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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  Year ago +1450

    Follow me on Instagram: Lance210
    And I'll follow you back!

  • supersan Justin
    supersan Justin Hour ago

    Did anyone notice the cardboard Ouija board?

  • Bubbie Fuller
    Bubbie Fuller 8 hours ago

    Stay humble and kind have no regrets

  • vipers
    vipers Day ago

    you look pretty Lizzy

  • janice fordyce
    janice fordyce Day ago

    That was funny

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago


  • Sam Barlow
    Sam Barlow 3 days ago

    but fill all of them to the top

  • Sam Barlow
    Sam Barlow 3 days ago

    next time put water in the cups

  • Gabriella Struven
    Gabriella Struven 4 days ago

    Tomorrow you should wake her up to a box of chocolates and flowers and a giant teddy bear 🧸

  • Bill Henry
    Bill Henry 4 days ago

    Yes we are lance

  • Maddison Kelley
    Maddison Kelley 4 days ago

    Sorry mine is so late just watching video

  • Maddison Kelley
    Maddison Kelley 4 days ago

    I have a quote ''don't follow someone else's footsteps make your own

  • Sasha marie Campos
    Sasha marie Campos 4 days ago

    Live life and be happy

  • Reece Karnes
    Reece Karnes 7 days ago

    I sell those cookies every February since I’m a girl scout

  • jabtb09 killer
    jabtb09 killer 7 days ago

    At 26:41there's the ouji board😱

  • Cousins Plays
    Cousins Plays 8 days ago

    I'm un subing this is mean

  • It’s just Kylie
    It’s just Kylie 8 days ago

    lizzy do a cheating on my boyfriend prank

  • Kate Sampey
    Kate Sampey 8 days ago

    Did anyone see the quiiga board hiding in the corner? And 2018 anyone?

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 8 days ago

    Lizzy Deserves Better She’s so Pretty

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 8 days ago

    Prank starts 21:53 Thank Me Later

  • Aiden Hoh
    Aiden Hoh 8 days ago

    do you know fgteev

  • Karla Andrade
    Karla Andrade 9 days ago

    If I was her I will Drink My Way Out :DD

  • Derpy_ Animal_Playz
    Derpy_ Animal_Playz 9 days ago

    I love you two together 😀

  • Ana Zuniga
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  • Isabella Falke
    Isabella Falke 9 days ago

    i see lances purple face in the mirror that made my day XDDDDD

  • Isabella Falke
    Isabella Falke 9 days ago

    Lance your the only reason I wake up in the morning well I also come down for food lol but your more important then food
    keep doing what your doing your the only 1 who can do it the best(you and tanner) I really love what u do u make me laugh
    EVERY day and I love it keep up the good work lance and tanner!

  • Unicorn squad
    Unicorn squad 9 days ago


  • Gamer Life
    Gamer Life 9 days ago

    26:41 that laugh 😂

  • Ajay Francis
    Ajay Francis 9 days ago

    Lance i wear a size 17shoes i get mine special ordered

  • Vernon Screen
    Vernon Screen 9 days ago

    Where is the F***********Log blog dumb dumb do you dump them in the stupid

  • Biddi
    Biddi 9 days ago

    9:25 reminds me of antman and the wasp

  • ii Axria
    ii Axria 10 days ago


  • Volleyball 12507
    Volleyball 12507 10 days ago

    I love this prank!

  • Leon Vidrač
    Leon Vidrač 10 days ago

    she could just drank the water

  • Dimitris Tsompanidis
    Dimitris Tsompanidis 10 days ago

    Why you didnt jump in her and .....

  • Artickrage
    Artickrage 10 days ago

    17:31 can you imagine that shit hitting your ankle

  • noah Hinners
    noah Hinners 10 days ago

    Yoo i have the blackouts Those are fucking fire

  • Lori Nation
    Lori Nation 10 days ago

    My aunt has what he is riding

    ELITE REAPER 10 days ago

    Your vlog addiction is like my guitar addiction, I play every day no matter what

  • Savanna Wohletz
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  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 10 days ago

    that's funny

  • Makinnzy Temple
    Makinnzy Temple 10 days ago

    Lizzy your breast implants paid of a lot they look so good 😊 and I mean this as a fact. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • melissa charbonneau
    melissa charbonneau 10 days ago

    Lizzy came with a dessert like a mom she sure be a good mom so

  • Noah Voss
    Noah Voss 11 days ago

    i love our videos

  • Princess Chokwe MMC
    Princess Chokwe MMC 11 days ago

    hey lance put a spider next to her bed when shes sleeping

  • Jon Edwards
    Jon Edwards 11 days ago

    Hi I'm from 2018 stop asking for it IG

  • Luke Santiago
    Luke Santiago 11 days ago

    Do this again but fill the room up with cups. No spaces

  • Yuri Obnamia
    Yuri Obnamia 11 days ago

    If i were her iam gonna drink that

  • Dwayne Buensalida
    Dwayne Buensalida 11 days ago

    Lizzy : Why did u do this to me
    Lance : Its hilariouse
    Me : Maybe..

  • Pixel Artz
    Pixel Artz 11 days ago

    Who else skipped to the part with the cups😂

  • Evan Signio
    Evan Signio 11 days ago

    23:39 Her face tho XD

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 11 days ago

    Will I ever be able to wake up to something nice no never then at least by myself

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 11 days ago

    C'mon BRO Help out I MEAN JUST ROOD

  • llamas
    llamas 11 days ago

    She has a right to be mad, why would you do that to someone???

  • candy 2
    candy 2 12 days ago

    I can't believe lizzie is still with u.

  • Delaney Mcginniss
    Delaney Mcginniss 12 days ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The moment you came for is 21:52

  • Loara MacDonald
    Loara MacDonald 12 days ago

    That’s mean

  • Brooklyn Edwards
    Brooklyn Edwards 12 days ago

    Lance i love your blogs lov u

  • INS4N8
    INS4N8 12 days ago

    omg why the hell do girls stay with guys like you i mean its okay to play a joke once in a while but im impressed with her tolerance but if u keep doing this dont come crying to us about her breaking up with you i dont mean to hate but still this is a funny video good luck with future vids

  • Were the Best
    Were the Best 12 days ago

    LANCE PLEASE GROW UP JUST A LIT. : He act 12 sorry if it offended you

  • Epic Beast 21
    Epic Beast 21 12 days ago

    Tanner’s legs look like chopsticks 💀💀

  • Juan Soto
    Juan Soto 12 days ago

    She could of drank them and stack the cups

  • beast Mc
    beast Mc 12 days ago +1

    T fox

  • Challenges Cloud
    Challenges Cloud 12 days ago

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Super Ninja591
    Super Ninja591 12 days ago


  • Jasmine Aye
    Jasmine Aye 13 days ago

    I would just walked put of There? Its just cups Wtf yall crying about?

  • Sailor Quave
    Sailor Quave 13 days ago +4

    2018!! anyone? 🦄🎉🤪🤩✋🏻

  • The power of Girafs
    The power of Girafs 13 days ago

    You are helping me

  • Sarah 101
    Sarah 101 13 days ago

    your a dick lance poor lizzy

  • 「わ」༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻God

    How d
    How di
    How did
    How did y
    How did yo

  • Sharanda Walker
    Sharanda Walker 13 days ago

    At 10:15 u see them on his feet

  • Jake Hodge
    Jake Hodge 13 days ago

    What the flip bro you're rude.

    JULIAN MORALES 13 days ago

    sup dawg ?

  • Jackson Hazelwood
    Jackson Hazelwood 13 days ago +1

    That was so funny she was so mad pls sub to me and the fact she had to clean it up

  • UR MUM GEY 69 69
    UR MUM GEY 69 69 13 days ago

    Lizzy is hot

  • Juanita Jaramillo
    Juanita Jaramillo 13 days ago

    That is just messed up I would not be with you if you did that to me

  • cole5131 cole5131
    cole5131 cole5131 14 days ago


  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas 14 days ago

    I had that raspberry sherbet at my school and it was amazing we don't have it anymore though

  • Dog lover 09
    Dog lover 09 14 days ago

    Warning: if you get mad or sick or something about this comment log out of it now please

    You have been warned

    I’ve been sick with a blatter stone and I’ve been watching you on TVclip and I feel like I can get through this with you
    And I heard if I say the TVcliprs name 5 times they will heart this I don’t know but i will try it
    Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart

    Just an add on to Lance Stewart you are amazing and so is lizzy

  • Shiny Wolf
    Shiny Wolf 14 days ago

    If yeet is plural. Than yoot is singular. 🖖🏻🖖🏻🤪T POSE

  • Ashley Batista
    Ashley Batista 14 days ago

    If you would've moved your skinny legs😁🤣🤣🤣

  • Abby Hernandez
    Abby Hernandez 14 days ago

    Duct tape to the the bed

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 14 days ago

    Try doing a puke prank and puke on Lizzy if you need examples search on TVclip puke pranks

  • Lisa Rougier
    Lisa Rougier 15 days ago

    If that was me i would stay on my bed and pick up the cups of where i can step and continue doing that

  • Thundersplash 49
    Thundersplash 49 15 days ago

    Thanks for reading this

  • Cookie Swag
    Cookie Swag 15 days ago

    If I was her I would brake up with him so watch ur pranks lance

  • Molly Christensen
    Molly Christensen 15 days ago

    "Be a pineapple stand tall wear a crown and be sweet on the inside"

  • goldeyed blader 6589
    goldeyed blader 6589 15 days ago

    Prank starts,21:50, reaction stars at 22:30

  • Random Panda
    Random Panda 15 days ago

    If I were Lizzie I would break up with his dumbass

  • Sage Senger
    Sage Senger 15 days ago

    22:10 if you want to skip ahead to the prank!!!

  • Dean Kakares
    Dean Kakares 15 days ago

    I am watching this 1 year later and Lance said it was 1:14 and i'm watching this video at 1:14.

  • Devon Janzen
    Devon Janzen 15 days ago

    Lances Girlfriend, She’s hit af

  • Livie _Cool
    Livie _Cool 15 days ago

    Lazy get him back x

  • Cooper Cox
    Cooper Cox 15 days ago

    You are such a bad boyfriend

  • 黒い心
    黒い心 15 days ago

    One girl many cups hehehehehe

  • Carrie Lentz
    Carrie Lentz 15 days ago

    Lance I love you but it was mean when you pushed Lizzy into the water

  • Rachel Reese
    Rachel Reese 15 days ago

    How old is your girlfriend? Becuase, I’m nine, I wear 9 1/2 in women’s and 8 in men’s.

  • Secret Secrets
    Secret Secrets 16 days ago

    I seriously would have either 1: kicked him in the balls 2: thrown one of the cups with water in it at him 3: knocked everything down and made him clean it up. I really don't understand why girls never do that when their bf's prank them.

  • ZachIsNotCool
    ZachIsNotCool 16 days ago

    I remember watching his vlogs and pranks every day 😭💕
    I don’t really like his newer videos.

  • Hannah Vandenherik
    Hannah Vandenherik 16 days ago +4

    21:30 Start of the main part of the video.