The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle

  • Published on May 28, 2018
  • Rue Canusa (or Canusa Avenue) is a street that's split in two by a border: the northern part is in Stanstead, Canada, and the southern part is in Derby Line, USA - and border crossings here aren't as easy as they used to be.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Year ago +5561

    I cannot thank Mayor Dutil enough -- he spent two hours giving me a tour of Stanstead and the border, and this video wouldn't look half as good without all his help. He also talked to border control when they arrived and asked why I was filming...!

    • Driss Lissawi
      Driss Lissawi 27 days ago

      Hello I want enter go to american

    • Gordon Talge
      Gordon Talge Month ago

      +Oscar Falcón Lara That's not going to happen. We don't need a border wall with Canada. As far as I'm concerned, Canadians can come and go into and out of the US as they please.

    • Michael Doyle
      Michael Doyle Month ago

      for taking the extra time in writing this comment I'll subscribe. Its the extra effort that counts. Nice overall video too.

    • Rick Traveler Smith
      Rick Traveler Smith 2 months ago

      +ChadHHC86 that will get you a ticket.

    • Jared Hussey
      Jared Hussey 3 months ago

      Tom Scott I live on the American side of this street!

  • Pan Beilman Animations

    oh just merge already

  • Kevin J Redmond
    Kevin J Redmond Day ago

    Most ridiculous thing ever!

  • Moisty Muffins
    Moisty Muffins Day ago

    Imaging shooting hoops and your ball rolls into the road

  • AMD Semporn
    AMD Semporn 2 days ago

    Wow, looking at this mess, I'm so glad living in Europe within Schengen area. We could jump across a border like this with no problem at all

  • Andre Wijaya
    Andre Wijaya 3 days ago

    USA CANADA join together become one.
    Before USA, then later OSA *Overpowered States of Americanada*
    God bless the OSA

  • The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    the berlin wall but it's the border between Canada and USA

  • John Brass
    John Brass 3 days ago

    Just popping over to the US to borrow some sugar

  • MD Golap
    MD Golap 6 days ago

    may com Chanda

  • YamahaGenos
    YamahaGenos 6 days ago

    So... what happens if someone open carries a handgun on the American side?

  • Lee Palmer
    Lee Palmer 6 days ago

    The US should have annexed this and any other towns that straddle line. Just make border enclose em and push border like a Mile or two north.

  • 2019 Ford GT
    2019 Ford GT 10 days ago

    0:00 when you're 6 and your friend suggests walking to their house

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker 11 days ago

    So who plows the snow in the winter?

  • Jerom Bastiaansen
    Jerom Bastiaansen 11 days ago

    *Laughs in Schengen*

  • Andrew Slatsky
    Andrew Slatsky 13 days ago

    This is so dumb. I think if you live in a state that borders Canada, or a Canadian that lives in a “province”, as you Canuks call it that borders the US, you should be able to cross back and forth freely. I doubt that us Americans need to fear a bunch of Canadian terrorists bombing Minnesota, Maine or Montana honestly. Idk that sounds like a simple statement on a complex issue, but I’m sure we can figure it out.

  • Pocket Calculator
    Pocket Calculator 13 days ago

    So if someone from one side of the street trhows his garbage to the other side, who would detain him? He's technically not littering in his country and the cops from the other side can't detain people in another country.

  • ChaufMT
    ChaufMT 14 days ago

    Hilarious how they act at the border. Here in Maastricht we have such a divided street with Belgium. And in Kerkrades, some 25km from here, a street is shared with Germany. No problem at all.

  • GH Veg
    GH Veg 15 days ago

    I go and say things you already can find out by google search

  • Rene Argueta
    Rene Argueta 18 days ago

    I went to Calgary in the summer then went back to Kentucky. Calgary makes Kentucky look like a third world country.

  • whyubullyme eaton
    whyubullyme eaton 20 days ago

    ur a camarican

  • Chilukar
    Chilukar 21 day ago

    This just shows the complete lack of common sense in North America regarding borders. You could easily look at an EU style areangement (the US and Canada are much closer cultures than, for example, Romania and Germany).
    If they insist on having hard borders why be so stupidly inflexible about it. Fairly much everywhere else in the world would put Canadian checkpoints on one side of the town and US checkpoints on the other, leaving the town in official no man's land and town folk free to live relatively normal, non bureaucratic lives.

  • Sam _
    Sam _ 21 day ago +1

    Any borders other than natural ones (mountains, rivers, etc.) are ridiculous really when you think about it. They really are unnatural. Nature doesn’t care for them, and neither would humans without laws telling us otherwise, we like to roam, and explore.
    Artificial borders do however throw up interesting things like this though.

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller 21 day ago

    This is ridiculous it's all the same town

  • Blinky Montreal
    Blinky Montreal 22 days ago

    Now that the weather is getting good, what's the best place to cross walking illegally from USA to Canada?

  • GonZo ShitZcok
    GonZo ShitZcok 23 days ago

    Cant go across the street and borrow the lawn mower

  • Omnipotent Dwarf
    Omnipotent Dwarf 23 days ago

    Things were a lot simpler before liberals let in millions of third world trash to destroy our countries from within.

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 24 days ago

    Build a wall ! Only thing worse the canadians are eskimos .
    Signed : roco suave

  • godscop999
    godscop999 26 days ago

    🙄ridiculous. Absolute stupidity.

  • Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn 26 days ago

    I know I'd never to customs just to cross the road. That's ridiculous.

  • emily
    emily 26 days ago

    Looking at this hoping to sneak into the US 😎😎

  • Roulette Dave
    Roulette Dave 27 days ago

    You don't have mexicans from MEXICO wanting in?

  • Matt D
    Matt D 27 days ago

    Build a wall ! Keep those Canadians from seeking refuge

  • Bernard S
    Bernard S 27 days ago +1

    Have you been to Nassau, Belgium-The Netherlands?

    • Vancovermycity
      Vancovermycity 23 days ago

      Bernard S nobody cares about Europe its a shithole filled with euro thrash

  • kennys Boat
    kennys Boat 27 days ago +1

    this is actually stupid.

  • Driss Lissawi
    Driss Lissawi 27 days ago

    Is transit easy to enter America

  • Mr.NaughtyPants
    Mr.NaughtyPants 27 days ago

    That's just stupid, another reason we should invade Canada and make one big ass country. We'll call it, North Amerida

  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo 27 days ago

    Canada and USA are like brothers and sisters. They should unite and become one huge country.

    • TheGhostGamer
      TheGhostGamer 3 days ago

      so does the USA become part of the British Commonwealth again? or does Canada Provinces become new states as Canada becomes part a Republic?

  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 28 days ago

    just cross it

  • Scottish Always Dickson

    Wow WTF 🙄

  • fordlandau
    fordlandau 28 days ago


  • Obviousz
    Obviousz 28 days ago

    Being Dutch this sounds even more surreal. I can cross into Belgium and Germany, not even notice it and nobody gives a flying f*ck. Especially with Belgium I often don't even know where the border is. Nobody cares really haha

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn 28 days ago

    Build the wall, it's Canada, make the wall one foot high, heh.

  • Red Dave
    Red Dave Month ago

    God, US border patrol sucks.

  • Salvador Ramos
    Salvador Ramos Month ago

    Build that wall!!!!

  • NeonBeasts
    NeonBeasts Month ago

    Imagine if Canada drove on the left... how much hell that would create
    (Gets in head-on collision)
    American: You were driving on the wrong side of the road
    Canadian: No, the law requires I drive on the left
    A: No, the law states I drive on the right
    C: Well Sorry, but you’re in the wrong
    A: Hell Nah, you are! Our country is better
    C: EXCUSE ME? That is not true. We have free universal healthcare, less crime
    A: We have a higher population, have the worlds strongest military
    C: More allies
    A: So would they help a tiny baby nation with a smaller military, or the big guns who would offer billions
    C: I’m sorry, but for starters...
    (bickering for 2 hours)
    Canada: I also forgot to mention
    American: What?
    C: You’re in my country
    C: Hahaha, tough luck (Walks across the street to have a look at the damage)
    *Gets on News*
    *American War Starts over who drives on which side*
    God Bless Canada for avoiding this situation and drives on the right

  • Robert Sturgess
    Robert Sturgess Month ago

    This could only happen in America im sure the Canadians are not so dumb.

  • Toon Holman
    Toon Holman Month ago

    Y'all want some Schengen? 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺

  • Alexander Alexander
    Alexander Alexander Month ago +1

    Well I am happy to live in Germany where I can just walk over a bridge or street and be in France, Poland, Austria and so on

  • Kohl Martin
    Kohl Martin Month ago

    As a globalist, this among many other reasons are why borders are dumb.

  • Kronikalrag3
    Kronikalrag3 Month ago

    Looks forward to the day humans become aware of just how stupid they were , fighting over a piece of space rock in a universe so big "an infinite amount of life-times" would never do it justice to comprehend it's scale.

  • Heather MacFarlane
    Heather MacFarlane Month ago

    Beebe, Qc and Beebe Plain, Vt! ❤ My dad's hometown.

  • ZerglingPack
    ZerglingPack Month ago

    What country keeps up the maintenance for the road? Does each country just do their own half?

    • Kuma III
      Kuma III Month ago

      canada maintains the road

  • Werewolf's Channel
    Werewolf's Channel Month ago

    I think that border patrol is just stupid. I thought the U.S. and Canada were best friends.

  • Norixciii
    Norixciii Month ago +1

    Meanwhile in Europe, I'm able to travel freely through borders.

  • QRS3C273
    QRS3C273 Month ago +1

    Humans are hilarious 😂😂

  • General Incredible
    General Incredible Month ago

    "I can spit all the way to Canada!" The cheesy jokes are endless.

  • biohazard69420
    biohazard69420 Month ago +1

    $5000 just for crossing a bloody line?

  • Maya And Freinds
    Maya And Freinds Month ago +1

    I live there

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones Month ago

    Handy if you wanna claim asylum in a hurry.

  • Chris! W
    Chris! W Month ago

    it took me until 1:20 to realize Canusa street means canada/usa

  • Arifin Bali
    Arifin Bali Month ago

    Build a wall.

  • Mary Antonio
    Mary Antonio Month ago

    Build a wall!

  • The People's Bayonet

    Wow. Borders really are just dumb ain't they? What a load of nonsense, let the bikers gawk! let the people walk! or just throw away the border since it's hard as chalk

  • Wafaloo
    Wafaloo Month ago

    Now that Mitch Hedberg joke is even funnier

  • Hyron Vetro
    Hyron Vetro Month ago +4

    Crosses the street
    Border Control: Wait, that's illegal

  • Fly Beep
    Fly Beep Month ago

    Paranoid scared American policy at work here.

  • Noah Lamouruex
    Noah Lamouruex Month ago

    damn, why did things change?

  • AlphineWolf
    AlphineWolf Month ago +1

    Canadian side has a proper side walk bit not the American side

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis Month ago

    Boy just imagine if the USA and Canada adopted the Schangen Area rule then you'd be freely able to cross the street with ease..

    • Ricardo Wiggett
      Ricardo Wiggett Month ago

      But there's no North American Union so that's unlikely to happen (though technically possible).

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago +2

    as a european I am laughing at this. Even at the swizz border they just wave you through

  • Harry Marshall
    Harry Marshall Month ago

    human pettiness at its finest...

  • Jack Cade
    Jack Cade Month ago

    The ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY of the FICTION of boarders.

  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify Month ago

    There are areas with no markers of any kind in rural remote counties

  • RuthlessHawk_12 30
    RuthlessHawk_12 30 Month ago

    So to smuggle drugs all you gotta do is throw it across the street😂

  • Giraffeman
    Giraffeman Month ago

    I live next to a border like this and I always looked across the fence and watched my great American cousins living life when I was younger.

  • Alan Kelly-Hamm
    Alan Kelly-Hamm Month ago

    Don't tell trump or there will be a wall between the two towns. A "uge " wall.

  • TheLeakyTap
    TheLeakyTap Month ago

    I mean if you threw your trash on the ground, no one can tell you to pick it up because you cant

  • Typical lusitanian
    Typical lusitanian Month ago +1

    just imagine what the purge would be like in this town.

  • I can fix that
    I can fix that Month ago

    I don't know about you but I sometimes break rules just for the kick of it even ones like this

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster Month ago +2

    This is where common sense should kick in and people stop worrying whether anyone crossed the border. If forever you keep going into the other country then perhaps it might be worth asking questions but otherwise it is a water of everyone's time and effort.

  • Septiccat
    Septiccat Month ago

    I don’t get why the US and Canada don’t just have open borders like the EU

    • Serge Lacasse
      Serge Lacasse Month ago

      Easy...trump whats to isolate the usa from civilisation

  • tmoxie
    tmoxie Month ago

    I’m confused.

  • DangerWrap
    DangerWrap Month ago

    Mom: Sweety can you throw away the dump? The garbage truck comes.
    Son: Mom, Where's my passport?

  • Let's Play Sporcle
    Let's Play Sporcle Month ago

    Question: How do you exit the road to park at your house on the American side?

  • Safiri Jorgensen
    Safiri Jorgensen Month ago

    Canada should build a wall.

  • Doug Shaw
    Doug Shaw Month ago +1

    When the neighbors speak your language and don't traffic slaves and drugs across your southern border, you must be in Canada. Maybe Canada has a Maple Syrup Mafia I don't know about, but the Hispanic gangs coming from the south of US are well documented.

    • JollyOldCanuck
      JollyOldCanuck Month ago

      We actually do have a maple syrup cartel in Quebec.

  • philip013
    philip013 Month ago

    Does Trump know about this?

  • Stian Myrdal Laursen

    Only USA can make THIS stupid rules....
    For us in Scandinavia "borders" are just a sign along the road...
    Absolutely not.

  • moparmon
    moparmon Month ago +2

    Wheres the wall?? Oh right, Canadians are peaceful

  • Wil Robles
    Wil Robles Month ago

    Where do you park your cars on street cleaning days?

  • Kerim Kerimov
    Kerim Kerimov Month ago

    walks over .3cm *cia fbi police the military pulls up packing heat*

  • The Don DeLuxe
    The Don DeLuxe 2 months ago

    This seems like one of those April Fool's jokes.

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren 2 months ago +1

    I have a camp on the lake in Derby. Nice place. Love going to the library that half in Canada and half in the US. Not customs. 😂

  • Rron Gerguri
    Rron Gerguri 2 months ago

    What is this town called?

  • coolboybryan303
    coolboybryan303 2 months ago

    They should learn from Baarle-Nassau

  • That cat productions
    That cat productions 2 months ago

    Driving on american side almost gets hit by car swerves to Canada side to bmnot get hit border patrol swemres in

  • Lindi Loo
    Lindi Loo 2 months ago

    anyone else notice the '71 Dodge shoot by? ☺

  • hieu Cu
    hieu Cu 2 months ago +1

    Can we just invade Canada already? this is annoying

  • Ray Fridley
    Ray Fridley 2 months ago

    How are the utilities handled on this road? Are there two sets of water, sewer, electrical, gas, telephone lines(one for the US, the other for Canada)?

  • Supreme
    Supreme 2 months ago +1

    So if I push someone to the US I can get them in legal trouble? Seems like the ultimate prank 😈😈😈