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  • slickslinger 45
    slickslinger 45 8 months ago

    I think i made it in about 3 of the 10 after that i didnt care to watch it sorry netflicã lost me again but hey it free for 2-3 months yet.

  • Lord Farquazucciplier
    Lord Farquazucciplier 8 months ago +1

    Just Finished Watching Season 1. It was epic.

  • Ask my Bollooox
    Ask my Bollooox 8 months ago

    2 days to go, so fucking hyped!!

  • Mercy Katunge
    Mercy Katunge 8 months ago

    ghost in shell??anyone??? no???might be my imagination

  • xXX xXx
    xXX xXx 8 months ago

    BladeRunner: Altered Carbon

  • PresidentialWinner
    PresidentialWinner 8 months ago

    Holy Shit! This looks completely legitimately freaking rad/awesome/cool/sweet/sick/groovy/hip/boss/tubular/wicked/dope/gnarly/tight
    It has incredible production value, fine actors, one hell of a setting and storyline/worldbuilding elements and this is just the trailer!

  • robrobbins
    robrobbins 8 months ago

    Read the books. They are great and deserved to be made into films.

  • neosrt10
    neosrt10 8 months ago

    Blade Runner meets Total Recall Redux

  • LegalAssassin
    LegalAssassin 8 months ago

    Looks interesting, but Joel Kinnaman is a charisma sink.

  • Ayanami Rei
    Ayanami Rei 8 months ago

    Even if it is half as good as Blade Runner 2049 it's totally worth watching.

  • vid king
    vid king 8 months ago

    Blade Runner- Nx50

  • Eons I slept
    Eons I slept 8 months ago

    Fire the fuck out of whoever cut this trailer.

  • SuperUnunquadium
    SuperUnunquadium 8 months ago

    Intriguing sci-fi setting, great presentation, used to convey a cop procedural. We need more cop shows.

  • Victor O'Neil
    Victor O'Neil 8 months ago

    Demolition Man 2049

  • harindaka
    harindaka 8 months ago

    Copied from John Scalzi's the "Old Man's War" series

  • Duende vidz
    Duende vidz 8 months ago


  • Sean Gotts
    Sean Gotts 8 months ago

    meh a rule for netflix .. if they add the shit out of anything its shit .. they never did it with godless or the punisher and there the best tv series of the year .... they added the crap out of the crown .. that utterly shit will smith movie bright ... both utter crap ... so i bet this is garbagge

  • iwantanewaccount1
    iwantanewaccount1 8 months ago

    I hope Netflix will do the book justice. Should be a show and not a movie.

  • kins26 Kinstheplay
    kins26 Kinstheplay 8 months ago


  • DrPoltergeist
    DrPoltergeist 8 months ago

    0:35 beter Kyle Reese than Jai Courtney

  • Hulla Dek
    Hulla Dek 8 months ago

    Takeshi Kovacs books where ok but not great.

  • Marko Kos
    Marko Kos 8 months ago

    The worse thing is that I hate all actors in this trailer !.So but so sad !.I love Blade Runner 1,2 !.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago

    Blade Carbon

  • Tremain Bowman
    Tremain Bowman 9 months ago

    YUP! On the list.

  • xz0rg
    xz0rg 9 months ago

    dis gonna suck big time

  • HozenZealot
    HozenZealot 9 months ago

    Dayum Netflix! Ghost in the shell 2.0. Well played.

  • Evandro Lima
    Evandro Lima 9 months ago

    Wich universe is this? Blade runner's or Ghost in a shell?

  • Alex Flo
    Alex Flo 9 months ago

    Unofficial disclosure by the powers that were - cloning & transferring consciousness between bodies openly admitted. Their end is near.

  • alan bane
    alan bane 9 months ago

    lol blade runner clone

  • おうさまの癒し
    おうさまの癒し 9 months ago



  • Erixxx Blue
    Erixxx Blue 9 months ago

    i read this cyberpunk novel three times ten years ago , the adaptation seems lame

  • userbosco
    userbosco 9 months ago

    I'll watch it just because NIN is in the soundtrack

  • Don Hughes
    Don Hughes 9 months ago

    I loved the books. A movie would have had to cut out most of the story - a series might be able to tell it properly. Looking forward to this.

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton 9 months ago


  • generationdana9
    generationdana9 9 months ago

    Read the books, now time to watch the series..

  • Millie Eddy
    Millie Eddy 9 months ago

    When is this released? :) Looks awesome

  • Chad Urso McDaniel
    Chad Urso McDaniel 9 months ago

    Blade Runner x Robocop?

  • Alpine Backcountry
    Alpine Backcountry 9 months ago

    Someones been watching Blade Runner.

  • Ninj Chelonia
    Ninj Chelonia 9 months ago

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Martins Meiers
    Martins Meiers 9 months ago

    definately waiting for Carbon

  • Chris van Dijk
    Chris van Dijk 9 months ago

    Why did they have to cast that wooden block for the leading man... Ugh.

  • Ahmad Yasni Yahya
    Ahmad Yasni Yahya 9 months ago


  • Erica HealthDiva
    Erica HealthDiva 9 months ago

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  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 months ago

    Looks good!

  • SJ Farrell
    SJ Farrell 9 months ago

    Looks good :)

  • edc1022
    edc1022 9 months ago

    Deus Ex: Altered Carbon

  • Yelo Bird
    Yelo Bird 9 months ago


    THE TONE SHOW 9 months ago

    There goes another weekend!

  • davekell36
    davekell36 9 months ago

    I'm torn, 1 part is thrilled this is a movie....2 im pissed this is a movie! if it stays 70% to the book ill be amazed. this is an awesome trilogy that over the yrs I have read like 10+ times. I dont think It can be done justice but I can hope but after watching the many things are wrong I'm disheartened :(

    • davekell36
      davekell36 9 months ago

      terry duke hmmmm I don't know if that's better or

    • terry duke
      terry duke 9 months ago

      davekell36 it's a series not a movie



  • Parzival 935
    Parzival 935 9 months ago

    Oh my god. Those visuals though....

  • Da Os
    Da Os 9 months ago

    one of a fantastic series of books by richard k morgan. highly recommended. been hoping it would be filmatised.. hope it isn't completely lame. trailer looks so-so.

  • C. M.
    C. M. 9 months ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 the tv show?

  • Nath Henn
    Nath Henn 9 months ago

    I don't get the point. Why would a rich body swapping man care about being killed? And is the premise of this movie a plot hole? Really?

  • Denis Kukharsky
    Denis Kukharsky 9 months ago

    James Purefoy cool.

  • Themba Mabona
    Themba Mabona 9 months ago yourself a favor and read the book first. It's off the charts!

    kLLE BOLLMANNEN 9 months ago

    YEAH swedish actor!

  • Eugene Burger
    Eugene Burger 9 months ago

    Its based on the novels by Richard Morgan. There are quite a few, very good read if your into the Cyberpunk genre.

  • mildly irritated rock
    mildly irritated rock 9 months ago

    If you unironically think that Altered Carbon is cyberpunk, y'all don't know what cyberpunk is.

  • Ravein Sneir
    Ravein Sneir 9 months ago

    Did this use to be an anime?

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 9 months ago

    Blade Runner RoboCop

  • Marcosaur03
    Marcosaur03 9 months ago

    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century...

  • Ryder Cauley
    Ryder Cauley 9 months ago

    Blade Runner meets Westworld

  • Al Mac
    Al Mac 9 months ago

    Seems very cyberpunk-ish.

  • zeroeman
    zeroeman 9 months ago

    check list for this movie ... fat sack of girl scouts cookies (bud) 2 liter orange soda and some munchies ok I'm ready

  • ___ beep
    ___ beep 9 months ago

    my swedish fish! so excited for this

  • Nathan Diehl
    Nathan Diehl 9 months ago

    Read the book. Meh. Written for Hollywood producers. Nothing new.

  • asdf asdfasdf
    asdf asdfasdf 9 months ago

    Ahh...looks like a good cyberpunk..
    Hope its good.

  • dat boi
    dat boi 9 months ago

    look mediocre imo

  • Emmy de Jong
    Emmy de Jong 9 months ago

    It will nerver be as good as the books but Im locking forward 2 watching it

  • Vilho Niemi
    Vilho Niemi 9 months ago

    Nervous yesterday judgment mix several encourage examination menu armed

  • dravinblack
    dravinblack 9 months ago

    blade runner meets demolition man. Love the cast, I am down.

  • Rhodie van der merwe
    Rhodie van der merwe 9 months ago

    prequal to matrix

  • tackyman2011
    tackyman2011 9 months ago

    This appears to have fuck-all to do with the novel. Typical . Buy the rights, then make a different story. Just look at "I, Robot".

  • Jonathan D'Haiti
    Jonathan D'Haiti 9 months ago

    I love Joel Kinnaman

  • Captain Self-Destruct
    Captain Self-Destruct 9 months ago

    Gotta have that strong female character and token black sidekick

  • Zen Mari
    Zen Mari 9 months ago

    Blade Runner downgraded

  • Ильсон Чайковский

    Оооо Триллер про Зипулю!!

  • anthony de dios
    anthony de dios 9 months ago

    looks cool

  • Brent Dozier
    Brent Dozier 9 months ago

    I just cant believe people still smoke in 250 years..actually, yes I can.

  • TheWineParty
    TheWineParty 9 months ago

    I'm skeptical.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 9 months ago

    I read the books, really good! Hope Netflix does it justice. One of the better cyberpunk books I have read.

  • Rocky Mountain Ras
    Rocky Mountain Ras 9 months ago +1

    Kinda reminds me of Blade Runner , FX wise.

  • hassleoffa
    hassleoffa 9 months ago

    I first read this book years ago. I go through about 50 to 60 books a year (audio - I travel for work a lot) and this has stood out as one of the best stories I've ever read. I now make a point of listening to it every year on the May 24 weekend holiday.

  • Tycho Caine
    Tycho Caine 9 months ago

    I hope Netflix kept Richard K Morgan involved and this does well enough that they also do "Market Forces"

    • terry duke
      terry duke 9 months ago

      Tycho Caine or Thirteen(the black man UK title)

  • Ian farted no you did ,so

    Looks awesome , I'm down

  • Harlan Norris
    Harlan Norris 9 months ago

    This looks interesting, still, the premise is ridiculous. Why would a man from 200 years in the past, be the best one to find a modern murderer.

  • Jeamus
    Jeamus 9 months ago

    This is a series? This actually looks like a movie

  • Runawayto Sam'sTown
    Runawayto Sam'sTown 9 months ago

    This looks like bad copy of Philip Disk's book, and a too modern adaptation of one.

    ADADEL1 9 months ago

    An Altered Carbon movie?!.....I'm not sure I ever expected this.

  • YouAreWithRK
    YouAreWithRK 9 months ago


  • ani ramani
    ani ramani 9 months ago

    this is like the show second chance

  • Jordan Musleh
    Jordan Musleh 9 months ago

    No it like the movie the island..!!

  • Sexynes
    Sexynes 9 months ago

    sherlock holmes in the 22nd century *plays theme song*

  • Elite 1984
    Elite 1984 9 months ago +1

    I can't believe it's not Bladerunner.

  • Benjamin Martinez
    Benjamin Martinez 9 months ago

    Attempt politics guy watch top frame shade.

  • Tendai Mashava
    Tendai Mashava 9 months ago

    Ghost In A Shell + Blade Runner

  • Samuel Mullen
    Samuel Mullen 9 months ago

    looks like they ripped of Demolition Man!

  • Serbia Bjj
    Serbia Bjj 9 months ago

    Its based on a book Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. I read it it was so, so, not bad but not the greatest read either. Cool plot anyway. If you have time read it.