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  • Sally Campos
    Sally Campos Day ago

    i seriously love turtles

  • Eviee Kathyy
    Eviee Kathyy 2 days ago +1

    They need land to rest on and dry up if they stay in water all the time their shells rot and they stress out. Yes they spend most of their time in water but they still need land

  • Gabbiedivine Edits
    Gabbiedivine Edits 3 days ago

    2018 where is taco?

  • Blueberry Turtles
    Blueberry Turtles 6 days ago

    When it gets bigger, it’ll weigh more than you.😂😂😂

  • Michi ?
    Michi ? 6 days ago

    my name is MICHELLE lmfwo

  • wdw fan
    wdw fan 6 days ago

    Liza is me lol

  • Bumblybeesknees
    Bumblybeesknees 7 days ago

    Please do your own independent research on how to properly feed and take care of your new children. There is a TON of misinformation on exotic care out there so be careful. They are adorable!Birdmom-out

  • David Last
    David Last 7 days ago

    Tmnt is 4real my life and sense I'm a girl ya don't care still love it and 2012 is my fav and your my fav too

  • BellaLps
    BellaLps 9 days ago

    I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like Liza Koshy.

  • David Fraser
    David Fraser 10 days ago

    I thought she said let’s go to taco

  • LyricVideos
    LyricVideos 11 days ago +1

    where has he gone now omg

  • Sophia  Kelly
    Sophia Kelly 12 days ago

    With the teenage mutant ninja turtles at the end when it says "Turtles in a half shelf" I thought it was "Turtles in a hash brown turtle power"

  • vsabay gaming
    vsabay gaming 12 days ago

    2:35 michelle's in the desk beside the tank not in the tank lol

  • Sasha Schoots
    Sasha Schoots 13 days ago +2

    You make me so happy!!!😊

  • Solua Soares Delgado
    Solua Soares Delgado 13 days ago

    what kinda turtle is it?

  • Leah Clarke
    Leah Clarke 14 days ago


  • Allison Donahue
    Allison Donahue 14 days ago

    Lol just kidding

  • Allison Donahue
    Allison Donahue 14 days ago

    Hey yo bra showing

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    *me rewatching every liza Koshy vid ever*: *cries*

  • Sydney Puppydog
    Sydney Puppydog 15 days ago

    I thought you were talking about the ball XD

  • Animal Gurl
    Animal Gurl 15 days ago

    Awwww i got a turtle to

  • Midnight star
    Midnight star 15 days ago

    Where is taco now??

  • Lily Carr
    Lily Carr 16 days ago

    “Give me some fin.. NOGGIN*

  • Savannah Roblox
    Savannah Roblox 16 days ago

    I have 3 chinchillas and one of them is pregnant. They’re all brown velvets except one who is white and called snow x

  • Naomi Angelkovski
    Naomi Angelkovski 17 days ago

    Turtles are my favorite animal

  • guccy tae
    guccy tae 18 days ago

    "maybe some incest going on.." killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • VEDA M
    VEDA M 19 days ago

    Those turtles don't realiza how famous they are and that more then 7000000 people are watching them

  • Sandra Dubkiewicz
    Sandra Dubkiewicz 19 days ago

    I'm also allergic to cats

    and I have one 😂😂😂😂

  • Emjay Major
    Emjay Major 19 days ago

    Lmao, the description

  • Lillian Lunt
    Lillian Lunt 19 days ago

    I need turtle updates!!!!!!!

  • Pineappleyumdoge The Pusheen

    That popsocket though

  • DollHouse
    DollHouse 21 day ago

    100 lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Julie Zor
    Julie Zor 21 day ago

    Is your pet still alive

  • janne streamer
    janne streamer 22 days ago

    I have turtle too

  • Dc Nerd
    Dc Nerd 23 days ago

    2:42 first David has Liza as his phone case and now Liza has a pop socket of David NICE

  • Emma McGrane
    Emma McGrane 23 days ago

    “He wants attention, oh he’s definitely my son” 😂😂😂😹😹😹

  • Lilyana Werkheiser
    Lilyana Werkheiser 23 days ago

    I wike turtles

  • How Jojo
    How Jojo 25 days ago

    OMG! I didn't even know about liza when I got the exact same type of turtle and named him taco!

  • Linda-Rae davies
    Linda-Rae davies 26 days ago

    Are they still alive?!?! im worried 😧

  • Sexy Hot
    Sexy Hot 27 days ago

    Is it just me or did any one else see David on her pop socket

  • Gracie Leon
    Gracie Leon 28 days ago

    I’m laying down with my dog in my sweater and I’m watching Liza’s videos over again and he’s just watching it with me and it proves to me that Liza is family friendly cause my dog is only 4 months

  • Ur a hoe Yep u are
    Ur a hoe Yep u are Month ago


  • kassiee
    kassiee Month ago

    *i need an update on them*

  • Catty Catter
    Catty Catter Month ago

    I’m getting one too and I’m naming it majestic

  • Artlife
    Artlife Month ago

    das not a turtle das a tortoise

  • Ladia Flanders
    Ladia Flanders Month ago

    Taco + Rachelle ❤️

  • Alexandra Navo
    Alexandra Navo Month ago


  • Mia Jayde
    Mia Jayde Month ago

    Name the turtle Shelly or Sheldon

  • WhyYouGottaBeSoRude DontYouKnowImAnimeToo


  • hey ellå
    hey ellå Month ago

    We need an update on your turtles once you start posting again! I noticed you said this is a temporary habitat so I won’t say anything about it haha !

  • Karla Miracle
    Karla Miracle Month ago

    Turtles are not an easy animal to care for. There’s food, lighting, heating, enclosure, keeping the water clean. Red Eared Sliders aren’t something you throw into a tank with water and ignore. I have 4 turtles....they’re NOT an easy animal, and THEY ARE NOT BEGINNER PETS. They’re not something you give to your fucking 7 year old as a “birthday present”🙄👏🏻

  • Catherine COSAQUE
    Catherine COSAQUE Month ago

    Nice Tertol liza

  • Juliana Welch
    Juliana Welch Month ago

    who else wonders if the turtles r still alive?

  • Delanie Goyette
    Delanie Goyette Month ago


  • DumDumDino 123
    DumDumDino 123 Month ago

    petco? more like no promo *dab*

  • Avrie W
    Avrie W Month ago

    I love her so damn Much she’s the best TVclipr in the whole entire world lol

  • Jeatherlyy
    Jeatherlyy Month ago

    Liza is me *EVERYTIME* I’m in a pet store.

  • Gothic Pikachu
    Gothic Pikachu Month ago

    I have 3 cats and I'm allergic to them but I still love them

  • Li-li Wolfycorn
    Li-li Wolfycorn Month ago

    What is the song at the end? Can someone comment the link to it?

    Edit: nvm I found it here's the link

  • armau is great
    armau is great Month ago

    Di u still have them

  • Jordyn Estrada
    Jordyn Estrada Month ago

    How is no one concerned about the turtles care

  • Squids AJ
    Squids AJ Month ago

    I know the kid who likes turtles

  • Ko Ko
    Ko Ko Month ago +1

    I have 2 turtles

  • Sup People
    Sup People Month ago

    Ahaha me I know the hole theme song for teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • Estee Deblauwe
    Estee Deblauwe Month ago +1

    Remember when Liza would actually post anything, and post them on Wednesday?

  • Ilike yourface
    Ilike yourface Month ago +2


  • Liam Wiggins
    Liam Wiggins Month ago

    « Mother of dragons who ?
    I’m Mother of turtles
    Call me shellisi » im fkn dead

  • Sinz !!
    Sinz !! Month ago

    I also got him a leash

    *oh wait thats Davids*
    Me: DaFaq

  • Pets 4ever1
    Pets 4ever1 Month ago

    Plz get. Rid of the turtle unless you care for him right.

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive Month ago +4

    I'm suprised she knew the TMNT song from 2012 😂

  • _James_ animates_
    _James_ animates_ Month ago

    1:12 ...I didn't know Percy Jackson was in this video

  • Gabriela Tornero-Moreno

    Liza is so fun I lové her

  • Sarah Phillis
    Sarah Phillis Month ago

    Wait what happened to them?!?!!!

  • LocalWeeb
    LocalWeeb Month ago

    Hi shell-don

  • Ariel Hanamaikai
    Ariel Hanamaikai Month ago


  • I'm a wall
    I'm a wall Month ago

    lol she watches teenage mutant ninja turtles (i love ninja turtles!!!!!)

  • Kamren Sorrell
    Kamren Sorrell Month ago

    Can u show us the new tank

  • phancy
    phancy Month ago

    Man he rocks!

  • Tashy C Unicorns
    Tashy C Unicorns Month ago

    *check this out*

  • Gatcha Ling
    Gatcha Ling Month ago

    I just realized how LIT the ninja turtle theme song is

  • Olivia Davis
    Olivia Davis Month ago

    Did you know that if you were in Japan you would be trying to find an octopus because taco means octopus in Japanese!!

  • Scarfeather
    Scarfeather Month ago

    I wonder if they're dead.

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer Month ago

    Liza’s dancing to the Ninja Turtles theme songs is the best.

  • ellie
    ellie Month ago

    i also got him a leash- oh this is david's

  • Martine Studios
    Martine Studios Month ago

    Poor turtles

  • Gabby Jeong
    Gabby Jeong Month ago

    I wonder where he is now

  • lilli milliken
    lilli milliken Month ago

    2:27 this is when I paused it cuz my friend texted me and this is my new wallpaper

  • Amaris Evans
    Amaris Evans Month ago

    Liza can you do a updated video on your turtles

  • Madelyn Tamayo
    Madelyn Tamayo Month ago


  • Cass N Gacha
    Cass N Gacha Month ago

    She should have named the other one burrito

  • Daniella Lopez
    Daniella Lopez Month ago


  • Amazingly Ada
    Amazingly Ada Month ago +2

    WE 👏🏾 NEED 👏🏾 AN 👏🏾 UPDATE!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Teja Hillery
    Teja Hillery Month ago +4

    i wonder how taco is doing almost a year later
    assuming its dead
    never been mentioned

  • joselin Santa Cruz
    joselin Santa Cruz Month ago


  • joselin Santa Cruz
    joselin Santa Cruz Month ago

    I have a turtle named sonic

  • Firestar1987
    Firestar1987 Month ago

    Post picture on Snapchat The Snapping turtle

  • pastel shadow
    pastel shadow Month ago

    You ACTUALLY gOT a turtle...XD

  • The Walking Meme
    The Walking Meme Month ago

    do you still have your turtles?

  • Alexis McGaughey
    Alexis McGaughey Month ago

    I love 🐢 turtles too

  • Devon leonberger4life

    Is it just me that realized that OMG were coming over ! Did you background at the intro