10 Undrafted Players From The 2019 NBA Draft Ready To Prove EVERYONE Wrong!

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Here are 10 of the best players that didn't get drafted in the 2019 NBA Draft that probably should have!
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Comments • 550

  • ace matthew ocampo
    ace matthew ocampo 23 days ago +93

    Everyone saying these players have teams now. The title said “undrafted”

    • Nx Lxve 6x
      Nx Lxve 6x 20 days ago +1

      @Ahahahaha yeah thank you for correcting that idiot lol

    • Julio Bonilla
      Julio Bonilla 20 days ago +1

      @Ahahahaha Thank you teacher

    • Ahahahaha
      Ahahahaha 20 days ago +3

      Ssv Kids you’re *

    • Ssv Kids
      Ssv Kids 20 days ago +2

      Your just stupid

    • Aw Ete
      Aw Ete 22 days ago +11

      @Kevin Marchetti he knows that bruh. Ges saying its irrelevant to the vid. As it says undrafted not unemployed

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 6 hours ago

    Doesn't mention ethan happ

  • T
    T 16 days ago

    Ya and you failed to mention Jalen L. Signed a 4 year deal with suns or that at 6’4” skied above everyone in this draft with a 43” vertical. Just saying those things seemed relevant and are easy enough to find out if you are interested in any kind of comprehensive reporting.

    • T
      T 16 days ago

      I bring that up as you seemed to cherry pick bits of information from each player giving the impression that most of these guys stood little chance to make it. And only one player did you mention signing with an nba squad when all of them had and jalen’s being a 4 year with 2 guaranteed seeming significant and relevant. You still put out solid videos I dont mean this to be overly critical since as mentioned this is about undrafted players not their life story.

  • Vance Foreman
    Vance Foreman 16 days ago

    Where’s marquees boldin the center for duke??

  • Trevor Cunningham
    Trevor Cunningham 18 days ago +1

    These dudes are bums. Only taco has a chance

    • Trevor Cunningham
      Trevor Cunningham 16 days ago +1

      @T 1st off, I know for sure you wouldn't say these words in my face. 2nd, I've played in college an overseas! You know why I can say what I said, cause i did the dam thing! Unlike yourself. I won't join you in disrespect but just know that if I ever see you an you begin to even utter those same words, I'm gonna make sure your lips will never work the same way again. Now you make it a great day! An say that shit fast!!!

    • T
      T 16 days ago

      Trevor Cunningham nope Lecque signed a 4 year deal with suns. This guy didn’t mention he beat zion in high school or that he has far and above the highest vertical in draft at 43”. Reference Zion is 40”. He has decent size at 6’4” but does need to work on aspects of his game. He committed to nc state and should’ve gone there and grown up a little and refined his game with some better coaching. But to call him or any of these athletes who are reaching for the loftiest of goals and are all now at least on summer nba rosters...well, that says more about you. If you dont see that its not because you are a bum, but that you are just a fcking moron! Then again I don’t want to pigeonhole you because you could just as well be a dumbass or an idiot. Hell, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out you had shit for brains. Make it a great day (said sloooowly so you can understand)

  • Dominique Allen
    Dominique Allen 18 days ago

    Naz Reid is the most surprizing to me! If you go back and watch him play, there is no way that he was even a first round pick at the least.

  • Jeffrey Awesome
    Jeffrey Awesome 18 days ago

    Was I the only one who thought this was Jxmyhighroller

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran 18 days ago

    What about Dedric Lawson?!

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran 18 days ago

    Lecque is crazy to enter draft. He had little to no hype outside of his own state.

    • T
      T 16 days ago

      J.R. Elgran yet the suns signed him to a 4 year deal 2 guaranteed immediately after the draft. Im not sure why this guy decides not to mention that (as most if not all these guys are on summer rosters) and the tiny fact that Lecque had one of the highest verticals ever and the highest in this combine at 43”. Competed and won against zion’s team but yes has some work to do. It is mind-blowing that at 6’4” not just a high vertical but shaun Marion kind of quickness in his hops would go undrafted. As someone who has always likes underdogs it was great to see him get a real shot w suns snd mot a one yr deal. Here’s hoping he is smart and uses draft day as fuel for the fire. Otherwise hello china/greece/israel. At least he can always earn a paycheck. But I agree with your initial point for sure, he should have gone at least a year to NC state where he committed.

  • Nik-Minnit
    Nik-Minnit 19 days ago +1

    Jontay Porter is also Michael Porter Jrs younger brother.
    It unfortunate that both of them got injured.

  • Tober
    Tober 19 days ago

    Sagaba konate and Dort are robberies by Raptors and Thunder. I think Moses Brown is interesting too.

  • Mattu_ Mck
    Mattu_ Mck 19 days ago +2

    Ethan Happ???

  • Dominic Ene
    Dominic Ene 19 days ago

    Why is people sleepin' on Aubrey Dawkins? He will be the best people not drafted this year.

    GALAXY NBA 19 days ago

    Tacko fall signed with the celtics

  • Micai Harrison
    Micai Harrison 19 days ago

    Tako didn’t enter his name

  • Marc Regal
    Marc Regal 19 days ago

    No Chris Silva?

  • Sam H
    Sam H 19 days ago +1

    Yo nobody drafted Naz Reid??? Bulls whattaya doin!

    • Devon Halford
      Devon Halford 18 days ago

      Sam H I could’ve sworn he got drafted early 2nd but I guess not

  • twasitme
    twasitme 19 days ago

    I wasn’t surprised John konchar isn’t on this list because he is so unknown but I’m hoping he makes it in the league

  • Oregon Basketball
    Oregon Basketball 19 days ago

    What about Louis King

    ISAIAH WRIGHT 19 days ago

    Zach Norvell should have been in the nba look at his range

  • Matthew Woodburn
    Matthew Woodburn 19 days ago +1

    Lecque signed a contract with the suns

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  • Hesus Dela Cruz
    Hesus Dela Cruz 19 days ago

    fuck you jesus jutsu\

  • Pr69M3g4
    Pr69M3g4 19 days ago

    jaylen hoard is undrafted too

  • MarLy MarLLe
    MarLy MarLLe 20 days ago

    I dont trust any NBA pre-draft analyst after what happened with Fultz.

  • Haze
    Haze 20 days ago

    Luke maye 💯 just watch

  • Mine Kid
    Mine Kid 20 days ago

    Jalen Hudson???

  • Drw4thacrew 1
    Drw4thacrew 1 20 days ago

    What about Luke Maye

  • Matthew Wheeler
    Matthew Wheeler 20 days ago

    Kerwin roach?

  • 1k Subs With no videos

    Eathan Happ?

  • Clay Page TV
    Clay Page TV 20 days ago +3

    Kerwin Roach and Corey Davis 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • King Cairo
    King Cairo 20 days ago +4

    Aubrey Dawkins should be on this undrafted list

  • Spencer
    Spencer 20 days ago

    Another guy from LSU I feel was a surprise to get undrafted is Tremont Waters. I could see him eventually getting playing time with the Celtics if Rozier leaves.

  • Andrew Harding
    Andrew Harding 20 days ago

    Bryce brown undrafted too

  • Larry C Brasseale
    Larry C Brasseale 20 days ago


  • Overtime Carlos
    Overtime Carlos 20 days ago

    You totally forgot about Aubrey dawkins😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ssv Kids
    Ssv Kids 20 days ago

    Luke maye?

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 20 days ago

    Hey you forgot the kids from ub anyone of them should have been called. I cj massenberg etc where ranked nationally all season long

  • Nate Jensen
    Nate Jensen 20 days ago

    How is Ryan Cline not on this list he is an insane 3 point shooter and he is good at shooting mid range and free throws too. And he’s not even that bad at driving and finishing

  • BlakeBoiTv
    BlakeBoiTv 20 days ago

    Everyone sleeping on LaMelo Ball

  • Keighshawn Taylor
    Keighshawn Taylor 20 days ago

    Lecque Is On The Suns

  • Keighshawn Taylor
    Keighshawn Taylor 20 days ago

    Ponds Is On The Rockets

  • Dom Zeo
    Dom Zeo 20 days ago

    Good to see someone finally recognize my Syracuse guys. Tyus Battle was ridiculously good and was one of the most clutch college players I’ve seen, definitely surprised he wasn’t drafted.

  • Sav Atl
    Sav Atl 20 days ago

    You can't make a video like this without telling us who are the 10 players who should've went undrafted. It's easy to say after the fact who should, so now have the nutz to tell us who shouldn't have been drafted

  • SjG2857 1
    SjG2857 1 20 days ago

    Tyus Battle?

    LIL_HOMIE DRE 20 days ago

    Jalen is on the suns 4 year deal

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson 20 days ago

    tre jones anybody

  • DON DaDa
    DON DaDa 20 days ago +1

    Who has the better career Taco/Bol Bol 💵

    • Isaac Bonga
      Isaac Bonga 19 days ago

      DON DaDa yea I was hella confused

    • DON DaDa
      DON DaDa 19 days ago

      @Isaac Bonga bro my nugget Bol Bol not in Boston that's taco lol funny my apologies fam 🎙️

    • Isaac Bonga
      Isaac Bonga 19 days ago

      DON DaDa not sure tbh

    • DON DaDa
      DON DaDa 19 days ago

      @Isaac Bonga will he be able to be his best with the Celtics

    • Isaac Bonga
      Isaac Bonga 19 days ago

      DON DaDa what?

  • Davo
    Davo 20 days ago

    U gotta realize there higher prospects

  • Max Aguirre
    Max Aguirre 20 days ago

    Tacko didn’t declare for the draft

  • Lit Hype
    Lit Hype 20 days ago

    Does anyone watch college ball

  • Wiimaddenmaster18213
    Wiimaddenmaster18213 20 days ago

    What about Mike Daum??

  • Logan Harter
    Logan Harter 21 day ago +2

    Look up rayjon tucker. Bucks signed him. Looks like an absolute stud.

  • Ziggy Marr
    Ziggy Marr 21 day ago +1

    Louis king is gonna be a decent player for a long time int nba imo

  • CheesePuff
    CheesePuff 21 day ago

    Number 1


  • Jacob Wheeler
    Jacob Wheeler 21 day ago +3

    Tacko bout to bring the Celtics 10 rings in 10 years

  • Dwayne23 Tusli
    Dwayne23 Tusli 21 day ago

    If fultz re entry for draft '19 maybe no one ever pick him...

  • don't watch that
    don't watch that 21 day ago

    Naz ried dont look 19

  • Just Anon
    Just Anon 21 day ago

    Dat grammar tho

  • JT Dao
    JT Dao 21 day ago

    i fee like aubrey dawkins gonna be big...

  • Belly WF
    Belly WF 21 day ago +2

    Tacko Fall is undrafted cuz he plays like typical center. NBA don't like this type of centers anymore.

  • Jorge Velazquez
    Jorge Velazquez 21 day ago

    Every player will play Overseas real soon 😀

  • Harrison Kilpatrick
    Harrison Kilpatrick 21 day ago

    Tacko fall...slow? He ran a 5 second 40 yard dash

    • signor pops
      signor pops 21 day ago

      Harrison Kilpatrick does it matter? It’s slow. He will foul out every game.

    • Harrison Kilpatrick
      Harrison Kilpatrick 21 day ago

      signor pops keep in mind he is a 7’6 center

    • signor pops
      signor pops 21 day ago

      Harrison Kilpatrick that’s very slow for pro athlete

  • Jerry Kunsman
    Jerry Kunsman 21 day ago

    What about Dedric Lawson?

  • TitanKiller
    TitanKiller 21 day ago

    If you can’t teach tough hard nosed defense, what can you teach? If you have a decent body and okay athleticism then you can teach defense

  • TitanKiller
    TitanKiller 21 day ago

    If you can’t teach tough hard nosed defense, what can you teach? If you have a decent body and okay athleticism then you can teach defense

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 21 day ago

    Ky Bowman

  • TheFeel IsReal
    TheFeel IsReal 21 day ago

    Yo you got my dude Phil booth underrated as fuck could be a solid role player and def has the IQ to kill it in the game

  • Valerius
    Valerius 21 day ago

    Kris Wilkes is another surprise.

  • Eli Eicher
    Eli Eicher 21 day ago

    Aubrey Dawkins