Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom | WWYD

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • A mother becomes uncomfortable when she hears a transgender woman asking where the ladies’ room is.
    Special guest Jazz Jennings steps in to play a friend of our transgender customer, who is targeted by our worried mother for wanting to use the ladies’ room. What will people think?
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Comments • 33 889

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi Hour ago

    Well i do agree that transgenders are very much valid but you can’t be transgender if you haven’t gone through surgery. To say that you are transgender without surgery is to say that “you’re no longer handicapped” even tho you’re still in a wheelchair, it’s just incorrect.

  • Roeg Sanchez
    Roeg Sanchez Hour ago

    I am addicted to this show!🙌🙌🙌

  • Laszlo S.
    Laszlo S. 4 hours ago

    So if I put on a dress and heels I could take a leak in the women’s toilet. Wow. Thanks, I don’t think so. I have a weak stomach.

  • AidanI
    AidanI 5 hours ago

    Transgender: people: *exist*
    Karen: this is in avengers level threat.

  • Shortpickle 27
    Shortpickle 27 6 hours ago

    People: agree with the mom and daughter
    Me: *boomers*

  • Mike Tat
    Mike Tat 9 hours ago

    You’re a Christian so you have certain beliefs.... the devil is in this one

  • Asali a
    Asali a 10 hours ago

    I liked how the homophobic dude was even like “I don’t *like* it but I’m not gonna bother them”
    I mean not accepting but still letting her do what she wants

  • dolores drury
    dolores drury 10 hours ago

    A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.

  • Kara E
    Kara E 11 hours ago

    I use Christianity FOR LGBTQ!

  • Dingus McBrungus
    Dingus McBrungus 11 hours ago

    holy shit that's a huge bagel

  • Matt Gauthier
    Matt Gauthier 11 hours ago

    What is wrong these people. Its a dude!

  • George Washington
    George Washington 12 hours ago

    It’s a man

  • Feilu Chen
    Feilu Chen 13 hours ago

    i think if i saw someone transphobia attack someone out in public i would absoluely STRANGLE them

  • wakulu riel
    wakulu riel 13 hours ago

    My daughter is confused if she gonna pee on girl's C.R or man's C.R because she has many gay friends. I told my daughter if you are a girl go to women's CR baby don't make your life complicated.

  • ItsJustLucas
    ItsJustLucas 13 hours ago

    The entirety of LGBTQ is disappointing and i hate it

  • green autumn
    green autumn 14 hours ago

    Yh but there are no gender neutral toilets ......

  • Live You Now
    Live You Now 14 hours ago +1

    If he has a penis he must use a men’s bathroom, a woman’s bathroom shouldn’t have penises in it. It’s not hate it’s just true, if anything make a third bathroom

  • Jay
    Jay 14 hours ago

    man wtf if you have a dick you DO NOT belong in the womens bathroom

  • Frank Lafaiki
    Frank Lafaiki 20 hours ago

    That trans girl is still beautiful

  • Alex TG
    Alex TG 20 hours ago +1

    I get it, but imagine if the trans woman was a pervert man. Would you feel comfortable having a man in a girl's bathroom?

  • Rona Mose
    Rona Mose 21 hour ago +1

    Damn that's one big ass bagel

  • Ariel H
    Ariel H Day ago

    12:02 instantly thought of Rex from Victorious saying "you don't know what I got!" 😂

  • Stewart Damien
    Stewart Damien Day ago

    Well the ACTUAL woman is right that Whoa-man shouldn't be going in the ladies bathroom

  • Sweta Manogar
    Sweta Manogar Day ago

    Ik the woman is an actress but I really wanted to Punch her wen she said all those rude stuff

  • Mintyysigns // Maddie

    I mean the first lady wasnt wrong

  • Emari shmitz
    Emari shmitz Day ago

    wow! jazz doesn't even look transgender. She looks awesome!! It was meant to be. You go girlfriend!

  • Andi Oop
    Andi Oop Day ago

    She looks so beautiful if I hadn’t read the title I wouldn’t know she was a trans woman. She’s so gorgeous

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Stewart Damien Fuck you Skippy. Transphobic bitch.

    • Stewart Damien
      Stewart Damien Day ago

      LMFAO Seriously, "Her" shoulders are broader than mine & the voice should be a dead give away, its all in the Adam's apple

  • Hangover Samui Admin

    Jaz: Its hard being trans in this world....
    Me: Um yeah, its not normal.... how many dogs, cats, or any other species do you see trying to identify as different sex... YOUR A DUDE... Deal with it... Don't force me to call a spade a heart.

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Stewart Damien Go fuck yourself then.

    • Stewart Damien
      Stewart Damien Day ago

      @Hangover Samui Admin Amen to that. Ignore the virtue signaling people "Oh we're so accepting" WE ARE NOT TRANSFORMERS. Just because some may identify as one thing or another doesn't mean the rest of us have to follow their delusion. I identify as a dildo & still no women will fuck me so.... MEH!

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Moose Antlers Yeah, people are so ignorant to the world around them.

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers Day ago

      We see many species display cross-sex traits for a variety of reasons. There are also animals that are hermaphroditic, such as many species of gastropods. Considering we don't even seem to fully grasp a sense of gender in humans, I believe it's a stretch for us to start testing in animals to see if they have a sense of such an identity, too. Perhaps development of a gender identity could be linked with intelligence, as I doubt most dioecious species of nematodes care about their gender identity, which is unlikely to exist in the first place.

  • Michael Loparco
    Michael Loparco Day ago

    Those black ladies are what most Americans think of the be honest.

  • Hangover Samui Admin

    Your a dude, piss where dudes piss... No way would I want a man pissing next to my wife or daughter.

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Hangover Samui Admin Still.

    • Hangover Samui Admin
      Hangover Samui Admin Day ago

      @darthevil9999 I was talking about staff, not customers.

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Hangover Samui Admin Please tell me your business so I don't mistakenly use it.

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Day ago

      @Hangover Samui Admin Wow, such a business man to mock his customers.

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers Day ago

      @darthevil9999 I wonder if he wants trans men in women's bathrooms.

  • Jayne Forster
    Jayne Forster 2 days ago

    Jazz has always looked like a girl facially! Even before her surgery!

  • AshleighPlays
    AshleighPlays 2 days ago


  • Kelsey DeLaney
    Kelsey DeLaney 2 days ago +1

    imagine pretending to be an awful person and then someone agrees with you... i-

  • Otto
    Otto 2 days ago

    who is the ugly elf behind the scene

  • Alaa Humaida
    Alaa Humaida 2 days ago

    How is jazz transgender if she was already a girl as kid? I don't get it

  • jade isa ruri
    jade isa ruri 2 days ago

    that,s was racism

  • Brandon Ohara
    Brandon Ohara 2 days ago

    The woman in the pink is 100 % right

  • Rachel Durno-Allen
    Rachel Durno-Allen 2 days ago

    I don't care what bathroom you use, just wash your hands.

  • kait0930 kait0930
    kait0930 kait0930 2 days ago +1

    Ok I think transgender men/women should be able to use the bathroom that they identify as but on the other hand what if some perve decides to use the washroom of the opposite gender claiming they are transgender but that’s just my opinion.

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 2 days ago

      Good thing perving is still illegal. Most restrooms don't really have laws attached to them anyways, which is why so many U.S. lawmakers are trying to add them. So there's nothing stopping someone now. Anyways, if someone wanted to do awful things in the restroom, do you think a potential trespassing charge is what's stopping them?

  • Intelligent Design
    Intelligent Design 2 days ago +1

    I respect people's gender preference but this is one that I believe has no clear resolution, and I can comfortably say that it never EVER will. I wouldn't want my daughter in a bathroom where there is a man dressed up as a woman. No authority and no law passed by it will make me feel comfortable about that. One classic thought that should run through everyone's mind in this situation is... What if perverted men started dressing up as women just to get into women's toilets as a sick fetish. How does our liberal and tolerant society deal with that grey area it has created??? Hmmm???

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 2 days ago

      @mellow m Surely you have "lots" of documented cases, then, that you wouldn't mind sharing?

    • mellow m
      mellow m 2 days ago

      @Moose Antlers theres lots of times a trans person used the girls bathroom to assault someone.

      "If anything, claiming to be transgender when one isn't in such a legal circumstance could probably get them into more legal trouble."

      ya but the only thing that actually determines if your trans or not is if you say you are. if they later say they arent trans, they could play it off as being gender fluid.

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 2 days ago

      @Intelligent Design Here's the better argument, there are cities, counties, and even full countries that allow trans people to use the restroom with the gender they identify with. This is essentially a non-occurring issue. Offhand, I can't think of even one incidence where someone pretended to be transgender in order to gain entry and where that guise has gotten them off with a lesser sentencing after being caught. If anything, claiming to be transgender when one isn't in such a legal circumstance could probably get them into more legal trouble. The moral of this is, that particular argument doesn't rely on any sort of significant factual evidence. I could see if this was a known problem why it may be an issue, but since it is not, this argument has no grounds.
      So vulnerable people don't include trans people? I'd argue they're a very vulnerable demographic considering their rights to use a public restrooms are still being debated within the U.S.

    • Intelligent Design
      Intelligent Design 2 days ago

      @Moose Antlers Terrible argument. Ofcourse there isn't anything stopping pervs getting into places they shouldn't be in, but THIS makes it much easier for pervs under the guise of a notoriously debatable gender issue to get into that space. There are some things in society that should not be made so damn fluid because as tolerant as you and I can be, the risk of a breach still remains. What, we're supposed to just turn a blind eye to the safety of vulnerable people just because we wanted to accept the selfish choices of others? Please!

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 2 days ago

      You know that multi-stall gender neutral restrooms are a thing, right? Not to mention, peeping and sexual assault are still illegal. Not like anything is stopping pervs as of now, anyways.

  • •Smøll yui•
    •Smøll yui• 2 days ago

    What kind of trans is she is she trans to be a boi or i dunno

  • Nia_ 21
    Nia_ 21 3 days ago

    Random but have you ever wondered how a transgender, or someone with a lot of plastic surgery would look like when they are an elder? Like (not to start stuff) but imagine someone like Jeffery Star when he’s old... will his injections stay and he would just have wrinkles or will the injections... sag I honestly don’t know. I just think way too hard about things lol

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 3 days ago

      They'll look like old men/women if they've been on HRT and had surgeries.

  • Park Haruka
    Park Haruka 3 days ago

    well if transwoman look like a woman also how they can use wman bathroom i still cant understand than i dont mind

  • Lucy Wagner
    Lucy Wagner 3 days ago

    Meanwhile in the philippines, a transwoman was arrested for using female restroom.

  • Michael Gagne
    Michael Gagne 3 days ago

    Oh...OH...So..When you get your trans surgery...Your voice is still the same? Well. I'm still gonna get Trans surgery when im older. :)

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 3 days ago

      What? Surgery has nothing to do with voice.

  • Moonxstar
    Moonxstar 3 days ago +2

    Who else just ships the transgender girl with the boy on the last test that defended her.

  • Quinton Green
    Quinton Green 3 days ago

    I hate this video

  • Quinton Green
    Quinton Green 3 days ago

    It not discriminatory it’s stupid this world is turning so stupid with all these transgender

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 3 days ago

      Yep. You got it. This is why the world is stupid. Not because we're literally killing the only planet we have. Because transgender people are asking for rights like everyone else.

  • Caleb Schieck
    Caleb Schieck 3 days ago +1

    this is bull boys are boys girls are girls as simple as that

  • Xx-Diego- Xx
    Xx-Diego- Xx 3 days ago

    The old guy just wants to use the bathroom with them💀

  • Rekha G
    Rekha G 3 days ago

    I hate the guy at 7 mins

  • ptidwell
    ptidwell 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ the ignorance at 7:00 is so disgusting and almost comical ..

  • Samuel Demers
    Samuel Demers 3 days ago

    I can’t believe we are at such a terrible point in time where men want to play dress up and look like a deformed gender less thing like wtf is wrong with people

    • chris gotta
      chris gotta Day ago +1

      Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want as long as they do not hurt anyone. U are the problem bot them

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 3 days ago

      You are what's wrong. You're nothing but an ignoramus and a transphobic bitch. Fucking Skippy.

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 3 days ago +23

    She's a true Christian and the fake Christians have hijacked our religion.

    • xxx xxx
      xxx xxx 23 hours ago

      In True Christianity ? You are definitely misguided that's Judaism and not Christianity.
      By that OT logic, I'm sure you eat Kosher food avoiding consuming ducks, pigs ? Right ? I'm sure you give tithe and kill sheep's and splatter their blood over the gates to protect the house like Jews do ? Or stone people who commit adultery.
      That's outdated Judaism.
      Eashoa was a Jew but he modified it to refine us.
      You sound like a hater. He didn't die , he was murdered for raising his voice against his dissidents. That's what all people hage paid as a price.
      Fake Christians cherry pick some scriptures that is typical of you guys.
      I'm an Aramean and we interpret his Gospels exactly which differ substantially than the corrupted versions you read that speak of hatred, ours doesn't.

      THEMANLEYS Day ago +1

      kxr but hey that’s the whole point in why Jesus died on the cross in the first place so we don’t burn in hell and we get to be with God.

    • My pp very smol but
      My pp very smol but Day ago +1

      Seems that the fake Christians hijacked this comment too!

    • ZEL DRIS
      ZEL DRIS 2 days ago +1

      Are you sure you are a christian?Homosexuality,being a feminine man,a masculine woman are sins!

    • kxr
      kxr 2 days ago +2

      actually in true Christianity homosexual are to be stoned to death. in the bible it says that homosexual are an abomination on the eyes of God. cure be man that lays with another man and curse be woman that lays with another woman.that is what its written in the Book.

  • Elena Gurung
    Elena Gurung 3 days ago

    Nadia is prettier than me I can’t 🥺

  • ressist
    ressist 4 days ago

    It is the first time I hear someone say "I am a Christian" to defend a trans person, instead of attacking one

  • Artemus Clyde Frog
    Artemus Clyde Frog 4 days ago

    A lot of these are filmed in Jersey...we aren't so bad everybody 😁
    Also, I swear this will be my LAST WWYD VIDEO!

  • India Hammond
    India Hammond 4 days ago

    I learned two things
    Obama created transgenders and everybody pees 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dankrupt
    Dankrupt 4 days ago

    I don’t get why it matters so much to transgenders which bathroom they go in. They’re both bathrooms and serve the same purpose. The only difference is a small sign on the door. I swear they just want to feel special. Don’t get me started on the ones that think they deserve a whole new bathroom just for them

    • Moose Antlers
      Moose Antlers 3 days ago

      Most (binary) trans people don't want a "whole new bathroom" consider that would isolate them even more. It's important because people gotta pee in when they're not at home, too. Most people just want to use the restroom the identify with and/or look most like because in segregated bathrooms, it makes everyone more comfortable and is probably safer. Honestly, though, I'm all for multi-stall gender neutral restrooms. Like you said, bathrooms serve the same purpose.

    • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
  • Jowani MaximumBady
    Jowani MaximumBady 4 days ago

    i love black grandmas SO SWEAT THEY GONNA MAKE ME CRY MY DUDE