Things That You Will See for the First Time in Your Life

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
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    Thanks to the Internet, nowadays you just have to write what you need in the search engine to find the most diverse knowledge or to see something interesting. But even on the World Wide Web, you can find things out of the ordinary. In this video we have collected things and phenomena that you have never seen in your life. Some of them can be called incredible, others simply interesting, and others even strange.

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  • ClappOnUpp
    ClappOnUpp 16 days ago

    I can't believe this guy😂😂 he called a sturgeon an Beluga Whale

  • WP7
    WP7 22 days ago

    I saw all this for the 2nd time becuase I watched this twice

  • Cometa Soulstar
    Cometa Soulstar 29 days ago

    3:46 Sea Lab 2020

  • GENERAL Gangul
    GENERAL Gangul 3 months ago

    8:50 . Sri lanka

  • DaveKublersVideos
    DaveKublersVideos 3 months ago

    My friends dad was a pro lobster fisherman on Long Island NY. He came home with a bright blue lobster one day. It wound up in a museum .

  • syndrome1965
    syndrome1965 3 months ago

    Beluga STURGEON...when you guys make mistakes, you make big ones.

  • SuzyQ 52
    SuzyQ 52 3 months ago

    Not beluga whale. It is albino sturgeons.

  • nopaincobain72
    nopaincobain72 3 months ago

    40.000 a tea spoon......white caviar..... Don't be silly

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 4 months ago

    The knife massage is BS, they're movie prop sharp.

  • Tres Chapman
    Tres Chapman 4 months ago

    The thought of a knife massage is Absolutly crazy!!!😮 NO THANK YOU. Im also good with eating any type of fish eggs. I've never understood how so many people can eat that shit! Not to mention "burning food" who comes up with this stuff? Hey I wanna try something new, why noy light my food on fire and put it in my mouth while it's flameing. That sounds like a great idea smh.

  • Herschel Jackson
    Herschel Jackson 4 months ago

    Ok I clearly see albino sturgeon as for the whale.

  • Kayleigh W
    Kayleigh W 4 months ago

    She was pulled she didn't accelerate on her own on an unconventional bike,,,,so she didn't do nothing

  • Kayleigh W
    Kayleigh W 4 months ago

    What you gonna do when a machine puts you out of a job?

    WARPHEAD 5 months ago

    Cannot recommend due to the unnecessarily annoying childish narration. The long worn out, joke every other sentence, narration formula is popular now only in nursing homes for the geriatric. The particular narration style began falling out of favor with American audiences during the height of the television series like "Full House & Friends" era. Those still using the cheesy childish style today are either incompetent or on a path of video career self-destruction. Intended originally to create within an audience a feeling of light-heartedness and joviality, it now causes audiences to cringe at the moronic joke attempts which quickly devolves into intense annoyance and even hatred.

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65 5 months ago +1

    I saw a blue crayfish once, in the woods of western Pennsylvania, in around 1978. It was out of the water, walking on land, along a trail thru the woods. I shit you not.

  • Cyber Gazza
    Cyber Gazza 5 months ago +1

    Not without a sence of irony that when mentioning the drone delivery in Australia, that her phone showed an advert for Bunnings.

  • Rick
    Rick 5 months ago

    Pretty sure I'm not opting for the happy ending at the knife massage place. 😬😬😬😬

  • Nicholas Bolton
    Nicholas Bolton 5 months ago

    Ive already seen the power line maintenance one. When i was in a course to get my OSHA (Occupational safety & Health Administration) and my NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) certifications, the instructor showed us a bunch of videos, and that was one of them.

  • philosophicalreason
    philosophicalreason 5 months ago

    Kind of scary when you actually have to tell people not to try(knife massage)at home.I suppose that's why on lighter fluid it says flammable don't use near open flame.

  • Walter Santos
    Walter Santos 5 months ago +2

    I stopped the video to see if anybody else had commented on the beluga whale caviar 🐳😂🤣🐋

  • Toyota4runner TrdPro16
    Toyota4runner TrdPro16 5 months ago

    No thank you number 1.. I like my knife massage’s with rusty machete’s full of tetanus

  • jim young
    jim young 5 months ago

    Okay, I wasn't first to notice a mistake. Forgive me for adding to the list, but if I was the first I'd be doing a service rather than being annoying.

  • jim young
    jim young 5 months ago

    How do you get caviar from a mammal?

  • Second Sun
    Second Sun 5 months ago

    i didn't know that a towel was a special cloth.. 1:56

  • Rider
    Rider 5 months ago +1

    Underwater gardening. lol I do exactly the same thing in my greenhouse, without scuba gear. Ridiculous.

  • SubUrbanSF
    SubUrbanSF 5 months ago

    Sleeping whales was cool.

  • R B
    R B 6 months ago

    I wouldn't call that bicycle the fastest because it has to use a car to pull it if it was ridden from 0 to whatever speed they call fastest then yeah it would the only thing that should be called is riding the fastest speed on a bicycle but saying its the fastest is false

  • Andre Max
    Andre Max 6 months ago

    Ok thnx

  • DanNGC2770
    DanNGC2770 6 months ago +1

    5 ads in an 11 minute videos, sweet

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens 6 months ago

    How to show someone something no other human being has ever seen, and will ever see again in its present form after the two of you have looked at it: Open a shelled peanut and eat the contents.

  • Stephen Fairbanks
    Stephen Fairbanks 6 months ago +1

    I didn’t see my dad ?

  • Andre Max
    Andre Max 6 months ago

    no its not star trek silly lol

    PHILIP WATSON 5 6 months ago


  • Zwelethu Mathonsi
    Zwelethu Mathonsi 6 months ago

    0:34 what is the name of this movie?

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 6 months ago

    It's just so funny they say Co2 is bad for the planet but in truth it just makes vegetation grow more vigorously, and in an end result increase the amount of oxygen that is put back into our atmosphere. Also inside greenhouses its a very well known fact that Co2 is used to keep temperature down. But these Zionist Illuminati Banker/Politicians will tell you different.

  • Andre Max
    Andre Max 6 months ago +1

    8 minutes 46 seconds into this video, shows a movie scene, if anyone know the name of that movie, please message me

    • Andre Max
      Andre Max 6 months ago

      looked like jack nicholson

    • Andre Max
      Andre Max 6 months ago

      its not star trek silly! lol

    • Sky marshall
      Sky marshall 6 months ago

      Star trek the last jedi

  • Bitter End
    Bitter End 6 months ago

    India is such a discusting place.

  • Jah Reign
    Jah Reign 6 months ago

    Ad ad ad ad ad ad minus

  • Magnus Sirius
    Magnus Sirius 6 months ago

    You said beluga whale : Beluga whale are mammals, Female belugas typically give birth to one calf every three years. THEY DON'T HAVE EGGS. Beluga sturgeon give white caviar and the name beluga is derived from a Russian word meaning white.белый.(belyy), The real name for a white sturgeon is Huso Huso. They can grow up to 3000 pounds.

  • shit's classic X
    shit's classic X 6 months ago

    😂 only in japan

  • THE real VOICE
    THE real VOICE 6 months ago

    what is the effect of sea water to plants

  • THE real VOICE
    THE real VOICE 6 months ago

    what ia the cost for the KNIFE MASSAGE

  • daveogarf
    daveogarf 6 months ago +4


    • Martyn Crosby
      Martyn Crosby 5 months ago

      I used to feel the same until I signed up for premium, no more ads now and it's not that expensive

  • Bettina
    Bettina 6 months ago

    Only humans would pay $40,000 to eat unfertilized fish eggs, not that fertilized ones would be any less insane! Rich people must like gross food, there's also kopi luwak?

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller 6 months ago

    Six commercials in twelve minutes. Uhh... NO!

  • DoingMyBest X
    DoingMyBest X 6 months ago

    Never had caviar is it good

  • ANYVID official
    ANYVID official 6 months ago

    The fastesg bike in the WORLD??OOWWW. DONT BE FOOL MY FRIEND ITS NOT FAST IF THEY DONT pulled the bike idiot

  • Gary I
    Gary I 6 months ago

    People shouldn't be on a power line and can fall off easily. Not safe at all.

  • dhaneyart
    dhaneyart 6 months ago

    Whale caviar is much much harder to collect, thus the high price.

  • doomlist darkness
    doomlist darkness 6 months ago

    lol knife massage if the patient dont wanna pay the knife isn't far away from his neck to chop it off XD

  • Uncommon Sense
    Uncommon Sense 6 months ago +1

    Using cork in a baseball bat is against the rules. The only time cork is used in baseball bats, is if someone is cheating.

  • HammerDemonn
    HammerDemonn 6 months ago

    3:30 Not Beluga whale! The beluga or European sturgeon is a totally different species.

  • ThunderBird
    ThunderBird 6 months ago

    What happens if I watch this video twice 😂😂😏

  • John Chase
    John Chase 6 months ago +1

    NOT an Albino Beluga Whale you half wit. Albino Beluga Sturgeon. Ffs

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning 6 months ago

    (1) Butchers knife: remove the handler (while the recipient has their back turned) with a COMPLETE novice, and then when the procedure is done, return the "master" and the "idiot...umm...I mean, customer" will swear that "their hands are as golden as they've ever been." (2) $40k caviar: how does one emphasize duffus, or nincompoop...(add 14k gold flakes :)? NOW...last but certainly not least the amazing "WONDER WOMAN" who can do the dont even think about it...much except this:
    (3) The bicycle which (makes no sense at all) reached the speed of 225 kph (139.809 mph), and only b/c it was towed. If it had been dropped from a hot air balloon (another form of assistance :) would have at went "faster." The average speed of objects falling unhindered is approx 200 mph. So, calculating wind resistance/here we go...(55). Says right here...well

  • That Boi
    That Boi 6 months ago


  • Fl1ck Plays
    Fl1ck Plays 6 months ago

    It's not gan ja, it's ganga, gan-ga. Like Na-ga. Ga guys ga

  • BATTLE dominator1
    BATTLE dominator1 7 months ago

    searching is the film

  • Alex Glaser
    Alex Glaser 7 months ago

    I watched it 2 times so saw all before I watched the video lol

  • WillJM81280
    WillJM81280 7 months ago

    Ok massage does not cure disease. It makes you feel better, temporarily. And a bicylce being pulled by a vehicle does not count.