Mad Jack - A Real Life World War 2 Mad Man

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • Who was this man who fought in a battle with only a sword and a longbow? In today's animated video cartoon about history, we are taking a look at this mad man who became a legend.

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  • Brandon Payne
    Brandon Payne 7 hours ago

    I was wondering why the soldiers yell that was used throughout the video was so familiar. Its from Midevil 2: Total War lol when ppl get hit by catapults or cannonballs they do that yell, i always thought it was hilarious sounding

  • Anonymous Human being
    Anonymous Human being 15 hours ago

    I’ve watched this like 10 times and it’s still entertaining :)

  • Kordell Cunningham
    Kordell Cunningham 21 hour ago

    Mad Jack is a bonified badass.

    UNKNOWN Day ago

    ...Poland Never surrendered...
    Our armies were defeated, but kept on fighting till the end of the war....

  • Sillyjak
    Sillyjak Day ago

    There's actually a kid in my class named Churchill and he's from the Philippines

  • Wash - Row
    Wash - Row Day ago


  • Bananaman133
    Bananaman133 Day ago

    Churchhill is awesome I’m pretty sure I spelt that wrong

  • AiksDee NoobGamer
    AiksDee NoobGamer 2 days ago

    When people think you've maxed out all of your characters stats but in reality it's just you playing off-meta

  • Sheriff of Rock Ridge

    He was just bored

  • KlineStife
    KlineStife 2 days ago

    boy's on a ng+ run

  • Sammy Van Dankstein
    Sammy Van Dankstein 2 days ago

    Mad Jack was that CoD player that just ran around the enemy spawn site and spawn killed with melee weapons.

  • فتاه - cutekey
    فتاه - cutekey 2 days ago

    6:23 wth was that?!?!?!?

  • JD - 05WL - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    Churchill played too many video games

  • crazy sodan
    crazy sodan 3 days ago

    Its a cute animation though for a madman

  • Shea Becker
    Shea Becker 3 days ago

    Japanese commanders “WRITE THAT DOWN”

  • The Glorious Lion
    The Glorious Lion 3 days ago

    Mad Jack in the thumbnail looks like a certain Iraqi dictator, just an interesting observation.

  • Levi Nali
    Levi Nali 3 days ago

    Found out who captain John price is based off of

  • Big LoC
    Big LoC 3 days ago +1

    This dudes a legend lol. He’s probably bored out of his mind in Valhalla😂😂😂

  • nerdtopia ball
    nerdtopia ball 4 days ago

    The 4 horseman of the apocalypse:
    Mad jack

  • Cross Guthenberg
    Cross Guthenberg 4 days ago

    Churchill: *dead and goes to heaven*
    Also churchill: *making war in heaven*

  • N P video
    N P video 4 days ago

    He........he is the mad lad we’ve waited for

  • John Wick
    John Wick 4 days ago

    So why’d he call his British Broadsword a claymore?

  • Jmbdang
    Jmbdang 4 days ago

    This man is John wicks inspiration

  • Dawn Betancourt
    Dawn Betancourt 4 days ago +1

    Ok who else thinks that this would make a great movie

  • Purinity
    Purinity 4 days ago

    He’ll probably rise out of his grave when WWIII rolls around.

  • Ve_Ex
    Ve_Ex 5 days ago +1

    Now this is the king of r/madlad

  • AmazinPanda393
    AmazinPanda393 5 days ago

    Trenches were world war 1 , not 2

  • Muah Iz Mad!
    Muah Iz Mad! 5 days ago

    What a frikin' madlad

  • LoganLegend-Gaming & More

    Mad jack = Demoman

  • Téa Krzykowski
    Téa Krzykowski 5 days ago

    Mad Jack- Destroys Fighter Jet with Arrow shot.
    Gimli- "That still only counts as one!"

  • Lehotandet Phom
    Lehotandet Phom 5 days ago

    World war 3 begins
    Me. Re-animation jutsu

  • James Yost
    James Yost 6 days ago

    British colonel-“wait where tf is Jack? We’re supposed to be...oh lord..”

  • RedTheVariant
    RedTheVariant 6 days ago

    Real life b.j blaskowichz

  • Farhan Iscool
    Farhan Iscool 6 days ago


  • UnnamedHero0922
    UnnamedHero0922 6 days ago

    Before there was Chuck Norris facts, there was "Mad" Jack Churchill facts. He was probably the originator of the term "What a mad lad".

  • vilma vaitonyte
    vilma vaitonyte 6 days ago


  • Random Loser
    Random Loser 6 days ago +1

    I wanna see this man fight Chuck Norris

  • lenard james Cuenca
    lenard james Cuenca 7 days ago

    now we know where joerge sprav came from

  • XxCell TeamxX
    XxCell TeamxX 7 days ago

    I literally got a WORLD WAR 2 ad before this vid

  • syntax5
    syntax5 7 days ago

    He has a diamond sword. Of couse he won.

  • Top Wongtouwan
    Top Wongtouwan 7 days ago

    Is this where the term "mad lad" was born?

  • Lukas Turci
    Lukas Turci 7 days ago


  • Michael Sandoval
    Michael Sandoval 7 days ago +1

    Insanely Brave 👍🏽

  • Johnathan Grey
    Johnathan Grey 7 days ago

    Murphy and Churchill you get

  • tobey sherrin
    tobey sherrin 8 days ago +1

    So THIS is the churchill everyone says was a badass.

  • Frenzval Valencia
    Frenzval Valencia 8 days ago


  • spark video TV
    spark video TV 8 days ago

    Brave heart never dies

  • Julian Gärtner
    Julian Gärtner 8 days ago

    yooo this dude was the mvp

  • William Hannah
    William Hannah 8 days ago

    This person has to be Scottish

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 9 days ago

    Why has no director made s film about this man

  • Revano  Atmantha
    Revano Atmantha 9 days ago

    Churchill Is Much MORE Like a History Man Instead in Medievel Times lol

  • super nigga man
    super nigga man 9 days ago

    churchill is mad lad

  • HumorDash
    HumorDash 9 days ago

    somebody make a movie about this guy

  • Thered_spies104
    Thered_spies104 9 days ago

    This guy play Minecraft bruh, not fortnite

  • dro
    dro 9 days ago

    Ooh my birthday is the upload date

  • Anna Baik
    Anna Baik 9 days ago

    Army life hacks: Smile to not get shot lol

  • Isle of Mann
    Isle of Mann 10 days ago +1

    Some stories of heroism were just exaggerism...... sad but true😞

  • Petealicity
    Petealicity 10 days ago

    That syria not FRANCE OR DUNKIRK?!?!?!?!??!?!?

  • Jedbert Muncal
    Jedbert Muncal 10 days ago

    so he's COD's Ramirez?

  • knope knope
    knope knope 11 days ago

    is that a soviet tiger? 4:08 :D?