North Korean Noodles VS. South Korean Noodles

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  • Washcoon
    Washcoon Day ago

    7:11 "You know what this tastes like?" Yeah, communism!

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump Day ago

    I thought the right dish was the north korean dish at first, drowned in the blood of their sworn enemies

  • collin huey
    collin huey 2 days ago

    breaking barriers you are a cross for two cultures. you are objective and folks are watching you.

  • tekk
    tekk 3 days ago

    Jackie chan

  • Syr456
    Syr456 3 days ago

    LOL I almost thought you were going to NK. While I do love the Korean cooking and definitely Japanese; Chinese cooking is still the best in my opinion. I try to imitate it when I'm cooking. (though you must be picky with ingredients)

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav 4 days ago

    I love Japanese noodles(ramen)

  • Bass Ackwards
    Bass Ackwards 6 days ago

    There is no noodle soup in North Korea. It's just a bowl of oppression.

  • Cossette
    Cossette 9 days ago

    ... well that’s depressing

  • God save the universe

    Um yeah duh there’s a difference between south and North Korean noodles, in the South it has a fatty salty flavor in the broth and moist noodles and the North there is no noodles

  • Pritish Thakur
    Pritish Thakur 9 days ago

    Kin Jon un is bad as well as his noodles

  • raynaldo arlen k.eman
    raynaldo arlen k.eman 10 days ago

    its human meat dont eat it, there are no animal in north korean .
    they eat human , the leader force them to eating each other even dead body from child prisoner, they then use that meat to be sold in their restaurant in secret, thats why they cant tell the ingredient

  • Richard Bouska
    Richard Bouska 10 days ago

    Cold noodle soup? Interesting! Wonder how that tastes!

  • Deborah Gwinn
    Deborah Gwinn 12 days ago

    Happiness is slurping and chewing!

  • Henrietta Lore
    Henrietta Lore 13 days ago

    I didn't know North Korea had food!!

  • Jerrenayjose Andrade
    Jerrenayjose Andrade 14 days ago

    I don't think I should do it *then does it 😂😂

  • Avanced Handles
    Avanced Handles 15 days ago

    How does North Korea have its own noodles but they don’t even have the food to provide the noodles

  • Who Likes Life
    Who Likes Life 15 days ago

    What is msg

  • OCC
    OCC 16 days ago

    Shouldn't eat meat if you don't know which animal it came from and shouldn't eat meat at all.

  • wolf it the fifth
    wolf it the fifth 18 days ago

    You moan better than most girls
    Still good vids tho

  • Randy Castillo
    Randy Castillo 19 days ago

    I hate these female looking chinks

  • Matt Moon
    Matt Moon 20 days ago

    We only care about South Korea we don't aid North Korea .

  • Teresita Alvarez
    Teresita Alvarez 20 days ago


    WILLIAM CHAN 21 day ago

    Thats dog meat dumplings lmao

  • nina k
    nina k 21 day ago

    the amount of mustard you put in the soup made me cringe

  • Jemal Hogan
    Jemal Hogan 23 days ago

    I do not like the North Korea style at all. South Korea Neng Myeon all the way, all day!

  • Jemal Hogan
    Jemal Hogan 23 days ago

    these noodles are eaten after enjoying the meat. I usually cut back on the meat portion because I love these noodles.

  • Jackie Choi
    Jackie Choi 27 days ago +3

    Hi Mike,
    Both noodles you tried are called naeng-myeon, with the direct translation meaning "cold noodles". Cold noodles originally hail from the northern part of Korea, which became popular in the south after the Korean War, when the northerners who moved south before the war started to make it. There are two versions of cold noodles-- plain noodles with a beef broth, which is the first & third ones you tried, and the spicy kind, the second one you ate. The non-spicy soupy kind originates from the Pyeongang province of Korea in the north. The spicy kind are dry noodles with minimal broth, and originate from the Hamheung province of Korea also located in the north. Hope this helps with the confusion.

  • James Eckl
    James Eckl 27 days ago

    Who cares? They're both backwards countries.

  • Dagoalberto Carmona

    6:33 Marxism in a bowl

  • Dagoalberto Carmona

    Each noodle is inspected by the supreme leader for superior noodleness.

  • Starry Constellations

    Pause at 2:23

    How it feels to chew 5 gum


    North Korea noodles:- I was wondering y was he eating threads??
    South Korea:- just awesome

  • Lawrence Beal
    Lawrence Beal Month ago

    The difference between North Korean noodles and South Korean noodles is that South Koreans have noodles.

  • Rehdman6444
    Rehdman6444 Month ago

    Strictly Dumpling: In NOKO, noodles are only eaten by commie bureaucrats. Everyone else eats stone soup.

  • 安永敏
    安永敏 Month ago

    Waaaaaaaaaay too much mustard..

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan Month ago

    Then suddenly Kim Jong-un had Mike Chang captive and makes him eat the same noodle soup for the rest of his life... Ha ha ha! #Kidding!

  • Jinhee Lee
    Jinhee Lee Month ago

    oh my god your my favourite youtube i tried almost all the food you ate please can i meet you i love u

  • da newb
    da newb Month ago +1

    i though the north korean noodles were non-existant

  • fischkopp1234
    fischkopp1234 Month ago

    Funny how the North Korean version lacks flavour, something that you can easily change, but hey it's North Korea, which means any kind of enjoyment is banned.

  • Dora Wang
    Dora Wang Month ago

    I love Korean cold noodle soup, but the one I order always super spice. Where is the hot sauce?

  • commandoslayer
    commandoslayer Month ago

    When trying North Korean food watch out for worm parasites.

  • enoch wade
    enoch wade Month ago

    Ive never noticed you have braces?

  • Gok Pogi
    Gok Pogi Month ago

    Too many hand gestures lol

  • MATT K
    MATT K Month ago

    human meat imported from the NK concentration camp

  • Michael Cayce
    Michael Cayce Month ago

    I have reported you to the Dear Leader Kim Jong Un for insulting his noodles. Report immediately!

  • Boi_ TheZero
    Boi_ TheZero Month ago

    Going around the world eating noodles that’s the life dude

  • Devin and Daisy
    Devin and Daisy Month ago

    What it call when you taste those red stuff

  • Mike McGlock
    Mike McGlock Month ago

    Jackie Chan?

  • Rizuky Choi
    Rizuky Choi Month ago

    you should try "MIE AYAM" 👌👌

  • Vishnu Mistry
    Vishnu Mistry Month ago

    I thought he said eyes and not ice

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim Month ago

    wanna know why i love korean food?
    they know how to balance their food out
    like super good ribs then nice smooth cold noodles

  • MagdaH97
    MagdaH97 Month ago

    It feels like Mike is ignorant to what North Korea is like.

  • MagdaH97
    MagdaH97 Month ago

    Watching him eat North Korean noodles and I'm like: "It's NORTH KOREAN, what did you expect? Everyone knows everything is miserable in NK"

  • L Rodriguez
    L Rodriguez Month ago

    I rather do both at the same time

  • Why Liam
    Why Liam Month ago

    Strictly dumpling eating noodle? Only dumpling >:(

  • Pickle for everyone

    I was in hospital because of mustard. It was disgusting.

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 2 months ago

    He went to Kim Jong un land

  • niya williams
    niya williams 2 months ago

    " I don't think I should"....drinks it anyway...mood

  • Silent But Dudley
    Silent But Dudley 2 months ago

    North Korean noodles?
    A single noodle In a bowl filled with water

  • Xenure Calipsuaor
    Xenure Calipsuaor 2 months ago

    more meat for north korean noodles? sounds fake

  • Tanya C
    Tanya C 2 months ago

    Maybe North Korean soups have nothing going on because the food is limited and controlled and they make do with whatever they have. That's the sad truth.

  • IBleedBlue BBN
    IBleedBlue BBN 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing 💜💜💜

  • Jett Usrey
    Jett Usrey 2 months ago

    Because Kim Jong uun is in charge

  • ridwan mohammed
    ridwan mohammed 2 months ago

    Both of the noodles look so nasty in my opinion

  • itz A mystery
    itz A mystery 2 months ago

    North Korea has food too?

  • Gabriel Lando
    Gabriel Lando 2 months ago

    10:00 the disgust in his voice about the possibility of a dumpling being vegetarian.

    FRUITYLOU2SHOES 2 months ago

    eyebrows raised when he said the North Korean broth was just *salty*

    WAFFLE CHAN 2 months ago

    North Korea has food? You sure?

  • Ironthis
    Ironthis 3 months ago

    When he showed the North Korean noodles, I was expecting an empty bowl.

  • shrtywnaryde
    shrtywnaryde 3 months ago

    "i don't think i should do it"
    *does it*

  • Amulon Leo Zarraga
    Amulon Leo Zarraga 3 months ago

    U r a good actor as well.._.._

  • Chimesta
    Chimesta 3 months ago

    Asian food is great

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 3 months ago

    Okay. Watching your videos gave me a new found appreciation of spicy foods. Next time I buy ramen, I am buying spicy ones.

  • Player1
    Player1 3 months ago

    it;s not like that... South Korea does have Nang Myun as well. So does North Korea. Both have spicy one and cold soup one. It's just that North Korea's Hamheung region is known for the cold soup noodle. So if you wanted real comparison, you should have both kind from North and South.

  • Grave Creations
    Grave Creations 3 months ago

    You mean "false Korea"

  • George FERNANDES
    George FERNANDES 3 months ago

    I'm so hungry when I look at this...

  • John Koster
    John Koster 3 months ago

    Kim Jung Un is pissed about your review! Report to the nearest reprogramming station!

  • LiveItwith
    LiveItwith 3 months ago

    Am i the only one who noticed that mike has transparent braces ?😂😂😂😂

    ELLIS CHO 3 months ago

    Ur accent is sooo weird and funny.. I’m korean too (South Korea)

  • Paula Torrs
    Paula Torrs 3 months ago

    Most of your videos are eating noodle/pasta. I love it!

  • A K
    A K 3 months ago

    What did he expect?

  • Dustin Yu
    Dustin Yu 3 months ago

    He looks like Jackie chan. I’m sure you probably get that a lot, but I just wanted to point that out

  • Akash Kar
    Akash Kar 3 months ago

    never put vinegar or any acidic in a metal bowl, acidic things reacts with metal

  • 梁明辉
    梁明辉 3 months ago

    I love dumplings

  • Scrooge
    Scrooge 3 months ago

    Beyond Science?

    • Dr. Smith
      Dr. Smith 2 months ago

      iHacker4U yes this is one of his other channels

  • Randy Lan
    Randy Lan 3 months ago

    Pretty sure it's Siracha hot sauce

  • Lingi6
    Lingi6 3 months ago

    Dry chilly flakes in a cold noodle soup... It won't work until the soup is simmering hot.

  • charlene hughes-peseta
    charlene hughes-peseta 3 months ago

    Uh sorry to tell you, but there's really no difference between North and South Korean cuisine. Yeah there are regional nuances, but we eat the same. The reason being because before our country was torn in two, many families intermarried, moved and resettled so our cuisine really depends on the family. Even my Grandfather's family began in South Korea, but centuries ago settled in the North, and before the war, he got trapped in the South carrying Northern style recipes with him, and my Grandmother is from the southwest so our food at home is a mix. And modern Korean food is the same, Naengmyeon and other cold noodles are eaten everywhere there's not really a difference. They just where invented in the North.

  • Aung Un'rama
    Aung Un'rama 3 months ago

    The North Korean noodles look super depressing.

  • Keith Cleghorn
    Keith Cleghorn 3 months ago

    the North Korean noodles have a blandness typical of a country that has few resources such as spices. Be thankful they did not tell you what meat was (woff woff)

  • nagwagi2000
    nagwagi2000 3 months ago

    Hey Jackie Chang! Cool foodtrip! :)

  • JLConawayII
    JLConawayII 3 months ago

    Why would anyone go to a restaurant to eat North Korean "food"? Hey I have an idea, let's go to a Haitian restaurant. I hear they serve really good dirt there. Let's go on a tour of the world's worst things that can technically be eaten without necessarily killing you. Was that meat in those North Korean noodles? That's like a year's meat ration for a family. It's the remains of their uncle that spoke out against the government.

  • Hitesh Sood
    Hitesh Sood 3 months ago

    Why do you always visit small eyed people countries

  • Lando Lucas
    Lando Lucas 3 months ago

    Pretty sure Kim Jong Un is the only one eating anything good in North Korea, everyone else gets rice gruel, cabbage, and or mashed corn with salt... sooo naaa I wouldn't call them North Korean noodles because the people of North Korea havnt tasted them since 1946 let's just all them call South Korean noodles cuz that's what they are now

  • E Man
    E Man 3 months ago

    Salt was from North Korean tears

  • Mr. Bohimia
    Mr. Bohimia 4 months ago

    Correction South Korea doesn’t have noodles it has wood chips

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash 4 months ago

    Dam man.. Korean need to step up there soup game.. like the Vietnamese and Japanese

  • shaon bhattacharya
    shaon bhattacharya 4 months ago

    The supreme leader won't allow North Korean food in South Korea 😱

  • Rebecca Gilman
    Rebecca Gilman 4 months ago

    shake it off! shake it off! Hahah! OMG! That looks so so delicious! 😀

  • Kelvin Anarchy99
    Kelvin Anarchy99 4 months ago

    N.korea Dumpling is 'Dog meat'. They eat Cat nd Dog over there you know..