The hilarious response to Katie Couric's comments on Netherlands | Your Morning

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • In this edition of Sidebar, the panel looks at the Netherlands showing off their humour and an amazing robot skiing event.
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Comments • 53

  • Marco Pothuizen
    Marco Pothuizen 8 months ago

    Katie, Jay Leno would have a lot of fun with you with his basic school questions...but you are still welcome to our country ;-)

  • dreakheart
    dreakheart 8 months ago

    eeeh no need to apologize the dutch know when you goof up and just correct you but don't expect you to feel sorry for your mistake because making mistakes is only human and normal

    • Bert G
      Bert G 15 days ago


  • Anna Sham
    Anna Sham Year ago

    Hahahahaha omg "Rush hour in the Netherlands" 😂😂😂

  • Carved Cuts
    Carved Cuts Year ago

    Dutch people: We don't sleep in mills, 💤 we don't wear clogs, 👞 we don't have tulips everywhere 🌷 & not all of us do drugs. 🙅
    Me: The real question is..
    do we ice skate to work? 😱😱
    (Greetings from the Netherlands)

  • Holland Meester
    Holland Meester Year ago +3

    Im Dutch. I dont have a job. I cant skate. But if I had a job and could skate, I surely wont skate to my job. Too many Dutch skaters on the ice skating to their job..... hahahaha.

  • Typically Thomas
    Typically Thomas Year ago +4

    Such a non-apology. "I was trying to salute the Dutch. Didn't come out right."
    Maybe because you were making it up without research... How is this acceptable?

  • HolandaChiquita
    HolandaChiquita Year ago +11

    To be fair, lots of people did use to skate on those canals and go from place to place when most waters would freeze over. Those things happened some 100 years or more ago. But they probably didn't go to work with skates... very unlikely!

    • 1world1blood
      1world1blood Year ago

      LMAO ook honderd jaar geleden schaatsen wij in Amsterdam niet op de grachten naar ons werk. Of dacht je dat echt? lol

  • Berend Kuipers
    Berend Kuipers Year ago +3

    nice example of a dumd american

    • Typically Thomas
      Typically Thomas Year ago +2

      1. Dat heb je fout
      2. Ik snap je vijandigheid niet helemaal
      3. Ik heb duidelijk een gevoelige snaar geraakt. Ik laat je maar met rust. Fijne avond verder, Berend.

    • Berend Kuipers
      Berend Kuipers Year ago

      Dan ben jij dus (in jouw foute spelling) Nederlands i.p.v. Nederlander? AmericaanS is zonder S lamlul!

    • Typically Thomas
      Typically Thomas Year ago

      Berend Kuipers Alleen omdat ik je Engels verbeter, wil nog niet zeggen dat ik Amerikaans ben. Geboren en getogen in Zwolle :P

    • Berend Kuipers
      Berend Kuipers Year ago

      probeer eens iets in het Nederlands te schrijven? Your turn dumB American ? I guess. Versuche es einmahl in der Deutschen Sprache! Perbaai het ais in 't Grunnigs?

    • Typically Thomas
      Typically Thomas Year ago +1

      Berend Kuipers Would have been a better comment if you spelled "Dumb" correctly

  • Ad Lockhorst
    Ad Lockhorst Year ago +1

    my grandfather drowned in an Amsterdam canal while wearing skates.
    How about robot curling?

    • Ad Lockhorst
      Ad Lockhorst Year ago

      1world1blood oh no, he was exceedingly drunk at the time. And it was in july, so .... 😆

    • 1world1blood
      1world1blood Year ago

      Thats sad to hear but somehow i dont think he went to work that moment.

  • jurriaan Adema
    jurriaan Adema Year ago


  • Bom Cabedal
    Bom Cabedal Year ago +1

    "One Nation Is Single-Handedly Inventing the Future of Transportation". Yeah, right. Until we have to build something as ultra-modern as a subway...

  • Ronald Wise
    Ronald Wise Year ago +10

    What a clueless out of touch idiot

  • Josef Piekarz
    Josef Piekarz Year ago +6

    YEs we do wintersport, but we don't have mountains in the Netherlands, so we have just ice tracks .

    • Ad Lockhorst
      Ad Lockhorst Year ago

      Josef Piekarz how about the Grebbeberg?

  • IcyDragon68
    IcyDragon68 Year ago +5

    Pyeongcheng?? Shame on you!!!!!

  • Peet
    Peet Year ago +7

    Actually, MOST Dutch people don't like ice-skating.

    • BackSpace
      BackSpace 11 months ago

      Not true

    • Freek Mulder
      Freek Mulder Year ago +1

      Uhm everybody I know is hyped for ice skating this week. University, friends, family and work. Everybody is going to skate? Where do you live that they don't like ice-skating

    • Pastafarian
      Pastafarian Year ago +1

      I sure hope so!

    • Saartje05
      Saartje05 Year ago +2

      They maybe can learn this week again. It's very cold.

    • Pastafarian
      Pastafarian Year ago

      Peet ive been thinking about our conversation and talking to some friends, I must say you might be right. Younger generations have little experience with ice in the Netherlands and hardly know what it is to skate from village to village. The last time it was possible was years ago. My experience is most likely outdated.

  • Geoff Longford
    Geoff Longford Year ago +11

    Probably the funniest thing I have heard in my 95 years on earth.

    • Peet
      Peet Year ago

      Vincent Campaert
      Serious, me ?
      Not really, but i thought that was obvious.
      (except the jeebus part)

    • Vincent Campaert
      Vincent Campaert Year ago

      I would if it only meant seeing your beautiful face when I step outside my door. ( Please don't sue )

    • Vincent Campaert
      Vincent Campaert Year ago

      It was a joke. Don't take this serious.

    • Peet
      Peet Year ago

      Vincent Campaert
      That's hard to say since nobody even knows when that was.
      And if he really did, all those religious people would for once had a real argument regarding jeebus to be real.

    • Vincent Campaert
      Vincent Campaert Year ago

      Damn you must have witnessed the birth of Jesus if you're that old.