Inside Beyonce's Difficult Pregnancy With Rumi and Sir

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Beyonce speaks candidly about having to undergo an emergency cesarean section to save her twins' lives. “I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth,” the 37-year-old singer recounts in the just-released concert documentary "Homecoming." “I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. I had high blood pressure, I developed toxemia, preeclampsia, and, in the womb, one of my babies' heartbeats paused a few times, so I had to get an emergency C-section.” Fortunately the twins, Rumi and Sir, arrived healthy.

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  • yolanda leonard
    yolanda leonard 3 days ago

    What did she eat??

    KMC#1 STEELERS 4 days ago

    218 with Twins.. Beyonce is all that.

  • Thamsanqa Twana
    Thamsanqa Twana 15 days ago

    That is sad

  • Sam ee
    Sam ee 18 days ago

    It's not so much beyonce wanting pity it's her showing how human she is and that y'all expectations of her is so high. She's representing feminism and how a mothers job is to take care of her kids but at the same time that won't stop her from getting to the bag. Its alot harder than what a man will ever go through since you have to emotionally and physically put up with this kind of endurance.

  • Randie Standridge
    Randie Standridge 27 days ago +1

    I swear I don't like Beyonce at all and here she is on Inside Edition complaining about how her pregnancy was so hard she had so many competition and how it was so hard for her to do Coachella she know she could have backed out of that she didn't have to do that if she didn't want to if she didn't feel up to it but she didn't know she has no reason to be complaining

  • marina flores
    marina flores 28 days ago +1

    Y'all over here talking bout she just like every other women, yea she is bro but she still put on a performance at Coachella for everyone, smh 💀💀💀

  • Belinda Rowden
    Belinda Rowden 28 days ago


  • Famouzz Editz
    Famouzz Editz 29 days ago

    Does bey still make music

  • April Love Self
    April Love Self Month ago

    Omg soooo😴

  • Mexipinos
    Mexipinos Month ago

    218 pounds. Wow, she lost them all.

  • Godisgood Thankyoujesus

    Well I'm still waiting for someone to impregnate me...soooo🤷🤦

  • yasylis moore
    yasylis moore Month ago

    Camry and Cameron wouldve sounded better.

  • Nworah Miracle
    Nworah Miracle Month ago

    Alot of jealous people in here
    Jealous of queen b!!!

  • xobbylovexo queen
    xobbylovexo queen Month ago +1

    My mom had that to the doctors said that either my mom died or my baby brother died but thankfuly there both here thanks to God 🙏🙏

  • PG
    PG Month ago

    So glad she’s using her platform to bring to light problems women go through during pregnancy. Who run the wooorrrld??? ....Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business 🐝👑🐝👑

  • Melinda M
    Melinda M Month ago

    She doesnt look like in stage of course it is hard for every body to deal with pregnancy it is not easy like singing and dancing

  • Camila 105
    Camila 105 Month ago

    The real question is what the hell did she eat?

  • xx_ amy_xx
    xx_ amy_xx Month ago

    Lol imagine being her midwife....

  • Rebekah Holliman
    Rebekah Holliman Month ago

    Beyonce is the best she has it all

  • Mayra R
    Mayra R Month ago

    This confirms that it was her first pregnancy.

    • Jailene Ramos
      Jailene Ramos Month ago

      Mayra R no I had my daughter natural and my son had to get c section depends on the body

  • Chassidy Douglas
    Chassidy Douglas Month ago

    She's not human 😳

  • Life w Mercy
    Life w Mercy Month ago

    Lowkey forgot she had twins

  • Gaonha Moua
    Gaonha Moua Month ago

    I didn’t even know she had kids...

  • Sara Nieves
    Sara Nieves Month ago

    My mom had this pregnant with me and my brother and sister btw I’m a triplet

  • Luisa Me
    Luisa Me Month ago +4

    I didn’t know she had twins 😲 and I forgot that she was pregnant 🤰 😂

  • Jae Hawkins
    Jae Hawkins Month ago

    Dayum she had twins??oh....

    IRENE BLESSED TV Month ago +5

    I had two c sections both my babiez healthy 👌⛪🙏 bless Beyonce n her babiez💚💚💚

  • Kisses -A
    Kisses -A Month ago

    Wow i forgot about them 😂

  • Dark Pandemonium
    Dark Pandemonium Month ago

    Because shes a celebrity she had it worse! Fuku every pregnant woman goes through this!

    • Natalia Hernández
      Natalia Hernández 6 days ago

      Look at her as a HUMAN BEING not as Beyonce. Not every woman has Pre-eclampsia. You must be a man so you have NO RIGHT to even be in the comments section.. It's not a competition for who's had it worse, she wasn't looking for y'all sympathy, she just shared HER STORY!

  • selah martin world
    selah martin world Month ago

    Praise God the we're ok

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    Wtf did she eat to live or survive!!!

  • Kisha Keesh
    Kisha Keesh Month ago +1

    Yeah right!!😣 just show me the big nose and swollen feet....I'll ✋ wait.....

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara Month ago +1

    The fact she, the fact anyone can talk about her difficult pregnancy openly is inspiring

  • jenn jenn
    jenn jenn Month ago +2

    This isnt newz....lets talk about impeaching trump instead

  • Isaac Brooks
    Isaac Brooks Month ago +1

    How calls there child sir
    Like what if they get nighted and he would be calld sir sir

  • dina ruhe hermansen

    Leave her Alone her body her business

  • try batman
    try batman Month ago

    I rather not live like u

  • try batman
    try batman Month ago

    I sure hope it ain't permanent issues b3cause that would suck

  • try batman
    try batman Month ago

    I wasn't there

  • riley
    riley Month ago +2

    can u do a different vid like this is so boring!

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion Month ago

    What the hell could Beyonce eat then

  • May jones
    May jones Month ago

    God bless her🙏

  • Mya XoX
    Mya XoX Month ago

    Who names their child sir

  • tracy clement
    tracy clement Month ago

    So then WTF did she eat!!!!!!

  • Jayden
    Jayden Month ago

    Beyonce: I-

  • Kataline Rangel
    Kataline Rangel Month ago +4

    Once it came out I watched it. Amazing! I love Bey 🤧♥️

  • Lifewith nnylahhh
    Lifewith nnylahhh Month ago +55

    Y’all all just mad because y’all broke 😂🤦🏽‍♀️like leave her alone Bruh 😭😂😂😂

    • Lifewith nnylahhh
      Lifewith nnylahhh 25 days ago +1

      Godisgood Thankyoujesus Ya Ik I’m broke you don’t have a tell me 😂

    • Godisgood Thankyoujesus
      Godisgood Thankyoujesus Month ago +1

      Including you....u broke too🤗we all dont have her type of money...all we can do is wish on a 🌟

    • chels x
      chels x Month ago +2

      Lifewith nnylahhh LOOL

    • Maya_ Janelle
      Maya_ Janelle Month ago +3


    ITZ KAY T.V Month ago

    Y’all yes she is like any other woman ok but everybody thinks she’s perfect and nothing happens bad to her like she is human and some ppl don’t realize that

  • Jada Cole
    Jada Cole Month ago

    Her performance was a mess, no shade, she didnt give the same energy,

  • Kami Dere
    Kami Dere Month ago

    She loses wait like a queen

  • Brandon Soto
    Brandon Soto Month ago

    Celebrities should not be allowed to name babys

  • Laina Laina
    Laina Laina Month ago

    It’s just like any other pregnancy.
    SHE IS A WOMAN LIKE EVERY OTHER WOMAN. SHE WAS PREGNANT AND ITS NOT EASY. ITS NOT EVER THE EASIEST THING. People only think she is amazing and no one else could do what she did because she is “famous” honestly people nowadays

  • Melany Lino
    Melany Lino Month ago

    The lady says “unfortunately the babies were healthy” and I’m like boi do you not want to be healthy

  • Rhonda Denis
    Rhonda Denis Month ago

    The hate in this comment section let’s says a lot. So many haters.Many women go through similar problems during pregnancy that doesn’t make her struggles any easier. She is treated like she is because despite all of her struggles she remains the fearless warrior that she is.💛💛💛💛🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Gina Raimondi
    Gina Raimondi Month ago

    Beyoncé is a *QUEEN*

  • Aylin Yilmaz
    Aylin Yilmaz Month ago

    Does anyone know what music is played at 0:13 ?

  • lady shay
    lady shay Month ago +2

    Thanks Beyonce I'm fixing to starve trying to look like you

    JASMINESAURA - Month ago

    This is why she doesn't share anything with you all. OF COURSE SHE IS A REGULAR MOM LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! She is just a superstar that others want to know what went on , just like you want to know what's going on in your favorite artist life. Get a grip and stop being negative and trying to downplay it like nothing can go wrong since she's a superstar

  • Hunny Bunch
    Hunny Bunch Month ago

    Seriously this is news!! Give me a break

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala Month ago

    She still a thot

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    That’s why people haven’t seen Beyoncé for a while make sense

  • doot doot
    doot doot Month ago

    Men don't get pregnant

  • Lena Dublavais
    Lena Dublavais Month ago

    How can ppl say she’s overrated at this point?she’s been around for as long as I (and a lot of us) can even remember. Even if you don’t like her music. 20 years hit after hit and How can y’all not think she’s earned to be where she is right now?

  • Pusheeni Panini
    Pusheeni Panini Month ago

    Never understood the grand infatuation with this woman?

  • Babby Scarlet
    Babby Scarlet Month ago

    Go watch my first TVclip videos ❤️❤️subscribe

  • Mason Opick
    Mason Opick Month ago


  • Kayobyo Barbara
    Kayobyo Barbara Month ago +2

    I wish I could believe a word about anything from these celebrities!!

  • NinjaDragon
    NinjaDragon Month ago +2

    Her child Sir, is going to be made entirely fun of thought out his 1st-12 years of school. 😐

  • •Wendsi
    •Wendsi Month ago

    “Im a stAAar”

  • Kiya E
    Kiya E Month ago

    Wow the real Beyonce. Kinda broke my heart though 💔

  • Macey Jo Ledson
    Macey Jo Ledson Month ago +1

    Wtf did she eat then on her diet

  • Liyani Bernier
    Liyani Bernier Month ago

    I hate her she is clearly a devil worshipper 😡

  • Taurean Diamond
    Taurean Diamond Month ago +1

    Ok sis but no one asked you to get pregnant

  • Sun Maid Sally
    Sun Maid Sally Month ago +3

    Imagine naming ur child sir

  • BrawlLegend TV
    BrawlLegend TV Month ago +2

    Tbh Beyoncé scares me

  • princessaz79
    princessaz79 Month ago

    Why do celebrities give their children stupid names? Sir? is it suppose to be sir sir?

    • Malaika Morris
      Malaika Morris Month ago

      Probably because she did not have them. Therefore no real emotional connection. Who knows but stupid

  • Elisa Mondragon
    Elisa Mondragon Month ago

    She was so scare because it was her first pregnancy.

  • SickKent
    SickKent Month ago

    No one cares.

    • SickKent
      SickKent Month ago

      Kathy A Yep, you sure showed me. I'd spank your bottom IRL. 👍

    • Kathy A
      Kathy A Month ago

      SickKent yet I’m not bother in replying to you, 😌 you’re clearly triggered I commented 😂😂

    • SickKent
      SickKent Month ago

      Kathy A Yet you reply. Take a number and get in line sister. I'm not easy. 😜😜😜😜😜

    • Kathy A
      Kathy A Month ago

      SickKent yet your here, try coming at queen b 😂

  • chris mclaughlin
    chris mclaughlin Month ago

    How big was the litter?

  • like2have
    like2have Month ago

    I commend her for coming out and being real saying how hard parenting and giving birth can be. But on the other hand all other women do the same thing if not harder circumstances cuz they probably don't have their own private Nanny that's following them around the world their own private cook, their own private fitness trainer, and can bring their family to work with them wherever they go around the world she made those choices because that's how she wants to have a family and still live her life the way that she does.....

  • Aubrey Mixon
    Aubrey Mixon Month ago

    My mom had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with me was delivered almost 2 months early

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville Month ago +2

    I was born with a hole in my heart and my mother had a c-section and tore some stuff open after the pregnancy

    Where's my Mom's and I's inside edition section😂😂

  • The helping dolphin desserts to help me

    I had the same problems and being abused,,so glad for divorce....... thank you Jesus,,,for helping me......

  • Ahmad Reshad
    Ahmad Reshad Month ago +3

    “What the people don’t see is sacrifice”
    sacrifice for people’s baby? I am confused

    • H. Marsh
      H. Marsh Month ago +1

      I'm guessing you're a dude.

  • Kel William
    Kel William Month ago

    Let her live DAMN not even a day

  • Sarah Burggraf
    Sarah Burggraf Month ago +7

    rumi and sir... i hate it when ppl think just bc they're Rich n famous its cool to give their kids bazaar names.

  • Aesthetic Swift
    Aesthetic Swift Month ago +2

    I low-key forgot she was pregnant

  • vjv82 -
    vjv82 - Month ago +1

    So what did she eat? Grass?

  • Ling Ming Ching Ching
    Ling Ming Ching Ching Month ago +17

    My mom had toxemia and I never got enough nutrients so I’m now short af

    • Sam ee
      Sam ee 18 days ago

      Dont bodybuilding or lift weights or take steroids you'll be a midget if you do that, try drinking mad milk ,eat loads,and sleep. Make that a habit and you'll see some changes

    • Lebz Love
      Lebz Love 20 days ago

      😂😂😂 the way you put it though

    • Shannon Feathers
      Shannon Feathers Month ago

      +Ling Ming Ching Ching Im 5'1" and double ur age!

    • Ling Ming Ching Ching
      Ling Ming Ching Ching Month ago

      Pudsey Bear well I’m still shorter than average and get teased daily about it

    • Pudsey Bear
      Pudsey Bear Month ago +1

      +Ling Ming Ching Ching you've still got growing to do! My son is 15 nearly 16 and probably about 5ft 5ins but it wasn't that long ago that he suddenly had a growth spurt!

  • The_Gay _Raccoon
    The_Gay _Raccoon Month ago +4

    I need to learn a little bit more about this diet

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods Month ago


  • view sopt
    view sopt Month ago

    No body cares about this 👎🙅👎🙅👎🙅👎🙅🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫👎🙅

  • Jenny Santana
    Jenny Santana Month ago +2

    Such a diference between the first pregnancy and this one. First one She looked on point after giving birth, belly rearly shown this one all the contrary... that's why I started doubting...all those conspiracy theories might be true🤣🤣🤣

  • Gloria TX
    Gloria TX Month ago +18

    She's not different than any other woman who gives birth.

    • Natalia Hernández
      Natalia Hernández 6 days ago +1

      It's not a competition tho geez

    • jaharraaa
      jaharraaa Month ago +3

      preeclampsia doesn't happen to everyone , not saying women who gives birth aren't strong , but it's a pretty serious and life threatening condition.

    • Anti-Social Pessimist
      Anti-Social Pessimist Month ago +4

      Ok and? This is about her.

  • Monster12255
    Monster12255 Month ago

    Screw that, you just had two babies and shouldn't have worried at all about Coachella.

  • Jayla Lashawn
    Jayla Lashawn Month ago +1

    Sir and rumi? O

  • Christine Le
    Christine Le Month ago

    Omg poor baby Beyoncé’s..... 😔😭😭😭

  • Blue Blur
    Blue Blur Month ago

    Let the women rest gosh u obsessive fans, never think about how the artist is all u care about is going to a concert ugh honestly

  • Dutch van der . Lind
    Dutch van der . Lind Month ago +1

    I still think Cardi b should be shot