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This is The Hardest Language In The World

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
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    What are the hardest languages to learn? Do you speak these languages? What did you think what the hardest language in the world before?

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  4 months ago +1032

    Are you multilingual? How old were you when you started learning the second langugage?



    • MKFG / / gamer
      MKFG / / gamer 8 days ago

      The Infographics Show bruh I’m tri lingual こにきま

    • slime channel
      slime channel Month ago

      I know English, Mandarin, Abit of:hokkien,teochew, Cantonese and understand some malay

    • Aviral Dwivedi
      Aviral Dwivedi 2 months ago

      3 years 😅😅
      Every indian who had been to school must have learnt..

    • vilius zagarys
      vilius zagarys 2 months ago

      I was in third grade when i learned my second language which was english my first was lithuanian which is pretty hard

  • Sowon Kim
    Sowon Kim Hour ago

    But I can speak 3 languages from this list, does this mean I have superpowers :^]

  • Sweetyvi 16
    Sweetyvi 16 23 hours ago

    Lol I speak Vietnamese and I’m learning Chinese and haven’t given up

  • Dawid Machl
    Dawid Machl Day ago

    Dobro jutro xD

  • Richer than I am

    Where is English???

    • Oom musab
      Oom musab 19 hours ago

      Why r u speaking English Lol

  • Bernie Sevilla
    Bernie Sevilla Day ago

    Hey! the flag of the philippines is upside down.

  • Raven V-J
    Raven V-J Day ago +1

    Wait a minute, how come Spanish not on this list?!

  • Itai Barkan 1412
    Itai Barkan 1412 2 days ago +1

    ???? 2:48
    Its from right to left..

  • Jeremiah Abutin
    Jeremiah Abutin 2 days ago

    You said TAGALOG WrOnG btw but it is ok

  • 1549_TH
    1549_TH 2 days ago +1

    4:42 Cambodia is an independence country..

  • Claire Mac Auliffe
    Claire Mac Auliffe 2 days ago

    I'm fluent in the Irish language

  • maneesh creation
    maneesh creation 2 days ago

    Malayalam world most hardest language

  • Mariam Japaridze
    Mariam Japaridze 2 days ago

    I am 12 and i know 3 lenguages. Russian, georgian and English. I am going to learn german

  • Eren Star
    Eren Star 2 days ago

    Where is Turkish??🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😭😭

  • Joshua 1658
    Joshua 1658 3 days ago


  • NinoVenezolano
    NinoVenezolano 3 days ago

    I can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Hindi, and Portuguese and I am learning Turkish.
    English was my first language as I was born in the USA, and grew up speaking it. I learned both Spanish and Czech because my mom is half Venezuelan and half Czech.
    I learned Hindi and Portuguese because my dad is 75% Indian and 25% Portuguese.
    I decided to pick up French and German just because I wanted to and I am studying Turkish now as I am a freshman in high school.

  • Ellie Ipad
    Ellie Ipad 3 days ago

    I’m native in Arabic, Also I speak english fluently and intermediate Mandarin. Every language is a nightmare when you know nothing about it, but once you learn some it’s no longer that hard neither scary

  • Peter Downey
    Peter Downey 3 days ago

    Luckily most Icelanders can speak English because they all learn it in school, and on top of that many go to Britain to study.

  • Peter Downey
    Peter Downey 3 days ago

    A couple of cans of Heineken isn't much for me! I have an enhanced ability to handle my drink!

  • PS Jakey
    PS Jakey 3 days ago

    this video is below par

  • Wei Wang
    Wei Wang 3 days ago +2

    Thanks, I’m Chinese and I also speak English.谢谢。(thank you)

  • Lizzy Melitauri
    Lizzy Melitauri 3 days ago

    My country is Georgia and it should really be on this list! No hate at all. But just saying

  • Alyssa Scott
    Alyssa Scott 3 days ago

    Dang Vietnamese is number 3

  • ღ AriPastelNekø ღ

    lol as an arab, I find arabic hard too xD

  • Bot :P
    Bot :P 4 days ago

    Is tagalog really hard?

  • Лина Демнер

    Croatia here (latin letters)
    Russian, ukranian and belarusian (cyrillic letters) - no
    Cyrillic is harder than Latin, lol

  • Ahad FTW
    Ahad FTW 4 days ago

    I was born in Pakistan and I don’t speak Urdu but then I went to Dubai then I knew arabic in a snap

  • ed3tun
    ed3tun 4 days ago

    Danish for sure!

  • 2kan
    2kan 4 days ago

    Why isn't Tibetan on this list

  • Element
    Element 4 days ago

    Aw common .. Chinese is not a language..! It should be mandarin and Cantonese

  • Digantanil Khasnobis

    Sanskrit is the most technical language to have ever existed yet no none how to speak in Sanskrit in India. Sad.

  • Quang khoi Le
    Quang khoi Le 4 days ago

    Tao là người Việt Nam ( I'm a Vietnamese )

  • Kanwal Nadeem
    Kanwal Nadeem 5 days ago

    i can speak urdu because i was born in lahore

  • White Bomber
    White Bomber 5 days ago

    I am Filipino but I'm learning Japanese...

  • sOupaNova
    sOupaNova 5 days ago

    My first language was spanish, and i picked up english around 3- 6 years old and i know a bit of portuguese

  • Vexus NXG
    Vexus NXG 5 days ago

    to be honest this is the worst video I've seen about languages

  • Pierre Dela Cruz
    Pierre Dela Cruz 5 days ago


  • Pierre Dela Cruz
    Pierre Dela Cruz 5 days ago


  • Pierre Dela Cruz
    Pierre Dela Cruz 5 days ago


  • KpoperkaUwU 60
    KpoperkaUwU 60 6 days ago


  • The Master Squad
    The Master Squad 6 days ago

    I’m Vietnamese

  • Oliver Quinanola
    Oliver Quinanola 6 days ago +1

    U sound so white

  • MegaAjdin
    MegaAjdin 7 days ago

    I am Bosnian.

  • Matijn Maes
    Matijn Maes 7 days ago

    i speak dutch 😅

  • 100 subs with no vids

    1:57 EXCUSE ME?????? The flag on the top right! Why is it the war flag of philippines?!

  • BE
    BE 8 days ago +1

    I love being Belgian, thus Dutch speaking. Without ever learning much, I can understand German and Afrikaans, and English and Bahasa are super easy as well to learn. Being born Dutch-speaking is like a gateway to being able to learn other languages super quickly. It's like getting a free extra language when born (afrikaans)

  • Brat Hat
    Brat Hat 9 days ago

    no , polish is , say szczebrzeszyn

    • Voq Son of None
      Voq Son of None 8 days ago

      Brat Hat shcheh-bjeh-tion with j pronounced as in French lol

  • Ondřej Lindner
    Ondřej Lindner 9 days ago

    I’m sorry but I really disagree with Slovenian a Croatian being the hardest Slavic languages to learn. The most difficult Slavic language is Czech language, because it has y, which both Slovenian and Croatian don’t have. And there are more reasons for it, for example, Czech is the only language that uses the Ř symbol and almost nobody, but Czech can pronounce it...

  • BoBaCHU !!!
    BoBaCHU !!! 9 days ago

    im learning mandrin and i know a bit of spanish

  • Allison Sierra Sierra

    Excuse me and the spanish

  • jun ladia
    jun ladia 9 days ago

    Were not in war

  • jun ladia
    jun ladia 9 days ago

    Sino pinoy dito

  • patatakis tf Up
    patatakis tf Up 10 days ago


  • Kaviyarasan J
    Kaviyarasan J 10 days ago

    Ha ha Tamil is the hardest language and it has large no of characters than chinese

  • Ayush Choudhury
    Ayush Choudhury 10 days ago +3

    I can speak 17 Indian languages
    3 Foreign Languages.
    nd Italy

  • BTS 4 EVER
    BTS 4 EVER 10 days ago

    Where is Russian and Tibet?

  • Al.Lubnaniyah
    Al.Lubnaniyah 10 days ago

    I'm half Egyptian/Lebanese and I was born and raised in Canada so I'm fluent in English aswell. And, KOREA SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST! Korean is one of the easiest languages to learn and memorize.

  • Pisnapasiri Pitanapa
    Pisnapasiri Pitanapa 10 days ago

    This how Thai speaking:สวัสดีครับ

  • Popel Grüner
    Popel Grüner 10 days ago +1

    Started with English in 5th grade, Latin followed in 7th grade and Dutch at university...

    • White Bomber
      White Bomber 5 days ago

      I started learning Japanese at home in 4th grade

  • Popel Grüner
    Popel Grüner 10 days ago

    Dutch is recognized as much easier to learn than German but German isn't in your list...but the much more easier form of Dutch the Arfikaans is... (aka old man Dutch, toddlers Afrikaans).

  • Kelly Harris
    Kelly Harris 11 days ago

    Technically, Thai was my first language and English is my second. But I switched early and have since completely forgotten Thai.

  • Miguel Nica
    Miguel Nica 11 days ago +2

    Dutch here.
    *pronounces the two words wrong*
    *says ‘heineken’ correct*
    Me: dead.

    • Miguel Nica
      Miguel Nica 2 days ago

      Yeah indeed! It sounds nothing like ‘slechtschrijvend’... it must sound like slɛxtˈsxrɛivə(n)t

    • Ramses
      Ramses 3 days ago

      So annoying, I don't even have an idea what the first word was supposed to be ''slechtesvivent'' What's that supposed to be?

  • Alexis Pap
    Alexis Pap 11 days ago +1

    No way greek isnt on this list

  • ho lee fuk
    ho lee fuk 11 days ago

    영어로는 이런식으로 말 못하잖아요
    영어로는 말 이런식으로 못하잖아요
    영어는 이런식으로 못 말하잖아요
    영어로는 말 못하잖아요 이런식으로
    영어로는 못 말하잖아요 이런식으로
    이런식으로 영어는 못 말하잖아요
    이런식으로 영어로는 말하지 못하잖아요
    이런식으로 영어갖다가 말 못하잖아요
    이런식으로 말하는거 영어로는 못하잖아요
    이런식으로 말하는거 영어는 못하잖아요
    영어로는 못하잖아요 이런식으로 말하는거
    영어는 못 말하잖아요 이런식으로
    이런식으로 못 말하잖아요 영어로는
    이런식으로 말하지 못하잖아요 영어로는
    영어갖다가 못하잖아요 이런식으로 말하는거
    영어갖다가 이런식으로 말 못하잖아요
    영어갖다가 말 이런식으로 못하잖아요
    말 이렇게 못하잖아요 영어갖다가
    말하지 못하잖아요 영어갖다가 이런식으로
    못 말하잖아요 영어갖다 이런식으로
    말 못하잖아요 영어로는 이렇게

    Translation: You can't say in this kinda way by English.
    Exactly the same meanings, slightly different feelings. Crucial thing is that I can still make it more.
    Welcome to Korea.

  • ahmad Zoubi
    ahmad Zoubi 11 days ago

    2:46 what are you mean Israel
    It's palestin * correct it !!

    • ahmad Zoubi
      ahmad Zoubi 11 days ago

      +Sydney Green .Definitely not. But I believe in the people of Israel who are mentioned in the Holy Quran !

    • Sydney Green
      Sydney Green 11 days ago

      ahmad Zoubi Do you believe Israel exists?

  • Sajid Mushfik Rahman
    Sajid Mushfik Rahman 11 days ago


  • L C
    L C 12 days ago +1

    TaGaLOg I stopped watching; please do your research before making a video

    • L C
      L C 12 days ago +1

      3:59 why is the Japanese lady wearing a chi pao

  • kfc chicken
    kfc chicken 12 days ago

    I speak english and am learning greek and swedish

  • Onni Hassel
    Onni Hassel 12 days ago

    Where is finland

  • Cinnamint Bun?
    Cinnamint Bun? 12 days ago

    Um, Afrikaans is speaken mostly in South Africa and/or Southern Africa.

  • Khulood Al Haj
    Khulood Al Haj 12 days ago

    im learning french its pretty easy its the second easiest langue in the

  • Jan Julius AFCA
    Jan Julius AFCA 13 days ago +2

    I am from The Netherlands!

  • Hunter P
    Hunter P 13 days ago

    Herbrew and Japanes and Arabic and chanes were to easy I’m Thai so I can speak Thai no plobelem

  • Jovan Emeric
    Jovan Emeric 13 days ago

    Dutch is probably one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers
    I'd remove European languages entirely from the top twenty if we're being honest. I also don't think Persian is that hard
    Cantonese & Mandarin (the second being easier)
    Xhosa or Zulu
    Any of the more northern African languages with tones
    A Dravidian language, like Kannada
    Countless others

  • Tomasz kerowski
    Tomasz kerowski 13 days ago

    Probably the 21 hardest language to learn is polish(Polnadic)

  • sr kl
    sr kl 13 days ago

    Top 20 tayo!!!

  • lim enjie
    lim enjie 13 days ago

    Oof Im a native English speaker but I took Chinese first before French and German xD

  • Kenken Anthony
    Kenken Anthony 14 days ago

    For all the Filipino people here give him a break of course he can't pronounce it right coz he's not a Filipino

  • Anonymous RJ
    Anonymous RJ 14 days ago


  • Semzaiji semzaiji
    Semzaiji semzaiji 14 days ago

    Afrikaans is easy to learn

  • Keputski
    Keputski 14 days ago

    Entä Suomi perkele? What about Finland? I believe it's one of the hardest..

  • M.Aruna chalam
    M.Aruna chalam 14 days ago

    Fake video Tamil 1languvege

  • Mine Turtle
    Mine Turtle 14 days ago

    5.22 look at corea

  • Kaltrina Gashi Ajeti
    Kaltrina Gashi Ajeti 14 days ago +2

    But Albanian or Dutch aren’t that hard

  • Anna Rakel Brynjarsdóttir

    Lol Iceland I come from Iceland and I can speak many languages like Russian English France and many more (not many people can do but

  • Abdulmonem Allafi
    Abdulmonem Allafi 15 days ago

    i am an arabin بحي

  • Szh1tzSkreak
    Szh1tzSkreak 15 days ago


  • Iiro Kannas
    Iiro Kannas 15 days ago

    Where is finnish

    BAD TIME HUH 15 days ago +2

    thats why you never miss your french lessons B)
    -Duolingo bird

  • sannamarikei
    sannamarikei 15 days ago

    The Finns return from the market squares 'cause, quite surprisingly, they weren't mentioned...

  • Raider in youtube
    Raider in youtube 15 days ago +3

    I wish malayalam was also in the list as it is the hardest language in India.

  • Assasssin 2427
    Assasssin 2427 15 days ago

    I can understand 3 of these

  • The idiot who kill everyone

    Also English
    Bahasa melayu juga

  • Lori Drake
    Lori Drake 16 days ago

    Where is Latin

  • Nina Xie
    Nina Xie 16 days ago

    Most of the words in Chinese aren’t even used

  • Owen Capshaw
    Owen Capshaw 16 days ago

    Kus on eestlane

  • Mark lepka
    Mark lepka 16 days ago

    Face reveal

  • Konstantinos Vitoratos

    Slovenian is certainly harder than Serbian/Croatian and Polish is probably the toughest of Slavic languages. Also pretty sure Finnish is harder than Dutch or Afrikaans... both of the latter are hard to pronounce but easy vocabulary-wise for English and German speakers. Also pretty sure Basque is quite tough as far as European languages go and Hungarian is probably the toughest of all official EU languages today.

  • xX Gachawolf Xx
    xX Gachawolf Xx 16 days ago +2

    It's not it's

    *_As a Filipino human I find this VERY offensive._*

    • sunny shah
      sunny shah 12 days ago +1

      Are your stupidest it not tuhgolleg it tagalog you blinds mqn

  • ShadowGamerNL
    ShadowGamerNL 16 days ago