Here's Why the McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
    The McLaren F1 is one of the most famous cars in history -- and possibly the very best car in history. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren F1, and I'm taking you on a full tour of the McLaren F1 -- then I'm getting the McLaren F1 out on the road with Jay Leno.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  2 months ago +9103

    And now you know how to change the CD track in a McLaren F1.

    • Axel Rocks Gacha studio-roblox-
    • Homie DoMore
      Homie DoMore 24 days ago

      Now I have to go find where to get CDs from 🤔

    • Jp Starlin
      Jp Starlin Month ago

      @/\/\/\ oh i was just joking this car is very cool. its just that the steering wheel being in the middle is weird but even that part is kind of cool. steering wheel on driver side with (1) passenger seat was what i was implying.

    • /\/\/\
      /\/\/\ Month ago

      @Jp Starlin what do you mean change the seats?
      They are fixed and custom made to your shape.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown Day ago

    39:30 lmao. Leno is absolute gold

  • Soul Chief
    Soul Chief Day ago

    Are you Jay Lenos nephew?

  • TE-BO
    TE-BO Day ago

    3:49 this guy gives me creeps with his touches.

  • Nasib Azizi
    Nasib Azizi Day ago

    For me 918 is the most amazing car in the world and gets 75 scores from me 😅

  • Che McNichols
    Che McNichols Day ago +1

    Best review of the best sports car ever made. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Special K
    Special K Day ago

    240 mph ????

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right Day ago +1

    What an awesome review I loved this car in the 90s and now after seeing all the cool little things it's even better! And getting to ride with Jay is even better

  • Salvatore P.
    Salvatore P. Day ago

    Gordon Murray is God.

  • Parsa Esteky
    Parsa Esteky Day ago +1

    We enjoyed watching Doug lose his virginity

  • USAF1FAN Colorado

    I disagree. MY car is the "Greatest Car Ever Made"! Bet you cann't guess what it is!

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Day ago

    Plus the door wouldn't fit a full roll down window

  • iPugsy
    iPugsy Day ago

    All cars should have a centre driver seat. I cannot understand why this is not a standard now

  • Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way

    Doug & Jay together! Legendary.

  • Bmx Rider631
    Bmx Rider631 Day ago

    they wanted that VTEC YO

  • AD TV
    AD TV Day ago

    Why McLaren isn't making 3 seat cars now?

  • Ivan Osokor
    Ivan Osokor Day ago

    Doug's father is cool

  • xXSAKE29Xx
    xXSAKE29Xx Day ago

    Father like son. Look the same. Talk the same. Drive the same.

  • James Cardenas
    James Cardenas Day ago

    Such an amazing note

  • xPumpinLeadx PSN

    The fact that its na makes it faster than the modern cars imo... For a car this expensive and rare you gotta keep it stock, but it could easily go even faster

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago

    Simply amazing

  • mrglobul12
    mrglobul12 Day ago

    "When he makes it big..." , we can only be so fortunate!

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris 2 days ago

    I believe it is still the fastest naturally aspirated production car in the world?

  • Cursed
    Cursed 2 days ago

    Bruh get Leno to let you borrow his Buggati Atlantic.

  • antigen4
    antigen4 2 days ago

    that steering wheel is FILTHY! i'm surprised they don't take better care of it

  • antigen4
    antigen4 2 days ago

    there's a family resemblance

  • Dominador
    Dominador 2 days ago

    I have never been more jealous of you, Doug!

  • Gonken88
    Gonken88 2 days ago

    What the fuck, you didn't get to drive it? Part of me thinks that Leno wanted to show it off a little bit more than someone borrowing it would. 20 million bucks is a pretty fucked up loaner.

  • Poppa WoLFF
    Poppa WoLFF 2 days ago

    *Twinn VoiCeS*

  • Kush & KJ
    Kush & KJ 2 days ago

    Greatest car ever made only thing that is anywhere near is the Ferrari F40

  • Ovidiu Diumea
    Ovidiu Diumea 2 days ago

    This car is so special. Greatest car of all time.

  • Eduardo silva
    Eduardo silva 2 days ago

    Every car someone take to your show they let you drive it Jay you should of done the same thing for Doug the guy knows how to drive and we like him a lot but thank you anyway for showing your McLaren

  • John Blair
    John Blair 2 days ago

    So confusing! I watch a lot of Doug and a lot of Jay Lenos Garage. The still for this video shows whats OBVIOUSLY Jay Lenos Garage, yet there is Doug. When WORLDS COLLIDE!

  • Matt Harding
    Matt Harding 2 days ago

    I'm baffled by the dislikes on this, I mean this is like car porn, he is documenting this car in such a way people in 500 years will be able to see them, long after the cars are gone

  • Kef103
    Kef103 2 days ago

    You got the manual all dirty lol

  • Idividezero
    Idividezero 2 days ago

    Can you imagine what the F1 would have been like with a custom built Honda V12 with VTEC?

  • Joe's Reviews
    Joe's Reviews 2 days ago

    Gotta love Doug's face every time Jay got on the throttle, Like a kid in a candy factory. lol

  • Liban Ali
    Liban Ali 2 days ago

    The 20 million prize tag is way too much;the Chiron 3 million is perfect

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 2 days ago +1

    One of the best engineered cars of all time

  • Magnificent Bastard
    Magnificent Bastard 3 days ago

    Never mentioned the "XJ220".... Come on Dug.... *Sigh

  • SUN_FISHtv
    SUN_FISHtv 3 days ago

    But the doors from Toyota serra

  • AK
    AK 3 days ago

    Koenigsegg: Never heard of her.

  • RaK
    RaK 3 days ago +4

    They developed the gearbox in a place in the village where I live, I remember being 12 years old and seeing the prototype driving around (no badges) and remember looking in the engine bay and wondering why there was gold in there, I thought it was a BMW because of the engine.

  • 4sak3n n!nja
    4sak3n n!nja 3 days ago +2

    Jay Leno had me dead 💀 when he said brab brab brab brab😂

  • Maui Boy
    Maui Boy 3 days ago

    Jay is the type of guy to daily drive a prius even though he has million dollar worth cars in his garage.

  • SelfIndulgenceNet
    SelfIndulgenceNet 3 days ago

    Jay Leno looks like he's on the verge of death. Thank god you can't take money and your cars with you when you're gone.

  • Nik Rusa
    Nik Rusa 3 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy to wash his car before a car wash

  • Nik Rusa
    Nik Rusa 3 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy to brush and floss before each meal

  • bradsucks 98
    bradsucks 98 3 days ago

    i can spend half of that money to built jdm shitbox and go faster than mclaren 😂

    • Romario Silvario
      Romario Silvario Day ago

      Jdms are junk f1 is a master pieces legend of legends there is no jdm car or classic muscle car that can perform like this

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 3 days ago

    Overrated. And it has big DOWN. Its from that island that every car produced there never made it over a week without visiting the workshop. For example, Aston Martin is the biggest scam in car history. Hypes have their own expensive "price" (besides the purchase price).

  • Theodore Marakas
    Theodore Marakas 3 days ago

    Two cool dudes in a car. The car is very nice, too.
    Jay Leno wasn’t much fun to watch on his TV talk show but man, is he awesome when it comes to his garage show. He’s living a dream and God bless him. As for Doug, he’s getting better at his thing every day that passes by.

  • Johan van Es
    Johan van Es 3 days ago

    Jay Leno is the best

  • Christopher Gardiner

    You're supposed to check the engine oil after the engine has been running so that the oil is warm. (Not necessarily after each time you drive.)

  • Raymundo Obando
    Raymundo Obando 3 days ago

    when he accelerated and his cheeks jiggled lol

  • NLB90805
    NLB90805 3 days ago

    Mister Chin would never drive his McLaren F1 30K miles like Mister Bean (wreck it, and have the insurance company actually pay, over 1.something million £(!)McLaren for the repair). Mr Bean being Rowan Atkins.
    I'm not surprised they took it up 'The Five' or what us in So Cal call "The Grapevine".
    Doug tell me, you guy's turned back to head back home in Gorman? Or did y'all go over the top of the 'Tejon Pass'... At 4144 feet?!

  • Dan Myers
    Dan Myers 3 days ago

    Looks like father and son out for a little drive.

  • Graham Black
    Graham Black 3 days ago

    I dont get the kenwood cd player and other power features. Lightness is the design goal for a Hypercar and thats what this is. And furthermore who needs to listen to fucking "creed" when you can listen to the sick beamer engine and rocketing rpms.

    GTR GUY IN AZ 4 days ago +1

    In 2001, I almost bought 1 for 600,000.... Too bad for me..

  • Ivan Gutierrez
    Ivan Gutierrez 4 days ago +26

    I own 2 mclaren f1s.The Mclaren F1 and The Mclaren F1 LM

    In NFS Hot Pursuit 2

    • Abhigyan Talukdar
      Abhigyan Talukdar 2 days ago +1

      Ivan Gutierrez ohhh yesss. . And also you can't deny NFS HP2 had the best racing game intro ever!!!! Hot action cop - going down on it !

  • Dale Williams
    Dale Williams 4 days ago +2

    Your greatest video yet, Doug. Thank you so much for reviewing the F1. Jay is a legend.

  • Paco Candano
    Paco Candano 4 days ago

    Don't know why this video doesn't have 10 million views at least

  • Morgan Nimmo
    Morgan Nimmo 4 days ago +4

    I am a proud owner

    Of a 1991 Toyota Sera

  • Ben Walch
    Ben Walch 4 days ago +1

    I don't agree that it's the best car, yet I can agree that it is verging on it, or at least the best of the era

  • Daily Shoooa
    Daily Shoooa 4 days ago

    didnt knew Doug was a jew, no wonder he gets all this buisness deals...

  • Dreia
    Dreia 4 days ago

    That little tool kit costs more than my car

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S 4 days ago

    Greatest car ever made = Ferrari F40.

  • Manu blabla
    Manu blabla 4 days ago

    Doug, the kind of guy who reviews a F1 and still comments on how the ac vents perfectly complement the Driving Position

  • A Little Hair
    A Little Hair 4 days ago

    Thank you Doug very cool

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 5 days ago +2

    I'm very enthusiastic to see Doug' next video sitting besides Trump driving his presidential car :)

  • Ceagon
    Ceagon 5 days ago

    SLOW DOWN. can you explain the disc/track +/- toggle one more time please!?

  • speterbilt
    speterbilt 5 days ago

    Father & son driving around

  • speterbilt
    speterbilt 5 days ago

    Looks like a la ferrari

  • STRATMAN firdaus
    STRATMAN firdaus 5 days ago

    Jay Leno seems like a nice guy. cool vid Doug. Rock on

  • STRATMAN firdaus
    STRATMAN firdaus 5 days ago

    Jay should have let Doug drive the car. I was looking forward to it.

  • STRATMAN firdaus
    STRATMAN firdaus 5 days ago

    Some great points Doug, especially like the one where you state the McLaren F1 was the last na car to hold the fastest production car record.

  • WdnUlik2no
    WdnUlik2no 5 days ago

    How cool is it to know Jay Leno and be cool enough with him to let you lend him his multi million dollar car.

  • STRATMAN firdaus
    STRATMAN firdaus 5 days ago +1

    I once saw a broken down McLaren F1 on the side of the road.

  • STRATMAN firdaus
    STRATMAN firdaus 5 days ago +3

    2 BMW e36 m3 engines bolted together.

  • J A
    J A 5 days ago

    Jay looks like the little man in Shrek 🤣

  • DJ DeepLove
    DJ DeepLove 5 days ago

    Con i fari posteriori di una corriera leyland, ciao da Napoli zio!

  • Gage Holgate
    Gage Holgate 5 days ago +1

    16:13 _"You don't usually see a lot of 260-mile-an-hour speedos"_

    No, I don't, that's an inhumanly speed to swim.

    • Ulysse Boivin
      Ulysse Boivin 5 days ago

      Gage Holgate : Im glad than McLaren don’t make bath suits

  • autobahnproven
    autobahnproven 5 days ago

    Servicing an F1:

  • An Extraordinary Person With No Life TM

    Its like they smacked a baby seat in the middle.

  • Aidan Madden
    Aidan Madden 5 days ago +1


  • AOD2874
    AOD2874 5 days ago

    Still faster than a Bugatti 0-100

  • Moritz von Schweinitz

    Why does it have 4 pedals?

  • Brian W
    Brian W 6 days ago

    I keep thinking about if I accidentally crashed into this car while Doug was testing it. Call up the insurance;
    “Hello? Yes I’d like to report a collision.”
    “Ok, what did you hit?”
    “A 20 million dollar McLaren F1 owned by Jay Leno”
    “Yeah, we don’t know you... stop prank calling this number.”

  • Xaris
    Xaris 6 days ago

    Jay Leno: _You can't throw it around .... anything you do to this car is a house_ !!!!! LOL!

  • HZ Đeimos
    HZ Đeimos 6 days ago

    Excuse me wtf?! Is the lift up?

  • HZ Đeimos
    HZ Đeimos 6 days ago

    How about the F1 LM?

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 6 days ago

    Nerd for speed 2 and Need for speed hot pursuit 2 memories.

  • Philip Str
    Philip Str 6 days ago

    1600 People’s should go watch food reviews

  • Scientist in the streets-gorilla in the sheets

    Doug: “How should I show how big this storage is
    Also Doug: “ ahhh I’ll throw a rolled up towel in it”

  • KailerJCM
    KailerJCM 6 days ago +3

    man i dont know who's more happy, doug in the f1, or me seeing how happy doug was in the f1...

  • Brethren of Yeshua
    Brethren of Yeshua 6 days ago

    That's pretty cool your mom let you go to Jay Leno's house😀

    • Matt M
      Matt M 6 days ago

      Brethren of Yeshua why wouldn’t his mom let him visit dad on the weekends ?

  • Brethren of Yeshua
    Brethren of Yeshua 6 days ago +2

    The best car ever made was a Honda Civic EG hatchback

  • dalton wallace
    dalton wallace 7 days ago +14

    “This is a Porsche Carrera GT and it is the greatest car of all time” -2018
    “This is a Mclaren F1 and it is simply the greatest car of all time” -2019

  • divin dave
    divin dave 7 days ago

    I used to have an F1, but I couldnt get my golf clubs in the dam thing, so I sold it through Mecum Auction.

  • Puvan Muruga
    Puvan Muruga 7 days ago +2

    Among the best car reviews channel.

  • Tom Gunning
    Tom Gunning 7 days ago

    Jay Leno is the man! Thanks for this one Doug!