French Toast


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  • Sylvain Pillet
    Sylvain Pillet 22 hours ago

    Add some sugar on top when it's hot and maybe some applesauce 😛🤤

  • SquishySlime
    SquishySlime Day ago

    That beginning could've gone a whole different way.
    *Looks away for 2 seconds*
    *Turns around*
    Baguette is gone, crumbs are all over Poki's face.

  • Nikhil Sanade
    Nikhil Sanade Day ago

    Am I the only one who knows gurumann??

  • justdre4m
    justdre4m Day ago

    How come the title is vietnamese: "Bánh mì nướng kiểu Pháp" ? Is Jun learning Vnese ?

  • Peridot
    Peridot Day ago

    im going through a really rough time with the loss of a friend rn, but these videos are really relaxing and calming, and it really helps a lot :)

  • LeyLey
    LeyLey 2 days ago

    This is almost asmr!!

  • Broadway Mituna
    Broadway Mituna 2 days ago

    Huh Iv never had french toast without cinnamon. Maybe I'll try it sometime

  • Shelly West
    Shelly West 2 days ago

    I can’t believe Poki is just sitting there!

  • Princess Witch
    Princess Witch 2 days ago

    My dumbass though the baguette was a log (๑¯ω¯๑)

  • A G
    A G 2 days ago

    At 4:26, I swear I could smell the delicious aroma for a split second!!

  • Frankie K
    Frankie K 2 days ago

    I'd beat those cats of they were on my counter top. But this kid is clearly a bottom sissy boi.

  • Raga Mortelar
    Raga Mortelar 2 days ago

    Fun fact: Finland's version of this food is called "köyhä ritari" which means "poor knight"

  • Cruz Ramirez
    Cruz Ramirez 2 days ago

    Haku & Poki : "Dont order us hooman!"

  • su-yeon Jun
    su-yeon Jun 2 days ago

    양이 귀엽당ㅎ

  • Italomiks
    Italomiks 2 days ago


    KERO TAN 2 days ago


  • Richard MacKenzie
    Richard MacKenzie 3 days ago

    Refreshing to see a young, trim couple, eating a potentially fatty (fried in butter) food. Domo arigato.


    Cat's on the kitchen counter while you're cooking sick!

  • Panda
    Panda 3 days ago

    Other than eggs *French toast is the only meal I can make*

  • John Kerkhoff
    John Kerkhoff 3 days ago

    you are going to eat off a counter that has had and currently has furry, shedding, cat butt on it?

  • Emma McErics
    Emma McErics 3 days ago

    I love watching your family ( your cats) watching you to make breakfast. Cosy and cute.

  • Bianca Butnaru
    Bianca Butnaru 3 days ago

    I don t know on what chanel to follow you or you and rachel or aah :))

  • jinho finesse
    jinho finesse 3 days ago

    Detective L from *Death Note* 😆

  • Arnee bar
    Arnee bar 3 days ago

    My kids love Japanese curry. Can you make one ty

  • 松本左都夫
    松本左都夫 3 days ago

    (*’ω’ノノ゙☆パチパチ(*’ω’ノノ゙☆パチパチ(*’ω’ノノ゙☆パチパチ むっちゃファッショナブル😋😋😋😋😋

  • Guy Michaely
    Guy Michaely 4 days ago

    bro why you add so much sugar to that shit damn it's bfast

  • Jhoz Spares
    Jhoz Spares 4 days ago

    Rachel: Who's gonna move? Come on someone's gonna make a decision.
    Haku: *hides face...(No.. Not me! I'm sleepy..)
    Okay its Poki!
    hahaha LOL!

  • 1stAmbientGrl
    1stAmbientGrl 4 days ago

    Rachel, I prefer to sit in my chair "Indian style" to keep my feet warm and it feels good to stretch my inner thighs. 😊

  • The Average Car Guys Youtube Channel

    I've come here to the kitties :)

  • Kate Rossi
    Kate Rossi 4 days ago

    Fun to watch the cats fascination w/ the cooking process.

  • keegan773
    keegan773 4 days ago

    French toast, cat hairs and flea dirt.
    Great combination.

  • Princess Kareline
    Princess Kareline 4 days ago

    Hi i love your cats

  • Yasemin Çakır
    Yasemin Çakır 4 days ago

    10% cooking 90% cats

  • 馬拉糕Mr.
    馬拉糕Mr. 4 days ago


  • CapiZ Gaming
    CapiZ Gaming 4 days ago

    It's hard to see

  • s n
    s n 5 days ago


  • hana hana
    hana hana 5 days ago


  • B. Darling
    B. Darling 5 days ago


  • A.S.M.A
    A.S.M.A 5 days ago

    How is it french toast without milk and vanilla 🥴

  • notkathleenvasquez
    notkathleenvasquez 5 days ago +1

    This is aestheticly pleasing

  • sr20マグプル
    sr20マグプル 5 days ago


  • 鳴海桃華
    鳴海桃華 5 days ago

    凄い美味しそう!オシャレだー。さすが海外って感じでいい‪❤︎ ‬ そしてにゃんこが大人しいですね、可愛いです

  • Ren Dori
    Ren Dori 5 days ago

    I love to cook but where I live now the kitchen is so depressing I haven't cooked in nearly 4 years. I wish I had a place like you do then id actually wanna cook again :( I am not well enough mentally due to disabilities to work so I have to live on benefits and live in council housing. hopefully, with the new charity, I am working with I can get into working with doggys as I love animals. plus I can get help with getting the support dog I need and better housing. watching your videos give me a little ray of sun.

  • Fasya Elsya
    Fasya Elsya 5 days ago +2

    Your camera is too far

  • John Carlo Ol'CAt Lacadin

    no, the cats are more important

  • Ragna Series
    Ragna Series 6 days ago

    Is everyone ever have jealous feelin over someone knive, that absolute gorgeous knives....

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler 6 days ago

    ...and never eat anything from that kitchen, unless you want cat litter, urine, and feces in your food.

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 6 days ago

    What am I doing watching cats watch a dude make french toast?

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 6 days ago

    A dog looks at you and thinks
    You are God.
    A cat looks at you and thinks
    He is God.

  • 内野魁星
    内野魁星 6 days ago


  • Gary Vinch
    Gary Vinch 6 days ago

    Can so relate to the stools being taken up by cats while I cook and try to sit down to eat with my wife. The stools happen to be under a light that our cats love for the Heat. Going to try your recipe for French toast damn thank you and cheers. Love the kitties also have to thank you for the immaculate cleanliness of your kitchen space and cooking practices. All appreciated

  • Are you feeling it now mr crabs ?

    Why do I love this

  • joselouis
    joselouis 6 days ago

    Should have cooked the fucking cats

  • filip sevcik
    filip sevcik 6 days ago

    I love the El reference from Death Note

  • Dark But Cute
    Dark But Cute 7 days ago

    2 things that i like: animals+coking=all i need in life

  • Galaxy KittenZ
    Galaxy KittenZ 7 days ago

    At first I thought the baguette was a log or something and I was so confused XD

  • A sAvAge bOi
    A sAvAge bOi 7 days ago +1

    I REALLY wanna snuggle wih that cat

  • 大原櫻子
    大原櫻子 7 days ago


  • Gerbera Уютная

    - Почему это не для нас? - подумали котики.- Яйца - это самое то, что нужно на завтрак коту!))))

  • Alondra Alvarez
    Alondra Alvarez 7 days ago

    So yummy

  • allen0088
    allen0088 7 days ago

    Cats only eat meat

  • i sweetyoongi
    i sweetyoongi 7 days ago

    my mom always makes this when we have "old" bread but never sweet it's like a turkish version of french toast lol

  • Carl McPherson
    Carl McPherson 8 days ago

    Cats in your kitchen? Das gross man #yuck

  • Kyra Morrison
    Kyra Morrison 8 days ago

    Does anyone notice that their voices have changed? Is everything with you guys okay?

  • Tommy Hill
    Tommy Hill 8 days ago

    I like the difference between the Yun's Kitchen videos and these ones. In the former, there is music, quick editing, multiple angles, outside shots.. a lot of polish. And then, there are these videos... where we are one of the cats. We get to watch from our perch. And we get shown the ingredients but sadly we cannot sniff.

  • Sergio Adams
    Sergio Adams 8 days ago

    *insert never clicked on a video so fast joke here*

  • アリセテレサ
    アリセテレサ 8 days ago


  • Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Anthony 8 days ago

    Does your toast come with cat fur ?

  • No0oNi Chan
    No0oNi Chan 8 days ago

    Jun seems good with using both hands o.o I mean he flipped the toast with chopsticks using his left hand! Idk if that means something or using chopsticks is that easy 😂💔

  • Feme Verapova
    Feme Verapova 8 days ago

    Bit jealous, he have girlfriend. Well, guest im turn to homewrecker then.

  • Atsuko Livernois
    Atsuko Livernois 8 days ago

    I'm salivating! Lol.Don't forget cinnamon the next time!?

  • Sal Lunetta
    Sal Lunetta 9 days ago

    French Toast with cat hair. ......Yummmmm! !!!!!😲😲😲

  • miss orange
    miss orange 9 days ago

    きっと答えがどっかに書いてあるんだろうけどコメントほとんど英語で今は寝よう( ˘ω˘ )zzz

  • Nelxon M.
    Nelxon M. 9 days ago

    Let’s see, cats walk onto crap and pee laden litter boxes and lick their butts with their tongue. You let those animals hang around your countertops were you prep your food?

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy 9 days ago

    I was overly happy with the Death Note reference

  • Majesty
    Majesty 9 days ago

    I like so much how do you said "baguette" on dirait que tu parles français

  • Me Chim Chim
    Me Chim Chim 9 days ago

    yay!!!! poki's here too.

  • Mikayla Macapas
    Mikayla Macapas 10 days ago

    At the start I was like:
    Me: Poki you're finally calm?!?! What is this sorcery?!?!

  • Vinh Phan
    Vinh Phan 10 days ago

    Best haku

  • Boudica X
    Boudica X 10 days ago

    I'm watching cats... watching a guy make French Toast. And I found it entertaining. I'm beginning to question my life choices. And I'm not getting any good answers.

  • Mariah Mottu
    Mariah Mottu 10 days ago

    These cats live better than people do

  • Kiki Jm
    Kiki Jm 10 days ago


  • simo k
    simo k 10 days ago

    ahahahahahahahahahahahah Death note

  • Laurie Lo Pinto
    Laurie Lo Pinto 10 days ago

    Step 1: finding a guy who cooks French toast for me like that.

  • kisha Pugh
    kisha Pugh 10 days ago

    Good kitty cats

  • Lolphy GT
    Lolphy GT 10 days ago

    Bu bildiğimiz yumurtalı ekmek aq

  • Ivy Xu
    Ivy Xu 10 days ago

    Is this your new channel? what about Jun's kitchen?

  • Влада Истомина

    Это русские гренки

  • EyefulofSleep
    EyefulofSleep 10 days ago

    what kind of Brita water filter pitcher is that?

  • Kristin Clark
    Kristin Clark 11 days ago

    I normally make mine with cinnamon and sounds wierd but is actually really a good a slice of cheese on top and maple syrup. Your looks good though I'll have to try making it like that.

  • Auntie B
    Auntie B 11 days ago

    Gross. The cats on the counter. No.

  • Pablo Quiroga
    Pablo Quiroga 11 days ago

    Nothing like a French toast full of hair

  • Whiteboard Stickman
    Whiteboard Stickman 11 days ago

    Would maple syrup work instead of sugar syrup?

  • Legendseokjin
    Legendseokjin 11 days ago

    the end was funny and cute

  • Navras Raijin
    Navras Raijin 11 days ago

    French toast with ketchup is the bomb

  • an nguyen
    an nguyen 11 days ago

    Like your voice, so soft

  • 付小璐
    付小璐 11 days ago


  • Wahyu Lestari
    Wahyu Lestari 11 days ago

    Paling suka haku 😘

  • 하늘님
    하늘님 12 days ago +1

    집사님 말투 너무 다정해서 정주행하고있어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 스윗의 절정이다

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 12 days ago

    Thanks for this video. Looks pretty simple, I should give it a try. I love pain perdu.