President Clinton and Stephen Colbert Answer Questions from CGI U Attendees

  • Published on Apr 12, 2013
  • At the Closing Plenary at CGI U 2013 President Clinton and Stephen Colbert answer questions from the audience gathered at Washington University in St. Louis.

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  • E V
    E V Year ago

    LOL. Ashley Judd. The pieces are starting to fit together.

  • Vesuviuz Cannonball

    How many Haitian children you think Stephen has killed for Moloch?

  • Immanuel K.
    Immanuel K. Year ago

    lol so obviously staged

  • Klaus
    Klaus 2 years ago

    10:25 one of the most dishonest answears you will ever hear to any question, from anyone

  • Adam Bomb
    Adam Bomb 2 years ago

    The Clintons are horrifying and just plain "Yuck!"

  • Anna
    Anna 2 years ago

    aww.. president clinton :(

  • Gemma Pettersen
    Gemma Pettersen 2 years ago

    I think that idea of being able to leave and come back is actually a really good idea. Like you could do two terms, leave for at least two, and then do another two if people would have you again. If you do a good enough job tht people will have you again after 8 years in the white house, great

  • Gemma Pettersen
    Gemma Pettersen 2 years ago

    That question at 10:00 was really confusing. Colbert did a good job at interpreting it because I had no idea what he was asking

    • David P
      David P Year ago

      Gemma Pettersen you clearly love Colbert but I love him more.

  • Elle Parrott
    Elle Parrott 2 years ago

    We had one good choice for president and he got screwed by the DNC.

  • hog1775
    hog1775 2 years ago

    I think Colbert's pussy is wet talking to Clinton.

  • Summers Winterer
    Summers Winterer 2 years ago +2

    Now this is power. Get a 5th ranked talk show host to pour gravy on a thieving organization that devastated Haiti and funneled billions in pay to play money. Did they promise Colbert a seat at the spirit cooking table?

  • matthewboylez34
    matthewboylez34 2 years ago +6

    IRONY: Bill Clinton preaching about the sex slavery still in the world today.

  • TacProductReviewer
    TacProductReviewer 2 years ago +7

    It's sad, most people know he's a rapist, and that he kept 2% of the $2 Billion from what he and Hillary stole from Haiti, and they're STILL lauding over this foolish man?… and they call the fake news?

    • Serai3
      Serai3 2 years ago +2

      To quote Eleanor of Aquitane, "You're a dull boy, dull as plainsong. La la la, forever on the same note." Can't you idiots get some new material?

  • Daniel Madruga
    Daniel Madruga 2 years ago +4

    Shame Stephen. You lost me while not mentioning one tiny bad thing about Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign and not mention other candidates. You had that ethical obligation. This deserves to end your career . You and me are done. Painful divorce. I really liked you. I guess the paycheck you were getting was just to dam good. And you couldn't face the system. Now live off it. Jimmy Dore is my man now.

    • Kingbillz32069
      Kingbillz32069 Year ago

      Daniel Madruga lol wat r u his husband or wife?? 😂😂😂 tf

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother 2 years ago

    Ha! Caught in more lies! Fuck you all!

  • Converter Rock Stone
    Converter Rock Stone 2 years ago +2

  • Simon Torque
    Simon Torque 2 years ago +2

    Sandy hook fake as fuck lol

    • RyanH321
      RyanH321 2 years ago

      My aunt is manages the arts department of a university in Florida. (I don't know if it's smart if I mention which one! Lol!) But regardless, I talked to her about her job and as it turns out as head of the department, all work orders for that part of the university have to go through her, and she said she does around a dozen a week in general IIRC. When I told her that the Sandy Hook school board admitted that there wasn't a single work ordered issued throughout the whole school for four/five years leading up to the shooting, she flat-out said that there is zero chance of that happening and that school couldn't have been in operation and have had zero work orders in a month, let alone years and years! Just food for thought! I found that really interesting when I heard it! And FTR, she is not the conspiracy-minded type! She believes everything she hears on the news and she still said that! :)

  • Carolan Weibel
    Carolan Weibel 2 years ago +4

    Ooops. The audience is seeded with Clinton supporters with innocuous questions.

  • Ryan Lucas
    Ryan Lucas 2 years ago +3

    The first Black President, a rapist!

  • jack jawson
    jack jawson 2 years ago +4

    all questions had in advance

  • jasamine herrera
    jasamine herrera 2 years ago +15

    i wonder how many children and women bill clinton has raped in his life.

    • Nobody Really
      Nobody Really Year ago

      jasamine herrera that's a weird thing to wonder

    • Squid
      Squid 2 years ago +9


    • RyanH321
      RyanH321 2 years ago +2

      I wonder if he could even count them at this point! :/

  • Ace Sul
    Ace Sul 2 years ago +19

    Colbert in the pocket of the Clintons.

    • Gemma Pettersen
      Gemma Pettersen 2 years ago +3

      @Ace Sul I'm talking about that leak. Do you understand that late night hosts and their team of writers preplan interview topics for every single guest?

    • Ace Sul
      Ace Sul 2 years ago +2

      Yes. If you have a TV show and you're a liberal the Clintons will try to buy you.

    • Gemma Pettersen
      Gemma Pettersen 2 years ago +1

      Do you even understand how TV works?

  • Luke Campbell
    Luke Campbell 2 years ago +2

    I wonder if he'd change his answer if he knew the outcome we had in November.

  • kant
    kant 2 years ago +1

    This would be WAY more interesting if it were about Colbert.

    • kant
      kant 2 years ago +1

      @Fred West
      What in the word do you think that proves? That a comedy show has sponsors? You do realize that the Colbert Report is a fake news show right?

    • Fred West
      Fred West 2 years ago +1

      Google is you're

    • kant
      kant 2 years ago

      @Arnold Gregory

    • Arnieus
      Arnieus 2 years ago +2

      Colbert's opinions are clearly for sale, so why would anyone give a rat dropping about him.

  • Serai3
    Serai3 3 years ago +2

    * yawn * Yet another flood of halfwits and knuckle-draggers, thumping their gorilla chests and grunting about Fox Noise memes. Sad, sad little critters. Best let go of those balls, boys - you'll get gangrene if you keep clutching 'em so hard.

  • Utilite R
    Utilite R 3 years ago


  • rtnoobify
    rtnoobify 3 years ago +4

    Stephen Colbert!! YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!!

  • Jake Wimberley
    Jake Wimberley 3 years ago

    Start at 7:48, and it is extremely relevant right now!

  • Aztec King
    Aztec King 3 years ago +5

    Very stupid questions from the audience

  • Max Cook
    Max Cook 3 years ago

    It's nice. rail taste What do you think, guys...

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell 3 years ago +1

    Only delusional people follow liars and criminals.
    The Clintons are the worst form of vermin.

    • Serai3
      Serai3 3 years ago


  • camq0789
    camq0789 4 years ago +2

    God damn boy lmao 4:33 that boy black as hell lmao

    • camq0789
      camq0789 3 years ago +1

      @Rusty Shakleford Shut up dale

    • Dale Gribble
      Dale Gribble 3 years ago

      Bell curves would suggest you're well below average for most Americans. Like most black people.

    • camq0789
      camq0789 3 years ago

      @Kevin Berry One I'm brown. 2 it was a fucking joke. You don't know who I am or where I come from or how I live. Let alone my educational level or status. You wanna talk intellect Berry, I don't think you wanna cross that line bud. lol

    • Lola D
      Lola D 3 years ago

      +Rusty Shakleford Black people can be and ARE stupid and racist towards each other all the time. Self hate is real.

    • Dale Gribble
      Dale Gribble 3 years ago

      +Kevin Berry The way he typed he was probably black himself

  • g2macs
    g2macs 4 years ago +2

    Just once it would be nice if someone asked him 'is it disrespectful to the
    institution of the Office of President, to get sucked off in the white house'?

  • keith ellis
    keith ellis 4 years ago +6


    • Serai3
      Serai3 3 years ago +1

      We're sitting right here, there's no need to shout.

    • Dale Gribble
      Dale Gribble 3 years ago

      +keith ellis they dont think it be like it is but it do

  • Jan Amundsen
    Jan Amundsen 4 years ago

    Fuck Stephen Colbert. OMG LOOK AT ME IM FUNNY ALL THE TIME.

    • Chris Woodward
      Chris Woodward 4 years ago

      @5648945621 ummm... he was quite serious here, and i came to this video hoping not. lol

    • Jan Amundsen
      Jan Amundsen 4 years ago +4

      @Samantha White WE'LL DO IT LIVE

  • Daniel Ortman
    Daniel Ortman 4 years ago +5

    Still don't much like Clinton, but he is a lot smarter and more competent than Obama. Ya, he probably had the easiest time as president since before WW2, but you can tell he thinks things out as far as policy goes.

    • Ultradude V
      Ultradude V 4 years ago

      Meh... wacky maybe, but impolite? You must be new to the internet.

    • Deus est mortuus
      Deus est mortuus 4 years ago

      @Ultradude V and you comments are what makes you an inpolite , wacky individual

    • Robert Hockema
      Robert Hockema 4 years ago

      @Daniel Ortman Peaceful for the United States. He dealt with foreign policy in a time where genocides were happening, the economy was fairly weak... regardless of the lack of mainstream noted controversy, he turned a deficit into a surplus and helped to CONTINUE the relative tranquility. For that, he is a commendable President.

    • Daniel Ortman
      Daniel Ortman 4 years ago

      Perhaps I misspoke. I simply meant that my less than stellar opinion of Clinton is not a matter of blind partisanship. I really feel like Clinton gets too much credit for being president for 8 of the most peaceful years in our nation's history.

    • Eniril Nihil
      Eniril Nihil 4 years ago +2

      @Dany Serf
      Every leader are criticizable. Eminently. All men are.

  • Frank Black
    Frank Black 4 years ago +3

    Bill Clinton, the only President with enough arrogance to get a BJ while in the White House talking about sexual slavery. What an effing hypocrite.

    • Daniel Ortman
      Daniel Ortman 2 years ago

      We know JFK and Harding had affairs, Jefferson kept a slave as a mistress after his wife died, and there were likely others.

    • Tim
      Tim 2 years ago

      You think not one single president of the U.S. and A. has gotten a BJ while in the White House? Bold claim, sir.

    • BboyZoinks
      BboyZoinks 3 years ago

      surplus.....this ain't tmz fuck what he did, no one's perfect, the man had us at a surplus, when was the last time that happened

    • ChErRyaVe20pK
      ChErRyaVe20pK 3 years ago

      what a bozo you are lol.

    • Ultradude V
      Ultradude V 4 years ago +6

      Lava lamps!

  • Barukh1132
    Barukh1132 4 years ago

    My problem with Clinton is he addresses the symptoms and not the cause. The core issue - corrupt government and corrupt bankers and corrupt media - he won't touch.

      KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN 3 years ago

      He kind of can't mention it. As in he kinda isn't allowed, for his health of you know what I mean

    • Nathan Wubs
      Nathan Wubs 4 years ago +3

      @Barukh1132 The problem is that he is in that system. Going after those corrupt things will cut his funding probably down to almost zero.

  • Noémia Pereira
    Noémia Pereira 4 years ago +2

    don't know why I find it so funny that Stephen that can't listen from one of his ears is translating every question to Clinton.

  • muggedinmadrid
    muggedinmadrid 4 years ago +6

    why was he so cagey about bohemian grove?... also why so aggressive against any dissenters?

  • dner75
    dner75 4 years ago +2

    He was the perfect fit for our country. Bush was basically autistic and let his cabinet of monsters run the show. Obama is too much of an intellectual for the feeble-minded plebs in this country. Clinton was a happy medium. Of course, he got a blow-job in office, so that makes him a bad president for those who grasp at straws. How was the economy doing in the 90s, JimBobs?

  • will crow
    will crow 5 years ago +2

    an excellent forum. we need more of this kind of exchange in the public eye.

  • Daniel Gustavo Osvaldo Santos-Perez.

    Thanks Mr. Clinton Bill, for estadia in 01/07/97 xx, 90 days como turista, joya now busco the ciudadania, un gran abrazo, suerte.

  • CDubs HasIt
    CDubs HasIt 5 years ago +13

    I have never claimed Bill Clinton wasn't a good speaker but he is so full of crap at times.

    • Det
      Det 4 years ago

      @CDubs HasIt Boohoo.

  • Reuben Natal
    Reuben Natal 5 years ago +3

    CGI is nothing but a business for Bill and Hillary. Last year they spent 50 million dollars on travelers fees... ON THEMSELVES. These people are nothing but cons using idiots to finance there national speaking tours were they're paid millions to suck up to the corporations and banks that fund their campaigns. Clinton is a war criminal, a rapist, a drug laundering crook DO YOUR RESEARCH THE MEDIA PROTECTS SLIME LIKE BILL AND HILLARY. WAKE UP AMERICA

    • Corey Howard
      Corey Howard 4 years ago

      When rich people spend money , it cycles through the economy which is good. So if he wants to spend 50 million then so be it.

    • Seiko G.
      Seiko G. 4 years ago

      Now tell me about how the world is ending And then tell me about 'the man' is taking our rights, MAN. OUR RIGHTS.

    • dner75
      dner75 4 years ago +5

      50 million in travel, huh? I call bullshit. You're being a Republican, doing what a Republican does - lie through the teeth. Post some links, Bubba. And to a non-partisan website, if you would. I know the internets in Eastern Kentucky are a bit hard to access, but go to the nearest library six towns over and enlighten us.

    • Linda Elsom
      Linda Elsom 5 years ago

      What rock did you crawl from under

    • Merick
      Merick 5 years ago +6

      thanks crazy uncle reuben, family gatherings would not be the same without your special brand of drunken crazy shouting "wake up america"

  • Bedazzle Juju
    Bedazzle Juju 5 years ago +33

    I would leave my job today to go to work for the Clinton Global Initiative. This is a wonderful organization. Only small people look for negativity, because they cannot wrap their small minds around the good in the world.

    • claytonish
      claytonish Year ago

      People that still think that the Clinton's and cgi are looking to help anything or anyone but them selves, are really F___ing naive

    • Arnieus
      Arnieus 2 years ago +1

      Hmmm. Are you still in that cloud?

    • Serai3
      Serai3 3 years ago

      Hey, thanks for proving the point! * slow clap *

    • Lavache Beadsman
      Lavache Beadsman 3 years ago +1

      @Bedazzle Juju So did you leave your job?

    • Frank Black
      Frank Black 4 years ago +2

      You think Bill I doing this for the "good" of the people? Pull your head out of your arse man. This is going into Hillary's SuperPAC for her run at the Presidency in 2016. Bill and Hillary are the political Bonnie and Clyde of the past 4 decades.

  • Bedazzle Juju
    Bedazzle Juju 5 years ago +10

    Think about this: The Walton family (WalMart) has more money than the bottom 40% of people in the United States of America. President Clinton says that the number one challenge he faces is raising enough money to do good social works in the world. What the F#$k do those people do with their money? They need corporate welfare and use lobbyists to have community taxes go into creating the roads that lead to their shitty stores and then they do NOT put monies back into those communities, NOR do they pay the people that slave there a living wage. They then direct them to food stamp services and complain about the takers they create. To CaliforniaCarpenter7, read the Lewinski article in Vanity Fair this month, if you read at all. She states that it was consensual, and I don't know any 22 year old being charmed by the leader of the free world (especially the Clinton charm) that wouldn't go for it. You, sir, are a small man

    • Iron Foe
      Iron Foe Year ago

      Bedazzle Juju k

    • Serai3
      Serai3 3 years ago +1

      I love how wingnut dipshits just LOVE to stand up and yell HEY I'M THE FUCKING IDIOT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE LET ME PROVE IT TO YOU BY SPOUTING MORE FUCKING IDIOCY. It's just so cute!

  • I'm NotHere
    I'm NotHere 5 years ago +12

    Did that last guy seriously just call him Bill? lol

    • Kedaar Iyer
      Kedaar Iyer 9 months ago

      Rokkar Exactly, with the same respect that Monica's mouth gave to Clinton's dick

    • Rokkar
      Rokkar 4 years ago

      He did but he should have addressed him as President Clinton; as a sign of respect.

    • Linda Elsom
      Linda Elsom 5 years ago +1

      I like it

  • CaliforniaCarpenter7
    CaliforniaCarpenter7 5 years ago +14

    Everyone's favorite rapist.

    • David P
      David P Year ago

      As long as southerners approve.

      KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN 3 years ago +3

      He never raped anyone.

    • dner75
      dner75 4 years ago +2

      @CaliforniaCarpenter7 That's all you got, huh? You're the one who brought up pedophilia. And that's all you can't stop talking about. You are indeed one sick fuck. Hopefully the Feds never seize your computer. You conservatives are all about "family values," and here you are with a one-track mind for indecency. What a nutter. Enjoy your disturbing life, Queenie.

    • CaliforniaCarpenter7
      CaliforniaCarpenter7 4 years ago

      > Gets home from Work.
      > Another comment from Pedophile Sympathizer.
      > Reads first word. It's "Pedophile".
      > We're not getting anywhere.jpg
      Enjoy senility Father Fiddles. I'm done here.

    • dner75
      dner75 4 years ago +1

      @CaliforniaCarpenter7 Pedophile? Rapist? We all see where your head's at. I'm glad I sent you to Spend a little more time there, as your "vernacular" is mundane and boring. And "Grandpa," huh? The "75" in my user name is the year I was born, not my age, you philistine (another one for you to look up, dum dum).
      Funny how now, all of a sudden, you're "eviscerating" Republicans as well. New side of you - how refreshing and cute. That 3% approval rating due to the Republican roadblocking surely captivates the country in a positive way.
      And my nickname of "Cali" is hardly pejorative (another one for you). I'm from Minnesota - where we fund our schools and have a far better educational institution than California. So feel free to call me Minny or square-head, or whatever your soulless heart desires. Whatever prevents your sensitive little ass from soiling your diaper.

  • Basil Peter
    Basil Peter 5 years ago

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  • neuemage
    neuemage 5 years ago +1

    My Favorite imperialist president :D

  • Michael Smalley
    Michael Smalley 5 years ago

    Bill Clinton's Arkansas prison Blood scandal Killed thousands, spread Aids and Hepatitis to half the earth, yet America's victims of the worst medical treatment disaster in history were denied ANY type of justice. Hidden from the public, their class action settlement blocked by corrupt gov, and their last chance of justice the Bryant Brothers bill bribed out of congress for millions in donations. Mr Clinton you prove justice is for sale in America. Forgotten victims of tainted blood SmalleyM.D.

  • Carole Lange Esley
    Carole Lange Esley 5 years ago

    Outstanding questions and Clinton enlightened me on several world problems that need focused attention by people who will work hard to begin work for practical solutions.

  • Netscape Navigator Gold

    You *can* fit an exponential function with two degrees of freedom. THE MORE YOU KNOW

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    It's good to see you cast away all pretense of making a point and resorting to pure bickering. I wont dignify that bs with any further response.

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 5 years ago

    those in glass houses...

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 5 years ago

    cut him some slack - he;s on TVclip. And I'd hope he wouldn't say anything as cumbersome as 'have gotten'. yeuch

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    Understanding that he means 'a lot' is me giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that it is merely one word he doesn't know how to use, rather than the entire language.

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    If he meant exponential in the actual meaning of the word, then he should have said something like "the presidents have gotten exponentially worse since Cinton". What he said, though, was that Clinton was exponentially better than any (i.e. one) other president since then. You can't have exponential growth or decline between two points so this sentence makes no sense.

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 5 years ago

    and when the net president is even worse than BO, his statement will remain true.

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 5 years ago

    your Sith mind tricks won't work on me. Do you know the difference between exponentially and a lot? If you do, give the man the benefit of the doubt that he did not merely mean 'a lot'.

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    Don't try to sound smart when you're not. Reread both comments, then facepalm at your own stupidity and walk away in shame.

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 5 years ago

    exponentially implies ever increasing, at a faster rate. That isn't the same as 'a lot'. There is certainly irony in your getting that wrong, given that you were talking about maths. Don't you just love You Tube?

  • joeshings
    joeshings 5 years ago


  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    I'm not gonna get into this useless an arguement. Your logic is bs and so is your original point, since this has nothing to do with free speech.

  • joeshings
    joeshings 5 years ago

    nope, i tried to make it so there was no irony. if i had said "DON'T SAY THAT HE CAN SAY WHAT HE WANTS" then it would have been ironic...
    also, i was mimicking and making fun of your comment so if there was irony it is only a reflection of your comment

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    You do see the glaring irony of your comment, right..?

  • joeshings
    joeshings 5 years ago

    Please don't tell someone what to do. It hurts me right in the free speech. Just do your own thing instead.

  • Bjarke Haldrup
    Bjarke Haldrup 5 years ago

    Please don't use 'exponentially' as synonym for 'a lot'. It hurts me right in the math. Just say 'a lot' instead.

  • jw12ification
    jw12ification 5 years ago

    He's in his niche all right, a liberal William F. Buckley, Jr. And the silver threads only enhance his powerful virility and masculinity. I've often wondered, however, with highlighting of teen pregnancies, especially among African Americans, was the sacking of Dr. Jocelyn Elders, surgeon general who confronted the topic, a serious misstep?

  • An-Sofie
    An-Sofie 5 years ago

    President? Former president!

  • 7munkee
    7munkee 5 years ago

    He looks remarkable good for his age. I loved him as President, although he lacked Reagan's balls, he was exponentially better than any we've had since.
    Also: Hillary is still hot!

  • Aung Phone Myint
    Aung Phone Myint 6 years ago


  • Dilara Diner
    Dilara Diner 6 years ago

    incredibly cool man, and he got over the sex slave question incredibly well, he truly is a great speaker.

  • My Music1972
    My Music1972 6 years ago

    This prez is the best !!!

  • Emmanuel Arizpe
    Emmanuel Arizpe 6 years ago


  • pepesilvia79
    pepesilvia79 6 years ago

    Very cool.