• Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • VADER EPISODE 1: SHARDS OF THE PAST - Star Wars Theory FanFilm
    Anakin Skywalker is DEAD.
    For eight months, the mysterious Darth Vader has enforced the Emperor's commands. Fighting between the loss of Padme, and the new cursed life he now leads, Vader must do what must be done when a surviving Jedi Master from Order 66 has lured him to the home planet of his late Wife's tomb...

    This project is single handedly the most amazing thing I've ever been part of. Without Danny Ramirez's guidance and help, this never would have taken off the ground, let alone...gotten to where it is today. I owe him a lot. He is da coooolest. I thank every single one of you for watching my videos and supporting my channel. I will do my best to excel your expectations for years to come and provide entertainment you deserve. I thank you for everything, and I hope to one day make episode 2 a reality. In the mean time, all I ask, is for you to share this video, and hit like to spread to word. I couldn't have done this without the talented people behind it. You know who you are (that long credits list). I love you all. And to the fans, meeting hundreds of you at the free premiere in LA was surreal. I will post everything soon from the event. You've changed my life forever, and I hope to bring you this first episode (and many more I hope!) as a gratitude and gift for what you deserve. I am eternally grateful.
    See Dislaimer below for more legal information. - StarWarsTheory - Director Danny Ramirez

    Written by
    Danny Ramirez
    Star Wars Theory
    Nikolaj Wejp-Olsen
    Based on characters created by GEORGE LUCAS
    Produced by
    Ian McClellan
    Brandon Hall
    Executive Producer Star Wars Theory
    Director of Photography Mattew Halla
    Production Designer Michael Miller
    Film Editor Danny Ramirez
    Music by Jacob A. Cadmus
    Additional Music by J Scott Rakozy
    Original Star Wars Music by John Williams
    Costume Designer Robert Merkel
    Hair and Makeup Designer Dre Lamparello

    Lead Visual Effects Supervisor Philip Bastian
    CG Supervisor Gaetan Lancelle
    Visual Effects Coordinator Jack Millard
    3D Supervisor Stefan Mensen
    Lead 3D Artist Ruben Brouns
    Lead 2D Visual Effects Artist Magnus Edlund
    Compositing Supervisor Tim Forsgren
    A Punk Riot Production
    1st Assistant Directors Savanah Satler
    Lee Goffin-Bonenfant
    2nd Assistant Directors Sharon Park
    Melissa Kyle
    Art Director Austin Bennett

    Stunts Rigger Beni Alexander
    Stunts Safety Jeff Karr
    Choreography and Strategic Consultant Robert Kolterman
    Concept and Storyboard Artist Ben Judd
    Set Dressers
    Robert McDermott
    Erin Lunsford
    Assistant Costume Designer Victoria Moreno
    Makeup Artist Blake Hunter Jassenoff
    Supervising Sound Editor Juan Pablo Naranjo
    Sound Designers Andrés Adalid
    Ramiro Galván
    Lissú Pineda
    Re-Recording Mixers Andrés Adalid
    Ramiro Galván
    Juan Pablo Naranjo
    Lissú Pineda
    Jimmy Santiago
    Additional Dialogue Cleanup Mike Chadbourne
    Cameraman Matthew Halla
    1st AC Jorge Gomez
    2nd AC Heather Flynn
    Gia Barot
    Rob Padilla

    Alex Yoo
    Key Grip
    Joe Baltazar
    Will Baltazar
    Yoann Cifuentes
    Gabriel Sandoval
    Kyle Thor
    Kenrick Usher
    Tory McCulley
    Jesus Zapata
    Production Sound Mixer
    Longwei Deng
    Erin Han
    Props Zack Farrens at Jurassic Zack
    Josh Howe at Multiverse Props
    Construction Lead Carlos Flores
    Construction Lead Erik Morales
    Set Construction Sebastian Schrills
    Michael Solomon
    Jamie Spies
    Kyle Wahaus
    Victor Viceteño
    Production Assistant Keeley James
    Production Assistant Alexie Hovis
    Behind the Scenes Im Joong Kim
    BTS Interviewer Olivia Blue
    Assistant Editor Hammad Hassan
    Colorist Harry Locke IV
    End Credits by Albin Brogren
    Catering IT Catering
    Studio Teacher Stella Pacific
    Insurance Ryan Connelly Web Master
    Special Guest Director Luke Ramirez
    Special Director's Thanks to Hannah Ramirez
    Special Thanks Steven Ramirez
    Simon Crane
    Deysy Rodriguez
    David Rodgriguez
    Additional Thanks Madilyn Clark Studios
    Tucker Dansie
    Kiefer Jenkins

    Edited on Avid
    Shot on Arri Alexa
    This is a not for profit, unofficial, fan-film that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-series is not connected in any way to said companies.
    #starwarstheory #vader #starwars
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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory  9 months ago +58661

    This is a token of my appreciation to the fandom, and for all of you who have supported me over the years by watching my content. This is just the beginning!
    This fan-film is unmonetized and ad-free in correspondence to Lucasfilm's explicit rules to me.
    I love you all
    May the force be with you!
    PS - My face reveal is...let's just say...full of rage and fear ;)
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    • Deathx20 Wolpack500
      Deathx20 Wolpack500 Month ago

      Star Wars Theory make more episodes plz.just Str8 🔥

    • Thatt Bugg
      Thatt Bugg Month ago

      I already knew what you looked like brohseph

      КУЛЛ ХУЛЛ 2 months ago

      это гениально!!!!!!!!!

    • jejfcjsksk sw
      jejfcjsksk sw 2 months ago

      I have a question, why this vid has many dislikes ?

    • SpotsPlayz
      SpotsPlayz 2 months ago

      i love this video! keep it up and cant wait for the second one!!!

  • matt mack mack
    matt mack mack Hour ago

    This film proves that devotion to Star Wars is what's missing at Disney and that is why they fail.

  • Brody bean
    Brody bean 2 hours ago


  • stephane colasson
    stephane colasson 2 hours ago

    So impressive!!!

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez 5 hours ago

    Espectacular simplemente espectacular esto retrata bien lo que quizás el realmente quería hacerle al emperador y no como uno más de sus peones

  • Twenity
    Twenity 7 hours ago +1

    lego star wars complete saga 2 looking great

  • Кирилл Бобрик

    Суууупер! Спасибо большое за труд! Аж всплакнул при просмотре! С нетерпением ожидаем еще!

  • Dyslexic DoodleBob
    Dyslexic DoodleBob 8 hours ago

    How are there clones?

  • Szm 0308
    Szm 0308 9 hours ago

    It’s mace windue

  • francisco gerardo hernandez rivera

    I like Palpatine's rant on Vader. Vader would truly like to dispose of him, yet, he has no path to follow. Basically, all he has left are his master and his "teachings". Relatable to many real life situations we live and despise, yet at the moment nothing better seems to be at hand.

  • Mercer Frey
    Mercer Frey 10 hours ago

    Bro, best film ever, create new part pls

  • Защитник Родины

    When one fan-made short film is hundreds of times better than all of Disney's Star wars!!!
    Greetings all from his fans Darth Vader from Russia! ;)

  • Jonaderboss
    Jonaderboss 11 hours ago

    nice film really i liked that

  • KimJongWins
    KimJongWins 13 hours ago


  • Nina Cohen
    Nina Cohen 14 hours ago

    It's awesome! When is the sequel ?

  • Ходор Ходор
    Ходор Ходор 16 hours ago

    Неплохо, но лишь фанатская заготовка

  • ObZZZoro tv
    ObZZZoro tv 17 hours ago


  • pure buddhism
    pure buddhism 21 hour ago

    gooooooddddd goooooodddd star wars theory gooooooodddd...

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd 21 hour ago +2

    Need you writing for Disney this is so much better than what they are pumping out, good movie!!!

  • Nicolás Cabello
    Nicolás Cabello 22 hours ago

    this is a better film than ANY other star wars

    JDB-ART Day ago

    So the soundtrack; is it or will it be available for download? Great film btw, can't wait for ep. 2!!

  • TheBlueHell
    TheBlueHell Day ago

    4:28 causa por la q no dormi durante 2 meses

  • Jonathan Zogbi
    Jonathan Zogbi Day ago

    Amazing, even had the Wilhelm

  • Vendrick
    Vendrick Day ago +1

    Ok now make this 3 hours longer and make like 5 of them ok? Alright??? Thanks!

  • Ben 789
    Ben 789 Day ago

    I’m crying right now

  • S 419
    S 419 Day ago

    12:14 Should have said: As you wish, MY LORD.
    Sir kinda sound weird ya know?

  • SilverRiu
    SilverRiu Day ago

    WoW, it's so cool!

  • Pro CBD
    Pro CBD Day ago

    Very cool

  • The Sober King
    The Sober King Day ago

    "I am gul'dan and I will not be denied"

  • Hunter Patterson

    If any of you press dislike you are a hatter

  • Mike Schmitt
    Mike Schmitt Day ago +1

    A dark, lit cargo bay on a transport housing a primitive-looking dilapidated bacta tank. we see from the view inside the tank, exposing a shadowy figure leaning against a structure beam across from it. The figure steps out approaching the tank, we can see the linings of a body floating in the murky blue water, as the figure approaches the tank forwardly and places his open hand against it. The dark figure speaks mumbled and soft, At last, I never could have imagined how satisfying it would be, to have you at my very whim and control your Destiny as you once controlled mine. The open hand closes into a fist almost trembling, then lifting back and knocking aggressively against the glass. The man inside the tank awakens and sees a face he recognizes instantly, albeit much younger than he's ever seen it before, his body immobilize can only view the room from a single eye, he feels great pain although he knows that the wounds on his face are healing. your finally awake,... JEDI!... glad to see you survived, it will make my vengeance righteous and befitting of my kind. THE view of the body in the tank clears and we see a truly disfigured Mace Windu. The left side of his face although healing, it's severely scorched and in this sub-par bacta tank the wounds are not pretty, His eye basically a burned-out Hole were an eye used to be present. off at a table a mechanical Device is being assembled by a pair of medical droids. The shadowed figure says into the glass this Device will sustain your severe damage and connect to your nervous system it will present an image into the mind and act as a mechanical replacement, I assure you though, its installation will cause you extreme discomfort and pain. I will need you in jedi fit form within reason, for My greatest hunt, THE Jedi Master barely conscious reaches out with the force and feels what his mind had already fathomed, This is Bobba Fett, son of Jango Fett, the Bounty Hunter He had beheaded on Geonosis. As he senses this, He feels the Dark side and his mind flashes thru his last memory's.

  • Romilos Fronimides

    Like others already wrote, if a FAN-BOY made such an AMAZING trailer, WTF Disney are doing?

  • BlueDog164 Gaming

    Favorite Star Wars fan film of all time

  • Ivan Shapran
    Ivan Shapran Day ago

    Великолепно! Намного лучше чем сейчас у Disney

  • lucius0malfoy
    lucius0malfoy Day ago

    Hahhaa Very cheap cape from Sidious ha !!! .

  • Thij Tippett
    Thij Tippett Day ago +1

    Disney killed Star Wars

  • Lobo Esteopario
    Lobo Esteopario Day ago


  • Alex D
    Alex D Day ago +1

    16 min long, the movie's go ~140 minutes. Box office over $500,000,000. This is better than any scene in the new ones. At least it's content we'd love! Insert it in the next shit show and give em $40,625,000

  • Mark Bred
    Mark Bred Day ago

    Excellent !

  • ronsilver Rules
    ronsilver Rules Day ago +1

    La wea wena, ya quiero segunda parte

  • eeeMan.rg Rori
    eeeMan.rg Rori Day ago

    чё это за дерьмо? индусская пародия

  • Joaquín Muñoz
    Joaquín Muñoz Day ago

    Más fan films como esta, more fan films like this

  • charly
    charly Day ago

    y la parte 2?? me encanto!

  • Scottish Jedi
    Scottish Jedi Day ago

    If I have one critique, Palpatine wouldn’t have been so desperate for Vader to strike him down. It almost seems here that he wants Vader to take over from him, but we know that in both Legends and Canon, Palpatine never intended to die and pass on the mantle of Sith Master. He intended to live forever

    KING JASON 2 days ago

    This 16 minute film is *WAY* better then the last Jedi

    Well done Star Wars Theroy👏

  • King ezra 5178955 1
    King ezra 5178955 1 2 days ago

    So nice

  • Les Eckhart
    Les Eckhart 2 days ago

    Excellent !!!!
    Such an amazing job !!!!!
    Can't wait till the next one is made !!!!
    5 stars !!!

  • Agnaldo.tato Dona
    Agnaldo.tato Dona 2 days ago

    não vai ter continuação??

  • C. Cho
    C. Cho 2 days ago

    Is Palpatine rockin Kenneth Cole's on his feet?

  • Augusto Antunez
    Augusto Antunez 2 days ago

    I need the ending soundtrack!!! Fkn amazing

  • Justin TheGreat
    Justin TheGreat 2 days ago

    No second part

  • Simon Blackwood
    Simon Blackwood 2 days ago


  • Simon Böhm
    Simon Böhm 2 days ago

    such a great Work

  • The Last Survivor Mx


  • FamaSicura
    FamaSicura 2 days ago

    HOLY SHIT THEY GOT VADER EXACTLY PERFECT.... how the hell does one come up with new Vader moves that look exactly like Vader performed them? Mind Blown.

  • Cure Starlight
    Cure Starlight 2 days ago +1

    I know it was part of a dream, but blast it, Palpatine! Anakin needed that hug from Padme & you just had to spoil it for him!

    This film was AMAZING by the way. Look forward to seeing what comes next.

  • RaRa Da Ram
    RaRa Da Ram 2 days ago

    Im a believer of Star Wars have my attention...👍 i was lost but now my eyes are open! Maybe star wars theory is the new hope!!😂

  • RaRa Da Ram
    RaRa Da Ram 2 days ago

    Disney should consider bringing on danny Martinez and the rest of the fan made crew on board as a consulting team moving forward. Just sayin....

  • A Day In The Life Of Tabitha

    this was so amazing i loved it

  • TwentyFive2Ten
    TwentyFive2Ten 2 days ago

    This deserves SO much credit.