I Escaped from My Country

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • It took 4 months for her to escape her country. She had to hide her identity and work on a farm in a country where she didn't speak the language so she could save up and get to a safer place. She had to leave her parents behind unsure if she'd ever see them again. In the end, she fought and survived her journey successfully bringing back one of her parents and now waiting to see her mom again.
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  • seulgi's crown
    seulgi's crown Day ago +1

    Ok I know this is like a serious story but 7:24 I thought she said "I've decided to be called *_hoe_* " 😂😂

  • Eileen _sweet
    Eileen _sweet Day ago

    Bc North Korea is a saddest country^~^

  • Current Batches
    Current Batches 2 days ago

    6:45 - A lot missing there, but more power to ya.

  • Lifewithleang Seng
    Lifewithleang Seng 4 days ago

    She is so lucky to go to South Korea


  • bamoboom_yt yeet
    bamoboom_yt yeet 6 days ago

    I looked a video up on YT right and it's the same voice this is just a sub trap guys look up I was in a mental hospital it's not like the movies

  • bamoboom_yt yeet
    bamoboom_yt yeet 6 days ago

    4:22 you can't think of anymore lies that's why. But you supposedly can remember some thing "FOUR MONTHS LATER". Bruh your just one of those story booth parodies plus ur voice is the same in ur other vids

  • bamoboom_yt yeet
    bamoboom_yt yeet 6 days ago

    Bruh refugees sound Asian this is fake but good try and before y'all hate it's usually a Asian voice she sounds so American not to be racist

  • LittleMisRose Gacha!

    Bish millions of people are watching this you deed

  • Cringe TV
    Cringe TV 7 days ago


  • BBQ
    BBQ 7 days ago

    *dramatic narration voice*
    For this uncle has given this family rice that that means he is the rice king 👑👑👑

  • Stict Stict
    Stict Stict 8 days ago


  • OmegaDraws
    OmegaDraws 8 days ago

    So, is the narrator is the actual person or someone else

  • Anand dhanola
    Anand dhanola 10 days ago

    Hold up hold up isn't this the person who talked in the my mom got jail video it's a little suspicious

  • Rao Eñe
    Rao Eñe 10 days ago +1

    Every like is a gunshot on the balls for Kim Jong Un.

  • WeakPA
    WeakPA 11 days ago

    Just yeet the fence

  • tae tae
    tae tae 11 days ago

    any armies

    B-STAR_GTO 11 days ago +1

    *kim wants to know your location*

  • Απόστολος Γου_8

    In communism, everyone is free. But the capitalists says lies.

    • The greenmapper
      The greenmapper 8 days ago

      Non totaltarian/ communism and socialism, yes. But north korea, no

  • Judy Clark
    Judy Clark 11 days ago

    I think if you escape to China from North Korea, you’ll get arrested and brought back... however, escaping to Japan would be a better plan... just wanted to put that out there

    HONG PHUOC LE 12 days ago

    South Korea let’s
    any North Korea people in their country

  • SaberRaider 1131
    SaberRaider 1131 12 days ago

    Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Dos
    Kim Jong Tres

  • Catyse
    Catyse 12 days ago

    i smell clickbait

  • todoroki :3
    todoroki :3 12 days ago +2

    North Korea: “NoRtH KoReA iS tHe BeSt CoUntRY evEr”
    South korea: *Insert Idol Music Video by Bts*

  • Mev Cilbox
    Mev Cilbox 12 days ago

    Me: oh good thing people drafted when they are 12 and got in to the war

  • samantha borbon and vanellope

    Philipines are the real paridise theres lots of islands and there coulture oilur our coulture is preety bc i live in the philipines

  • Allen Pritchett
    Allen Pritchett 13 days ago

    Kim Jon un aaaaaaa man

  • Learning Through Pain.

    Lesson Learned. Truly Learned

    FAIRA ERANY 13 days ago

    hi kim john un i dont know why your here but your here because you like nutella and watch youtube
    to:kim the great from:me

  • Mr Pickleman
    Mr Pickleman 13 days ago

    I think she is lying because she speaks fluent English aaalso I don’t hear the Korean accent

  • JF K
    JF K 14 days ago +1

    This story is really inspiring and showing how precious freedom is. Tears literally came into my eyes after seeing this. Also 1 like = 100000 kicks in the butt for Kim Jong Un.

  • Canadian Mapping
    Canadian Mapping 14 days ago

    She must have been really sneaky or just sounded like a south Korean/knew the language to stay in china for 2 years

  • Ewa Staszewska
    Ewa Staszewska 14 days ago +1

    Or you could fly to china dumb***

  • David Stjepan Brkić
    David Stjepan Brkić 14 days ago

    WOW This girl didnt even sound korean or even aisan!

  • The great and lovable Peridot

    Me: your mom gay North Korea
    Nk: Nukes my state

  • Jimin's Jams / Nafisa Shikhi

    North Korea must be scary... I would never like to go there!

  • Skyzook
    Skyzook 15 days ago

    Its too bad this videos fake!

  • Kacper Laskowski
    Kacper Laskowski 16 days ago

    the first 20 seconds just remind me of the USA

  • jetsafl
    jetsafl 16 days ago

    Why does she keep calling North Korea "My country."? Saying North Korea isn't illegal.

  • Electro-OwO
    Electro-OwO 16 days ago +1

    You sound a like a basic white girl honestly bro

  • Atlantis Ceballo
    Atlantis Ceballo 16 days ago

    If only North Korea Pop really existed

  • The First One of the every thing

    TF!? Why am I about to cry!?

  • Ayaan Ahmad
    Ayaan Ahmad 17 days ago +3

    2019- area 51 raid they cang stop us all
    2020 - north korea they need us all

    • Kaleela Edwards
      Kaleela Edwards 13 days ago

      Wow wow wow not 2020, 2035 more time to prepare!

  • Chrissy Tinkles
    Chrissy Tinkles 17 days ago

    Yay good for you have a good and long life! 👍

  • AprilPlays
    AprilPlays 18 days ago

    Girl: Is Our Nation North Korea The Best Nation
    Me: No Actually North Korea is The Worst Nation South Is Better Top 200 On Poverty Countries North Korea Got #192 Because Of There Ugly Fat And Naive Leader Kim Jon Un He Is A Selfish Brat Who Doesnt Care The Feeling Of His People That Is Why North Korea Is Loosing Population They Loose 20 - 25 Million People Each Year

  • Starshiie •
    Starshiie • 18 days ago

    Wait don't u have a korea accent if u live there?

  • Depressed Army Blink
    Depressed Army Blink 18 days ago

    Did you know makeup doesn’t exist in North Korea? Lipstick is only known as Paint to make your lips red. Blush is known as powder that makes your cheeks pink. If you are caught wearing makeup, you will be arrested. No matter how old you are. School only teaches about the supreme leaders. You are not allowed to leave school campuses, unless you are going to look at the monuments of the supreme leaders. Schools are also heavily guarded by the military.

  • Katharine Alford
    Katharine Alford 19 days ago

    Go to Usa.

  • Katharine Alford
    Katharine Alford 19 days ago


  • Katharine Alford
    Katharine Alford 19 days ago

    If ypu are from n Korea and go to China you can still go to jail.

  • Spencer Gamer
    Spencer Gamer 19 days ago

    O my

  • RBLX ImPizzaGuy_OOF - Roblox


  • Budi Sianturi
    Budi Sianturi 20 days ago +1

    North korea have a game
    Volume: 10/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Freedom: 0/10

  • Peoples republic of Laos Mapping

    Kim Jong Un wants to know your location

  • T. Reachdodo
    T. Reachdodo 20 days ago +3

    North Korea: Rice is banned in our country!
    Cambodia: We disagree. Rice is the best!
    (Rice is also the main dish for Cambodian to eat)

    • xpastel _rosex
      xpastel _rosex 15 days ago

      WAIT HOW DARE NORTH KOREA BANNED RICE? In my country (Iraqi Kurdistan) rice is the most popualrest dish! And fun fact: Kurdistan love rice so much that every person that lives in Kurdistan eate it daily!
      So I'm with you :3

  • Javen Reyes
    Javen Reyes 20 days ago

    Vietnam:Communsit (Becoming Liberalist)

  • cupcake
    cupcake 21 day ago +1

    government: we’ll see about that
    also government: nah

    ITZ MOONLIGHT 21 day ago

    Good thing you escaped that country

  • Eliahyo
    Eliahyo 21 day ago

    Hmmmm.... No Korean accent, and completely false, sounds like this is FAKE

    • Eliahyo
      Eliahyo 20 days ago

      Anna Hastings ok and why would they need a voice actor, only a couple of people have escaped and were good with English. ALL OF THESE STORIES ARE FAKE, OPEN YOUR EYES

    • Anna Hastings
      Anna Hastings 20 days ago

      Eliahyo it’s a voice actor, not the actual person who sent the story.

  • B L U E B U T T E R F L Y G A C H A

    She’s so bootiful

  • KingDevzz UTG
    KingDevzz UTG 22 days ago

    follow youre heart