I Escaped from My Country

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • It took 4 months for her to escape her country. She had to hide her identity and work on a farm in a country where she didn't speak the language so she could save up and get to a safer place. She had to leave her parents behind unsure if she'd ever see them again. In the end, she fought and survived her journey successfully bringing back one of her parents and now waiting to see her mom again.
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  • Chris Zheng
    Chris Zheng Hour ago

    Here is a sad story:
    This citizen in North Korea fell in a hole in the forest, and got arrested for "disturbing nature." They forced him to leave his wife and son. Then they put him on a split reactor and exploded him to death. That is how cruel North Korea is.

  • Awsomeleoplaysyt ly

    North Korea sucks like a idiot there stupid

  • Ryder Rosenthal
    Ryder Rosenthal 3 hours ago

    That’s why Donald trump should start an war with North Korea

  • InfernoGaming95
    InfernoGaming95 4 hours ago

    what a isolated country

  • InfernoGaming95
    InfernoGaming95 4 hours ago

    oh so this is in north korea

  • Don-Paul Wilson
    Don-Paul Wilson 7 hours ago

    North korea is the worst usa is better

  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 14 hours ago

    You escaped from your country but that was fake you aren't born at North Korea and this is fake and this is clickbait there's nothing about this video! Your born in USA Liar!

  • Marcus And Martinus 4life

    Imagine Kim Yiong Un watching this video.................**creepy**

  • fbidj bunny
    fbidj bunny 17 hours ago

    What a beautiful story I hope God gives a happier life with your mother and hope that north Korea understands what people think about their own country and the God as a failure (in their country)and I am happy to see you as a educated and hope that your father is happy of what you have done was the bravest thing I have ever seen or ever heard and if he had caught you he or they will get bad luck

  • Tangmo Chutimon Chia
    Tangmo Chutimon Chia 20 hours ago +1

    *North Korea caught ppl sharing food


    • karl bahena
      karl bahena 15 hours ago

      It's just a scripted statement don't fully believe it.

  • jocelyn pacada
    jocelyn pacada 20 hours ago

    Leaders of North Koreans these days...

    Doesn't know what freedom looks like

    • karl bahena
      karl bahena 15 hours ago

      If you choose nkorea you will be slave by Kim. If skorea you will be slave of debt exploit by corporate and plastic beauty. You chose both of these.

  • Katie lu
    Katie lu 22 hours ago

    I felt bad for ppl who lived in this horrible country

  • Alexander Vasilev
    Alexander Vasilev 22 hours ago +1

    Imagine getting killed for giving rice

  • Vivi
    Vivi Day ago

    Is it just me or does 0:00 sound like the beginning of the some Without Me by Halsey?

  • Luke Kim
    Luke Kim Day ago

    my mom and dad was born in south korea

  • KrustyKrabUnfair MrKrabsIsInThere

    She just let her whole family get merked once she left

  • Bea Bucalan
    Bea Bucalan Day ago

    Here in the Philippines People Make memes of our Governments lMao

  • Waterwolf Arts
    Waterwolf Arts Day ago

    We can all blame Kim jong un

  • Oh_hi_I_guess
    Oh_hi_I_guess Day ago

    I smell


  • Reed Lacour
    Reed Lacour Day ago

    North Korea is the worst country to be in

  • キラーゲームsebastian

    So this is what a living hell means?

  • Amy Glade
    Amy Glade Day ago

    What did they do to you’re uncle?

  • Shaggy Rodgers
    Shaggy Rodgers Day ago

    Kim-John-Un wants to know your location

    SAVAGECHOCOLATE 2 days ago +1

    South Korea is heaven who agrees❓

  • wes rob
    wes rob 2 days ago

    Why do we let people get tortured in North Korean gulags it's a violation of human rights why are we turning a blind eye to the starving children can't we save the innocent children #SaveNorthKorea

  • claire dose that
    claire dose that 2 days ago

    5:31 that blue hoodie is sus, that's why now ones looking at her, eatther way, I like the video

  • Ītz Bīntáng Cháē Pláyz 青い星

    I was lucky I was born in Indonesia 🇮🇩 cause Indonesia full of friendly people ☺, but if I born in north Korea 🇰🇵 I'm going to cry ;-;

    • Helga PlayzSlime
      Helga PlayzSlime Day ago


      Indo squaaaad
      Btw Aku lagi nonton video INI pas lagi sahur.

  • Manic Flying
    Manic Flying 2 days ago

    Good job.

  • Juan Gomora
    Juan Gomora 2 days ago

    You know some peolpe escape south Korea

  • jenna gacha
    jenna gacha 2 days ago

    my grandpa was from north korea

  • Queen Rosé
    Queen Rosé 2 days ago +1

    This story shows how lucky we are that we aren’t born in North Korea... In our country, we have human right and especially a freedom! We can do whatever we want but not those works that can kill and hurt the other peoples... May I ask, Can the President of the North Korea change? I’m not asking a bad question because compare to our country, every like 6 years the president in the country would be changed.... People in the country votes their favorite president to present their country..That is FREEDOM because we can do whatever we want and choose whatever we like...

  • vishal das
    vishal das 2 days ago

    North Korea Murdabad !!
    Death to North Korea .
    Thank God we didn't made them as our Ally !!

  • Putin TV Show
    Putin TV Show 2 days ago

    I am lucky, meh.

  • L’OM Droit au but
    L’OM Droit au but 2 days ago

    North Korea:a prison in Hell
    School:prison in Hell
    WTF is wrong with This world !!!

  • Atomic Blaze
    Atomic Blaze 2 days ago

    i would rather live in the poorest contry in africa than live in north korea

  • Xstarxx X
    Xstarxx X 2 days ago

    This is communism Hope communism

  • Isaac does stuff
    Isaac does stuff 3 days ago

    North Korea: no sharing food
    America: wait that’s illegal

  • Angelo Faytone
    Angelo Faytone 3 days ago

    I hate north korea😡 hope some countries are trying to give north koreans freedom

  • Alg 2003
    Alg 2003 3 days ago +1

    Thisnis why the kim dynasty needs to stopped and kim needs to be burned alive at the stake and the land given back to the south koreans

  • Adriana Conterars
    Adriana Conterars 3 days ago

    No wonder her mom was such a pessimist.

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 3 days ago +1

    This is clearly fake. While this could easily have been written and then narrated by someone else, the storyteller completely lacks a korean accent. Also, while I don’t know much about North Korea, every word spoken inside is recorded. She would’ve been arrested quickly for these questions. Also, talking about a plan to escape would also be listened in to. She’d be punished extremely quickly. Not to mention the fact that North Korea doesn’t take punishment lightly. It’s extremely unlikely that her family would be let off the hook like this.
    This is still an inspiring story nonetheless, I just don’t believe it’s true.

    • Jas Kids
      Jas Kids 2 days ago

      Firstly, 'Hope' wasn't the voice in this story. This story is voiced by Mithril. Secondly, it is unlikely that she would be punished because she did not reveal her identity. Thirdly, her parents would unlikely be punished because for the similar reason of lack of identity.

      Nevertheless, it's your opinion. I have no power of control over your opinion.

  • Fish pancake
    Fish pancake 3 days ago

    It's not even the people of North Korea , It's there so called president.

  • Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125

    Wait! Wrong Channel!

  • unknow gacha
    unknow gacha 3 days ago +1

    South Korean more good than north Korea = like
    👇🏻 I lucky i live in Indonesia

  • Little luna and pinky Playz

    Good thing am in the Philippines

  • Potato wolfy Lover
    Potato wolfy Lover 4 days ago

    Oh I know that

  • Playboi Sauce God
    Playboi Sauce God 4 days ago

    They really said 🤲🍚🚫👴⚰️

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming 4 days ago

    USA your theme is freedom so give them freedom release them from northkorea!!!

  • Angel Chambers
    Angel Chambers 4 days ago

    Part 2: tomorrow is my execution

  • Qukwa
    Qukwa 4 days ago

    So awful

  • •Gacha Solar Planet•

    She Lived In North Korea!

  • craziepicture s
    craziepicture s 4 days ago

    I live in south korea and we learn about north north Korea's people who escaped

  • Simography
    Simography 5 days ago

    I love this but telling the internet your plans to break your mom out of North Korea is a bad idea

    RED FLAVOR TAE 5 days ago +1

    i'm sure kim jong un made atleast 1000 accounts just to dislike this🤣

  • Silent0wl01
    Silent0wl01 5 days ago

    I live in California. I'm glad I don't live in that overseas hell on Earth place called north korea

  • Peachy Vibess
    Peachy Vibess 5 days ago

    Every video Asian related video I see
    1. K-pop
    2. Korean stuf
    3. Japanese stuff
    4. Some Vietnam stuff
    5. Taiwan stuff
    6. Thailand stuff
    7. Indian stuff
    9. Some other stuff

    Me: why isn’t anyone promoting cHina oMgGg

  • Alexa Joanne Hofer
    Alexa Joanne Hofer 5 days ago

    South Korea-heaven
    North Korea- HELL...

    • Alexa Joanne Hofer
      Alexa Joanne Hofer Hour ago

      Cippy yes i know but the places there are so nice but im not actualy saying that South Korea is heaven im just saying that its like a paradise for North Koreans

    • Cippy
      Cippy 2 days ago

      Not really,
      South Korea is not the best Country either.

  • Skyleen Rivera
    Skyleen Rivera 5 days ago +1

    You live in North Korea 🇰🇵 the flag I use to have family there but they ran away from that country I’m really stupid but I know somethings (:

  • Sean Gallacher
    Sean Gallacher 5 days ago

    I hope Kim gong un doesn't see this

  • Devon Sterling
    Devon Sterling 5 days ago

    Hopefully if that fat piece of shit is killed and the Kim dynasty dies the Kim dynasty crumbles, the North Koreans can finally see freedom

  • Cookie The Gacha Baka
    Cookie The Gacha Baka 6 days ago +1

    15 year old me: ._. Hey mommy what flag is that
    My mom: North Korea stupid
    1 year old me: HAHAHHAAH LOSER

  • Sinta Nilasari
    Sinta Nilasari 6 days ago

    She reminds me how chicken I am. Thanks.

  • Angela
    Angela 6 days ago

    When she said she her uncle had a public execution

  • Gol der
    Gol der 6 days ago


  • í ɑʍ ʍմӏեíƒɑղժօʍ յɑʍíӏɑ

    I feel bad for the people who live in North Korea

  • Lovers girls
    Lovers girls 6 days ago

    I have great news About Kim jong un he smoking He will get cancer soon

  • BadDeathRose 20
    BadDeathRose 20 6 days ago +1

    So did ur mom make it?

  • Faith Mendez
    Faith Mendez 6 days ago +1

    I really wish you the best HOPE.. be careful always ♥ there are alot of people who is supporting you and your family ♥

  • don't make me mad i get pissed very easily

    I think kim should get death sentence in the most brutal way ever i think there should be a joint operation to invade north korea or a assassination 2 Kim's entire family or full out assault or bomb drops and then a airborne assault

  • Avi and Anya loves uni


  • Armi Unicorn
    Armi Unicorn 6 days ago

    Who else is wondering what contry she lived in

  • oliver wong
    oliver wong 6 days ago

    Kim jong un: sees person giving a scoop of rice
    Kim jong un again:

    you have broken the law now die

  • Sayuri Suzuki97
    Sayuri Suzuki97 6 days ago +1

    *This is really sad Im really glad I wasn’t born their cause Im from South Korea its really scary there I am Really Really GLAD*
    #HelpNorthKoreans #PrayforNorthKorea

  • SniperDeul20
    SniperDeul20 6 days ago

    U poor soul bless you

  • 별이
    별이 6 days ago

    Nice name hee mang 희망

  • Girl Meets Bangtan
    Girl Meets Bangtan 6 days ago

    희망 your so brave.

  • Cutercills 9x9
    Cutercills 9x9 7 days ago

    Kim Jong Un must be killed, no matter the cost.

  • Alistair the radio demon

    Sounds like America a country Judy like many others no better no worse this government is a illness it's a cist

  • surupa swain
    surupa swain 7 days ago

    F******** YOU NORTH KOREA

  • .Audrey Lim
    .Audrey Lim 7 days ago

    Was the person typing this was the same girl from Ted Talks?

  • kawaii cupcake
    kawaii cupcake 7 days ago +3

    Me: gives my food to a friend that forgot to bring lunch
    North Korea police: OmY GoD ThAt'S iLlEgAl

  • Cary Krusemark
    Cary Krusemark 7 days ago

    Who else realizes how lucky they really are just by watching this vid

  • Elizabeth Morse
    Elizabeth Morse 7 days ago

    North Korea 🇰🇵 is hell America is a freedom country I love my country America is great and other countries are too

  • Versace Knockoff
    Versace Knockoff 7 days ago

    *I'm So happy she is doing better!*
    *I had a feeling it was North Korea eveb though she never said the country! SOUNDS REALLY DAMN SCARY!*

  • Kathy Chung
    Kathy Chung 7 days ago

    This story reminds me of Yeonmi Park’s story

  • Galactic Apple
    Galactic Apple 7 days ago

    I have a question dows Kim Jun un hate apple and Samsung because apple is American and Samsung is south korean

  • Nazi Germany
    Nazi Germany 7 days ago

    Comminust hell

  • Soggy Fries
    Soggy Fries 7 days ago

    Hahahaha your country is shit

  • I heartu BTS
    I heartu BTS 7 days ago +1

    You are so lucky that you didn't get killed

  • Michelle Somade
    Michelle Somade 7 days ago +1

    So...was the uncle executed?

  • Michelle Somade
    Michelle Somade 7 days ago +2

    I just read the title and said to myself: *"I bet she was living in North Korea..."*

  • MiCkEy MoUsE
    MiCkEy MoUsE 7 days ago

    How tf North Korea is the best country

  • Chhing rainbowland ROBLOX

    It is actually hell I’m chine but move to Australia my parent say North Korea is bad

  • 紫丁香水晶
    紫丁香水晶 8 days ago

    Poor uncle, I feel so bad for those executed for so idiotic reasons

  • Mayra Perez
    Mayra Perez 8 days ago

    Respect ✊

  • RubyWatchYT Gaming Channel

    “I escaped my North Korea country.”
    Then *American Girl’s Voice*.
    *Speaks English rapidly*
    Me: How do you know how to speak English, and why do you sound like an American?

    And Kim jung un can see this comment from North Korea YT

    • supermouse73
      supermouse73 6 days ago

      RubyWatchYT Gaming Channel The story probs got sent in the actual person wouldn’t have read it

  • Lovekids TV
    Lovekids TV 8 days ago

    Wait in North Korea they taught you a country that has a sweatshop is hell!!?

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 8 days ago

    What about her passports and stuff?

  • cherry cola stories
    cherry cola stories 8 days ago +4

    I live in South Korea and I'm very lucky to have a great life

  • The Eagle
    The Eagle 8 days ago