      DoYouEvenScienceM8 Month ago

      @Major Mayhem you have a live stream still going from May 10, 2018 at 1:00PM m8

    • Major Mayhem
      Major Mayhem Month ago

      We get about 7 mbps

      KARA BOĞA Month ago +3

      I do a victory dance when I see 10 Mbps

    • DoYouEvenScienceM8
      DoYouEvenScienceM8 Month ago +2

      You gotta get that 100Gbit fiber m8, then you gotta hook your computer to the switch with Infiniband 600Gbit m8.
      And it only takes 1ms for a signal to get from the earth to the ISS, same time back. Bet you don't have 1ms ping to your ISPs router thats in the cabinet down the street.

  • Beau
    Beau 2 months ago

    In space? do we call it space? they are in low earth orbit..

    • Niall Kinsella
      Niall Kinsella 2 months ago

      Above 100km is considered space by most aerospace agencies and scientific bodies.

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 2 months ago

    One day they will just be able to order something at amazon and it will be shipped to them soon after that

  • Oliver Todd
    Oliver Todd 2 months ago

    Bend over productions

  • Alex James
    Alex James 2 months ago

    4:11 falcon heavy: im gonna stop you right there

    EASYTIGER10 2 months ago

    Is there anywhere on the ISS that doesn't look "cluttered" That would get me down after a while.

  • finlay morrison
    finlay morrison 2 months ago +14

    am I the only one amazed that they must go 6 months without a wank?

    • Chingo Putoh
      Chingo Putoh Month ago

      finlay morrison hyper nofap challenge

    • mrAuctor
      mrAuctor Month ago

      and yes i did mean a blowjob in space.....spacejob

    • mrAuctor
      mrAuctor Month ago

      you know there isnt allways just guys there. Some might swallow and that wouldnt make a huge mess now would it

  • Dixie_rekd
    Dixie_rekd 2 months ago

    those $10000 apples are expensive but not as bad as the $1000 minecraft apple that was fed to a minecraft horse on a charity livestream :D

  • Frank Ragetti
    Frank Ragetti 2 months ago

    Cool. But i still think we humans have serious issues about priorities. All that effort and spending applied on Healthcare, i wonder how many diseases would have been already dealt with. Applied on financing startup companies, how many more useful services we would have access to. Billions spent to find life on space, trillions spent killing each other on Earth.