North Korea:detained American student speaks

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  • cugierkoteczka
    cugierkoteczka 15 hours ago

    they murdered him

  • Kaden Ruud
    Kaden Ruud Day ago

    This dude has been dead for like three months now

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda 3 days ago

    Wait, so this guy stole a North Korean poster... For a cult? What in the fuck?

  • Christopher Ortega
    Christopher Ortega 3 days ago

    Brian, The North Remembers.

  • B Bender
    B Bender 4 days ago

    Travel to these barbaric countries at your own risk!!!!!!

  • John Cena
    John Cena 4 days ago +1

    Why did the american government let this guy die in the hands of north korea?

  • STuDent STD STanD for

    When people forget there was war between north k and america

  • JIMpresenta
    JIMpresenta 7 days ago

    The comment section of this video disgusts me. The opinions of some people in here are absolutely disgusting. But, what can we expect from such disgusting cold hearted motherfuckers?
    I sincerely hope you Gus never face a situation like this. I really hope so...

  • Brandon Villatuya
    Brandon Villatuya 8 days ago

    I can walk into a volcano and probably have a similar chance of survival as this guy had. Why would you go and be stupid there

  • BboyMikazz
    BboyMikazz 9 days ago

    sorry but this guys very cringy and hard to watch. The way he acts ....

  • Andreea C
    Andreea C 11 days ago

    Such cheap acting...

  • mrknockknock1
    mrknockknock1 12 days ago +1

    When you watch him walk in at 0:00, you'll see what appears to be a bunch of papers in his hands, most likely scripts and/or legal documents.
    Also, carefully listen to his words (or read the transcript on the screen).
    0:14 I "entirely" beg you.
    First of all, wow. Is there any way in which someone can 'partially' beg, or like 1/4, 1/3 or something? Also, "beg you"? Are you serious? Because the last time I checked, it was "beg of you".
    0:16 People and the government of the DPR Korea.
    So first, he "begs you", and then defines "you", the people and the government. That is still relatively fine. However, "DPR Korea"? Like, really? It's DPRK in short form, but Democratic People's Republic of Korea in full form, and anyone who would wanna do a semi-full form would still say "DPR of Korea", because that is what is grammatically correct, and anyone who's been speaking proper American english their entire life will naturally say "of" between "R" and "Korea", because that just feels right.

    He clearly didn't steal no poster, and sure as hell is being made to act. The only reason he actually read that script, instead of saying "fuck it, I'm getting jailed anyway, why should I do anything you say when you aren't gonna release me", is because it would never have aired at all if he would've refused to read it. No news is "LIVE" in North Korea. It is all pre-recorded and aired, and then also released to the outside world (only the parts that the outside world should be concerned with, like this footage right here which CNN then took and aired on their channel). Had Otto gone off-script, the session would've been immediately closed, and he would've been attacked and dragged out by the guards, all the way to the labor camps, and the torture would've probably become much worse based on how angry the guards are, and how angry the government is. Otto stuck to the script and didn't try to naturally correct the errors they had in their script because he is trying to fucking signal that "I am being held at a gunpoint and being forced to confess something that I didn't do".

    Also, 0:22 I've made the worst mistake of my life.
    Sure you have Otto, you went to North Korea being an extremely happy person living in the United States. You should've gone wearing something that shows you come from a poor and unstable country, filled with tyranny. North Koreans aren't supposed to know how much better life is outside of their country, and you basically just walked in wearing a fucking suit and that happy face, indicating that your life is obviously better than their's, and that they are being lied to about US, and other countries outside North Korea. No Wonder Kim Jong-Un made you read that script and then killed you. :P

  • Areg Cool
    Areg Cool 15 days ago

    Die, Korea, die
    New fucking reason to hate Korea

  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

    this all fake, he got accused because they need a political token

  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

    Wtf is with all the "white privilege " nonsense , stealing is illegal anywhere and this person, hear me "this person" "stole" while under a regime who shoots there own people for watching or eating something wrong... he's an idiots yet he did not do it, it's all a ruse also, it's so fake and yet you people fall for it .. he's not an ambassador for all whites

  • Armani Curry
    Armani Curry 24 days ago

    Rest in piss to that faggot ass red inbred cracker devil and I hope those North Koreans pissed in his fucking dead ass lifeless rotting face. These shaved neanderthal cave monkeys are out of control with their white priviledge and shall be made an example out of like this dead pussy ass crying Yeti in the video.

  • O.M.
    O.M. 26 days ago

    Warm beer sucks

  • Joenel Saracho
    Joenel Saracho Month ago

    So y did the us negotiate or get him

  • Resurei Hosto
    Resurei Hosto Month ago

    Condolence to his family. He did a big mistake on his path. Americans, don't you ever think you are superior.

  • Mustaneer Ahmed
    Mustaneer Ahmed Month ago


  • mina la
    mina la Month ago

    the way the guy next to him looks at him

  • Carlo Marone
    Carlo Marone Month ago +1

    This guy is dead
    Died right after he was released from prison
    Fuck that whole country, literally
    Even if it was his fault this is bullshit and such a dumb ass government shouldn‘t exist in 2017

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM Month ago

    Are you kidding me old man you literally said you fought in the Korean war while your in fucking North Korea 😑 this why people say the phrase "Stupid Americans"

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM Month ago

    "please think of my family" i mean you pretty much said fuck that when you decided to steal

  • Diamond 482
    Diamond 482 Month ago

    what a fucked up world. end of story.

  • Issac Miria
    Issac Miria Month ago


  • Kawaii_Chan EVER
    Kawaii_Chan EVER Month ago

    Why steal something in North Korea, u already know how they are

  • Amy Mendez
    Amy Mendez Month ago

    He should've said instead of reading that script, "I didn't do shit. Fuck all you stupid ass Nasty North Korean fucks. King yun un your head bout fat sl. Suck my dick". Gonna kill you either way, might as well go out with your integrity still in tacked. Fuck North Korea

  • nunya business
    nunya business Month ago

    OMG,,, Typical American pussy. Americans let their own government rule them. Then go to another country and cry about it. They should cut off his head and post it on television like a terrorist, then nuke the rest of america just for the simple fact they let the government rule over them like hitler did. We as Americans have let our freedoms be taken away little by little and done nothing due to stupidity and ignorance on the people side. Goverment and the elite have gotten so rich robbing the american worker that the American with their eyes open who can see all this has just gotten so disgusted that you gotta wonder why even love your own country anymore.

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    nuke this shit already!

  • Alexx H
    Alexx H 2 months ago

    I've got to laugh at his last name. Warm obviously means warm and Bier is the German word for beer. So he's a warm beer lol

  • Anton777 777
    Anton777 777 2 months ago

    What is different ? In Poland and in Baltic states my friend you go to Gulag if they find a red star at you

  • nick shane
    nick shane 2 months ago

    everything is old school in north korea

  • Callum M
    Callum M 2 months ago

    we should find and fuck Kim Jon Un with a hot Iron rod. without consent

  • Joshua Ruciano
    Joshua Ruciano 2 months ago

    bro it was a prank!

  • uMADden
    uMADden 2 months ago

    damn rich kids... get to travel the world funded by mama n daddy, going to North Korea ... when they hate Americans HATE ... smh but rip

  • Buzz kill
    Buzz kill 2 months ago

    He's not so brave know aint it coward wimp

  • Naila Kamana
    Naila Kamana 2 months ago

    Why did he steal in north korea if he knew how strict they are there. Stealing is never good, not in any country. Maybe in America they let you go quickly for stealing but it really is his own fault. What did he expect?

  • Bria Ijuioji
    Bria Ijuioji 2 months ago

    Tourist in Northkorea ,yes right lol

  • jae h lee
    jae h lee 2 months ago

    He's crying like little bitch...

  • James Bauer
    James Bauer 2 months ago +1

    My theory is they gave him an ultimatum confess and beg for forgiveness and take a lighter sentence or death hence this. The North Koreans took this as an opportunity to display their power in a extremely negative way and they should pay for it.

  • suri olguin
    suri olguin 2 months ago

    north korea is so fucking dom i'm so sorry for otto

  • los P
    los P 2 months ago


  • A.J
    A.J 3 months ago

    why is this so funny? 😂😂😂

  • Marude Maru
    Marude Maru 3 months ago

    Wait? An 85 year old war veteran that fought in the Korean War went to North Korea and said he fought in the Korean War? I mean, I know people make mistakes, but'd think a vet would know better when he knows there are POWs there

  • Sabina Kortez
    Sabina Kortez 3 months ago

    biggest shit hole 8n the world. sucked in to you north korea fux living in thst depressing fucked up disgrace of a cuntry. oh and FUCK U N KOREA FOR OTTO. FUK U RIGHT IN YR FACE

  • Milan Velebit
    Milan Velebit 3 months ago

    he's a fucking moron

  • ιl plaѕтιc lι
    ιl plaѕтιc lι 3 months ago

    Will comments on this vid change now? cuz he passed... it's so sad...

  • heesil77
    heesil77 3 months ago

    just a dumb white male

  • Mel K
    Mel K 3 months ago +1

    He wasn't kidding when he said he made the biggest mistake of his life....

  • michael craig
    michael craig 3 months ago

    yea cry like a bitch after you do something stupid. you fuck around in North Korea like that then you deserve what you get!

  • mollonlave 86
    mollonlave 86 3 months ago

    Why that backwater place have tourist suporting They're economy ? People wake up

  • Obie drier
    Obie drier 3 months ago

    He ain't speaking now

  • Move out The way
    Move out The way 3 months ago

    Why the fuck would you steal that? Such bullshit?

  • Christina Monroe
    Christina Monroe 3 months ago +2

    They killed him for that. They are savages over there

  • Ken
    Ken 3 months ago

    Your white privilege isn't valid over there white people.

  • SSJrose Goku black
    SSJrose Goku black 3 months ago +1

    you know what fuck Korea, I'm not saying they are all bad but we better FUCKING go to war of at least kill that dbag leader of theirs

  • Gufberg
    Gufberg 3 months ago +1

    These comments are fascinating.

    1 Year ago: LOL SUCK IT UP NOOB

    • 1Dudelove
      1Dudelove 3 months ago

      Well to be fair, they did kill him (slowly) and all over a stupid poster. He didn't deserve that, nor did anyone who died at their hands...fuck 'em!

  • I stand with WADA
    I stand with WADA 3 months ago

    lol bitch dead now. I guess that's the universe's way of weeding out the stupid.. lmfao!

  • 45NBGPureHate
    45NBGPureHate 3 months ago


  • Yong Hill Yu
    Yong Hill Yu 3 months ago

    I am South Korean but I wish kim jung un die

  • A Friendly Duck
    A Friendly Duck 3 months ago

    *final mistake of your life

  • Ocelot04
    Ocelot04 3 months ago

    That fucking dictator is the hero of those motherfucking leftist liberals.

  • David Webster
    David Webster 3 months ago

    Dude, worst acting ever. Propaganda piece.

  • throughYourTears
    throughYourTears 3 months ago


  • heeman12345
    heeman12345 3 months ago +2

    RIP. My heart goes out to your family. Stupid North Korea regime.

  • Beatinghearts
    Beatinghearts 3 months ago +3

    how dare you? all of you? this poor soul was just tortured to death and the least you could do is frickin empathize? you don't get to torture anyone, white or brown or mother fucking purple m Jesus Christ, I just lost the little faith i had left in humanity .

  • Juan Pablo Montoya
    Juan Pablo Montoya 3 months ago +1

    He looked and sounded like a pussy when he spoke...nuff said.

  • ᄃᄉ
    ᄃᄉ 3 months ago +1

    leaving that we must follow other countries aside , Is it really right and proper law? Most n.korea' laws are made for high authorities , not citizens. the same as this law. obviously this punishment as his death is extremely unfair.

    BANKSY REAL 3 months ago +1

    These bastards need to be taught a lesson,
    it makes no sense a simple country like afghanistan who can,t opperate a microwave let alone a nuclear weapon is bombed for no reason while these corrupt fucked up power abusing BASTARDS parade as if they are a superpower???
    i would love to blow those retarded statues to FUCK while smacking sense into the bastardised leader

  • stefone james
    stefone james 3 months ago

    He did it to himself, its not North Koreas fault. sad, but true. For christ sakes its NORTH KOREA.

  • Jooply X Harrington
    Jooply X Harrington 3 months ago +1

    This guy died! I wonder what t f happened?
    Not a fan of his acting job. Way OTT.

  • Tsee Tan
    Tsee Tan 3 months ago

    Why keep crying?u chicken shit!must act like a man!u done something wrong must accept the punish!u not a hero!just rubbish!shame on you!!i won't feel sorry for u u r already death now.

  • Mahoo
    Mahoo 3 months ago +1

    this guy died. RIP - In future....respect the laws ofnthe country

  • sai kiran
    sai kiran 3 months ago

    He is dead now,

  • Stephen Teng
    Stephen Teng 3 months ago

    Rest in peace Otto. None of this would happen if you avoid visiting North Korea

  • Benyamin Yisrael
    Benyamin Yisrael 3 months ago

    now...take yo ass over there and steal something else!!! fuckin CIA Christian Spy...they got that azz!!!! who mad??? the white supremacists! thats who....

  • lolololol
    lolololol 3 months ago

    this is death sentence

  • tacketh5
    tacketh5 3 months ago

    the question is why the fuck would you go to a place like that period? it's his own fault.

  • Barry Larkin
    Barry Larkin 3 months ago

    Lol they beat the shit out of him

  • Tara
    Tara 3 months ago

    Why would he fake this? What would he gain from faking? Seriously asking. I just keep seeing that everywhere.

    BRUCE EDWARD 3 months ago

    Is he really crying or acting, seems like staged,

  • Real PandaLover
    Real PandaLover 3 months ago +1

    This seems planned by North Korea. He doesn't sound genuine, he doesn't have a good story, and he doesn't have a regular way of grammar.

  • Yalan Patrick
    Yalan Patrick 3 months ago +1

    There is a consequence for your action. Any educated adult should have known that...

  • 92kosta
    92kosta 3 months ago

    0:23 - Acting straight outta movie "The Room".

  • RivalsAirsoft3
    RivalsAirsoft3 3 months ago

    He died from torture today, he was released a week ago after 17 months

  • secreri
    secreri 3 months ago


  • Lord Bolton
    Lord Bolton 3 months ago

    He is dead.

  • nastynupe
    nastynupe 3 months ago +1

    White entitlement didn't help him....oh well...i bet he won't steal again

  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago

    RIP Otto Warmbier. He has sadly died...

  • RioT Battlefield
    RioT Battlefield 3 months ago

    I'm never goin to North Korea

  • PigIron BigIron
    PigIron BigIron 3 months ago

    Next stop, Syria!

  • Mika
    Mika 3 months ago

    hahaha this guy is a pussy 😂 americans should stop pissing off north korea so they wouldn't be that strict with american tourists

  • Bill Scheiderer
    Bill Scheiderer 3 months ago

    There sure are alot of videos of this dude crying. I would have been more defiant.. no matter the cost.

  • zackerya achmad
    zackerya achmad 3 months ago +1

    fucking stupid white boy couldn't blend in, you raggedy ass shouldn't go to Korea in the first place.

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 3 months ago

    why does this nigga look like hes faking it

  • astrophysx
    astrophysx 3 months ago

    North Korea has some cool technology going on there, to end one's life without killing.