This is The Hardest Language In The World


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  • Julie Kok
    Julie Kok Hour ago

    Korean is easy I can speak a little bit and I can learn a few words in a day!

  • lil cookie
    lil cookie 2 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting Tagalog will be in one of the list,its actually easy(for me because I'm Filipina)
    Beautiful=maganda(ex:maganda ka(you are beautiful)
    I ate it already=kinain ko na
    I'm sick=may sakit ako
    I love you=mahal kita

  • L the Justice
    L the Justice 3 hours ago


  • Balkan Football
    Balkan Football 4 hours ago +1


  • Felizitas Hastings
    Felizitas Hastings 5 hours ago

    German is the most difficult

  • a random dutch guy
    a random dutch guy 5 hours ago

    Im dutch

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 8 hours ago

    i can speak arabic...and none of that bubble chat thing made no scene

  • TheBluePC 5
    TheBluePC 5 11 hours ago

    What about hindi and Malayalam?

  • TheBluePC 5
    TheBluePC 5 11 hours ago

    These are the languages I know.
    And I also know to write and read Arabic but I don't know the meanings.

    So that means I know 4.5 languages

    These are the languages I can easily learn:
    And many more

    These are the one's I want to learn.


  • Arie Abdulghany
    Arie Abdulghany 12 hours ago

    Thank god you didn't put the German Language in the list, cause I am still studying it right now. Wish me luck

  • Gaming Itay
    Gaming Itay 13 hours ago

    זה בוקר טוב לא בוט רקוב

  • Foune Tounkara
    Foune Tounkara 14 hours ago

    I learning Arabic is soooooo harddddd

  • Westile
    Westile 19 hours ago


  • Addi Aub Adventures
    Addi Aub Adventures 23 hours ago

    I'm Vietnamese 😎

  • 俄国女皇Czarina
    俄国女皇Czarina 23 hours ago

    0:55 dude, seriously The Philippines flag is wrong! The blue part of the flag supposed to be on top then below it is red, if the red part is on top of the blue part it means "War" and the Philippines is not in war now since years ago
    And yes I know other people noticed

  • Stefin Koshy
    Stefin Koshy 23 hours ago

    Malayalam is tough

  • Butiti
    Butiti Day ago

    [ Laughs in *ithkuil* ]

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Day ago

    Japanese is harder than chinese

  • nope nope
    nope nope Day ago

    donc le français c’est pas une langue difficile ? genre si on vous demande de donner le futur antérieur du verbe juxtaposer vous allez tous réussir tellement c’est simple ?

  • Fun Forever
    Fun Forever Day ago +2

    *the hardest languages in the world are the ones you can’t 💯 speak*

  • the r0bloX fidget sp1nn3r

    Tíocfaidh ar lá. An bhfuail aon duine as Poblacht na hEireann anseo? Tír gan teanga is tír gan ainm.

  • Yami Kase
    Yami Kase Day ago

    It should have been said that even Chinese people have a hard time understanding each other from time to time. Especially the new generations.

  • PluTiper
    PluTiper Day ago

    What about Latvian?

  • Thot Police
    Thot Police Day ago


  • Istvan Bodnar
    Istvan Bodnar Day ago

    neked is jóreggelt

  • ela primc
    ela primc Day ago

    1:50 kje ste slovencii💞

  • The Fluffy Pancake

    I had a feeling my language would be there. Icelandic is my mother language. Ég er íslensk. Bæ...

  • Lidia Aaro
    Lidia Aaro Day ago

    Do you think that tamil is so easy for you people 😂

  • Suze Schoute
    Suze Schoute Day ago

    Im from the Netherlands 🇳🇱
    But I dont know what he is saying😅

  • Shahad Abdelaziz

    🇪🇬: Salam alaikom

  • Unicorn Cloud
    Unicorn Cloud 2 days ago

    Hi I’m an Asian American and I know mandarin but I can’t say much words

  • TheGhost
    TheGhost 2 days ago

    What about Basque/Euskara? That language is literally like an alien language. No-one knows its origins and its really hard.

  • DeluxeTux5249
    DeluxeTux5249 2 days ago

    Quaisquer portugueses?

  • Scarlett Nunes
    Scarlett Nunes 2 days ago +1

    Im learning spanish at school and im finding thag ok bc im in top set but some still cofusses me 😂😂😕

  • Wolf Andrew
    Wolf Andrew 2 days ago

    Darn no lithuanian

  • Dunstin roa Agustin
    Dunstin roa Agustin 2 days ago

    xD ima filipino and my friend is a canadian and tagalog is one of the MANY LANGUAGES our ancestors had too bad i dont speak filipino nor tagalog i knew it no wonder why its hard to learn

  • Anarkiahallitus
    Anarkiahallitus 2 days ago

    How about finnish?

  • The ALSD Sister’s
    The ALSD Sister’s 2 days ago

    Tamil ???

  • Mr Sledy
    Mr Sledy 2 days ago

    Greek is not hard τη στο διαολο

  • Excellent Nathalie
    Excellent Nathalie 2 days ago

    I live in the Philippines but why harder language I'm English too

  • Madu Maduri
    Madu Maduri 2 days ago +1

    Arabic is so easy

  • Faris Resic
    Faris Resic 2 days ago +1

    Where is Bosnian

  • Friskjid jidoglu
    Friskjid jidoglu 2 days ago

    This is claitbait and wrong.

  • Ezot3RYK
    Ezot3RYK 3 days ago


  • Koppany Voros
    Koppany Voros 3 days ago

    Im hungarian btw hogy vagy means how are you

  • itzPixy
    itzPixy 3 days ago

    Poland is the 3rd hardest language

  • Martin P
    Martin P 3 days ago

    Kde je Čeština?!!!

  • Sanjay Kumar Sasikumarn

    Malay(The language spoken in Malaysia and Singapore, though the latter is more comfortable with English) is extremely easy to learn... for the locals, and it can be an absolute challenge for foriegners. The alphabet is the exact same as English (Z in Malay is zehd, not zee), but what's hard is the alarming number of prefixes and suffixes in the language and how they affect what we're trying to say. For example, 'i and 'kan' are both suffixes in Malay. But they can be very confusing.

    Ali menghadiahkan Abu.(Abu is the gift)
    Ali menghadiahi Abu. (Abu is the reciever of the gift)

    The struggles don't end there. Prepositions usually have two different words to mean the same thing. For example, 'and' can be said as 'dan' or 'serta'. 'Serta' is usually used to prevent 'dan' from being used twice in a sentence. 'For' can be said as 'untuk' or 'demi'. 'Demi' is used for more serious things, like "Demi negaranya"(For his/her country). Those are pretty easy to understand but what I hate the most are the words for 'is'. They are 'ialah' and 'adalah'. Even I have trouble explaining how they work so I hope someone can help me. Learning Malay is tough, so for those who are interested in learning it, I strongly suggest you consult a trained professional.

  • Ruth Losigro
    Ruth Losigro 3 days ago

    Well I'm from Philippines like if you are from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Sahil Sawant
    Sahil Sawant 3 days ago +1

    Sanscrit in not Difficult language to study. I have been learning sanscrit since 5th std. Now I speak it without any problems. I am also a student.

  • Taki tam Kot
    Taki tam Kot 3 days ago

    Where is Polish? It's very hard! Try to say ,,good morning''- ,,Dzień dobry''. There a special letters like:
    ą, ś, ż, ź, ć, ń, ł, ó and ę. Try to say DROŻDŻÓWKA. Come one dude

  • Marga Marchlewitz
    Marga Marchlewitz 3 days ago

    Greek os also

  • Nikodem Stodulski
    Nikodem Stodulski 3 days ago

    I'm Polish, try saying this shit -> ą or ę. I know u read this wrong ą makes the "oh" sound and ę makes "eh"

  • Mathew Amiadamen
    Mathew Amiadamen 4 days ago +1

    Tá mé ag caint as gaelige agus as béarla agus nil sé ró deacair ach Is docha bhí mé ag staidear gaeilge do mo gach saol 😅

  • Jim Psemmas
    Jim Psemmas 4 days ago

    LOl we say this sounds Greek to me and only Greeks I've encountered used to say it's like Chinese. They predicted this

  • fan komunikacji miejskiej

    A polski?

  • stein
    stein 4 days ago

    Goedemorgen that good morning in Dutch

  • hedwigsilver
    hedwigsilver 4 days ago

    let us be realistic, unless you want to become a scholar, then you should learn sanskrit, otherwise there are lovely translations available of important hindu texts

  • Fredia Is Back
    Fredia Is Back 4 days ago

    I thought that Finnish language would have been in this list but i don't mind

  • Lego Liblikas
    Lego Liblikas 4 days ago +2

    But where is estonia

  • Azar Azz
    Azar Azz 4 days ago

    I know urdu,arbi and punjabi

  • Mocha Cream
    Mocha Cream 4 days ago

    Oooof I’m Filipino and I barely speak Tagalog

    SUCC MY DUCC 4 days ago

    Where's Romanian sugi pula mea

  • Ace_Bernhard
    Ace_Bernhard 4 days ago

    Ⓝⓤⓜⓑⓔⓡ ① ⓒⓗⓘⓝⓐ

  • Annamaria Makai
    Annamaria Makai 4 days ago

    In Hebrew good morning is not written like that. בוקר טוב this is correct

  • Emi lia
    Emi lia 4 days ago

    Seriously,where is Finnish on this list
    I have to learn it and it’s very hard to learn

  • Jean Mouton
    Jean Mouton 4 days ago

    You know people speak afrikaans in South Africa. It's where it started and where the most people speak it and it's from South Africa.

  • 林峯
    林峯 4 days ago +1

    netherlands language is easy af
    de Nederlanden en de Belgen hun taal is gemakkelijk af

  • A L E K S I
    A L E K S I 4 days ago

    Ei oo taaskaa suomea missä suomen nykynyoriso on kyllä aivan paskaa saatanavittu suihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas!!!!!

  • Mía
    Mía 4 days ago

    Tbh Japanese is so hard, I forget all the symbols until romaji saves me.

  • Ava Lee Go
    Ava Lee Go 4 days ago

    What happened to the color of our flag which is the Philippine Flag... why the red is on the top while blue is in the bottom? The Red color supposedly on the bottom because when red is on the top it means war which is wrong, so blue supposedly be on the top!

  • KevoR
    KevoR 4 days ago

    I think Finnish or Estonian should have been in this list.

  • Lily Oswald
    Lily Oswald 4 days ago

    Those words aren't Dutch tho 😂😂

  • Malfaro Malfaro
    Malfaro Malfaro 4 days ago

    hey, where is slovak u grand genius

  • Sanne
    Sanne 4 days ago

    One day someone asked me how I was able to speak Dutch as a kid... I cringed so hard 😂

  • ozomuro
    ozomuro 4 days ago

    Hindi naman mahirap yung tagalog eh? lol

  • Ma Rija
    Ma Rija 4 days ago

    croatin and slovenian arent difficult, i know because im from serbia and our languanges are litterally the same . you really should add something else like greek or finnish :/ . and none of these languages are difficult because, if you are german , for example , you really should learn english before french,russian or spanish because german and english are both germanic languages . ( sorry if i spelled something wrong)

  • Hao An Chia
    Hao An Chia 4 days ago

    It's Not Ta-Ga-Log
    It's Taga-log
    And why is the flag Upside down in 0:53

  • Tessa Jade
    Tessa Jade 4 days ago

    Sees korean... but how tf did I learn it under 6 months 🤣

  • To tylko ja
    To tylko ja 4 days ago

    Where is Polish? What is going on?!

  • Mankirat Kaur
    Mankirat Kaur 4 days ago

    what about punjabi?

  • sinha prabhat
    sinha prabhat 4 days ago

    If you know to speak hindi, Sanskrit is easy.Sanskrit starts from 6th class and at that time it is as easy as getting class 2 maths test in class 6.

  • Cutie Gamer
    Cutie Gamer 4 days ago

    I am filipino/tagalog,Magandang umaga sa iyo

  • Scarlet or Macy Ventura

    I'm from Philippines~

  • D'or_Emy 123
    D'or_Emy 123 4 days ago

    I dont think cambodian is vietnamese

  • just a random chamel


  • Maria Allyana Lagutan

    Lol i can speak Tagalog sorta fluetly but we use it like 100% of the time

  • Yasmin Martinez
    Yasmin Martinez 4 days ago

    Hebrews i knew it

  • Brun In Fire
    Brun In Fire 4 days ago

    Vietnamese is in top 3? I’m feeling special here

  • rosy Me
    rosy Me 4 days ago

    Korean is so easy language that you can learn through drama

  • Killer Unicorn
    Killer Unicorn 5 days ago

    U reined my dream of learning Korean Chinese or Japanese THX ALOT

  • Rosejean Olmido
    Rosejean Olmido 5 days ago +1

    im a filipino!!
    Kamusta kayo lahat!

  • Bjarni Hólmgrímsson

    Yes Icelandic is actually on this list!(btw it’s not as hard as you think it is)

  • Robin De Meyer
    Robin De Meyer 5 days ago

    First icelandic is easy, as Well as Afrikaans (I speak Dutch). Secondly Finish is as hard as Hungarian

  • Late Lisko Gaming
    Late Lisko Gaming 5 days ago

    Where is finnish?!??

  • FRANK eu
    FRANK eu 5 days ago

    People say always say Icelandic is so hard but in reality it’s not that hard PS I know that because I’m learnig Icelandic

  • Emma Jae
    Emma Jae 5 days ago

    I am learning dutch and it is not that hard to learn

  • The Pandy
    The Pandy 5 days ago

    My parents aren't joking! My language is the hardest for western people!

  • Gloria Diamondlake
    Gloria Diamondlake 5 days ago

    You forgot estonian

  • Max Hammar
    Max Hammar 5 days ago +1

    Suomi Perkele!