5 McDonald's Gadgets put to the Test!


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  • Kam Briones
    Kam Briones 8 hours ago

    Your smart

  • Ben's Life
    Ben's Life 19 hours ago


  • Di Life
    Di Life Day ago

    While I was watching this I got a McDonald’s add

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke Day ago

    This is good video, boom 💥

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    How to tell if the product was made in america:

  • Nathaniel Magat
    Nathaniel Magat 2 days ago

    How many times did he say BOOM

  • Black Gamer
    Black Gamer 2 days ago


  • Madeline Rolon
    Madeline Rolon 3 days ago


  • وسن البلوي
    وسن البلوي 3 days ago +1

    هههه نتعرفو وش اقول يا كلب

  • Jerry Mcalpin
    Jerry Mcalpin 3 days ago

    A plastic glass

  • brian andersen
    brian andersen 3 days ago


  • bethxxx
    bethxxx 4 days ago

    England’s McDonald large fries are so much smaller than America/ any other countries so that’s probably why the first didn’t fit

  • Kimberly Kirkland
    Kimberly Kirkland 4 days ago

    The only one i loved was the trays in the window and one with cup

  • Gra cey
    Gra cey 5 days ago

    He probably should of washed them before putting food on it..

  • Waffle Man 106
    Waffle Man 106 5 days ago


  • Jennifer Leathers
    Jennifer Leathers 5 days ago

    Mayor McCheese! Awesome. I had forgotten all about him lol

  • Lunas Moons
    Lunas Moons 6 days ago

    All plastic straws will soon be vintage what do you think about that?

  • H dawg
    H dawg 7 days ago

    Am I getting driving tips from a Russian?

  • Jaguar Gamning101
    Jaguar Gamning101 7 days ago

    1...2...3...4...5...6.. holes bigger ;) im crying

  • gurjodh Singh
    gurjodh Singh 7 days ago


  • Cole Vandervort
    Cole Vandervort 8 days ago

    What kind of car do you have?

  • yoyis velazquez
    yoyis velazquez 8 days ago

    He said put plastic glas

  • Dark Kaneki
    Dark Kaneki 8 days ago

    *1234 these two holes are bigger*

    I genuinely thought he would say how many nig**** in my store

  • Blimo
    Blimo 8 days ago

    It's gween

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez 9 days ago


    LUNAAA 9 days ago

    Bless you

  • Spoter Man
    Spoter Man 9 days ago

    My favorite gadget was the French fry fork

    Mo LINCON 9 days ago

    You should start buckbang videos

  • PeachPotatoesYT XP
    PeachPotatoesYT XP 11 days ago

    *halfway through video* .......

  • Sniper Ninja990
    Sniper Ninja990 11 days ago +1


  • Xoitskawaii Panda
    Xoitskawaii Panda 11 days ago

    I was starving after this

  • pimp gaming
    pimp gaming 12 days ago

    *snezze* WHOOO sore aBOOT det

  • StickyStarfish
    StickyStarfish 12 days ago

    Passaschengsg seats

  • Josh Swain
    Josh Swain 12 days ago

    That straw was for a certain drink

  • Lisa Catz
    Lisa Catz 13 days ago +1

    His SHOW should be call the funny Russian lol

  • Lisa Catz
    Lisa Catz 13 days ago +1

    It llooks LIKE a French fry brush... lol

  • Peculiar
    Peculiar 13 days ago +1

    *His laboratory is everywhere*

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 13 days ago

    Now I want McDonald's

  • The Arrow
    The Arrow 14 days ago

    Bless you

  • Moo Man
    Moo Man 15 days ago


  • Kevin Gabriel
    Kevin Gabriel 15 days ago


  • PUG MAN907
    PUG MAN907 16 days ago

    Hey guys welcome back to my labmaraboi

  • Jennifer Nunez
    Jennifer Nunez 16 days ago

    I remember the stirrers!

  • Jennifer Nunez
    Jennifer Nunez 16 days ago

    You are so adorable!

  • TheWolfKid 21
    TheWolfKid 21 17 days ago

    So many jokes I could have made....

  • Aaron Lia
    Aaron Lia 17 days ago

    "ACHOO"Bless You Taras

  • jadon Metzler
    jadon Metzler 18 days ago

    This boi thick

  • Nitay g
    Nitay g 19 days ago

    i am the only one that is hungry after seeing the video?

  • Tom Hartnup
    Tom Hartnup 19 days ago

    Bless you

  • Gamers
    Gamers 20 days ago

    looka at tha makdonals loga

  • ze crack Hole
    ze crack Hole 20 days ago

    The nickname of McDonald's is diabetes

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher 21 day ago

    Coffee stirrers? More like coke spoons lol

  • Young Phoenix
    Young Phoenix 21 day ago

    I got a mcdonalds ad. McDonald’s listened

  • philnkris
    philnkris 21 day ago

    It's the hamburgler

  • Jeza B
    Jeza B 22 days ago

    I love the window tray holder. Genius!

  • Acme 05
    Acme 05 22 days ago

    Safety is our 1# priority

  • Gale Samuel
    Gale Samuel 23 days ago

    you made made me hungryyyyy!!!!!!!

    now! I am angry with you!

  • Allan Westergard
    Allan Westergard 24 days ago

    Can you always say welcome back to my laboratory because wherever you are it is your laboratory still

  • OilyOliver
    OilyOliver 24 days ago

    In germany u get special straws to ur shake

  • dindog22
    dindog22 24 days ago

    yellow tray reminds me of a carhop tray

  • Little Pony
    Little Pony 25 days ago


  • hetstandaardkanaal
    hetstandaardkanaal 25 days ago

    Where can u buy the last one?

  • Jodielae Jacobsen
    Jodielae Jacobsen 26 days ago

    That is the hamburglar

  • martindjong
    martindjong 27 days ago

    oh my god, i laugh a lot

  • Coldy PlayZ
    Coldy PlayZ 28 days ago

    Plastic glass 😂😂😂

  • Summoned Wolves
    Summoned Wolves 28 days ago

    I got a McDonald's add on this video XD

  • ItZ StyleZ
    ItZ StyleZ 28 days ago

    "a plastic glass:

    GREEDO 28 days ago


  • Potetyes L
    Potetyes L 28 days ago

    what is that e
    weird accent

  • Andrew Divise
    Andrew Divise 29 days ago

    " Plastic glass"

  • Allan Jansen
    Allan Jansen 29 days ago


  • Val K
    Val K 29 days ago

    Bless you

  • Player One
    Player One 29 days ago

    the straw was ment to proportionaly divide the flavours of a McDonalds Milkshake

  • Player One
    Player One 29 days ago

    its really hard to succ (crazyrussianHacker) 01.11.2018

  • sirkillsalot thesecond


  • Pop Marian
    Pop Marian Month ago


  • Hailey Dixon
    Hailey Dixon Month ago

    "Achoo! Sorry about that "

  • Veki
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  • Kiki Gorecki
    Kiki Gorecki Month ago

    I was hoping for the intro he’d put on the seat belt instead of glasses😂

  • Suicidal Toast
    Suicidal Toast Month ago

    It bothers me so much there was a piece of paper in his burger and he didn’t notice

  • Swinton
    Swinton Month ago


  • Emil Asplund
    Emil Asplund Month ago

    Love this guy!

  • UCantSeeMyEyes
    UCantSeeMyEyes Month ago +2

    *plastic glass*

  • It's Nick
    It's Nick Month ago

    The straw is actually meant for the shakes/drinks with multiple layers so you can get a bit of each layer of the drink/shake

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes Month ago

    What’s a “Malabalatory”

    ÄVØCADØ GÜY Month ago

    “A cup holder for your fries”

  • Kim ChhayKH
    Kim ChhayKH Month ago

    Did u call burger a sandwich??😂😂

  • DÜrp _
    DÜrp _ Month ago

    I got a McDonald’s ad before this

  • K rose
    K rose Month ago

    Got a McDonald's ad before this 😁

  • Strange Struthio
    Strange Struthio Month ago

    Nice English nonce

  • Rayyis AL Azhar
    Rayyis AL Azhar Month ago

    “It’s really hard to SUCC”

  • Des-T
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    VADER Month ago

    a plastic glass lol

    VADER Month ago

    Make a Bite

  • Kiobard12
    Kiobard12 Month ago


  • Orlando Isaias
    Orlando Isaias Month ago

    My add for this video was a McDonald's add

    NORITA G Month ago


  • Liam Klamm
    Liam Klamm Month ago

    Bless you

  • Nyurie Khosh
    Nyurie Khosh Month ago

    I’ve seen this video 6 times.

  • D Bates
    D Bates Month ago

    Feeling old, guess it has been a while since we've seen the hamburgler. 😳