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This is The Hardest Language In The World


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Month ago +543

    Are you multilingual? How old were you when you started learning the second langugage?

    • I know her face but i don't know her name
      I know her face but i don't know her name 2 minutes ago

      I started learning french when I was 4 and then English at 5 , I'm 13 now and I'm learning Korean and my mother tongue is arabic

    • Noor Zahra ART
      Noor Zahra ART 3 hours ago

      +ArianaGrande Fan are you serious 20 languages that's so cool
      What and why are you too bading about?

    • ArianaGrande Fan
      ArianaGrande Fan 4 hours ago

      I know until 20 languages :D slovenian is easy im serbian and i can understand too bad but still know the language same too bad

    • ArianaGrande Fan
      ArianaGrande Fan 4 hours ago

      France and imma old 11

    • Noor Zahra ART
      Noor Zahra ART 5 hours ago

      I'm from Pakistan who went to an Iranian kindergarden that teaches farsi and English
      Since I speak urdu in my home so I spoke 3 languages when I was maybe 5 years old then in grade 1 being Muslim means being able to read Quran which is Arabic so 4 languages when 6 I'm still not good at Arabic. And hindi is spoken exactly the same as urdu except for the letters.
      BTW Arabic urdu and farsi starts from the right side not left side like english.
      Anyway I appreciate the affort made to make the video 😀

  • Katie Vincler
    Katie Vincler Minute ago

    korean seriously isn’t that hard to learn (from an english perspective) so rest easy kboos lol. mandarin tho...I many characters to memorize 😢😢

  • Ai Kei Lee
    Ai Kei Lee 13 minutes ago

    I can speak Chinese

  • GM Cab's
    GM Cab's 18 minutes ago

    Philippines has 175 languages can you learn that?? even us Filipinos don't understand some of our languages.

  • silverfox1234
    silverfox1234 33 minutes ago +1

    It's depressing how I only know 1 language fluently

  • lineth sandjong
    lineth sandjong 40 minutes ago

    And french?

  • kl0e
    kl0e 49 minutes ago

    Any Thai? I am part.🙃

  • tyischa ghaddari
    tyischa ghaddari Hour ago

    It's so easy to learn if you are wrong .
    I'm dutch and learning Korean and Japanese and my son (3) speaks already dutch English and a good amount of Russian and her picks up Korean because I am learning....
    Wish I learned it when I was young

  • CheeseCake
    CheeseCake 2 hours ago

    Icelandic isn't that difficult tbh;; It just takes a lot of patience and exposure to the languages, just like most other languages!

  • Green Moon
    Green Moon 2 hours ago

    You didn’t even say Finnish

  • Green Moon
    Green Moon 2 hours ago

    What! Dutch!

  • Śliwa TV
    Śliwa TV 2 hours ago

    Im just dying cuz of Polish grammar...

  • Prundem.Porażony
    Prundem.Porażony 3 hours ago

    Where is Polish? Man... Uncool

  • bts snatched my weave years ago

    I can speak
    English Korean Chinese Russian french Italian Hebrew Arabic Spanish Japanese Vietnamise Swahili and Hungarian
    I'm two years old 🤧

  • Jiayue Sun
    Jiayue Sun 3 hours ago

    And this is why I hate it when my mom makes me go to Chinese school

  • bts snatched my weave years ago

    Japanese isn't really that hard... also Korean isn't either

  • Anna eventing
    Anna eventing 3 hours ago

    The moment you see your own language...

  • Nina van der Brug
    Nina van der Brug 3 hours ago

    I'm Polish and I sometimes have problems writing or constructing a sentence. I also speak Dutch and I think it's easier than Polish, although writing is difficult for me. And I'm trying to learn korean and the alfabet is pretty straightforward. So I'm very suprised Polish isn't on that list.

  • Mari eveliina
    Mari eveliina 4 hours ago

    So finnish isn't even at the list? I'm not ok

  • ArianaGrande Fan
    ArianaGrande Fan 4 hours ago

    Bonjour, je m'appelle henri. =hello, my name is henry

  • Catsøme
    Catsøme 4 hours ago

    0:55 translate: Beautiful morning!

  • Canadia/Maple Boi
    Canadia/Maple Boi 4 hours ago

    I can only speak English and Finnish (not that well)

  • smart champ
    smart champ 4 hours ago

    Persian is my native language I can speak Urdu Hindi Englich German and I write and read Arabic too.

  • Addyson Nicole
    Addyson Nicole 4 hours ago

    I can speak English (first language), Spanish, Korean, a little bit of Japanese and Chinese, and Hebrew (I’m like 25% Hebrew)

  • Mr Noot noot Mcnoot
    Mr Noot noot Mcnoot 5 hours ago

    Arabic is easy I learnt faster than french

  • František Sláma
    František Sláma 5 hours ago

    You forgot Czech language 😑

  • Efafmoin Moin
    Efafmoin Moin 6 hours ago

    I know Urdu , Punjabi , English , Hindi and a little bit Persian and French and korian

    XD FILIPJUREK 6 hours ago

    Did you forget about Poland????

  • Min YoonMar
    Min YoonMar 6 hours ago

    I'm Arabian and I can know English, I can understand Japanese, I can read and write Korean too and of course Arabic language ✌️💜

  • Fan Video
    Fan Video 6 hours ago

    I am Dutch but i didn’t know what you were saying😂😂

  • lucy
    lucy 7 hours ago

    My native languages are kazakh and german, when i was 6 i started learning english, with 12 i started learning japanese, with 13 korean, with 14 chinese and then i tried almost every language to know which one fits me the best haha~ now i speak german kazakh english korean japanese chinese russian french thai and a little arabic

  • Jenan
    Jenan 7 hours ago

    I'm learning Arabic in school And its extreamly hard soooooo Good luck on people who try to learn it cuz ur gonna be dead

  • Johanka Vašinová
    Johanka Vašinová 7 hours ago +1

    And what about Czech?

  • Maria Santoro
    Maria Santoro 7 hours ago

    Dude portuguese

  • Gamer 551
    Gamer 551 7 hours ago

    Im happy to see Albanian language being one of the most hardest languages! Im from Albania,and i know 3 languages,Albanian,Serbian,and English! I also know a littel bit Croatian and Slovenian language after that they are almost the same with Serbian

  • Gervin Gonzales
    Gervin Gonzales 7 hours ago

    Mula sa bansang Pilipinas na nagsasalita ng Tagalog.

  • Shads
    Shads 7 hours ago

    Hebrew is my first language :P

  • neefellh
    neefellh 8 hours ago

    greek should be number one mehh even for us Greeks it's hard

  • Lars Andersson
    Lars Andersson 8 hours ago +1

    How dare you say Gaelic! 😂 It's called Irish, and Irish and Scots Gaelic are separate languages (to tell them apart, Irish uses á, é, í, ó and ú and Scots Gaelic uses à, è, ì, ò and ù).

  • Michael Kec
    Michael Kec 8 hours ago

    Polish has to be harder then Slovenian and Croatian

  • Kwandi Nkosi
    Kwandi Nkosi 9 hours ago

    no native African languages were included 😂😂. e g Tshivenda

  • Kwandi Nkosi
    Kwandi Nkosi 9 hours ago

    Dutch is not hard at all neither is Afrikaans 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 복숭아
    복숭아 9 hours ago

    I am Korean. Korean is fucking difficult. Hangeul is pretty easy, but Korean is not...

  • ᜉᜒᜎᜒᜉᜒᜈᜐ᜴필리핀

    Philippine languages > ‘Musta Naimbag na aldo sa inyong tanan! Lisud ba gyud ang ating pinulongan? Ninu ing nakakaunawa ini? Hahahahaha

  • dragomir anca
    dragomir anca 10 hours ago

    Dracula is NOT from Hungary!!!!!!

  • LittleChicken YTHD
    LittleChicken YTHD 10 hours ago

    but what language is hard for chinese

  • Tilen Lešnik
    Tilen Lešnik 10 hours ago

    hmm I think that realy two hardest lenguages are for me looking how other people see when they come to this countries is slovenian-slovenija language and Hungary language wich I speak slovenian language dober dan means like in inglish hello or hey when you se some body on the street you say dober dan or zdravo that is polite word to say hey to somebody or helo yes if you know slovenija language you will alsow understand croatian language and srbian language because some words are same or simmilar like slovenija language it is easy for us slovenijan people to understand srbian and croatian language but for srbians and croatian people it is harder to understand slovenija language yes some of this people understand slovenijan language but this people must anyway learn our language so most of srbian and croatian people dont understand our language because of many diffrent words we have yes it is some words in slovinian language that people from srbia and croatia understand some words are the same yes abaut hungarian-hungary language it is tru that is hard to learn yes even for us slovenian people is that language hard to learn but still we leave or we are very clouse to them as a country they are our naibers I mean we have border with them... yes and even we dont understand hungarian language like we understand maby some words but like 1% of words not even that like less than 1% some words maybi 1-2-3 words this is the most for the people that like never study hungary language and other 99% other words from them we dont understand I will tell you hungarian language it is hard to learn I think of that because there in hungary because of history we know that mongolians from asia was ther that made their language realy complicated than other things happend like when other prople come there and local prople they form the languagre trough ages yes and when the ottoman- turkey empirie thake some ore all of the hungary lands that maybi help that language is diffrent today I think big inpact on hungarian language have Mongolian empirie and Ottoman- turkey empirie...

  • NinjaDiamond VN
    NinjaDiamond VN 11 hours ago

    i from Vietnam

  • Vivien Rutishauser
    Vivien Rutishauser 11 hours ago

    Swiss is also a difficult language. We have a lot different accents. And it is hard to pronounce.

  • JuNgHOseOk
    JuNgHOseOk 11 hours ago

    Me feeling proud bc im dutch xD

  • fpier
    fpier 11 hours ago

    What about basque?

  • Nick Van schaik
    Nick Van schaik 11 hours ago

    Like of YOUR netherlands ps im netherlands - dutch

  • My name is Maria wolf
    My name is Maria wolf 11 hours ago

    I can speak Croatian like a boss💪✨

  • JSP JosephSubamPaominlen

    Anyone who is Thadou

  • MasterNoob
    MasterNoob 12 hours ago

    Yea..tagalog is a “hard” language u cant even pronounce the word it self (no offence)

  • B J. A
    B J. A 12 hours ago

    I am addicted to Arabic and English...😉😘😍😚😙

  • Sophie Kay
    Sophie Kay 12 hours ago

    well i’m russian and i’m learning english and korean:) korean isn’t hard as it may seem for the first time:)
    the most important thing - regular practice and work hard

  • Kpop IS Lyfe
    Kpop IS Lyfe 12 hours ago

    ... tagalog... THE FLAG!?!! U TRYNA MAKE WAR HERE!?!! jk

  • Kaye Jean
    Kaye Jean 13 hours ago


  • fabian raphael
    fabian raphael 13 hours ago

    Javanese is hard

  • gala heidi
    gala heidi 14 hours ago

    U r wrong. There is no tougher language than malayalam.

  • Vihari the army
    Vihari the army 14 hours ago

    Arabic and Korean is so easy omg I'm Sri Lankan 😂 I think sinhala is hard

  • Książkoholik 9029
    Książkoholik 9029 14 hours ago +1

    ... Have you ever heard about Polish?

  • PotatoGirl23- I like chips


  • -Sam- Idk
    -Sam- Idk 14 hours ago

    I learnt a little bit of a song in mandarin and to count in Italian also a bit of Indonesian but now I’m sticking to French

  • Chin-I Lin
    Chin-I Lin 15 hours ago


  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 15 hours ago


  • riisipiirakka
    riisipiirakka 15 hours ago

    You missed Finnish, but don't worry it's easy to learn...
    (Im not speaking English)
    Example word: Lentokoneturbiinimoottorialiupseerioppilas
    let's try easier one as: (to) Be
    (+Every Finland student learns theese at age of 11 - 12)
    Olen ollut
    Olet ollut
    On ollut
    Olemme olleet
    Olette olleet
    Ovat olleet
    On oltu
    Olin ollut
    Olit ollut
    Oli ollut
    Olimme olleet
    Olitte olleet
    Olivat olleet
    Oli oltu
    En ole
    Et ole
    Ei ole
    Emme ole
    Ette ole
    Eivät ole
    Ei olla
    En ollut
    Et ollut
    Ei ollut
    Emme olleet
    Ette olleet
    Eivät olleet
    Ei oltu
    En ole ollut
    Et ole ollut
    Ei ole ollut
    Emme ole olleet
    Ette ole olleet
    Eivät ole olleet
    Ei ole oltu
    En ole ollut
    Et ollut ollut
    Ei ollut ollut
    Emme olleet olleet
    Ette olleet olleet
    Eivät olleet olleet
    Ei ollut oltu
    WHOA (all of those meant different things)
    *BUT here is MORE*
    Olisin ollut
    Olisit ollut
    Olisi ollut
    Olisimme olleet
    Olisitte olleet
    Olisivat olleet
    Olisi oltu
    En olisi
    Et olisi
    Ei olisi
    Emme olisi
    Ette olisi
    Eivät olisi
    Ei oltaisi
    En olisi ollut
    Et olisi ollut
    Ei olisi ollut
    Emme olisi olleet
    Ette olisi olleet
    Eivät olisi olleet
    Ei olisi oltu
    Ei oltane
    *And MORE*
    Olkoon ollut
    Olkoot olleet
    Olkoon oltu
    Älä ole
    Älköön olko
    Älkäämme olko
    Älkää olko
    Älkööt olko
    Älköön oltako
    Älköön olko ollut
    Älkööt olko olleet
    I think that's all
    *And we also have more*
    Example word: Bear
    *Then plurals*
    Thats's all
    Also means bear
    Hope you learned those two (or five) words
    Finnish is REALLY EASY language!!

  • Ona _
    Ona _ 15 hours ago +1

    Any Albanians here ♥❤

  • Jannat Bajwa
    Jannat Bajwa 16 hours ago

    WTH was written in urdu cause it’s my mother language and I don’t get it they’re just letters for example abc abc

    AYROHA OHA 16 hours ago

    albanian is one of the hardest languages because it has 36 leters

  • Serli G
    Serli G 17 hours ago

    This isn't a word in Persian م ا ل س. Please do your research first before putting it on your video. The correct word is سلام.

  • Weeb- Chan
    Weeb- Chan 17 hours ago

    Arabic is hard so at least I do something impressive

  • Some Random Things
    Some Random Things 17 hours ago +1

    I'm currently studying Japanese, I've memorized most hiraganas and gatakanas, it isn't really hard it's just the kanji (idk maybe it's easy for me cause I'm korean)

  • Eliise Kask
    Eliise Kask 18 hours ago

    Öösel sadas õues vihma

  • Musicalgacha Girl26
    Musicalgacha Girl26 18 hours ago


  • Елизавета Третьякова

    How about Russian? No? Where is Russian?

  • jason 124 pang j
    jason 124 pang j 18 hours ago

    Hola soy jason

  • ccnswyhxjjhpjmlty kjw
    ccnswyhxjjhpjmlty kjw 18 hours ago

    If you're Filipino and can speak every language in the Philippines, then you are now the person with most languages

  • Bunda Iki
    Bunda Iki 19 hours ago

    why is the arab langguace is hard we learn ot in indonesia as spesially when your islamic

  • bangtan Kim tae-tae oppa

    Sa tingin ko hindi naman mahirap ang tagalog..... at..... Yung pronouncation ng tagalog ay ta-gaa-loog

  • Milk Cara
    Milk Cara 19 hours ago

    Zimbabwe speaks Shona not Afrikaans

  • Irakli Surmanidze
    Irakli Surmanidze 19 hours ago

    hey! where is Georgian?

  • Abby Loves 지 원 Sanya

    The flag is upside down. It means war though

  • Fan Gurl
    Fan Gurl 19 hours ago

    The philippine flag is upside down the blue color should be at the top and the red color should be in the bottom cause if the flag is upside down it means war
    Im a filipino💖

  • moon
    moon 19 hours ago

    Why is the flag in the Philippines reversed? 0:59

  • Jakiś Typek ll-//
    Jakiś Typek ll-// 20 hours ago +1

    Where is polish?

  • Sarvekas Olio
    Sarvekas Olio 21 hour ago

    FINNISH SHOULD BE THERE. Don't tell me Finnish shouldn't be on that list. Epäjärjestellistyttämättömyydelläänsäänkäänköhänkään. (yep, that's one word to show you that you forgot about finnish.)

  • Tunthedog123
    Tunthedog123 21 hour ago +1

    5:21 u spelled korea wrong

  • wolfy wolfy
    wolfy wolfy 21 hour ago

    ALBANIAN well ok im albanian

  • Charterdossy XX
    Charterdossy XX 22 hours ago

    I speak tagalog
    Taga saan ka
    Taga pilipinas
    It isnt hard but its is kinda hard

  • {class & ass kpop fan}
    {class & ass kpop fan} 23 hours ago +1

    Chinese... I grew up with chinese but I wish I grew up with Korean :(

  • Lily Lee
    Lily Lee 23 hours ago

    Dutch is easy tbh learnt it in a month it's like Afrikaans which I learnt the same time as Dutch

  • Excellen Shinoda
    Excellen Shinoda 23 hours ago

    0:53 the flag is unappropriate... red shouldn't be on the top... it means war

  • Excellen Shinoda
    Excellen Shinoda 23 hours ago

    Tagalog is easy to learn but the hard part of it is learning the accent and how you speak it.

  • Jacqueline Bundoc
    Jacqueline Bundoc 23 hours ago

    All of the phillipine people actually speak in english ya know since im also a filipino

  • Charisse Barnett
    Charisse Barnett 23 hours ago

    Lol I speak Thai, english, and Spanish. Yeet

  • Blue Wolf 101
    Blue Wolf 101 Day ago

    wow i didnt know philippines would be there and im filipino its not really hard

  • Rich dwayne adam Dela cruz

    In 0:53 the Philippines is on a WAR, the Red part of our flag is on TOP, which means the Philippines is on a WAR!!!!!!!!!!! 🇵🇭Vs________ hahahaha

  • Jessie Yun
    Jessie Yun Day ago

    I agree that Korean is pretty hard to learn for western people - the structure is basically backwards, so it’s hard to create a full sentence as well as you can confuse easily with words. Pronunciation will also be quite hard for you since you’ll have to use mouth muscles that you don’t use in English.
    But you can certainly master reading & writing alphabets quickly and easily in no time with some effort.
    I learned English and Korean around 4-5 almost the same time, so I’m fluent in both - but there are side effects. Many side effects. (My mother language is Korean.)