All New Star Guardian 2019 Skins Spotlight - Xayah Rakan Zoe Neeko - League of Legends

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • All New Star Guardian 2019 Skins Spotlight:
    - 00:19 Star Guardian Xayah 1820 RP Legendary Skin
    - 03:13 Star Guardian Rakan 1820 RP Legendary Skin
    - 05:38 Star Guardian Zoe 1350 RP Epic Skin
    - 08:30 Star Guardian Neeko 1350 RP Epic Skin
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Comments • 787

  • Jonathan Kevin
    Jonathan Kevin 7 minutes ago

    And here I thought the 2018 ones were bad..

  • Кира Фам
    Кира Фам 20 days ago

    Эта розовая совушка классная. И их парный танец тоже.

  • 1Tealpearl
    1Tealpearl 25 days ago


  • blackbokuto
    blackbokuto 28 days ago

    omg that xayah and rakan splash art is just gateway hentai. they look devilish

  • Bryan Javier
    Bryan Javier 29 days ago

    Never played LOL before. But darn. The animation is a million better than ML. Will probably switch to LOL

  • Silo Green
    Silo Green 29 days ago

    I do like Neeko’s new skin. They made her look more human in the face. Her eyes are more normal and not animal like. She kind of looks like a magical anime girl now

  • I Really Hate My Life

    I think the reason why Riot Games don't make a star guardian skin for a gigantic hero because that would look more like a meteor than a star

  • mangoes are delicious

    0:59 rakan fr got quadra abs tf

  • james smith
    james smith Month ago

    When will LOL release the mobike version?


    Wow.. Star guardian skins are prettier than the kda skins that got overhyped

  • stachelbeere91
    stachelbeere91 Month ago

    they look awesome! love the rakan skin

  • Yasmin Naemi El-Sawaf

    To be honest the zoe skin kinda disappoints me

  • Nicolas Navarro
    Nicolas Navarro Month ago

    Los que estén atrapados en el vicio del juego, vengan a dios, arrepientanse de sus pecados, no es demasiado tarde, el puede cambiar sus vidas, en mi vida pasada anduve en toda inmundicia y anduve en vicios, y créanme que les digo "dios me saco de allí y no quiero volver" en mis vicios e inmundicias sólo encontré sufrimiento y más sufrimiento, pero dios me toco, y me hiso nacer de nuevo, ahora soy un hombre que experimenta el amor de dios, en dios esta la felicidad y el contentamiento verdadero.
    Miren con cuan amor nos amo el dios y padre de Jesucristo
    Juan 3:16 Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna.

  • Nana Chan
    Nana Chan Month ago

    I think I'm in love 😍😍😍 my m7

    CROWN DREAMER Month ago

    Xayah And rakan has the best story I think if you see the recall and the cinematic rakan give his stone to xayah to save her out in the darkness and Zoe have two different eye color I think she possessed by the cosmic darkness. I wish riot would continue the story of star guardian and make a movie of that..

  • Courtney Ramsamy
    Courtney Ramsamy Month ago

    Xayah, Neeko and Zoe... 3 of my main champs... My bank account is swearingly thanking you Riot ^^ .l.

  • Yuna Oneechan
    Yuna Oneechan Month ago +1

    Looks like xayah got corrupted and rakan let himself be corrupted to be with her and save her

  • G437y
    G437y Month ago

    For those who are asking what lore is behind this skins: in PBE there are written things about the lore of the skins, so if you want to know more you can see there.

  • Ryan The Slayer
    Ryan The Slayer Month ago

    Xayah and Rakan was the best recall ever

  • Gaburin Sureya
    Gaburin Sureya Month ago

    I dunno man, Rakan's dance seems kinda gay to me.

  • Alfin Pondaag
    Alfin Pondaag Month ago

    Dark Guardian

  • Spinel is your next nightmare


  • Alejandro Bardo Laserna

    Rito may not know how to make new champions but they do enough how to make skins for them.

  • Escalus Lee
    Escalus Lee Month ago

    Where's Taric starguardian ? Or Nami ?

  • -MiraJ-
    -MiraJ- Month ago

    Is it just me. or does anyone else swear there was another video uploaded that had Star Guardian Akali in it

  • Ocean
    Ocean Month ago

    i dont see star guardian urgot

  • Sato Kenta
    Sato Kenta Month ago

    Riot make another dark guardian skin for kayn plz

    ( you guys know what i mean ) (oh and for Zed too =) )

  • MOHAMED Ezubeik
    MOHAMED Ezubeik Month ago

    Honestly I like how it's a different theme this year but DAMN IT RIOT. THIS THEME WAS PERFECT FOR STAR GUARDIAN URGOT!

  • free PDL
    free PDL Month ago

    e a do urgot nada blz riot

  • Boop
    Boop Month ago

    FiNaLlY a new NEEKO skin AND SHE HAS A FROG TOO.I have been googling “when will riot release a new Neeko skin” for 5 months.Now I google “LoL 9.18 release date” since 9.17 came out :>

  • Crusader Zekē
    Crusader Zekē Month ago +2

    aight SG urgot not happening so what about SG Kayn
    Corrupted SG = Shadow Assassin
    SG = Rhaast
    who wouldnt want to see a mass murdering lunatic wielding scythe in short skirt

    • Max Nereth
      Max Nereth 27 days ago

      We need SG Darkin.
      Can have that Zoe screwed them up in this AU all the same ^_^

  • Peter Ngo
    Peter Ngo Month ago

    I'm kinda sad for the xayah and rakan color schemes. It was so dark :( I still prefer cosmic dust skins

  • Allen Chang
    Allen Chang Month ago

    Please make a trailer again

  • HeavyTankSama
    HeavyTankSama Month ago


  • Sarea's cosplay diaries

    It's more like dark star Xayah and Rakan

  • Nehal Fernandina
    Nehal Fernandina Month ago

    Zoe you

  • Deathmetal Cakefarts


  • Felix Cornel
    Felix Cornel Month ago +2

    SG Rakan and xayah are legendary skins
    So?! Urgot will be reserved as an ultimate skin SG (can't wait)
    For SG urgot ultimate skin😂😂😂😂

  • Ethereal Nova
    Ethereal Nova Month ago

    When u q and auto with her feathers it feels like u do no dmg :(

  • Kitty - Chan
    Kitty - Chan Month ago


  • Nanô Fladmark
    Nanô Fladmark Month ago

    Neko is the only one with sg colors sadness ftw🙃 emty on colors now 3 looks the same 😂 make them dark light not so light. Could make zoe a galexy stargaurdian outfit and xayah could be like purple/pink birdy wear and rakan could be golden 🙃

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe Month ago +1

    5:27 "Xayah... I don't feel so good."

  • Rased X
    Rased X Month ago

    Кто-нибудь подарите мне скин Зои звёздная защитница

  • Sebastian Kohler
    Sebastian Kohler Month ago

    Pls tell me that SG Zoe is just epic so I dont have to use to much money

    • Sebastian Kohler
      Sebastian Kohler Month ago

      @Suchineme ye know that too so Zoe neeko prolly just epic would also explain the dance emote from Zoe and Neeko isnt as epic as the ones from X and R. means I am gonna get my SG Zoe soon :D

    • Suchineme
      Suchineme Month ago

      The xayah and rakan ones are confirmed to be the legendary ones.

  • Thalia Ayala
    Thalia Ayala Month ago

    where do you get these new skins? they don't show up in my store.

  • GreatDivide
    GreatDivide Month ago

    How are Star Guardian Urgot????

  • Otaku One
    Otaku One Month ago

    This should've been Dark Star Skin...

    • xD
      xD Month ago

      Dark star is different universe

  • Δημήτρης Κανελλόπουλος

    star guardian xayah is legendary skin and rakan??

    • xD
      xD Month ago

      there is 2 legendary

  • Esmeralda
    Esmeralda Month ago

    why do they look like Star Guardians Hunters

  • Rabadon's Deathcap
    Rabadon's Deathcap Month ago

    Zoe has no pet

    • xD
      xD Month ago

      She has

  • Rabadon's Deathcap
    Rabadon's Deathcap Month ago

    What kind of star guardians are they? Corrupted Star Guardians? There's dark colors to Xayah and Rakan and they turned without black colors when xayah ults and when rakan is gonna reset

  • Mňam Mňam
    Mňam Mňam Month ago

    I'm ready for hentai part

  • Narciso Carig
    Narciso Carig Month ago

    Zoe’s face creeps the fuck out of me

  • Assando um caramelow

    Rakan is gay

  • xGnaar
    xGnaar Month ago

    When those skins will be available?

  • Jazz joy
    Jazz joy Month ago

    Zoe New skin look like She just Do Drug After Take a Picture

  • CrystalPaint [Official]

    Lol Zoe has finally a new skin

  • michael versoza
    michael versoza Month ago +2

    They look nice when they're not corrupted

  • michael versoza
    michael versoza Month ago

    Report Zoe for corrupting the star guardian couple

  • michael versoza
    michael versoza Month ago

    So xayah's recall shows what she really looks like before she's been corrupted