THE GREATEST SMASH GAME EVER!!! Super Smash Bros Ultimate E3 2018 Trailer Reaction!

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • THE GREATEST SMASH GAME EVER!!! Super Smash Bros Ultimate E3 2018 Trailer Reaction!
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Comments • 1 079

  • The Writer/Director
    The Writer/Director 2 days ago

    Marvel: infinity war biggest crossover In the world
    Nintendo: Hold my Ink juice
    Calls Sakurai

  • Dale Whitecross
    Dale Whitecross 9 days ago

    This reaction made my day

  • Cris Cheney
    Cris Cheney 9 days ago

    Anyone else laugh at him saying Pichu trash when she is B tier

  • Umair Saquib
    Umair Saquib 10 days ago

    Lol they picked waluigi out of all assist trophies as an example. I see how it is.

  • Matt Bloc
    Matt Bloc 13 days ago

    Gets excited for ProtoMan and Bass

    ... Ooh hello Paulutena!

  • 73MPL4R
    73MPL4R 15 days ago

    I love how everyone assumed that Pichu was still trash and he ends up being top tier

  • MF Sistemas
    MF Sistemas 24 days ago


  • Ryder G
    Ryder G 26 days ago

    King K Rool

  • Asher Carn
    Asher Carn Month ago

    legit me when i first saw the trailer

  • your guy the popsicle fry


  • DR creamy
    DR creamy Month ago

    I would like them to at least put a bandana dee on the assist trophies

  • Brayden Hafdahl
    Brayden Hafdahl 2 months ago

    Everyone keeps complaining about pichu's shocks hurting itself but that's Pichu"s basic thing, in the pokedex

  • Alexander Kerr
    Alexander Kerr 2 months ago

    i cant believe im still watching reactions! its just so entertaning and funny to see the reactions

  • NaturallyFree13
    NaturallyFree13 2 months ago

    He lookin confused

  • Junpei Draws
    Junpei Draws 3 months ago +1

    oh crap bayonetta is back...dude what You meant to say...


  • Junpei Draws
    Junpei Draws 3 months ago +1

    young link reaction was the best part!!!!!

  • yt5 Yt5
    yt5 Yt5 3 months ago


  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano 3 months ago +1


  • Robert :v
    Robert :v 3 months ago

    1:57 I love this... laugh of emotion?

  • finnegan munro
    finnegan munro 3 months ago

    Look how toad just MELTS into the floor at 15:47

  • MrHowtoidk GT
    MrHowtoidk GT 3 months ago +1

    😢😢I miss my green tunic link

  • Alessandro Pineda
    Alessandro Pineda 3 months ago +1

    Too bad sorry bro

  • _ -*MCU*-_
    _ -*MCU*-_ 4 months ago

    Are you Black Panther ?

  • Lil JB Beats
    Lil JB Beats 4 months ago +3

    “ThAtS thE GayEm?!?!?”

  • Joshua78967896
    Joshua78967896 4 months ago

    daisy is in but no waluigi D;

  • Blue boy
    Blue boy 4 months ago +1

    You know what‘s funny? The ink looks better in Smash than in Splatoon 2

  • Blue boy
    Blue boy 4 months ago +1

    Why is Squirtle in this game but not Bulbasore (I hope you write it like this)

  • Qbeeoy
    Qbeeoy 4 months ago

    3:05 “Oh crap Bayonetta is back” loses hype a little

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 4 months ago

    I thought Young Link would never return! I love Young Link! He's my favorite Smash character of all time!!!

  • Shatro XG Revolution
    Shatro XG Revolution 4 months ago


  • ThatNarwhalKid _2121
    ThatNarwhalKid _2121 4 months ago

    Wolf has been freed

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku 4 months ago

    "Pichu, what?!" Do you not read wtf? XD

  • Blueteam 20001
    Blueteam 20001 4 months ago

    This isn't the best smash game ever.

    This is the best game ever.

  • SuperSonik
    SuperSonik 4 months ago

    For people who like waluigi and knuckles, they are assist trophies

    No i don't like them

  • SuperSonik
    SuperSonik 4 months ago

    What Is Ur Main?

  • AwesomeNoobYT
    AwesomeNoobYT 4 months ago

    Sadly, It’s Gonna Be Realeased (or whatever u say it) on December 7, 2018 :c

  • Banana Blunt
    Banana Blunt 4 months ago

    “EVERYONE IS HERE!” *overreacts to every character from melee and brawl*


    I really don’t know who snake is lol


  • Tubb O'Neill
    Tubb O'Neill 5 months ago

    Having space for 3 fucking Link forms but no Slot for Waluigi...

  • Mark Sanmie
    Mark Sanmie 5 months ago

    really surprised then the trailer says there's a new fighter and the inkling appears everyone goes "oh.." it is a new character and this was showing what it does.

  • Andrea Busani
    Andrea Busani 5 months ago

    *Daisy appears*
    Me: OH MY FUCKIN GOD FINALLY! Jesus why did it take so fucking long to add her to the game?!

  • 粉みかん
    粉みかん 5 months ago


  • Cayd3_6_Offici4l
    Cayd3_6_Offici4l 5 months ago

    I wanna see snake in venom snake sneaking suit outfit

  • Random Shiny Pikachu
    Random Shiny Pikachu 5 months ago

    Earrape Warning at 1:55

    KERITZI GARCIA 5 months ago

    New game 🤗

  • Fuzzehead06
    Fuzzehead06 5 months ago


  • TBM tv
    TBM tv 5 months ago +1

    23:52 hey Vscauce, Michael here!

  • Farstarlover
    Farstarlover 5 months ago

    1000th comment! I win!
    Great reaction video by the way!

  • Lucario Fanatic
    Lucario Fanatic 5 months ago

    9:36 ladies and gentlemen you can play as shiny squirtle, ivysaur, and charizard
    Edit: IDK if you can play as shiny charizard but the ivysaur and squirtle are shiny

  • tiny munchkin
    tiny munchkin 5 months ago

    I really wish I could play using midna

  • Redster11 Lew
    Redster11 Lew 5 months ago +1

    I can't believe they put daisy in here

  • Vannanut Gamer
    Vannanut Gamer 5 months ago +11

    This isn't your average, everyday Smash Bros.
    This is


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 5 months ago +7

    13:54 Nintendo Board: The moment you have all been waiting for, a new opponent from the super Mario series is joining the fight, the one, the only...
    Me: WALUIGI?!?!?!
    Nintendo Board: DAISY!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Li
    Jeremy Li 5 months ago

    OH MY

  • 1541945
    1541945 5 months ago

    yas i want it too

  • GD jere_ sans
    GD jere_ sans 5 months ago

    How i get to here XD

  • Marios Wae
    Marios Wae 5 months ago

    “Everyone one is here!” NOT, RIP Waluigi

  • Christoph Zeh
    Christoph Zeh 5 months ago

    i like you man ahahaha

  • Corey Brooks
    Corey Brooks 5 months ago

    Sakurai Tha GoD!

  • Dj Gaming
    Dj Gaming 5 months ago

    They should put shadow from sonic

  • Freddy Gabriel
    Freddy Gabriel 5 months ago


  • Shelby TNM
    Shelby TNM 5 months ago

    Daisy haters: Daisy will never make it in smash.
    Sakurai: Hold my beer.

  • DeRonta Thompson
    DeRonta Thompson 5 months ago

    I gotta be one of the first ones to get this game before everyone else gets it when it released 😱👏🏽😂🤣

  • Snow
    Snow 5 months ago

    I refuse to believe that this is an Nintendo game. They wouldn't just selflessly bring my old main from Melee (Ice Climbers) and everybody else, THEY CAN'T!

    JITMAN 5 months ago


    JITMAN 5 months ago


  • Marceus
    Marceus 5 months ago

    well actually ridley was always in smash just not as a character

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 5 months ago

    Nintendo:biggest crossover in gaming history
    Lego: hold my beer

  • Tito Carl
    Tito Carl 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who wanted to keep Marth's JApanese voice?

  • Chase Shed
    Chase Shed 5 months ago

    Look at mario 👀

  • Chase Shed
    Chase Shed 5 months ago

    Nduk your trash not pichu

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Did it not occur to him to pause when he wasn’t watching?

  • Seth Black
    Seth Black 5 months ago

    If your hyped just about snake you could just play brawl

  • Pikafun
    Pikafun 5 months ago

    When pichu hurts itself, it could build up rage.

  • ravaenoo
    ravaenoo 5 months ago

    Next is magikoop!

  • CeQuan Redd
    CeQuan Redd 5 months ago

    You miss Mario's hat is Cappy

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 5 months ago

    Me: Still waiting for Ninten

  • ライントチャンネルY


  • Oddball Kitten
    Oddball Kitten 5 months ago

    whenever i watch a reaction the the smash trailer everyone get's exited over the ice climbers.

  • TheCyanide
    TheCyanide 5 months ago

    get back to the cotton crops!

  • carlos lima
    carlos lima 5 months ago

    Just found about you. Subscribed!!!

  • Theodore Rizzo
    Theodore Rizzo 5 months ago

    .... Why?

  • GeJoe-no
    GeJoe-no 5 months ago

    Ndukauba : *Sakurai the god!*
    And then he said, “Let there be light!” : *Super Smash Bros Ultimate teaser trailer*

  • Lexi and gymnastics
    Lexi and gymnastics 5 months ago


  • sbbu12
    sbbu12 5 months ago

    Good job with the fucking seven mid roll adds

  • Nock my socks Maldonado

    1:54 good scream

  • Cassandra Leiva
    Cassandra Leiva 5 months ago


  • Louis Burks
    Louis Burks 6 months ago

    The game comes out on December

  • Jaiden lafontant
    Jaiden lafontant 6 months ago

    0.51 ear rape

    RUGGEDTACOMAN 6 months ago

    Marvel: infinity war is the greatest crossover this year
    Nintendo: hold my beer
    Kingdom hearts 3: woman please
    Jump force: bow down to your king

  • Jooksnso Djsocknxao
    Jooksnso Djsocknxao 6 months ago

    wheres chadtronic

  • Anthony .S gamer
    Anthony .S gamer 6 months ago

    It will be cool with a story mode

  • Not Alex
    Not Alex 6 months ago

    Chill with the ads bro, had to turn it on just for you :/

  • Aidan Lowe
    Aidan Lowe 6 months ago

    WTF this kid is reacting to this like hes been under a rock for 15 years LOL

  • Nick_ Link
    Nick_ Link 6 months ago


  • Xod-Stampy
    Xod-Stampy 6 months ago

    Who on gods green ass earth didn’t allow fucking waluigi to be there

    THEDUCK IS LIT 6 months ago

    dont let this be that last one ;-;

  • Geglyko
    Geglyko 6 months ago

    bayonetta is a kids game

  • TheSkymr1
    TheSkymr1 6 months ago

    I was watching this video when my mom told me my 13 year old dog died

  • Red Falcon
    Red Falcon 6 months ago

    I legit had my volume real low here