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Mad Jack - A Real Life World War 2 Mad Man

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • Who was this man who fought in a battle with only a sword and a longbow? In today's animated video cartoon about history, we are taking a look at this mad man who became a legend.

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  • NotFascistFrance
    NotFascistFrance 13 days ago +3216

    The world was living in 1944 while the dude was living in 1217

  • James Evans
    James Evans 2 hours ago

    *Mad Jack Churchill has joined the lobby*
    -Germany has left the lobby
    -Italy has left the lobby
    -Japan has left the lobby

  • topguy660
    topguy660 2 hours ago

    I got a condom ad after the video

  • Dimitri Petrovich
    Dimitri Petrovich 2 hours ago

    mad jack sure was mad wearing SOVIET MEDALS

  • Rai Tian Xiang Luo
    Rai Tian Xiang Luo 2 hours ago

    So he's Chuck Norris' spiritual father?

  • Lol Gamer
    Lol Gamer 2 hours ago +1

    Rip Churchill also known as chuck Norris jr

  • Lord Tenth
    Lord Tenth 3 hours ago

    The call him... uchiha... Mad... Jack

  • mathiaZ
    mathiaZ 3 hours ago

    they called me a madman

  • Poop in a bucket
    Poop in a bucket 3 hours ago


  • Mrassssssswipe
    Mrassssssswipe 4 hours ago

    In the beginning it reminded me of potato girl from AOT

  • GG GG
    GG GG 4 hours ago +1

    absolute madlad

  • AdequaZ
    AdequaZ 4 hours ago +1

    Man I wonder how he managed to go so far, all around the world, with balls that huge.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 5 hours ago

    Screw this video and channel. 2 commercials in less than 5 minutes?

  • Notorious Pain
    Notorious Pain 5 hours ago

    oh lord the mad jacker he is my PA i demand the rights of this vid you filthy great channel i secretly like to watch

  • SaraK
    SaraK 5 hours ago

    This will definitely become a movie

  • Shreyash Singh 'live to enter10'

    churchill would certainly love call of duty , battlefield , pubg , fortnite , rainbow six , ghost recon , and would certainly hate on metal gear solid , splinter cell and every stealth game out there .

  • ViewtifulGene
    ViewtifulGene 6 hours ago

    The real life DoomGuy

  • rusty
    rusty 6 hours ago

    Mad jack the British doom guy

  • Gwenn Blei
    Gwenn Blei 7 hours ago

    I think it's a one handed basket hilted broadsword, not a two handed claymore, that he used :)

  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera 7 hours ago

    That man has balls of titanium

  • pandea ???????
    pandea ??????? 7 hours ago

    He pit the Thomson in 0:48 the Thomson was made right after ww1

  • Demorthus
    Demorthus 7 hours ago

    Now jews run the world. Seems he lost imo

  • Io Gamer
    Io Gamer 7 hours ago


  • The Bacc
    The Bacc 7 hours ago

    The real Mad Lad

  • Oasis
    Oasis 7 hours ago

    Mad Jack walked into the room where Chuck Norris was sitting.
    Chuck Norris stood up and left the room.

  • Gwim Weaper
    Gwim Weaper 7 hours ago

    please do more world war 2 and WW1 stories

  • Craig of the Cringe
    Craig of the Cringe 8 hours ago

    Put him in smash

  • Autizmo
    Autizmo 8 hours ago

    How has this guys life not been made into a movie?

  • PvP Villager
    PvP Villager 8 hours ago

    Why haven't there been a movie made? That's something i want to see.

  • RicoLord1
    RicoLord1 8 hours ago

    addictive fortnite player :D

  • alif &aila
    alif &aila 9 hours ago

    The dude was a savage when everyone was just runnin he just sits there and eats lasangna while everyone was Shoot!!! MOVE BACK!!!
    Commander of enemies:what what is that? Is that a man with a Claymorw kill him
    Churchill: *whistles while spining his claymore*
    Commanders:WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!!?!??!?! RETREAT!!!!

  • Christopher Driscoll
    Christopher Driscoll 9 hours ago

    Claymore can also refer to a basket-hilt broadsword, which is one-handed and was often worn by officers. He was famous for saying that any officer without his sword wasn't fully dressed. He made sure that his dress sword (which was one of the basket hilt broadswords) was combat ready and wore it into the field when most officers only wore them on ceremony.

  • Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000

    Hard to say how much of this is true, But what is obvious is that he was a helluva man.

  • Finn Geometry
    Finn Geometry 10 hours ago


  • John Amato
    John Amato 10 hours ago


  • Dorian Philotheates
    Dorian Philotheates 11 hours ago

    Brilliant! Thanks for posting.

  • Dorian Philotheates
    Dorian Philotheates 11 hours ago

    ‘Mad Jack’ reminds me a good deal of my Greek primary school teacher, ‘sane Aristeides’ (so called to differentiate him from his cousin, ‘mad Aristeides’).

    • James Earl Cash
      James Earl Cash 9 hours ago

      And he showed an old form of weapon such as Bow & Arrow is not completely obsolete when in the right hands. In nam. I carried a crossbow as one of my back ups. Alot more accurate, does not make alot of noise and does not give off muzzle flash. Perfect for night time action.

  • Orri
    Orri 11 hours ago

    Can you guys not find a single other scream effect?

  • LizardKing174
    LizardKing174 11 hours ago

    Watch count dankulas video on him

  • Yves Damette
    Yves Damette 11 hours ago

    doesn't make sense because it goes so quickly i like the old videos you didn't go so quick like the biggest robbery in history

  • cancer L
    cancer L 12 hours ago


  • Star Fyodperor
    Star Fyodperor 12 hours ago

    So the Soviets invaded Poland... You people have no shame... Or maybe you are that uninformed of history...

  • QuangAnh DoBui
    QuangAnh DoBui 12 hours ago +1

    The guy was literally a Fallout character.

  • EldrenOfTheMist
    EldrenOfTheMist 12 hours ago

    Mad Jack Battle Cry* Leeroy Jenkins!!

  • Emmanuel Alvarez
    Emmanuel Alvarez 12 hours ago

    This would make an awesome video game

  • EldrenOfTheMist
    EldrenOfTheMist 12 hours ago

    His Sword VS The guns of the times. A David and Goliath Moment. Over and over and over. XD

    JKH GAMING 12 hours ago

    One hell of a man

  • Pratik Shrestha
    Pratik Shrestha 12 hours ago

    he deserve a movie based on his life.

  • josiah mcgill
    josiah mcgill 12 hours ago

    Why isn't there a big budget film on him?

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson 13 hours ago

    Imagine if they could clone him, an army would be undefeatable.

  • Willie Lee
    Willie Lee 13 hours ago

    I'm Rambo the ultimate soldier .
    Mad Jack how cute.

  • Min3gam3r156
    Min3gam3r156 13 hours ago

    Sounds like me in class LMAO 😂

  • Andres Arjon
    Andres Arjon 13 hours ago

    No he just had big balls

  • No Skill Intended
    No Skill Intended 14 hours ago

    Absolute mad lad

  • Shady Gamer
    Shady Gamer 14 hours ago

    This is the guy that taught Leon ( resident evil 4) how to carry a whole weapon store in one small case

  • black fat ninja
    black fat ninja 14 hours ago +1

    Now thats how everyone should live thier life
    - *absolute madlad*

  • black fat ninja
    black fat ninja 14 hours ago +3

    Legend has it
    He was inspiration for
    Dont mess with zohan

  • FBI
    FBI 14 hours ago


  • Dommynation
    Dommynation 14 hours ago

    Imagine him fighting the Japanese, him wielding his claymore, them with their Katanas in epic duels to the death.*Sniff* It's what he would've wanted

  • um. kakeys
    um. kakeys 14 hours ago +1

    Sorry but I will never join the army cuz do you know how big a machine gun is its huge imagine that going through it would leave a clean hole rate through your arm so no thanks!!

  • Ugh caveman
    Ugh caveman 15 hours ago +2

    Can you imagine a male feminist fighting back then?

    • Huzi 87
      Huzi 87 10 hours ago +2


  • Daniel Neustadter
    Daniel Neustadter 15 hours ago +3

    why isn't there a movie about this guy

  • Landan Stewart
    Landan Stewart 15 hours ago +1

    How did he run with his sword without his massive balls slowing him

  • Cy
    Cy 15 hours ago

    He was a man born in the right time and right place to exude his valor.
    In a different time and place he'd be shoveling shit to provide scraps for his family.
    That's not to detract from his heroism or ability, just that he won his own personal lottery, essentially.
    At that point in history, "we" were right and "they" were wrong; past nationality and right down to the core of human nature, he was fighting for "right." --- Would he perform the same on "their" side? Or, in an ambiguous state?
    Zealotry is a powerful thing.

  • DIO
    DIO 16 hours ago

    They say Chuck Norris and Mad Jack were bunk buddies during WW2.

  • alex medel martinez
    alex medel martinez 16 hours ago

    12:34 What's the difference?

  • Yanqing Li
    Yanqing Li 16 hours ago

    Because who wouldn't bring a sword to a gunfight?

  • black jack
    black jack 16 hours ago

    Yeah he was nuts but also my hero

  • Richard Feng
    Richard Feng 16 hours ago +1

    somebody played too many fps games

  • Not Te Moai XdXd
    Not Te Moai XdXd 17 hours ago

    4:22 don't worry simo's got this

  • Nick Klein
    Nick Klein 17 hours ago

    Why is this not a movie yet?

  • Lobert_Lin
    Lobert_Lin 17 hours ago

    When you modded Skyrim too much

  • 創造的なK REAL [yes it is]

    I bet Shaggy’s glad he doesn’t have to meet this guy.

  • Nigerian Boy
    Nigerian Boy 17 hours ago

    Wow,I’m scared of a cockroach

  • top muff
    top muff 17 hours ago

    Bro I are my god

  • Rose Wilson
    Rose Wilson 17 hours ago

    I would say probably both

  • Kansa City Shuffle
    Kansa City Shuffle 18 hours ago +4

    The genes that the master chief would be made of.

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 18 hours ago

    insanely brave.

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006
    Vampy_Rhombus5006 18 hours ago +1

    This dood is BADASS! And I also know another meaning for “Nips” now lol (Nips= Nippon “Japan” I guess)

  • Ethan Robinson
    Ethan Robinson 19 hours ago

    What a legend

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face 19 hours ago

    5:53 i like how those soldiers are just sitting there with bombs being dropped overhead then they see arrows and are like "RETREAT!" xd

  • jayaden paschke
    jayaden paschke 19 hours ago

    Winston Churchill?

  • Trickla But new
    Trickla But new 19 hours ago

    He is a TRUE mad lad!

  • FineminePlays
    FineminePlays 19 hours ago

    What a damn mad lad

  • Neon Tropic
    Neon Tropic 19 hours ago +1

    This guy is the definition of holding W key.

  • Inksane Luke
    Inksane Luke 19 hours ago

    He brings meaning to

  • Adriel Puello
    Adriel Puello 19 hours ago

    Absolute mad lad

  • RamboCreativity
    RamboCreativity 19 hours ago

    Lowkey if you got guns and you pull out a fucking bow and arrow instead I'd be a bit shocked too.

  • Patrick martin
    Patrick martin 19 hours ago +5

    Someone needs to make a movie about this man.

  • Dirty Saint
    Dirty Saint 19 hours ago

    Jesus christ... this video would have taken me 5 months to make

  • 1000 subs without any videos please sub

    The sword is going through Mad Jack’s shoulder in the thumbnail.

  • Ryan Borganson
    Ryan Borganson 20 hours ago

    This dude needs a movie

    JORDAN DARNELL 20 hours ago

    He was a brave hero

  • Parker Griffin
    Parker Griffin 20 hours ago


  • Lebenspiel
    Lebenspiel 20 hours ago

    Why he wore the women's military hat?

  • domthe mod
    domthe mod 20 hours ago

    I think mad Jack was crazy.

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks 20 hours ago

    This man is basically Kratos incarnate if he wanted the second greatest war of all time as of today to rage on for another 10 years AT LEAST.

  • Westmisten Mapping II
    Westmisten Mapping II 20 hours ago

    r/madlads brought me here

  • Jojothegodofrandom
    Jojothegodofrandom 21 hour ago


  • Caleb OG
    Caleb OG 21 hour ago

    my mans had ballz of steal