Jim Boeheim gets heated after Syracuse win vs. Pittsburgh

  • Published on Jan 7, 2017
  • After a 77-66 win over Pittsburgh on Saturday, Coach Jim Boeheim had some words for the media after the game

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  • Jon Irving
    Jon Irving 3 months ago

    How is Jim Boeheim heated here? This is attention hawking with a false headline. CNN is expert at this.

  • Never Tired Of Tech
    Never Tired Of Tech 3 months ago +1

    I friggin love jim boeheim lol

  • J Sim
    J Sim 3 months ago

    Media is full of idiots...even watching Football and Basketball they put out so many dumb stats out and to say anything bad about SU Basketball your a scumbag!!!

  • sterling grier
    sterling grier Year ago +1

    Shound never been in the Big Dance!

  • 222333aaaaaa
    222333aaaaaa Year ago +4

    I love Boeheim

  • homeslice1998
    homeslice1998 Year ago +1

    Amazing hahahah I love when jimmy debates Bc he knows his shit

  • rstone7727
    rstone7727 Year ago

    Jim, the media ALWAYS twists the truth until it spells whatever THEY want to say.

  • Santo Prince
    Santo Prince Year ago +4

    i love you coach best coach ever the msn thank god coach boahaim

  • sterling grier
    sterling grier Year ago +2

    Boeheim is a clown gets paid millions to coach student athletes and he is ANGRY !

    • J Sim
      J Sim 3 months ago

      Every head Coach make a Million at least in D1...people need to stop reading fake shit and do your own research....Coaches make more than him that are garbage

    • J Sim
      J Sim 3 months ago

      Jim get paid millions and he is the second winningest Coach in history you know how much money the basketball team brings to this poor ass drug filled and scumbag filled city...only good thing in Syracuse...

    • sterling grier
      sterling grier Year ago

      Getting angry coaching kids and getting paid millions is a PIMP!

    • Matt Aye
      Matt Aye Year ago

      sterling grier people who make a lot of money still get angry

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly Year ago +2

    Bud P. is a clown......

  • Favorite Color Yellow
    Favorite Color Yellow 2 years ago +12

    This isn't heated. Mike and him are both friends &a Jim is just telling truth. Fk outta here with this click bait garbage.

    • Jon Irving
      Jon Irving 3 months ago

      Spot on. Click baiting says it much better than what I called it.

    • blown22
      blown22 2 years ago +1

      That was Pud he was arguing with.