Beauty and the Beast - Movie Review

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
  • Disney is on a quest to bring their animated classics to life in live action. How does their recent endeavor hold up? Here's my review of "Beauty and the Beast"!
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  • Gemna C. Iman
    Gemna C. Iman 22 days ago

    Can you all just see this as an individual film and not compare it to the Disney Classic?!!!!

  • warystatue33
    warystatue33 24 days ago

    You lie emma cant sing for shit

  • Complete Ultra Instinct Broly

    4:16 "who would be the genie?"


    *will smith* 😂😹

  • green house
    green house Month ago

    emma waston has the same facial expression in the whole movie.
    she also changed so many things in bell just because she's feminist.

  • Jack Manning
    Jack Manning Month ago

    “Hardest one would probably be Aladdin because who would be the genie?” Um, it’s my favorite TVclipr WILL SMITH of course!!!!

  • Joe Thorth
    Joe Thorth 2 months ago

    Apples to fertilizer

  • Stablemable2
    Stablemable2 4 months ago

    The pacing and he some of the CGI needed work.

    OMNI HALLS 5 months ago


  • Adriana Vega
    Adriana Vega 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who didn't feel Emma was good as Belle?

  • Violet Vixen
    Violet Vixen 5 months ago

    I love your movie reviews Jeremy!!! ❤️

  • Benjamin Garnmeister
    Benjamin Garnmeister 5 months ago +1

    Everyone’s problem with this movie is that they keep trying to compare it to the original. If you just look at it as its own movie it is actually really good. Of course there is no way this remake could ever life up to the original.

  • Qaz '03
    Qaz '03 5 months ago

    This and maleficent are good live action disney movies. The other movied though? Total bore fest

  • D B
    D B 6 months ago


    VAMBRIC 8 months ago

    there are 2 actors that had good acting in the ENTIRE MOVIE

  • MrDrawingboard1
    MrDrawingboard1 9 months ago

    To be honest, the only one of the these Disney live-action films I liked so far was Pete's Dragon because that tried to be its own thing. If you guys enjoyed this movie, great, but for me personally, I just hope Mulan is at least decent.

  • TIGER 2354
    TIGER 2354 11 months ago +1

    Thank you someone who's willing to give live action adaptations of Disney classics a chance even if they're based on the best ones like this film, i enjoyed it too, it may not be as ground breaking as the first but one that I'll defiantly take any day along with the Jungle Book

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Great film hoping they make a sequel

  • curses x melodies

    Another missed mark in the live action version: Lumiere and Cogsworth's dynamic, probably the biggest disappointment of all!!
    Where's most of their iconic bantering scenes?!
    Where's Cogsworth uptight-ness?!
    It was just sooooo disappointing when they portrayed Cogsworth as just some nagging old man.

  • curses x melodies

    I wasn't really happy with how the live-action movie portrayed Belle.
    Belle was a daydreamer, constantly curious, and was yearning for adventure and enchantment in far off places. She was also humble and kind to everyone. Those were supposed to be her redeeming qualities! One of the points in the first song was that she was just so naturally beautiful because of her constant air of kindness and generosity. In the live action version uf that song, she looked bored and blank, definitely not dreamy and joyful. I was really disappointed when the movie didn't really emphasized her big heart and naive curiousity, especially during the scenes in the Beast's castle; she didn't look even the slightest bit enchanted nor happy.
    In the live action, she was independent and smart, yes, but they also made her aloof and judge-y. Belle never judged the townspeople! She even tried to be nice to Gaston because she is just that kind. It just seemed so OC in the live action for Belle to just blow Gaston off(though it was for good reason)
    Her heart was also what made her and the Beast's romance so great! Her kindness and open-mindedness contrasted with his spoiled attitude and bad temper. Her curiousity also clashed with his closed-off personality! The live-action made it look like they were just two hot heads; it was annoying honestly!
    I just feel that they focused too much on trying to make Belle independent and badass(because now it just seems to be like a trend for mainstream media)

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    I sadly hate beauty and the beast because it is so lifeless and usless, it's just a bland cash grab

  • Battle Born
    Battle Born Year ago

    We need a live action hunchback of Notre dame, but with the original darkness. Go all out with it

  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LE Year ago

    Emma Watson cannot sing and was channeling Kristen Stewart.

  • Aaron Osborne
    Aaron Osborne Year ago

    I just checked this out on Netflix, it’s fantastic. Emma Watson 👍

  • Captain Marvel Wilson

    While this live action version was not bad by any means and had great moments in it, it still falls apart from nostalgia and some not so great reprisals of songs from the original. It also almost flat out copies the original. The Lion King though is the worst idea for a live action remake.

  • Captain Marvel Wilson

    Not everyone was great and Watson's singing voice is no where near Paige O' Hara.

  • Laurie'spassions!

    Here it is 2018 and I finally saw the live action Beauty And The Beast and I loved it but your Comments on the things that were not spot on as in the animation were so right. I think I took so long to see the movie was because the animation movie is a classic and I love it so much that I was afraid the new version was going to be awful. How wrong I was, Disneyland does it again.

  • Channel of Benjavitus

    Lilo and Stitch would be the coolest one for Disney to remake in live action. It's far from being one of the best animated Disney movies, but it would make an awesome live action movie. It would be a nice sweet movie with some good action and si-fi.

  • Rickey Farrington Holt

    They got Aladdin, The Lion King, and Mulan.

  • fantasticstar
    fantasticstar Year ago

    So the beast is one of David Hallers Personalities? That would be a awesome Legion(FX) and Disney crossover

  • Avengers: Endgame is the movie of the century

    the hardest one will be Pinocchio my favourite Disney movie of ALL TIME

  • Χάος χαίνω

    Emma Watson wasn't believable as Belle. She looked like a rich girl. Also she is not any beautiful than the animation.
    Amy Adams from Enchanted 2007 would have done far more great job than her.
    I think Amy Adams would have been the best choice. I don't care if she has already played that role.
    Emma Watson felt blank and seemed less interesting and less convincing as Belle.
    That feeling that Belle had is missing and I think Amy Adams could have captured a lot of audience than her.

  • Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

    How in the FUCK are they going to do a live action Lion King??? it should stay Animated

  • Matthew McGovern
    Matthew McGovern Year ago

    4:25. I would LOVE a live action Lion King, oh wait.......


  • Elisheval
    Elisheval Year ago

    need live action Mulan. minus the stupid talking dragon.

  • Kayla Wakeham
    Kayla Wakeham Year ago

    Fuck off with the hand movements dude. So distracting

  • Mia Martel
    Mia Martel Year ago

    I'm confused. Why are you saying Emma Watson has a good singing voice? We don't know if she does. All we heard was autotune.

  • Nicholas Updike
    Nicholas Updike Year ago

    Big hero 6 would be awesome as live action

  • Johnny
    Johnny Year ago

    Emma Watson was auto tuned. She can't sing.

  • Joe Lenton
    Joe Lenton Year ago

    I thought the musical number the beast did was good yes I missed the emotional roar BUT the actor OMG where did that singing voice come from more musicals for him me thinks. I saw him in legion and night at the museum and never expected that voice

  • John Manzuki
    John Manzuki Year ago

    The gay Lafau was not the weird part. The SJW cringe part was during the battle, when the wardrobe covered the men in women's dresses saying, "Be free" and one of the men smiled and flamboyantly skipped down the steps. I understand it's funny, but it would have been better if instead of, "Be free" she said, "Oh dear".

  • Crazyman10100101
    Crazyman10100101 Year ago

    Hey Jeremy, so now that we have Will Smith confirmed as Genie, what are your thoughts?

  • Oh My!
    Oh My! Year ago

    The Beast sung in the broadway version.

  • SmileZone
    SmileZone Year ago

    "who would be the Gene? No one " 😂😂😂 died. Also feel like if they replaced Gene with soemone else, my expectations would be far too high. Q.Q

  • ThisisDan
    ThisisDan Year ago

    I love Will Smith, but don't won't to see him as the Genie it just doesn't fit

  • Mary Genest
    Mary Genest Year ago

    I was thinking the same thing about Aladdin.. I loved that movie but NO ONE could be the Genie except for the wonderful late Robin Williams.

  • Hariz 4588
    Hariz 4588 Year ago +1

    The Beast did roar/scream in the movie... When Belle arrived to the town to save her dad, she showed the Beast to the people with the mirror and if you look closely, you can see Beast roaring.... Your'e welcome

  • DuaneTheDarknessDragoon B

    Damn it Jeremy, you just couldn't make it through your review without bringing up stockholm syndrome could you?! -_-
    Ah well... Really enjoyed this film. Looking forward to buying it, might actually buy this one on BlueRay.

  • NeheleniaBlackmoon

    i somehow want that they could actually do the little mermaid but i guess than it would be completly cgi.. and as it is i think it is really bad that will smith was chosen as genie because all he can do is rap and not sing. I would have liked eddie murphy as genie but maybe he wasn`t considered.

  • Amilcar Cuevas
    Amilcar Cuevas Year ago

    Just saw it last night. Very good movie. I'd definitely watch it again.

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor Year ago +1

    I didn't really like this one. The animation I loved and remains the best of the Disney classics. This one lacked any emotional connection and failed to capture any magic unfortunately. Emma Watson is miscast IMO. It's not that her acting or voice is bad but more of her age. She just looked too young for the role like she was 18 when everyone else was in their 30s. The beast was also less expressive which made it hard to feel any pity for him. Worst of all, Belle and the Beast didn't have any real chemistry. If I hadn't seen the animation I wouldn't even understand why Belle would even start falling for him. Kevin Kline and Luke Evans were the real stars of the show and a good job with the servants too. The scene where they became actual objects was the only scene that had any emotional impact. While I liked how they gave a bit more backstory, some scenes were unnecessarily changed for the worse and in the end did not capture the love and wonder so prominent in the animation. Only a 5/10 from me.

  • InfernoMutant
    InfernoMutant Year ago

    lefou was not gay in the animated film. he was a dope, who was in awe of gaston's manliness and ability to pick up women. this is not aimed at you jeremy, but as a gay man, i actually think it's rather offensive that people 'assumed' lafou was gay. watch the animated movie - even THIS one really - and you will find those moments where lefou is trying to live up to gaston and impress the women, but it doesn't work.

  • rick Jimenez
    rick Jimenez Year ago

    This movie sucked. The acting sucked i forward the part where the beast breaks in to a song after bell left. Ema Watson was okay, sge wouldn't have been my first choice for bell. The beast was smaller the the animated. It was all around 👎

  • Bib Jobbel
    Bib Jobbel Year ago

    I attempted giving this film a try...
    got 10 minutes in and realised it was a MUSICAL

  • UncleBigKid
    UncleBigKid Year ago

    They've just Cast Will Smith to play the genie in Aladin. I don't know if this will work coz the only over super hero I've seen him as is Hancock.

  • Éowyn Salvador
    Éowyn Salvador Year ago

    So Josh Gad is straight and plays the gay character while Luke Evans is gay and plays the straight character

  • Seth Kiparis
    Seth Kiparis Year ago

    Atlantis the Lost Empire live action.
    I would also suggest the villain to be one of the soldiers of lower rank, coming from a war torn and boot stomped country, who wants to take the crystal to use it as a powerful weapon to establish a new world order.
    That way, the hidden villain is more believable.

  • Film Critics
    Film Critics Year ago

    that was nice...i made one too ! DO check it out !

  • InTheEnd75
    InTheEnd75 Year ago

    Whatever opinion, this movie should have never been made

  • waryu69
    waryu69 Year ago

    I love your videos and you are funny

  • 00ngedysys
    00ngedysys Year ago

    The CGI was terrible af

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Year ago

    Le Fou is a fangirl.
    That's a whole new different sexuality.

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter Year ago +1

    You're not going to remember this movie in t-minus 2 days.

  • RGS TheBadGamer
    RGS TheBadGamer Year ago

    If you were to ask me the two people I believe could play Genie, the two that instantly come to my mind would be Jim Carrey or Josh Gad.

  • Crazy Talk
    Crazy Talk Year ago

    Sprry, jeremy, Evermore is an amazing song.

  • Dude Ster
    Dude Ster Year ago +1

    The true villain of the movie was the dam witch who VAINLY interrupted the center of the party and LIED about needing a place to stay; she INITIATED TROUBLE as she already knew darn well what the response toward her troublesome action would be. She viciously curses all at the party and even removes memory from the non-attending townsfolk. None of this would've happened if they had found and burned that b1tch to the stake sooner.

  • Abdulrahman
    Abdulrahman Year ago

    I give it a solid 8.0 out of 10
    I loved everyone in that movie, I'm biased I watched the movie because of Emma Watson but in the end my favorite character is Gaston he was so important in making the movie humerous with his side kick, evermore by the beast is my favorite song in this along with everybody loves Gaston.
    I loved Emma in this movie she was gorgeous and acted very well although her singing isn't perfect, I don't mind it cause she's not a singer, I'm definitely looking to get this on blu ray.

  • AlbertWesker203
    AlbertWesker203 Year ago

    Great movie

  • Iron Man64
    Iron Man64 Year ago

    Lion King

  • Leonard Hughes
    Leonard Hughes Year ago

    great film lavish production beats the past updates with the exception of jungle book.

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz Year ago

    Live action of The Lion King 2019 is gonna be a challenge

  • Bradley Nair
    Bradley Nair Year ago

    Jeremy no! It was auto-tune😂

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How Year ago

    I equate this movie to a very nice looking guitar playing a song you know pretty well, hitting most of the notes, missing a couple, adding a few sections, but with every string slightly off tune. The movie is not bad, but everything just seems wrong. And since the movie just kind of stays off tune the entire running time you can't notice anything else and you just end up hating it.

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Don't you remember LeFou gawking the girls in the animated version...? He's a goofy sidekick to Gaston, and straight. I assure you!

  • Nicholas Marrone-Cabrera

    I think Johnny depp would be a great genie if he went really eccentric with it

  • xbox21st
    xbox21st Year ago

    I thought Disney already decided on the live action Lion King next. I guess we can't get enought of the jungle book so lets continue that with the Lion King. Thanks Disney (throwing sarcasm).

  • ttru 17
    ttru 17 Year ago

    If Mr. Potts was one of the villagers, then why would he have no idea who the Beast was when Belle was telling the villagers about him? xD

  • ttru 17
    ttru 17 Year ago

    Is it just me or did Emma's voice sound autotuned in the movie (.__. )

  • ttru 17
    ttru 17 Year ago

    Who the hell goes through the woods to go to a market?! T_T

  • tiggs 24
    tiggs 24 Year ago

    this was the one that I wanted to be live action. I want to see Mulan next now that I thought more on it.

  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick Year ago

    i wish they do pocahontas live action but i think people would complain its raciest

  • iulix max
    iulix max Year ago

    tis Movie is generic !!!

  • Quickening TJ
    Quickening TJ Year ago

    havent seen this but does watson get her kit off in this movie?

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 2 years ago

    Beauty and the best live action movie was awesome, yes there was feels, never saw the animated yup never, knew about just never saw it. but saw this one and liked it. its up there with the jungle book.

  • Shadow Seeker
    Shadow Seeker 2 years ago

    this movie give so much headache i started laughing at it from pain and its the first time i hated a movie that both of chris stuckmann and jeremy jahns liked lmao

  • Arian S
    Arian S 2 years ago

    I think Aladdin is totally possible. Guess who can make a perfect genie in that, Dwayne the ROCK Johnson.

  • Zunaid.
    Zunaid. 2 years ago +2

    what a shit movie.

    • Ocfan207
      Ocfan207 Year ago

      just because it's a remake does not mean it's bad.

  • ariel Chaplin
    ariel Chaplin 2 years ago

    It reminds me of the Cinderella movie they did with Brandy the singer and The singer Whitney Huston it was kind a like beauty in the beast musical thing

  • Cordyceps
    Cordyceps 2 years ago

    I'm not racist...but as soon as I saw black people replacing certain townspeople in the start of the film i knew this was going to be a PC Disney movie.

  • SeptemberTwentyThird
    SeptemberTwentyThird 2 years ago +1

    movie was harrdd to waatcchh

  • Juan Tomlinson
    Juan Tomlinson 2 years ago

    Live action Lion King hmmmm. 🤔

  • Breaze
    Breaze 2 years ago

    This was surprisingly great. The colors were amazing, the singing/music was great, and the overall look of the movie was nearly perfect.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 2 years ago

    watching the movie just heard and wants and the town folk singing the very first song in the movie and you can definitely tell they recorded that in a studio and then put it over the film at least Emma Watson's part sounds very recorded in the studio and tampered with till it was perfect in the studio

  • xmorgan1123x
    xmorgan1123x 2 years ago

    I can't believe you didn't address the autotune in the soundtrack. It completely ruined most of the songs imo.

  • jon williams
    jon williams 2 years ago

    maybe in the next live action disney movie, nobody will come out of the closet, but its disney, always promoting those great liberal values.

  • 圣主
    圣主 2 years ago

    Man, Be Our Guest is fun to enjoy, but... seriously? Belle didn't manage to grab any bite to eat! There was one scene when Belle was about to use her knife and fork when they pulled the cloth and the food away from her...
    Lumes, tone down the drama a bit - girl's gotta eat. Pretty sure instead of a French cuisine Belle only got mac and cheese, or a senzu bean... LOL

  • euLIRIC
    euLIRIC 2 years ago

    Wow, this is dog shit. Cograts. You could have just but a rolling: the movie is great, the movie is great the movie is great for the entire duration. Because there's absolute no critique to it, and yes, the movie is horse shit compared to the original, and no Emma Watson can't sing to save her life ;) but hey, that would have ruined the ass kissing video you got paid for :D

  • N_I_O_E
    N_I_O_E 2 years ago

    This film will never be a timeless classic. Please remember that that is actually the standard you should expect from Disney.
    Good story content is universal and already inclusive, when you redesign it to your own political specifications all you're doing is making it exclusive and niche-like.
    The 1946 film version (La belle et la bête) is a great film if you're a fan of the story.

  • Constantin Stog
    Constantin Stog 2 years ago +5

    The movie was great. But honestly, the way they try hard to push political correctness and diversity, is just plain bullshit. I mean come on. The movie is meant to be set in 18th century France. Where the hell are there black people in aristocrat positions and roaming freely through villages? This is that time when trying to promote equality you fail your history exam and make a beautiful tale make look like a cheesy attempt of some je ne sais quoi.

  • Josh Muncy
    Josh Muncy 2 years ago +1

    movie was amazing.. I agree couldn't ask for a better adaptation

  • Gibson Marney
    Gibson Marney 2 years ago +1

    Emma Watson's voice is so auto-tuned im surprised she actually got the part in a musical film. Purely on looks! (for me she looks nothing like Belle should either) Im not hating on Emma Watson at all shes a good actor and a good looking girl but shes no Belle. At the first line of the the first song I thought "her voice is electronic as hell." and the cartoon Belle is far better looking 😂