8 Reasons Game Designers Are Sadists

  • Published on Aug 21, 2015
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 973

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 3 months ago

    Bloodborne is gay

  • SacredNutrino
    SacredNutrino 4 months ago

    Old cracked was so good

  • Kava Kahn
    Kava Kahn 4 months ago

    I feel like this series is full of people who think that they're friends, but, in all reality, they hate each other.

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed 4 months ago

    I wouldn’t stop playing the game to save his life if I was one hit away from killing Lady Maria on NG+.

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams 5 months ago

    Wow...This sounds a lot like Crypt of the Necrodancer.

  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed 6 months ago

    just rewatched this lol

  • joseph Buckley
    joseph Buckley 8 months ago

    Is the music at the beginning bioshock infinite theme

  • Dark Arts Dabbler
    Dark Arts Dabbler 8 months ago

    I don't even read the titles and people complain about them

  • Dark Arts Dabbler
    Dark Arts Dabbler 8 months ago

    I always hated the way these from software games try and hold the player hostage
    I'll pause if I want to

  • skullhand 9
    skullhand 9 9 months ago

    did he make that sandwich 3 or 4 hours ago

  • Drunken_Clem
    Drunken_Clem 10 months ago

    This should have been: How to explain Bloodbornes plot....... badly

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris 10 months ago

    When I saw this video I thought. only if you make RPGs you basically have to become a super villain for your players

  • Star Field
    Star Field 11 months ago

    Dissing strategy guides? Not cool. Very not cool.

  • Mike
    Mike 11 months ago

    this video really had me googling references

  • Zz_Biohazard_xX
    Zz_Biohazard_xX Year ago

    I find it funny how he called the semi-giant creature a formidable foe lol I've killed them several times with the cane whip.

  • theycallmemrshaggs

    Escort Mission is the best series on Cracked.

  • myron mcmillan
    myron mcmillan Year ago

    so are they gay together? cute couple. you know what, i don't care what the truth is, in my mind you two are gay and in a lovely relationship. i'm very happy for you

  • Vincent Van
    Vincent Van Year ago

    D is Dexterity

  • Kevin Madcock
    Kevin Madcock Year ago

    Nightmare Creatures was bae

  • Short Polar
    Short Polar Year ago

    someone left a message saying "your mom gay"

  • theKruseship
    theKruseship Year ago

    Not to toot my own horn, but as someone who got the Platinum in this game, this video hurts.

  • 3athlete
    3athlete Year ago

    came for the escort mission, left with the rarely filled satisfaction of sandwich end title plate by the title plate god.
    preesh yo.

  • Damien King-Acevedo

    If you press the "help" button in the menu, it'll explain what each of the stats does.

  • Black Bolt
    Black Bolt Year ago

    Does Greg have a tattoo on his knee or is that dirt?

  • Dannie Jensen
    Dannie Jensen Year ago

    The trial and error grinding is anything but thankless.

  • Aggtown Gmail
    Aggtown Gmail Year ago

    2nd best series on TVclip. 👊

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. Year ago

    Chekhov's sandwich.

  • The Viscount
    The Viscount Year ago

    "Thrust but Hole" and it had a specter of a guy shoving his fist forwards into the ass of a dead npc

  • Jake Wohleb
    Jake Wohleb Year ago

    13 sandwiches

  • Unnatural09
    Unnatural09 Year ago

    .... Escorts mission is making me hate video games

  • Angel lincoln
    Angel lincoln Year ago

    Is the camera shaking part of the charm

  • Marc Standley
    Marc Standley Year ago

    NIGHTMARE CREATURES!!... Man, I loved that game.

  • Zechariah Keith
    Zechariah Keith Year ago

    These guys are like the best friends ever lol They must've grown up on the same block together and everything.

  • IllegalCatToss
    IllegalCatToss Year ago

    The best comment I've ever seen was;

  • Gabriel Warlock
    Gabriel Warlock Year ago

    6 peanut butter sandwiches.

  • nagol s
    nagol s Year ago

    Smells like moon

  • Shallow Cinema
    Shallow Cinema Year ago

    Who's here because they watched some scary shit and needed to hear this music.

  • Aiden Brennan
    Aiden Brennan Year ago

    15 sandwiches

  • Severin Drake
    Severin Drake Year ago

    Someone hasn't been reading their lore.

    • Severin Drake
      Severin Drake Year ago

      also, i want to see him get crushed in PvP. learn how shit works, bro.

  • FedeIMkun
    FedeIMkun Year ago

    okay so blood borne is like an easy diablo 2 with over the top graphics

  • Ben O
    Ben O Year ago

    10.3 sandwiches

  • GreenGestalt
    GreenGestalt Year ago

    How about the female protagonist is a doll.

  • Terra Emet
    Terra Emet Year ago

    OMG those commenting or replying to comments further down, or both, need to go get laid or get a fucking hobby or some shit.

  • solojones1138
    solojones1138 Year ago

    There's no such thing as not being able to pause when the PS button/suspend exists.

  • Ole Bergström
    Ole Bergström Year ago

    "You have a D in hands?"
    -You bet!

  • Chris Arnold
    Chris Arnold Year ago

    You had me at Nightmare Creatures

  • Carlos Villanueva

    Hold R3 to hold breath and keep camera steady .. 4:14

  • ss ss
    ss ss Year ago

    dear God what is that that's exactly what I think when I pick up a rpg

  • O.J Nightmare
    O.J Nightmare Year ago +1

    Nightmare Creatures was the shit!

  • The Wiggly Truth
    The Wiggly Truth Year ago

    I love when a channel like cracked tries to make a point using the souls games, but don't actually understand them very well at all.

  • Rebecca Weston
    Rebecca Weston 2 years ago

    "It looks like you have D in 'hands?'"
    One of my favorite understated jokes of all time

  • David W3802
    David W3802 2 years ago

    i did not know how to equip weapons for the 1st two hours

  • Witchy Wonderland
    Witchy Wonderland 2 years ago

    8 or 9 sandwiches

  • Thodnern
    Thodnern 2 years ago +1

    Do you know the definition of insanity?

  • strawman
    strawman 2 years ago

    23 sandwiches

  • Revile Paragon 2
    Revile Paragon 2 2 years ago

    Yes indeed!

  • Enrique  Gutierrez
    Enrique Gutierrez 2 years ago

    Fucking casuls need to git gud \:v/

  • Deedrion ivory
    Deedrion ivory 2 years ago +12

    his noob friend is so damn cute when he looks at him side ways

  • TheCasualGamer
    TheCasualGamer 2 years ago

    You are supposed to use the internet and guides!

  • umchoyka
    umchoyka 2 years ago

    Really kinda thought N00b was going to take a big bite of that sandwich and start choking to death. Maybe that kind of ending is too dark even for Escort Mission

  • christian devey
    christian devey 2 years ago


  • Moonshain
    Moonshain 2 years ago

    bloodborne and dark souls are some of the dumbest games ever

  • reddbull77
    reddbull77 2 years ago

    Wow... Poltroon ..... some high brow words for a gamer.... LOL

  • xThe_noJx
    xThe_noJx 2 years ago

    Nightmare Creatures FTW! So Nineties it comes with a can of Surge.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago

    In place of sandwich guesses, here's where I criticize on a much-loved video game. Actually 2. Fallout 3 and Skyrim are unplayable without the internet to go look up how or what to do when you're stumped. If these games were somehow made before the internet, they would have flopped miserably. You might say that people would go buy a strategy guide, but a lot of people would have a problem with fixing a game with a strategy guide, and also, Skyrim at least, is so big that a strategy guide can not answer everyone's questions. Not even the Elder Scrolls wiki or the Fallout wiki is enough to answer every question you might have. That's where thousands of forums and video walkthroughs come in. You might also say that games can be made this way because there IS an internet. And that, I think, is both amazing and terrible, and I have no idea how to feel about it.

  • Justin Okraski
    Justin Okraski 2 years ago +1

    Interesting how the "gamer" is a dudebro

  • Andrew Weaver
    Andrew Weaver 2 years ago

    shit I say 8 sandwiches. haven't played bloodborne. but dark souls 2 would have to be horse but hole

  • Tim Laning
    Tim Laning 2 years ago

    Three or four hours of trial and error?! Git Gud rnow.

  • Rashad Nagi
    Rashad Nagi 2 years ago

    lol, nightmare creatures...... i am hooking up my N64 later.

  • GrandSilver
    GrandSilver 2 years ago +3

    Kos some say Kosom

  • Space Bud95
    Space Bud95 2 years ago

    Fuck yeah, Nightmare Creatures... One of the few psx games I owned

  • GamerKid YT
    GamerKid YT 2 years ago +2

    sooo, bloodborne is dark souls but with even less story

  • Arbiter and Chara Dreemurr

    7 sandwiches

  • Arbiter and Chara Dreemurr

    "our sandwich was magically reconstituted"

  • gabriel brasileiro
    gabriel brasileiro 2 years ago

    I'd like to say that Bloodborne's (and Dark Soul's) community is one of the most active in gaming and there are hundreds of people that would say the game is all about the guides, reading, writing and the meta and such.

  • Michael Utt
    Michael Utt 2 years ago

    I stopped playing dark souls 2 because I lost over 60000 souls

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 years ago

      That's your own fault.
      ... Why would you even be walking around with that much?

  • Zombiepull
    Zombiepull 2 years ago +1

    Nightmare Creatures was awesome back in the good old days

  • sophia daniels
    sophia daniels 2 years ago

    5 sandwiches

  • Meat Mane
    Meat Mane 2 years ago +3

    This the episode they finally do it? That sandwich play was the straw that let noob break leets back

  • steve shlongo
    steve shlongo 2 years ago

    Fuck bloodborn! HOW MANY PB&J's?!? but still love swaim more

  • Daniel Gilchrist
    Daniel Gilchrist 2 years ago

    I really agree with 3 and 5, some game designers must be messed up.

  • JD Kim
    JD Kim 2 years ago +7

    3 sandwiches a pop

  • xEx xEx
    xEx xEx 2 years ago +3

    AND they're into choke play?

    • xEx xEx
      xEx xEx 2 years ago +2

      food play and at least emotional s&m too? so gay-in fact it's a crime that they're not married

  • Jewish Codface
    Jewish Codface 2 years ago

    Loved all the souls series but didn't like bloodborne to much. Idk

  • Rudy Sanchez
    Rudy Sanchez 2 years ago +4

    Who else looked up Nightmare Creatures

    • HarleySB
      HarleySB Year ago

      I loved playing Nightmare Creatures. I loved their interaction and reference about that!

    • Rashad Nagi
      Rashad Nagi 2 years ago

      I still have my copy for N64!

    • Zachary Hayden
      Zachary Hayden 2 years ago


    • Rudy Sanchez
      Rudy Sanchez 2 years ago +3

      @Zombiepull kinda

    • Zombiepull
      Zombiepull 2 years ago +3

      thats your excuse for everything isnt it?

  • Eu Tyto Alba
    Eu Tyto Alba 2 years ago

    My bro and I waited for the PS4K to buy our first PS4; I'd been coping with the long wait to play Bloodborne by catching up on the other Souls games; I'm about 3/4s through DS2, and switching to Bloodborne at that point, was mostly surprised by how SIMPLIFIED the stats in Bb are by comparison! I realized early on that I'd have to rely far less on stat-based strategies and more on---really---just good old fashioned getting good. Man I love this game!!
    BTW, don't insult book-lovin eggheads, at least while playing Bloodborne of all games! Bloodborne would be playing with copyright-fire by borrowing so much creative content from H. P. Lovecraft and his Victorian novel-writing predecessors, were those novels not already a century and more old. Hidetaka Miazaki himself was onesuch egghead as a kid, and the whole storytelling style of the Soulsborne games is based on the fragmented way that Miyazaki had understood those old books through his Japanese-OldEnglish language barrier. All atmosphere and scattered specifics that still leave plenty of room for guesswork....

  • Vicious Cross
    Vicious Cross 2 years ago +2

    dude wats up wit your knee! great game by the way.

  • Dylan Klingspohn
    Dylan Klingspohn 2 years ago

    8 sammichs

  • KindHrt77
    KindHrt77 2 years ago +49

    seriously. they should date.

  • rezkalla
    rezkalla 2 years ago +2

    Can't pause or save? Sound like the games I grew up with.

    • Khashon Haselrig
      Khashon Haselrig 2 years ago

      +rezkalla I remember when pausing WAS saving...never did beat the final Vectorman boss...Vacuum cleaner over power cords :/

  • ziljin
    ziljin 2 years ago +8

    I like casual games now because they let you save whenever you want. and pause. and each level doesn't take an hour to best.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 years ago

      Wow, you're a dumbass.

    • Stephen Lucas
      Stephen Lucas 2 years ago +1

      at least the game will always autosaves for you,
      like when the power goes off after losing all your souls to a skeleton hiding behind a wall while running from a giant ball of death.

    • NeatoBurrito
      NeatoBurrito 2 years ago +3


    • ziljin
      ziljin 2 years ago +1

      @Eric Millar nice!

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams 2 years ago

    8 sandwiches

  • Dapstart
    Dapstart 2 years ago

    I found a message that said "rip stebe vuschemmey" once...

  • Black Gazebo
    Black Gazebo 2 years ago

    I want to feed sexy sandwiches to your sexy butts

  • amphitheatre
    amphitheatre 2 years ago +114

    "very real fake sense of accomplishment"
    fromsoftware fans, standup!! haha

  • DragonRafify
    DragonRafify 2 years ago +1

    he would be dead for letting go of his controller that often...

  • StllBreathnBut_Y
    StllBreathnBut_Y 2 years ago

    This was funny, but really misinformed and stupid.

  • Blind
    Blind 2 years ago +4

    never realized how much of a carbon copy bloodbourne is of demon/dark souls. BTW, in this one instance, we love noob better. more? more better.

    • Justice Blunt
      Justice Blunt 2 years ago +1

      King Louis II it's like the bastard child with ADHD of the souls series. Way faster but everyone forgot about it pretty quickly.

    • King Louis II
      King Louis II 2 years ago +5

      Not a sequel. Same developers though.

    • IDEK Productions - Tammi
      IDEK Productions - Tammi 2 years ago

      Because its the sequel?

  • tubefan6719
    tubefan6719 2 years ago


  • Muttley!
    Muttley! 2 years ago

    I'm going with 1 sandwich that got really stale and manky by the end of the shoot! 😂😂😂😂